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"Let’s hand over what we have on this trip, and we are all well."

"Otherwise, Taiyi Holy Land will be removed from the list."
She said directly
Because during this period, experience told her that no matter what good words you say, it is difficult for those people to hand over the sacred objects.
So it’s better to simply do it.
Sure enough, I am familiar with the response again.
"I’m telling you, we"
A few people haven’t spoken Ye Qin rumours directly.
She really doesn’t want to hear too much nonsense.
At the same time, Ye Xiaoxiao, Yu Hong and wolf girl also made moves.
After several months of cooperation, people have long been familiar with their respective means.
In just a few breaths, a few people in Taiyi Holy Land were all taken.
"I’m tired of talking about things like this."
Ye Xiaoxiao said and took out the plank brick.
Suddenly, a huge rhyme swept by.
All of a sudden a surprised turned to heaven.
Pang Dafa aims to cross the sky.
"Yuan Shigong?" Ye Qin ballad Zheng big eyes.
Soon they also obtained the detailed achievement method contained in the decree.
"Ha ha!"
Too often, one person suddenly burst out laughing.
He looked ferocious and said, "I tell you that is the decree of Ye Sheng in Yunxiao City!"
"Our family has already been attributed to Ye Shenghui!"
"So I advise you not to be too crazy!"
This sentence suddenly froze everyone.
Ye Xiaoxiao and Ye Qin rumours glances saw surprise from each other’s eyes.
"Uncle has been here?"
This kind of similar scene is happening in every corner of the world
On this day, several people looked up at the sky.
Looking at that rhyme, I shivered.
Some people even knelt on the ground directly.
"This is Ye Shengfuze."
China’s major celestial regions, the eastern regions, the great propaganda empire, the western regions, and the number of god countries have issued such instructions.
Yuan Shi contributed to this land.
Take root thoroughly
At this time, Ye received a message with the wind after all this.
From SHEN WOO Xiandi.
Chapter 177 The tenth floor of the Origin Tower
Heaven and law aim across the sky.
Outside Jinghu Lake, several powerful figures suddenly descended here.
It is leaves home director with cloud them.
The leaves of the island in the middle of the lake also sensed them with the wind.
"tell them that the Ministry will start to repair the yuan."
Ye Feng Yin Gu Youlan
Now he has no time to follow them.
Because SHEN WOO Xiandi sent the first message after returning to the celestial world.
Ye came to the enlightenment tree with the wind, took out a jade charm from his hand and put it on the desktop.
Fairy magic force into it.
Suddenly a tall figure appeared in front of him.
This man is dressed in purple and gold, and his face is very dignified.
It is the immortal emperor of SHEN WOO.
"I bought new clothes."
Ye touched the bar with the wind.

It’s not a serial, it’s not a fox or a ghost. She was kidnapped and then dumped in the middle of nowhere, right?

Such a thought startled Shu Lele, who was busy to check that he didn’t find anything strange. It was a relief that the ugly monster finally let himself go!
Can you say this is a blessing in disguise?
Shu Lele jumped up and ran to the mountain.
No matter where you are now, you can go home! Shu Lele weighed the purse. Fortunately, the broken silver, the silver ticket and the night pearl are still lying in it.
What the hell is this, walking in the rivers and lakes? It’s all a tear!
At the foot of the mountain, Shu Lele finally met someone who could talk. She rushed over and asked with a smile, "Uncle, can I ask what this place is?"
Seeing a pretty and lovely little girl asking for directions, the uncle laughed. "This is called Longshan, a little girl who belongs to the boundary of Songcheng. Where did this come from and where are you going?"
"I’m going to Beijing Huadu!"
"There are more than a hundred miles to Beijing!"
More than a hundred miles? Shu Lele was dumbfounded. You don’t need to throw a corpse so far!
It will be a long time before she can return to Beijing even if she hires the best carriage.
It happened that the belly sang again at the moment, and Shu Lele, clutching his belly, was embarrassed to tunnel "Uncle, did you eat at home?" I haven’t eaten for a day and a night, so I’m hungry! "
"yes! There is still rough tea and light rice! "
Shu Lele followed him to a small village, ate a steamed bun at his house, drank enough water, then threw a piece of broken silver and Shu Lele left.
That uncle is not greedy for money and chased out with silver. "It’s not difficult for a girl to go out with silver. I can’t or I’ll become a villain while taking advantage of others."
Shu Lele didn’t pick up the smile. "Uncle, then give me a few more steamed buns from your house. Think of it as my purchase, and then you can help me hire a carriage, okay?"
"I’ll take the girl if the carriage needs the market!"
It was several hours’ journey, and the two talents arrived in the nearest city. Shu Lele was so tired that he gave a piece of silver to his uncle and then found an inn to stay and prepare for the day before leaving.
Sleeping in the middle of the night, Shu Lele woke up hungry, and she remembered that she forgot to eat when she was sleeping. She took some steamed buns from her uncle’s house and ate them as early as on the road. At this moment, in the dead of night, she even bought them with no amount of silver.
Ow ow ow ~ ~ ~ Is there any justice in being forced to go hungry because everyone is envious of the princess?
Shu Lele cried for a while and finally decided to try his luck in the kitchen.
Because of the moonlight, she searched all the way and finally found the kitchen with a faint smell of food.
However, it is not easy to find something in the dark room. After looking around, people took out night beads and their bright light instantly lit up the whole kitchen.
This is much easier!
Shu Lele soon found a roast chicken and a plate of sauce to burn his elbow. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and quickly wrapped it in paper and prepared to take it back to his room to enjoy it slowly.
Only to find that she had just packed up and put the night beads in her purse when she heard a light smile outside. "The girl has a share!" You can give me your elbow when a girl eats roast chicken! "
Nima has been robbed again!
Shu Lele hugged the oiled paper bag and turned to another door to sneak away.
But who knows that the man followed him? As soon as Shu Lele stepped out of the door, he was blocked in front. "It’s not righteous for a girl to eat alone. Sharing is a virtue!"
Fuck your virtue! I wonder if people are hungry enough to eat a whole pig?
Shu Lele stared, "Why do you rob me if you have something to get yourself? I think you just want to get something for nothing and call it virtue. Bah! "
"Yo yo! The girl swears! Is it not an elbow? Worth it, girl. You don’t even want your image? It is very important to know the female image. First of all, it is necessary to be gentle, generous and kind to others. Secondly, it is the appearance temperament. I think the girl is also good-looking. How can it be so bad? "
"Poof ….." Shu Lele directly sprayed a mouthful of saliva on his face. If you dare to scold her for not having a culvert, I’ll show you what it really means to have no culvert!
The man was accidentally sprayed with a busy face and wiped his mouth with sleeves. "The girl is really unexpected!" Even the nozzle water is sprayed so well! "
"Do you still want to try?"
"No! But I am determined to win your elbow and ask the girl to give up what she loves! "
Then he stretched out his hand and leaned into Shu Lele’s arms. Before Shu Lele could respond, he took the elbow and quickly spat on his face.
"Haha, I have marked it. Girl, you don’t want to eat my spit, do you?"
Damn it! I’ve seen shameless, but I’ve never seen such shameless!
Shu Lele was so angry that his face was red and fierce that he scolded, "Eat it, eat it, and there is no place to bury it!"
VIP19 haunts me.
But the man didn’t know whether he was well-cultivated or shameless enough to be invulnerable. He bit his elbow and snapped his mouth in admiration. Delicious, delicious! Thank you, girl! "
It’s delicious to get something for nothing in Shu Lele’s language!
She’s met a wonderful flower, so it’s better to ignore such people!
Shu Lele snorted and turned to go with the leftover roast chicken.
The man smiled behind her and said in a cheerful tone, "Remember to prepare an extra copy for me if you meet me next time!"
Damn it, another time? I really don’t think of myself as an outsider! Shu Lele turned their heads and didn’t look back.
However, the man was sure that they were really destined because his guest room was next door to Shule.

