What’s the truth? His treasure house has been looted, but the wind family hasn’t.

If you say that you are a bully, people are afraid of you! But it doesn’t make sense that forces worse than you have suffered!
To get to the bottom of it, it’s a wind house. At best, it’s against the wind!
Moreover, Feng Jia has long recognized that Feng Inverse is dead because he has run away from home for several years and has not found any news of him.
Although the wind is not valued by the family, he is somehow influenced by the wind. When he left home, the wind master, that is, the wind father, sent someone to find out his whereabouts.
But later I heard that he was unwilling to do anything after a series of disciples encountered him!
It’s a pity that I didn’t expect to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff after the wind went against the teacher’s fruit. If it weren’t for another adventure, I was afraid that there would never be such a person in this continent!
And after the wind inverse got the adventure, he kept a low profile and hid himself incisively and vividly. Even the wind family is dead!
I didn’t expect that in the end, the wind went against the wind or the family attracted a great disaster. I was besieged by many big forces and forced to look like an immortal. If I really don’t hand over the thief, I’m afraid it’s not far from the door!
Angry at learning that the family was under siege, it was necessary for all forces to fight in darkness to leave for home directly!
Yes, the wind is really low-key. That’s because he reached an agreement with the mysterious thing in his body to try to secretly upgrade and help him find a special person.
Contrary to the wind, despite looting several treasure houses of great powers, they have not exposed themselves, and they have not made a name for themselves on the mainland because of their own strength!
But now he can’t keep a low profile because the family is out of the door, that is, if he doesn’t make moves, he will have a younger brother in the whole continent!
I arrived when I was okay. Although several experts besieged Feng’s family, they didn’t really want to follow the wind and fight for a larger foe.
Although a lot of experts have gathered, all of them are not stupid. The wind family is powerful and famous throughout the continent, and there will be no experts sitting in it!
No one wants to die unless they have to. The situation is not out of control!
"Master Feng, since you’re here, you’re sure that the thief is your family. What if you refuse to admit it?"
"Yes, that’s right. Hand over the thief or you won’t die!" Everyone has chimed in.
Feng Chen was furious and said, "You have completely surrounded my Feng family, which has humiliated our Feng family in mainland China. You want me to hand over any thieves. I think you are deliberately provocative!"
There are rumors that the wind family and thieves have something to do. When the wind blows, everyone has been strictly investigated. I am afraid that there will be a link to the wind family.
However, after a thorough investigation, Feng Zhen confirmed that someone wanted to take the opportunity to find trouble with Feng Jia!
What thief robbed their treasure house? It’s just a phrase.
"The wind old man you chicanery is not if you don’t hand over the thief that you wind home is ready to bear the major forces anger? "A knife middle-aged man said.
"Hum, I’m really afraid that you won’t be able to deal with my family in this way. I think you’re looking for death!" The wind was furious and said, "I’d rather be born than die on my knees. Don’t whine like a girl!"
Looking at that kind of person just now, it’s even more certain that this is a conspiracy against the wind!
There are many enemies in the field, and everyone is eyeing up to fight and can’t wait to tear the wind home to pieces!
There are also several other forces who remain neutral or befriend the former Feng family. They are silent. They don’t want the Feng family to tear their faces, but there is no way to rob their treasure house. This is beyond their bottom line. If the Feng family doesn’t give an account, they can draw a line!
"Feng Jia, you can mainly produce evidence to prove that you are innocent or let everyone go in and search. If we didn’t find our treasure, we naturally wouldn’t continue to be difficult for Feng Jia, and several people today made a bold apology to Feng Jia!" An old man said
"Qi Lao, I am a younger generation in your eyes, but I am a spittle and a nail. Since I said that the wind family is really not my wind family!"
Qi Lao has believed in the rumor, but he believes it alone, but he doesn’t want others to believe it!
But think about it carefully, although everyone’s treasure house was looted, Feng Jia didn’t. It’s not difficult to prove that Feng Jia is a thief!
At the end of the day, there is no direct evidence that everyone is besieging Feng Jia, but everyone imagines that Feng Jia is the mastermind!
Just when Qi Lao wanted to say what he thought, a neutral tone came "Who dares to come to my wind house to make trouble?" If you don’t retreat for a quarter of an hour, kill me! "
The tone is overbearing, and the people on the horse farm are furious when they hear it!
See a figure fall on both sides to hold the new eyes.
"That’s master against the wind!"
"I didn’t read it wrong! It seems that the master loser has fallen from the sky! "
"How can a yellow-mouthed child dare to talk big and not fuck off? Labor and capital will chop you up first!" A middle-aged man nu way
The words sound just fell and the wind has gone straight to him. If the body is flashing, it will have reached the middle-aged man in the blink of an eye. A recruit, Hei Hu Tao Xin, hit the middle-aged man’s roots and died without reaction!
When people return to absolute being, the wind has gone back to the original place!
If you don’t shoot, you will take away a fresh life directly with one shot, and the wind will deter everyone for a while!
The scene was once silent, and no one dared to speak. Even the eyes of the old monsters such as Qi Lao were full of deep fear!
"There are still half a quarter of an hour when someone stays to blame someone for being ruthless!" The wind turned cold and said, "After withdrawing personnel, each force must pay 100 million lingshi to compensate the wind family, or someone will visit in person!" "
Everyone is surprised to let them retreat, no problem, because the wind is against them, but they have to pay 100 million lingshi, which is different from cutting their meat.
The treasure house has been looted, and 100 million Lingshi has to be compensated for the wind family, and they have to pay for their families!
"Xiao you = the situation is very much like a thief robbing our treasures!" An old monster gnashed his teeth and said, at the same time, he was also on guard against the wind.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
After the suppression of the bloody thunder, the major forces can bow their heads and pay compensation!
Even if the wind goes against the wind and admits that he stole everyone’s treasure house, everyone can hate him and look at him, but there is no way to overcome him because of the wind. It is not enough to surrender by relying on many people.
Received a lot of compensation, and the strength of the wind has increased in vain, and soon it has reached the critical point of soaring celestial beings!
After secretly rooting out some enemies of the wind family, the wind rose against the wind family’s amazing eyes, and the wind finally left to raise him on this continent!
Wind experts feel that the wind is incredible, and the cultivation speed is extremely fast, but at the same time, the resources needed are also expensive!
He robbed those treasure houses and got compensation, but Feng Jiagen didn’t get any benefit except that he had it for himself.
Although Feng Jia didn’t get any benefits, no one complained that Feng Jia could be backed by such a fate figure!
But everyone doesn’t know that it’s not against the wind that there are so many cultivation resources, so that one person can’t get a tenth at most; Most of them were swallowed by the mysterious thing of his body!
The wind rises against the celestial world, attracting baptism, thunder and robbery, and terror, attracting many old monsters to show up one after another and want to accept his disciples.
But he has a mysterious thing to help the wind reverse the rejection and then change it to white light to hide those famous old monsters. They didn’t come to stop them, and then they lost the wind reverse shadow!
The mysterious thing tells the wind to go against it, and I dare not continue to steal the treasure house as recklessly as the world. I can take risks everywhere by myself to get a low-key practice!
I don’t forget to find someone when I am practicing against the wind. He promised to help him find someone, but that person didn’t appear regardless of whether the world or the celestial world met the requirements.
The wind goes against the celestial low-key cultivation, and Wan has never been in the limelight. Occasionally, he encountered a natural talent and a treasure to directly kill people!
Until one day, a dragon vein appeared in the celestial world and evolved into a dragon. The celestial world stirred up waves and the immortal emperor was strong, and people were his opponents. After sweeping the four directions, they tried to unify the celestial world and made the celestial world bloody and smoky!
When the wind goes against you, you don’t care who wants to unify the celestial world and want to find someone while practicing low-key;
It was not until the wind went against the wind to explore an ancient relic that the dragon met, and there was a big battle between the two sides.
When the dragon saw that someone could fight him to a draw, he immediately fell down, but the wind went against his heart and the two men fought in darkness until the dragon finally attracted many immortals to fight with each other.
After the wind retreats, the dragon feels a pity that he can send someone to look for him. Such a strong man cannot be removed by himself!
After retreating, the wind went against the wind and didn’t intend to cause trouble, but the dragon was snooping around, and his aggressive behavior broke his low-key cultivation life atmosphere. The wind went against the wind and took the initiative to attack and rob the dragon resources and attack the dragon forces!
The hatred between the two strong men is getting deeper and deeper, and has not been accepted by the dragon. Those immortal emperors secretly promised him to practice resources, and the condition is to prevent the dragon from unifying the celestial world.
With vast resources, uniting the mysterious things against the wind and helping the strength of the dragon, the struggle has become fierce.
Both sides found that so many people were killed and injured, and there were too many strong dragons fighting against the agreement.
When the two powers fight, they will die!
The strength of the dragon is really against the sky. It can be said that all kinds of magic tricks are constantly put into use by Long Mai.
Wind-reverse double cultivation can’t move spells, and the strength of precursor cultivation is not weak. More than 50 orifices have been opened during the enlightenment period, and various spells will not break through his roots!
The dragon finally knew how stupid it was to provoke a rebellion. He ordered the slaves to fight against the rebellion.
Against the wind, the immortal emperor also joined the battle one after another, but the dragon enslaved the immortal emperor’s slave contract and rushed forward without fear of death;
The immortal emperor on this side of the wind is very precious. He is not here to help, but to make trouble. If he hadn’t resisted most attacks against the wind, he would have been defeated!
The wind looked at the dragon and seemed to notice that the dragon fled without saying anything. The wind did not intend to let him go and chased him directly!
Leave a large group of immortals and the strong to fight, and without the protagonist, they will stop fighting!