"It’s not research two, it’s array leveling."

Song Tian?’
Zhu Fujingguang’s eyes showed surprise. What can Song Tian do?
"What happened to him?"
"He was transferred from the explosion/break/place to the search section 1 and 3, and I don’t know why."
Best original zhuo will cover your eyes and open your eyes. Isn’t it really a sudden idea that there is no other conspiracy mixed in it?
But will there be such a good thing?
I always feel that he can’t believe it.
"Lesson Three That’s not …"
"Ah, yes."
Best original Zhuo also should hurry to urge him after a while. He doesn’t want to talk about this matter with Zhu Jingguang again. "Come on, watch it quickly."
Zhufujingguang took a glance and then took back the line of sight and turned up the document.
Wait until the more you see your brow puckering, the worse it will be.
Lu Yuan Zhuo also opened his eyes to see his every move.
Seeing his gloomy imaginary reaction in such a tight frown, he was still curious about his answer.
"Zhu Fu, if you are still a policeman now, what are you going to do if you know such a person?"
Zhufujingguang pursed his mouth and didn’t speak.
What does he do?
What can he do?
If he is really a policeman now, he won’t have to do anything by himself when such things will be exposed to him.
His status doomed him to do nothing.
Or you don’t know such a thing for a generation.
He dropped his cell phone and handed it to him. "Do you have any plans?"
Maehara Zhuo also frowned slightly. "Are you so simple?"
Zhu Jingguang looked calm. "Anyway, he has already been a foregone conclusion, so he will be killed."
"is there any other way for him to live?"
"Well, that’s true."
Ruhara Zhuo also nodded and said, "We’re going to disguise his death as someone else’s, and we can’t do anything with the organization."
Benefit others?
Zhu Fujingguang immediately became alert. "Who is the man you let tequila kidnap?"
He knew that Maehara Zhuo immediately explained to him that "not worrying about it is also a dirty thing. It is still a good thing to send people to prison."
"He is the most suitable person besides that man’s wife."
Zhu Fujing’s eyebrows are still frowning with reason and telling him that this is indeed the most appropriate means.
"So I just help you Yi and kill him?"
Best of the original zhuo also gently’ well’ a "now is going to"
"But how to get out after going in will also be a troublesome problem. Their security force is not weak and they need to plan well."
He’s not indestructible, and he can’t be killed. If he doesn’t have a plan, he may die there directly.
Luck is really terrible for yourself.
At this time, Zhu Jingguang asked, "Are there any plans for tonight?"
"No, the matter has been handed over to tequila."
"So I’m all right?"

Lin momo made a determined effort to absorb negative energy from itself. When the negative energy was swallowed and accumulated to a certain extent, he immediately opened his mouth and sprayed a negative energy cannon into the depths of the insect tide.

At the same time, the three ships of Zeus jointly displayed their skills outside the insect tide, and the unimaginable defense finally collapsed and the rhinoceros horn rodents suffered a lot of casualties. However, it is still far from being eliminated.
"Insist that I insist on going to the Phantom of the Opera, and I must not lose something at this time." Lin momo kept telling himself that his will became stronger than that.
It is very difficult to compress and swallow so many negative energies, and the mental strength is very great. When Harley put the Phantom of the Opera for ninety percent, the negative energy burst and the bomb department vented it out. Lin momo was located in the main control room and spit out one mouthful blood. Suddenly, he felt a little depressed and mentally damaged.
"Momo stop! Let me resist negative energy "incarnate son jump to is Lin momo as if didn’t hear still closed eyes manipulation Dielmann giant absorb negative energy near the hull.
Momo Lin thinks Damon is sometimes stubborn, but he doesn’t taste like this? Influenced by him, every captain of the Tianzhu fleet is stubborn. If you want to find a direction, you will move forward unswervingly until the moment of success comes.
If the Phantom of the Opera is drawn back from Dielmann before, it is bound to be impacted by negative energy, and the energy loss will reach the point where the fighting capacity will fall to the lowest level at present.
Phantom of the Opera, the bow of the White Jade Giant, roared in the sky, instead of bombarding the negative energy in his arms, it was quite dangerous to open his mouth and devour it directly. Even a peerless master would not dare to fool around like this, but Lin Sisuo had tried to reduce the negative energy impact as much as possible, otherwise he would close the door to victory himself.
Dare to fight in the face of wind and waves. This is the star-trek ship’s pride. The battlefield can put life and death aside. This is the brother Wu’s rise to the roots of Athena in the past. Why do you want to find another way to turn to the firefly girl? It is because she has too little life and death training that she needs extra effort to succeed
"Boom …"
Zeus launched nearly a thousand black hole bombs after displaying the ship’s lighter, which abruptly opened the gap and settled the ship’s lighter.
Feiyu fired hundreds of destructive bombs, which brought a trace of disharmony to the operation of the insect tide.
Blade is always ready for the edge gap of the research-level insect tide. As soon as Damon shows signs of recovery, the decisive crack of thousands of armor-piercing shells will be torn again to prevent the research-level insect tide from resuming operation.
"Eldest brother where are you! Our method has detected the Phantom of the Opera’s azimuth. "Roderick was crying. The worm tide in this research class is so terrible that it takes great courage to take a look, but the Phantom of the Opera is in deep trouble.
Lin momo is brave and abnormal. Dielmann constantly absorbs negative energy and presents a thick nimbus behind his head. Whenever there are insect shadows gathering and rushing to the crowd, there must be a thick negative energy cannon falling.
At the research level, the insect tide department will not see starlight except cannon light and insect shadow.
In order to deal with the negative energy from itself, Lin momo has been spouting a few mouthfuls of blood in a row, but he keeps drawing on the spiritual strength of the source for wham.
The peerless master has caused injuries to Lin momo’s body, but he has not recovered yet, and there are injuries on the mental level. It can be said that injuries and injuries are extremely unfavorable for later practice.
You must be able to kill the worm tide at the research level and then slowly recuperate and live! Lin momo pharmacist is quite confident about his conditioning methods, and Dielmann giants dare to devour negative energy.
"I’m going to break the worm tide today. It’s hard to beat it. Give me a break!"
Dielmann burned a silvery white flame and then spewed a pale meteor into the distance. This was a strong blow from Lin momo’s knot strength. When the meteor rolled, there were insects everywhere.
"Boom!" With a long roar, the abnormal defense of insect tide was finally shaken by negative energy, and the Phantom of the Opera quickly moved out, and many insect shadows were washed by pale meteors.
"Boss, we have set an example. Insect spirit turret attacks poisonous energy bombs and crystal bombs. We are going to kill the old mother when she moves."
Harley roared at the wave frequency. His eyes were bloodshot and turned around. The main gun in the battery area broke out in the strongest universe. It was a white-hot war. It was a deadly collision
Phantom of the opera, center circle after circle of light color expansion followed by layers of barrage reverse situation spread outward.
Poisonous energy bombs and crystal bombs shine brightly, and soon the insect tide will be out of order, and a large area of colorful poisonous light will spread continuously
The negative energy has gradually disappeared in the surrounding area, and the defense of the worm tide has fallen by about 60%. The fortified barriers are no longer unbreakable. The phantom of the opera worm tide wantonly kills and mutates the rhinoceros horn rodent Zeus. The three ships are madly attacked by the worm tide outside, and every gun has something to gain, which makes Lin Qingya and them breathe a sigh of relief.
From the Phantom of the Opera, hundreds of superimposed bands of magnetic fields fluttered. Anyone who rushed to the vicinity of the insect shadow suddenly lost his life. The operation of the insect tide was greatly restrained. Even if the mother emperor sent more mutant rhinoceros rodents into the insect tide, it had already stopped the decline. When it was bit by bit, Zeus, three star cruise ships, became more and more brave.
Inside and outside, four star cruise ships with the Tenchu fleet abruptly gnawed off about 20 million mutant rhinoceros horn rodents. The mother emperor was furious and no longer relied on the power of the research-level insect tide to strangle the insects. Ten huge insect shadows came in the tide.
"No, it’s the ten zerg overlord." Athena stared at the screen. When the zerg overlord figure just appeared, she immediately took out Darwin crystal and inserted it into the core position of the mobile turret.
"Boom …" The flame of the worm turret boils instantly, and the moon hangs high and the brilliance shines brightly.
"Boom …" Kristina presided over the worm spirit turret and released a green flame, which greatly shocked all directions.
Two worm turrets hung high on the left and right sides of Phantom of the Opera. In the dark worm tide, it was like a lighthouse. Bundles of incredible light brought earth resistance to the zerg overlord’s attack.
Lin momo’s consciousness has returned. When he saw the zerg overlord approaching, he felt that it was time to give the zerg a little pain and taste the shattered side screen. He declared, "Phantom of the Opera shines on all things, and the devil stars reverse the magnetic killing limit of latitude and longitude. The changes in Lei Yin will never erase the prelude to the explosion and destruction of the strange-class ship’s lighter."
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 16 Great Power
Lin momo’s magnetic field in the central master control room surges with magneto-optic light. The exquisite screen hovering in front of him presents seven magnificent data streams.
"Incarnate son zerg potential big! How long have we been in the worm tide? " Lin momo narrowed his eyes and looked at the scene outside the ship.
It is hard to imagine that it takes months to make poisonous bombs and crystal bombs, and the speed is consuming the war competition. There are no abundant resources, such as standing in the tide of research insects, which can wash away thousands of poisonous insects. The tide of research insects is weakening little by little.
"It’s almost two hours and more than ten minutes. The edge of the insect tide on his ship must be very hard. Otherwise, the insect tide in the research class can’t be slaughtered by us. If we want to eliminate thirteen million mutant rhinoceros rodents, we can make the insect tide in the research class fall into the super insect tide. When the time comes, the Phantom of the Opera will attack and kill the Zerg."
"oh? Is the tide of research insects about to fall? It is better to wave a data stream! Let the variation rhinoceros horn rodent method reach the research level. Hum, I’d like to see what other means the zerg mother emperor has. By the way, the ten zerg overlord Jingxue should be digested almost, right? Try to absorb the Zerg JingXie to reduce the energy loss of our Phantom of the Opera, and strive for ten minutes to gather energy to move the odd-class ship lighter again. "Lin momo ordered.
"Ten minutes into part of the blood can be imported into the energy system, and I will push momo to drop which killer? If you lose one of these seven killers, you should be careful! " Incarnate son curious asked
"Nature is that even the core of the planet can be frozen to the extreme cold. If the Phantom of the Opera can be cast, it will not be able to stand still. Let’s turn around the wormhole according to the flow direction of the mutant rhinoceros! If properly controlled, you can freeze tens of millions of rodents and sneak into the insect tide. The poisonous energy is playing its full role, and it will also cause some damage to the insect tide at the research level. There is a good chance for the insect tide at the research level to collapse. "Lin momo’s agent indexed the data stream.
"Extreme cold energy? Strange things from the frozen universe at the edge of the star? It depends on the situation. We must quickly disrupt the research level of insect tide and delay it against the Phantom of the Opera. "The incarnate son nodded his head and expressed his absolute agreement.
The data stream was indexed by Lin momo from the exquisite screen and suddenly dissipated in front of the Cuihetang. Suddenly, an instruction was given to turn the bow along the direction of the undercurrent of insect tide, which was extremely dangerous in practice.
The undercurrent is like the texture of the insect tide, which can constantly squeeze foreign bodies. Obviously, the Phantom of the Opera is the foreign body in the undercurrent. It is far better to find a place to hover downstream. It is Linxi’s place to ask for killing tactics, so that the universe can breed extreme cold and deal with the mutant rhinoceros horn rodents. He must go and be slaughtered, and the number of rodents will be reduced. The huge power of the insect tide will wait for ten minutes before the ship’s lighter will bloom again.
"I’m ready, boss," Cui Hetang barked.
"Okay, turn the bow and let’s go." Lin momo responded instantly and the hull began to deflect.
Marta hit the corner with a cold cold light, and the ten insect turrets broke out in the last round of strong offensive. The cabin was quickly turned around, and the Phantom of the Opera was released. Ten long and narrow metal wings at the stern of the ship were spurred by hundreds of stars. When large-scale cold radiation went out, the ship’s shadow shook and disappeared.
It’s too fast for Phantom of the Opera to be locked by the speed root method. Most zerg’s vision level can’t keep up with the ship’s shadow movement. Zerg can rely on the worm tide strangulation force to compress itself, but cold energy has already taken over.
A cold, lonely, cold tide came from the universe, and the undercurrent of insect tide was frozen by cold energy just as it was approaching. Countless mutant rhinoceros rodents kept their ferocious faces, but their bodies had melted into ice.
Can it be easy to escape from the cold that can be seen by the charm and the killer? Ninety-nine percent of the rodents caught in cold energy variation stopped abruptly, and the breath of life solidified from then on.

The old lady smiled slightly and looked far away. "This hairpin is a little old. When I was young, the old prince made a special trip to make people make it. Now I’m old and I don’t care much about these things. Ah, that girl is beautiful and beautiful. It’s very distributed to her."

If it’s really weird, then something with commemorative value should be specially given to Shuang Shule. With a smile, "Grandma, you’re too eccentric to give your granddaughter a good thing, but it’s cheaper for her!"
"Lele, you are already the most distinguished woman at the end of the day. Why do you want this? Grandma knows that you are wondering why I especially like her for treating her differently? "
"Grandma is smart enough to guess!" Shu Lele praised the sentence and blinked to listen to the old lady’s explanation.
But the old lady surprised her by telling the truth, and her tears fell straight away.
It turned out that Princess Ning’s life coincided with the birth of the first queen, and Wang Guifei’s plot was discovered by the queen at this moment, but she had tried her best to protect herself by entrusting the Ning family with the care of her children.
Lao Ning’s report braved the charge of decapitation and successfully rescued Tai, but he was changed into the world but failed to escape, and was killed by Wang Guifei and others.
In the third year, Princess Ning gave birth to another daughter, which was a great happy event, but the old Prince Ning took a look at her and ordered her to be discarded.
Princess Ning is naturally reluctant to abandon her own flesh and blood. She has already lost a child. How can she lose another one? But Lao Ning’s report said, "This child’s seven-star birthmark is unknown. If she keeps it in the house, I’m afraid it will be difficult to protect that child for another week."
When this remark is spared, Princess Ning will have to comply if she is unwilling.
On the night of sending the child away, the old lady and Princess Ning were very sad with the child in their arms for a long time before they were sent out.
Where did Yu send it? They didn’t dare to ask the bodyguard, and they didn’t say it when they came back.
It wasn’t until I saw the old lady and saw that she looked like the late Princess Ning that I moved my mind.
Later, after the double injury, she accidentally saw her back with a seven-star birthmark, and everything was confirmed.
Shu Lele couldn’t help feeling sorry after listening to it. "Old lady, you are full of loyalty. Grandpa has really paid too much. I’ll tell Taitai to give her a double name. Now she should be surnamed Ning!"
Who do you want to see? Please leave a message for Juan.
VIP39 double life experience
Feng Yichen knows that it is naturally the same feeling.
He immediately expressed his attitude to the old lady and will definitely give Shuang Yi the most appropriate explanation.
But at this time, Shu Lele was distressed that she was kneeling on the edge of the table and correcting "If Suanzao Ershuang knew her true identity, would she accept it?"
"Miss Shuang is frank and straightforward. She shouldn’t blame the old report for abandoning her in those days." Ziziphus jujuba also answered very uncertainly. After all, Shuangcai is the party. No one can tell her mind.
"Well," Shu Lele was silent for a long time and finally thought of a good idea. "Ziziphus jujuba, let’s go to michel platini!"
Wu Sheng arrived in Beijing as early as a few days ago, but he hasn’t come to visit because of too many things, which just gives him a chance.
Surprisingly, Yuzhi was pregnant when she arrived at Youranju.
Shu Lele was slightly stunned and then smiled with an eyebrow. "Godmother, congratulations, you are going to be a mother!"
Yuzhi snuggled up beside Wu Sheng with a happy face. "Lele, I haven’t seen your mouth getting sweeter for so long!"
"Of course, michel platini didn’t give me less candy to eat!"
Wu Shengle said, "After haha, there is no candy for you to leave to my little baby!"
"ah? Michel platini, are you not hurting Lele so soon? " Shu Lele deliberately pie mouth made a room full of people laugh.
After chatting for a while, I talked about the double marriage, and I was a little uncomfortable, so I took Shu Lele to talk outside.
When autumn is strong, the garden is full of chrysanthemums of all colors, which is very attractive.
Shu Lele casually pinched a flower and held it in his hand, seemingly inadvertently asking, "Do you think the old lady treats you like this?"
"Good. Why do you ask?"
"I mind my own business." Shu Lele paused to look up with a sincere face. "Double, what would you do if you kept something in the dark and one day you still knew it and those things were still embarrassing?"
Shuang looked at her strangely and smiled. "That depends on what the lesser of the two evils is. People always choose to be beneficial to themselves, but Lele, I feel very uncomfortable when you ask such a profound question today! Did something happen? "
"It’s okay. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently, but I’m a little confused. The foster mother horse is going to give you a little brother or sister. Do you feel that the horse is going to fall out of favor?" Shu Lele turned to a nifty smile.
"A little bit of my dad’s mind is now focused on Yuzhi Niang and that child. Sometimes I wonder what he did to me and my mother when she was pregnant with me?"
Shuang was lost in her memory, and her mother, who had never seen before, was always out of reach like a cloud in the sky.
She never even knows her last name.
"hey!" Double sighed deeply and bowed his head.
Shu Lele grabbed her shoulder and leaned her head against her body. "Double, you have a literary academician now. Don’t be jealous with your brother. You will regenerate a big fat one, that is, your nephew and uncle are as big as hahaha …"
"Lele, you-"Shuang blushed and spat at her. "Who is big and fat without seriousness?"
Poof-Xiao Ni is embarrassed!
Shu Lele clapped his hands and laughed. "Nature is you! Don’t you marry Wen Hanlin and you won’t give him children? "
"You gave birth to me!"
"That’s good! We have an appointment to be born together, and in a few years, they will be a bunch of little guys. "
Before leaving Youran, Shu Lele finally found a chance to chat with Wu Sheng alone for a while.
Shu Lele came straight to the point and asked, "michel platini, you never said anything about your mother. Is there something hard to hide?"
Seeing Shu Lele’s serious appearance, Wu Sheng smiled faintly. "Lele is all old things. What does it do?"
"No, I just want to ask michel platini. Tell me honestly if there is no double mother in this world. You have been lying to her all this time, haven’t you?"

I barely smiled. "At first, I thought she was very good and very strict with me. Her heart was very hot. Now I am a little embarrassed." I wiped my tears unwillingly.

Liang Ke smiled gently. "No, I’m sorry. Although she looks very cold, her heart is actually very hot. She is a rare good girl. Okay, don’t be sad. Shall I take you to eat something delicious?"
"Uh, Miss Liang"
"Call me Liang Ke."
"Well," I nodded, "Liang Ke, when did my senior sister tell you this?"
"Last night," she said, "she called me and asked me to come here and wait and say that I would take care of a younger brother for her. By the way, how old are you?"
"Twenty-six," I said
Liang Ke thought for a moment, "Let’s go to dinner first, arrange the hotel and then I’ll take you out for a ride for a change."
I smiled faintly. "Okay, thank you."
Liang Kepu’s call was very nice, with a faint Hubei accent, crisp and moving, just like she impressed me and made me happy. She first took me to Hankou District to eat soup packets, then booked me a five-star hotel suite, and then drove me around Wuhan.
Wuhan is also often blocked by traffic jams, which is not much worse than that in Beijing, but she is a native of Wuhan and knows when to take a smoother road. From time to time, she finds a topic to chat with me to distract me. Every time she passes by some famous places, she introduces me like a tour guide.
"Is that Wuhan University over there? I heard that there are cherry blossoms there? " I looked at the distance.
"Yes, but it’s not the season now," she said. "Come back in March next year and let’s watch it together."
I smiled. "I have a female classmate in high school. She was from Wu Da University. At that time, she wrote to me and always said that cherry blossoms here were romantic."
"Female classmate?" She smiled at me. "Is it a girlfriend?"
I said, at that time, she wrote to invite me to Wuhan to watch cherry blossoms together, but I didn’t reply. Since then, we have lost touch with each other. After graduation, she went to Hong Kong and now I don’t know what happened.
"There is such a story." She nodded
"By the way, you know my sister. What does she look like?" It occurs to me that
She gave me a surprised look. "Don’t you know what your sister looks like? Haven’t you seen her? "
"No, I haven’t seen her yet," I said. "What’s her name? Is she pretty?"
She chuckled. "Song Jie said it was too much for me to talk about your sister."
I’m sorry, "Why do you keep it from me? Since you say it’s my sister, you don’t treat me like one of your own!"
"Don’t you trust Song Jie when she won’t let me say that she is naturally interested?" She gave me a look. "Your sister is a great girl. I really admire her. You will be honored to see her one day."
I was silent for a while. "Well, don’t tell me about her. I don’t want to force you. Well, can you tell me what she looks like?"
She looked at me and smiled without saying a word.
This smile has a door!
"I’ll put it another way," I said. "We are cousins. Do you think we are a little bit alike?"
Liang Ke looked at me and shook his head. "Not as handsome as you, but you are really nothing alike."
"What is she like? Beautiful? "
She thought, "She is tall, quiet, delicate, and her skin is very white. Well, by the way, her eyes are big and bright, especially her lips are very beautiful and sexy."
I imagined my sister. "Is this the goddess?"
"It is no exaggeration to say that your sister is a goddess." She smiled faintly. "The girls around Xiao Qiye are all goddesses, and your sister is the goddess among goddesses."
"She and Seventh Master are lovers?" I asked
Liang Ke suddenly realized that talking too much could cover his mouth and look at me awkwardly.
"I said wrong? Does Seventh Master like my sister very much? " I asked carefully
She shrugged her shoulders. "Forget it, you can’t hide it from Song Jie. It’s not my fault!"
A fool can see that my sister and Xiao Qiye are a couple, but what Song Jie seems to keep this a secret and just doesn’t want me to know? I couldn’t help thinking when I looked at the scenery outside. Do they have any secrets? Or is it that Xiao Qiye was sorry that her senior sister didn’t want me to know that I would be impulsive when I saw him in the future?
All kinds of conjectures are fruitless after all. My sister and Seventh Master are higher than me. I can’t figure out what they have in the past with these two roots. It seems that the mystery will come to light only when I see my sister in the future.
Liang Ke saw that I stopped talking, so he slowed down and pulled over. "What’s wrong with you?"
"Oh, nothing," I smirked. "I’m just curious about what happened to my sister and Seventh Master. Everyone kept it from me."
She smiled gently. "Have you seen Seventh Master?"
"Not yet," I said. "When I went to Brother Donkey’s teahouse to ask for him, he happened to go to America and didn’t touch it."
She nodded. "Seventh Master is a good man. After you see him, you will be white. Well, you are not in the mood for a ride. Tell me, I can help you do something to get you out. I will do my best!"
13 old friends
"The only thing I can do now is to wait patiently and wait for" I smile ".By the way, I will think about what I should do in the future. If you can tell me more stories about my sister and Seventh Master, I think it will be very helpful to me, but I can understand if you are in trouble."
Liang Ke hesitated. "You are also a Feng Shui master. There are some things you should be able to figure out by yourself. What must others tell you?"
I said, "You should know the realm of Sister and Seventh Master. Do you think I can push it out?"
"It seems a little difficult to talk like this." She paused. "It’s because of her painstaking efforts that Song Jie won’t let me tell you. Miss Lin and Seventh Master are more complicated. Unless they tell you themselves, outsiders can’t tell."
I seemed to understand something and nodded, "Well, in that case, I won’t ask."
She smiled. "It’s interesting to solve the mystery by yourself, isn’t it? Well, since we’re not going for a ride, what do you say? Do you want to go back to rest or find a place to play for a change? "
I was just about to speak when my mobile phone rang. When I opened it, it was a video message recommendation.
I thought to myself, "I haven’t seen a movie for a long time. Would you like to watch a movie with me if it’s convenient for you?"
"No problem!" She took out her cell phone and said, "I’ll see what’s good."
"No, just find a cinema and watch any one," I said with a smile.
It doesn’t matter what I see. What matters is that I need that environment to change my mind. I remember that I used to love watching movies. It seems that I haven’t been to the cinema for a long time since I met Ye Huan.
She turned me into a yogi. The road to practice is full of reality, and the illusory body is like a shadow. Since my life is like a shadow, why should I go to the cinema to see other people’s lives?
But at the moment, I have learned a lot in practice for more than two months, but I seem to have lost myself a little. Now I must jump out of this circle and forget some things for a while and look at myself from another angle, so that I can get back, and looking at the shadow is the best way to see.
Sister Shi has gone back. I should go by myself.
Coincidentally, there is a large shopping mall not too far from our parking place. Liang Ke said that there is a cinema there. When we got there, there was a 3d cartoon horse imported from the United States. She went to buy a ticket. I bought a bag of popcorn and two bottles of mineral water and went to the screening hall.
"Do you mind a couple’s bag?" She asked
"As long as you don’t mind," I smiled.
We got our glasses and found the box. After sitting for less than a minute, the movie started.
It was the weekend, and there were many movie goers, most of whom were parents with children and some couples.
Liang Ke was so absorbed in watching movies that he even forgot to eat popcorn and devoted himself to the screen. Those animated little people were sad and happy about me and her in life, and they wanted to follow the movie while watching it.
According to the elder sister, Wuling Blackstone will lead me to find it. Blackstone, then I will be with manager Liang Ke. Isn’t she very dangerous? Tan Qian lost four partners when he went to break the array for the first time, and set up his own children for the second time. It seems that the black stone array of Wu Ling is quite powerful. I can see that Liang can’t follow me with tricks, but can I break those mysterious Feng Shui arrays alone?
But on second thought, Tan Jia’s mastery of the implements array is estimated to be insufficient for the advanced Feng Shui array, but after we learned the secret thirty-six strategies, I can solve most of the array theories. Isn’t it just a godsend to test what I have learned?
While I was meditating, I unconsciously reached into Liang Ke’s arms and grabbed a handful of popcorn. I slowly ate one after another, and the more I ate, the more addicted I became. Finally, she simply gave me the paper tube.
"Hey, is it that beautiful?" I look at her.
She nodded vigorously. "Of course it looks good, don’t you think?"
I smiled, "Not bad, maybe I’m too preoccupied."
She gave me a look and smiled gently. "A few years ago, Seventh Master and Miss Lin came to my house to do business to save my sister and me. At that time, I was not sensible enough to speak ill of Seventh Master, so they decided to teach me a lesson. After I left my house, I knew I was a little injured and went to them to apologize myself, but Seventh Master ignored me. I remember that the two of them also went to the cinema that day. When Miss Lin came out, they were still holding a bucket of unfinished popcorn."
"What happened later?" I’m interested to ask
"Later, I knelt down to Seventh Master, but he just didn’t forgive me." She sighed with a smile. "Miss Lin couldn’t bear to persuade Seventh Master, but he was cold and didn’t give me any face. Finally, he gave me a step to start. I didn’t quite understand it. Later, when things were done, I realized that it was my good thing that you were feng shui masters, but others worked hard, but they might not be able to understand each other. Just like Seventh Master, he was a warm-hearted man, but he forced himself to take out a pair of iron to save me. Stone-hearted, it can be said that he and Miss Lin changed my view of Feng Shui masters, and they made me understand that not all the people in this circle are charlatans, and real Feng Shui masters are really valuable people. "

"Is this true?" Since she wants to give her benefits, can she refuse?

"If you don’t cry, don’t blame dad for this. Just now, dad was wrong. Don’t cry."
Chang Xiang pulled her into her arms, raised her hand and patted her back. "Acacia is very hard to learn martial arts. Do you really want to learn?"
Acacia was pressed by him in his arms and muffled. "Learn! But my stupid dad can’t hit me just because I can’t learn! "
Chang Xiang just smiled. It seems that her anger came and went quickly. It was this hug, but he was reluctant to let go. The girl’s body was so fragrant that he could not help but smell and smell a heart, which made him quiet.
"Dad won’t hit you!"
Often reluctant to let go of Chang Xiangsi looked at her face, tears finally stopped, long eyelashes were still stained with crystal tears, and he bowed his head and gently kissed her forehead.
Always homesick and petrified!
If she goes, she will definitely beat Chang Xiang directly into a pig’s head, but there is nothing wrong with him doing so because Chang Xiang is his daughter.
But kissing her like this …
Still make her very unaccustomed and really want to wash her face!
Seeing each other often, she explained in a slightly stunned way, "I haven’t been a father and neglected you. In the future, I will try my best to spare some time to accompany you. Come to our hospital late and I will teach you martial arts."
I often miss you as soon as I get back to the courtyard, and immediately let the clouds step through the snow and the bucket of water come over and rub my face, especially my forehead, until it turns red.
God, Chang Xiang kissed her!
This daughter really doesn’t want to do it!
Covering her wet face, she squatted on the ground and looked at the half bucket of water. She couldn’t help but pour a few more water on her face. She dumped her head and secretly told herself that it was normal for her father to do this intimate thing to her daughter.
It is …
She’s so old, she often behaves like this, but it makes people feel weird
Wash your face clean, and when you walk through the snow, you will see that you are always homesick. You have been washing your face and frowning tightly. "What’s the matter, Lord?"
Chang Xiangsi shook his head "Nothing!"
Cloud through the snow immediately handed a clean handkerchief.
She took the water to dry her face, and her little face without makeup looked very bright and beautiful. She sighed lightly and often asked acacia, "Can you be light in the snow?"
Cloud through the snow nodded, "I can do some things, but my brother is still fierce in flying."
"What about the force?"
"Well, martial arts practitioners will practice some kung fu techniques so that each move and style can exert the greatest lethality. I have also learned it, but my strength is not strong enough. My brother is more talented than me in this respect. He will be stronger. Do you want to learn?"
"Yeah, but my dad will teach me. I’ll learn from him for a few days to see if the effect is right. Then you can see the constant force?"
I have seen Chang Xiang several times. His pace looks calm, but it’s actually very light. I think Chang Xiang’s strength is strong and his lightness is also very high. At least if I start work, my brother is afraid that he will not be his opponent!
I’ve seen Chang Xiang’s martial arts today. Although there is a trick, it’s vicious and his hand strength is not lost to her as a former killer.
Bei Xuanyu can be said to be annoyed by God these days, because no matter where he goes, he can see phoenix and ink.
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Even a few times, you can meet Feng Mo Rao. If it weren’t for the emperor’s announcement, he would hardly be willing to go to the palace now and wait for him at the gate of the palace when he seems to be sure.
After leaving the DPRK every day, I ran outside to block him, and then I had the cheek to insist that he go back to the North Xuan General’s Office to eat with his mother. Now I see that Feng Mo Rao’s face is getting heavier every day.
At this time, as soon as Xuanyu was about to turn to the north, Feng Mo Rao was already crowded over there.
"Little General, I’ll take you to the Fairy House for lunch. New dishes have been introduced there today."
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him indifferently. "Thirteen princes are welcome. I am afraid I can’t accompany thirteen princes for a meal today."
"What could be more important than food?" Feng Mo Rao asked, "What’s the fun of going back to the house every time?"
Aside from the North Xuannuo, I really can’t see a few steps ago. "Wang Ye Yu’s son really has something. I have some things I want to discuss with him, and then I’ll invite thirteen Wang Yefu to have dinner another day!" Farewell! "
"Wait! General, this is wrong. Why should we avoid the king when discussing something? One more person and one more idea is better than taking the king. "
"This …"
North XuanNuo looked at Feng Mo Rao seriously and hesitated. I don’t know if I should turn away. North XuanYu has turned and left over there.
"Bei Xuanyu!" See north XuanYu has left phoenix ink Rao immediately after.
Left out in the cold, Bei Xuannuo looked at both of them leaving, and their hearts sank. These days, he saw the signs that the sleeves were broken and he actually saw his only son.
If Bei Xuanyu followed him, then …
Isn’t the North Xuanfu going to die!
If that’s the case, then he must break the dog leg of Bei Xuanyu!
I’m always homesick, and now I’m worried about my future because I’m entangled in a broken sleeve!
Out of the palace door, Feng Mo Rao looked at the back of North Xuanyu and a smirk appeared on his lips. He didn’t believe that he was so indomitable that North Xuanyu could resist it.
Close to the water, get the moon first!
Please enter the urn!
He will make Bei Xuanyu walk towards him step by step.
I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Wang, you seem to be in a bad mood these days. Why don’t you say something? But … but being homesick makes you angry again?"
He remembered that since the opening day of the Fairy Mansion, Bei Xuanyu began to be emotional every day, and he was even more indifferent to everyone.
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him. "Can you stop following me all the way?"

"This is a family of three.

According to our investigation, they all died in close combat.
When he was killed, he was killed by the Ministry before he even made a resistance.
And the cause of death is a blow to kill, very clean and not a second blow. "
Although the body at the crime scene has been cleaned up, the blood around it still says that the situation at this scene is not very harmonious at the time
After reading the Chinese photos one by one, even a preliminary look at Olga can tell that at least half of the dead were killed by Jason.
Their dead wounds are no different from those two unknown men and women in Crystal Lake camp.
But Olga is also puzzled by this discovery.
How could Jason get mixed up with Freddy?
Physical distortion psychological giant baby teamed up with abnormal child killer?
What kind of garbage combination is this?
I’m afraid we’ll hurt each other if we don’t last two days …’
It seems to him that the two styles are far apart, and they don’t look like the type of talking to each other.
After the team, the combat effectiveness is about 1+1 equals 11 samples.
If you are unlucky, you can even deduct some more.
As a result, 1+1 equals tragedy!
After all, teammates stab each other and it’s over. Where is the leisure time to take care of outsiders?
Trying to get a np friendship to help the truth, Ollie thought for a while before he looked serious and said
"The death of these people is very wrong!"
The sheriff was very puzzled. "What’s wrong?"
He really doesn’t mean much to white Olga.
Will hand body photos one after another after Zhang Zhan Olga explained, pointing to their wounds one by one.
"These people’s wounds are all caused by hand injuries or sharp injuries.
Beating injuries aside, there is usually one sharp weapon used by Freddy, and that is his metal claws!
And there’s obviously no such injury here
It’s a knife wound!
If there are one or two words to say, but all of them are so, it is not in line with his style, and there is no way to show his unique characteristics … "
Smell speech carefully turned over a photo and recalled the past materials in a police department file.
The sheriff soon confirmed that Olga was right, and none of these dead people really met Freddy’s wind, so he looked dignified and said
"Do you mean that this time it has nothing to do with Freddy?"
Olga Holmes shook his head with a wave and looked calm. He touched himself with one hand and said
"Not absolutely sure.
After all, Freddie is not a quiet guy.
If you are unlucky, it may be some kind of conspiracy this time!
I have to ask, are there any knife weapons or supernatural beings with great strength in your small town or surrounding areas?
I suspect that the other party was attracted here by Freddy … "
The sheriff’s face changed slightly and two or three names appeared in his mind.
In the end, he put the suspected target on the guy who best met these conditions.
[One hundred people behead teenagers-Jason Voorhees]
Unlike Freddy, who kills for fun, that’s a real mobile butcher.
Almost wherever you go, you kill all the way.
Don’t be soft, don’t hesitate, and never kill anyone, whether they are men or women, whether they are old or young!
If Jason was not inseparable from Crystal Lake, I’m afraid the US government would have dealt with him at all costs, and would not let him do harm, and even set aside a special isolation zone to keep others away.
The sheriff is a little overwhelmed at the thought that the other person is in this small town.
If you don’t pay attention, a massacre may happen!
This made his heart almost stop directly!
Word quickly take out a cellular phone and dialed a word.
He hung up a few minutes later.
Look is very eager to pull the orr Fu and hands Mian face said
"Pavilion since you can find out wrong so quickly, you should be an experienced exorcist!
So this time, please do it! The price is negotiable! "
This kind of passing friendly forces is even more precious.
Olga nodded and said, "Say, say …"
speak the bold truth
It’s interesting that an abyss demon wears an exorcist vest to exorcise demons everywhere, but he doesn’t reject it.

All desires poured down at this moment. "Brother Hao said not to bully me, which made people hurt." "I’m sorry in early summer." He bowed his head in regret.

"Hao brother, don’t say you’re sorry, even if you want me a hundred times and a thousand times, I’ll undress you in early summer, because I love you and I can give you everything, including my body and my life."
"I won’t make a move after a fool. Have a good rest and good night."
"But … but you always want me to be as crazy as you are possessed …"
"I … I don’t know anything. Maybe I can’t resist your beauty, fool. It’s tempting to tell you not to wear clothes in your room."
"But … but I’m just used to it."
"Oh, forget it. Go to bed early and sleep well."
"You … will you leave?" Looking at Hao piteously in early summer.
"I’ll stay with you if you don’t leave, okay?"
"Well … good night" early summer safely close your eyes.
Hao closed his eyes, but he was thinking about what happened these two days. I always felt something was wrong …
Maybe I think too much! ! So I fell asleep.
"Knock knock" grandpa Lin knocked on the door of Youxuan.
City opened the door and saw it was grandpa. "What’s wrong with grandpa? ?”
"Go in and say it." Grandpa Lin closed the door ..
"Grandpa, what are you going to say? ?” Youxuan poured a glass of water for grandpa.
"I’m telling you, I just passed by the early summer room and heard them …"
"No! ! !” You Xuan and Xi are surprised to see grandpa.
"It’s true! ! I heard with my own ears, "Grandpa Ye smiled from ear to ear, picked up the water next to him and drank it sweet! ! It’s so sweet that people are happy and everything is sweet.
City and Youxuan looked at each other and frowned.
"Well, you also go to bed early" and left happily.
"Wife, what do you think of it? ?” City let YouXuan sat down on the bed gently ask
"Me? ? I feel very good. I have a sister-in-law. "Youxuan smiles.
"But …"
"Oh, don’t be such a buts. I think early summer is very good."
V overall situation ()
the next day
Grandpa Lin got up early and waited for early summer and his grandson.
"Grandpa Lin, you Xuan, sister Xi, brother Xi, good morning." A sweet smile in early summer.
"Early summer come here! !” Grandpa Lin cried excitedly
"What’s wrong with Grandpa?"
"Last night, you" Grandpa Lin grinned …
"Grandpa …" In the early summer, I lay shyly in my arms.
"So it’s true? ?” Grandpa Lin asked excitedly.
Early summer nodded in Hao’s arms.
Lanshi building
Looking for it silently and carefully, finally at the corner.
I saw three characters in the president’s office.
When both hands just hold the door handle,
There’s a blush and a groan in it.
Silently and immediately froze where to go, neither into nor into.
I secretly wondered who was so bold as to dare to be in the president’s office.
Hu Feici must discuss it with Lanhe.
When the familiar sound of Ranch comes out inside.
Silently shocked the body on the spot and could not help but tremble.
It turns out that he said things.
Is it stealing love with others in the office?
No … No … I don’t believe it
Pushing the door silently shocked me.
See LanHe has revealed the bronze back pressure full woman.

What’s the truth? His treasure house has been looted, but the wind family hasn’t.

If you say that you are a bully, people are afraid of you! But it doesn’t make sense that forces worse than you have suffered!
To get to the bottom of it, it’s a wind house. At best, it’s against the wind!
Moreover, Feng Jia has long recognized that Feng Inverse is dead because he has run away from home for several years and has not found any news of him.
Although the wind is not valued by the family, he is somehow influenced by the wind. When he left home, the wind master, that is, the wind father, sent someone to find out his whereabouts.
But later I heard that he was unwilling to do anything after a series of disciples encountered him!
It’s a pity that I didn’t expect to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff after the wind went against the teacher’s fruit. If it weren’t for another adventure, I was afraid that there would never be such a person in this continent!
And after the wind inverse got the adventure, he kept a low profile and hid himself incisively and vividly. Even the wind family is dead!
I didn’t expect that in the end, the wind went against the wind or the family attracted a great disaster. I was besieged by many big forces and forced to look like an immortal. If I really don’t hand over the thief, I’m afraid it’s not far from the door!
Angry at learning that the family was under siege, it was necessary for all forces to fight in darkness to leave for home directly!
Yes, the wind is really low-key. That’s because he reached an agreement with the mysterious thing in his body to try to secretly upgrade and help him find a special person.
Contrary to the wind, despite looting several treasure houses of great powers, they have not exposed themselves, and they have not made a name for themselves on the mainland because of their own strength!
But now he can’t keep a low profile because the family is out of the door, that is, if he doesn’t make moves, he will have a younger brother in the whole continent!
I arrived when I was okay. Although several experts besieged Feng’s family, they didn’t really want to follow the wind and fight for a larger foe.
Although a lot of experts have gathered, all of them are not stupid. The wind family is powerful and famous throughout the continent, and there will be no experts sitting in it!
No one wants to die unless they have to. The situation is not out of control!
"Master Feng, since you’re here, you’re sure that the thief is your family. What if you refuse to admit it?"
"Yes, that’s right. Hand over the thief or you won’t die!" Everyone has chimed in.
Feng Chen was furious and said, "You have completely surrounded my Feng family, which has humiliated our Feng family in mainland China. You want me to hand over any thieves. I think you are deliberately provocative!"
There are rumors that the wind family and thieves have something to do. When the wind blows, everyone has been strictly investigated. I am afraid that there will be a link to the wind family.
However, after a thorough investigation, Feng Zhen confirmed that someone wanted to take the opportunity to find trouble with Feng Jia!
What thief robbed their treasure house? It’s just a phrase.
"The wind old man you chicanery is not if you don’t hand over the thief that you wind home is ready to bear the major forces anger? "A knife middle-aged man said.
"Hum, I’m really afraid that you won’t be able to deal with my family in this way. I think you’re looking for death!" The wind was furious and said, "I’d rather be born than die on my knees. Don’t whine like a girl!"
Looking at that kind of person just now, it’s even more certain that this is a conspiracy against the wind!
There are many enemies in the field, and everyone is eyeing up to fight and can’t wait to tear the wind home to pieces!
There are also several other forces who remain neutral or befriend the former Feng family. They are silent. They don’t want the Feng family to tear their faces, but there is no way to rob their treasure house. This is beyond their bottom line. If the Feng family doesn’t give an account, they can draw a line!
"Feng Jia, you can mainly produce evidence to prove that you are innocent or let everyone go in and search. If we didn’t find our treasure, we naturally wouldn’t continue to be difficult for Feng Jia, and several people today made a bold apology to Feng Jia!" An old man said
"Qi Lao, I am a younger generation in your eyes, but I am a spittle and a nail. Since I said that the wind family is really not my wind family!"
Qi Lao has believed in the rumor, but he believes it alone, but he doesn’t want others to believe it!
But think about it carefully, although everyone’s treasure house was looted, Feng Jia didn’t. It’s not difficult to prove that Feng Jia is a thief!
At the end of the day, there is no direct evidence that everyone is besieging Feng Jia, but everyone imagines that Feng Jia is the mastermind!
Just when Qi Lao wanted to say what he thought, a neutral tone came "Who dares to come to my wind house to make trouble?" If you don’t retreat for a quarter of an hour, kill me! "
The tone is overbearing, and the people on the horse farm are furious when they hear it!
See a figure fall on both sides to hold the new eyes.
"That’s master against the wind!"
"I didn’t read it wrong! It seems that the master loser has fallen from the sky! "
"How can a yellow-mouthed child dare to talk big and not fuck off? Labor and capital will chop you up first!" A middle-aged man nu way
The words sound just fell and the wind has gone straight to him. If the body is flashing, it will have reached the middle-aged man in the blink of an eye. A recruit, Hei Hu Tao Xin, hit the middle-aged man’s roots and died without reaction!
When people return to absolute being, the wind has gone back to the original place!
If you don’t shoot, you will take away a fresh life directly with one shot, and the wind will deter everyone for a while!
The scene was once silent, and no one dared to speak. Even the eyes of the old monsters such as Qi Lao were full of deep fear!
"There are still half a quarter of an hour when someone stays to blame someone for being ruthless!" The wind turned cold and said, "After withdrawing personnel, each force must pay 100 million lingshi to compensate the wind family, or someone will visit in person!" "
Everyone is surprised to let them retreat, no problem, because the wind is against them, but they have to pay 100 million lingshi, which is different from cutting their meat.
The treasure house has been looted, and 100 million Lingshi has to be compensated for the wind family, and they have to pay for their families!
"Xiao you = the situation is very much like a thief robbing our treasures!" An old monster gnashed his teeth and said, at the same time, he was also on guard against the wind.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
After the suppression of the bloody thunder, the major forces can bow their heads and pay compensation!
Even if the wind goes against the wind and admits that he stole everyone’s treasure house, everyone can hate him and look at him, but there is no way to overcome him because of the wind. It is not enough to surrender by relying on many people.
Received a lot of compensation, and the strength of the wind has increased in vain, and soon it has reached the critical point of soaring celestial beings!
After secretly rooting out some enemies of the wind family, the wind rose against the wind family’s amazing eyes, and the wind finally left to raise him on this continent!
Wind experts feel that the wind is incredible, and the cultivation speed is extremely fast, but at the same time, the resources needed are also expensive!
He robbed those treasure houses and got compensation, but Feng Jiagen didn’t get any benefit except that he had it for himself.
Although Feng Jia didn’t get any benefits, no one complained that Feng Jia could be backed by such a fate figure!
But everyone doesn’t know that it’s not against the wind that there are so many cultivation resources, so that one person can’t get a tenth at most; Most of them were swallowed by the mysterious thing of his body!
The wind rises against the celestial world, attracting baptism, thunder and robbery, and terror, attracting many old monsters to show up one after another and want to accept his disciples.
But he has a mysterious thing to help the wind reverse the rejection and then change it to white light to hide those famous old monsters. They didn’t come to stop them, and then they lost the wind reverse shadow!
The mysterious thing tells the wind to go against it, and I dare not continue to steal the treasure house as recklessly as the world. I can take risks everywhere by myself to get a low-key practice!
I don’t forget to find someone when I am practicing against the wind. He promised to help him find someone, but that person didn’t appear regardless of whether the world or the celestial world met the requirements.
The wind goes against the celestial low-key cultivation, and Wan has never been in the limelight. Occasionally, he encountered a natural talent and a treasure to directly kill people!
Until one day, a dragon vein appeared in the celestial world and evolved into a dragon. The celestial world stirred up waves and the immortal emperor was strong, and people were his opponents. After sweeping the four directions, they tried to unify the celestial world and made the celestial world bloody and smoky!
When the wind goes against you, you don’t care who wants to unify the celestial world and want to find someone while practicing low-key;
It was not until the wind went against the wind to explore an ancient relic that the dragon met, and there was a big battle between the two sides.
When the dragon saw that someone could fight him to a draw, he immediately fell down, but the wind went against his heart and the two men fought in darkness until the dragon finally attracted many immortals to fight with each other.
After the wind retreats, the dragon feels a pity that he can send someone to look for him. Such a strong man cannot be removed by himself!
After retreating, the wind went against the wind and didn’t intend to cause trouble, but the dragon was snooping around, and his aggressive behavior broke his low-key cultivation life atmosphere. The wind went against the wind and took the initiative to attack and rob the dragon resources and attack the dragon forces!
The hatred between the two strong men is getting deeper and deeper, and has not been accepted by the dragon. Those immortal emperors secretly promised him to practice resources, and the condition is to prevent the dragon from unifying the celestial world.
With vast resources, uniting the mysterious things against the wind and helping the strength of the dragon, the struggle has become fierce.
Both sides found that so many people were killed and injured, and there were too many strong dragons fighting against the agreement.
When the two powers fight, they will die!
The strength of the dragon is really against the sky. It can be said that all kinds of magic tricks are constantly put into use by Long Mai.
Wind-reverse double cultivation can’t move spells, and the strength of precursor cultivation is not weak. More than 50 orifices have been opened during the enlightenment period, and various spells will not break through his roots!
The dragon finally knew how stupid it was to provoke a rebellion. He ordered the slaves to fight against the rebellion.
Against the wind, the immortal emperor also joined the battle one after another, but the dragon enslaved the immortal emperor’s slave contract and rushed forward without fear of death;
The immortal emperor on this side of the wind is very precious. He is not here to help, but to make trouble. If he hadn’t resisted most attacks against the wind, he would have been defeated!
The wind looked at the dragon and seemed to notice that the dragon fled without saying anything. The wind did not intend to let him go and chased him directly!
Leave a large group of immortals and the strong to fight, and without the protagonist, they will stop fighting!