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"Let’s hand over what we have on this trip, and we are all well."

"Otherwise, Taiyi Holy Land will be removed from the list."
She said directly
Because during this period, experience told her that no matter what good words you say, it is difficult for those people to hand over the sacred objects.
So it’s better to simply do it.
Sure enough, I am familiar with the response again.
"I’m telling you, we"
A few people haven’t spoken Ye Qin rumours directly.
She really doesn’t want to hear too much nonsense.
At the same time, Ye Xiaoxiao, Yu Hong and wolf girl also made moves.
After several months of cooperation, people have long been familiar with their respective means.
In just a few breaths, a few people in Taiyi Holy Land were all taken.
"I’m tired of talking about things like this."
Ye Xiaoxiao said and took out the plank brick.
Suddenly, a huge rhyme swept by.
All of a sudden a surprised turned to heaven.
Pang Dafa aims to cross the sky.
"Yuan Shigong?" Ye Qin ballad Zheng big eyes.
Soon they also obtained the detailed achievement method contained in the decree.
"Ha ha!"
Too often, one person suddenly burst out laughing.
He looked ferocious and said, "I tell you that is the decree of Ye Sheng in Yunxiao City!"
"Our family has already been attributed to Ye Shenghui!"
"So I advise you not to be too crazy!"
This sentence suddenly froze everyone.
Ye Xiaoxiao and Ye Qin rumours glances saw surprise from each other’s eyes.
"Uncle has been here?"
This kind of similar scene is happening in every corner of the world
On this day, several people looked up at the sky.
Looking at that rhyme, I shivered.
Some people even knelt on the ground directly.
"This is Ye Shengfuze."
China’s major celestial regions, the eastern regions, the great propaganda empire, the western regions, and the number of god countries have issued such instructions.
Yuan Shi contributed to this land.
Take root thoroughly
At this time, Ye received a message with the wind after all this.
From SHEN WOO Xiandi.
Chapter 177 The tenth floor of the Origin Tower
Heaven and law aim across the sky.
Outside Jinghu Lake, several powerful figures suddenly descended here.
It is leaves home director with cloud them.
The leaves of the island in the middle of the lake also sensed them with the wind.
"tell them that the Ministry will start to repair the yuan."
Ye Feng Yin Gu Youlan
Now he has no time to follow them.
Because SHEN WOO Xiandi sent the first message after returning to the celestial world.
Ye came to the enlightenment tree with the wind, took out a jade charm from his hand and put it on the desktop.
Fairy magic force into it.
Suddenly a tall figure appeared in front of him.
This man is dressed in purple and gold, and his face is very dignified.
It is the immortal emperor of SHEN WOO.
"I bought new clothes."
Ye touched the bar with the wind.

What’s the truth? His treasure house has been looted, but the wind family hasn’t.

If you say that you are a bully, people are afraid of you! But it doesn’t make sense that forces worse than you have suffered!
To get to the bottom of it, it’s a wind house. At best, it’s against the wind!
Moreover, Feng Jia has long recognized that Feng Inverse is dead because he has run away from home for several years and has not found any news of him.
Although the wind is not valued by the family, he is somehow influenced by the wind. When he left home, the wind master, that is, the wind father, sent someone to find out his whereabouts.
But later I heard that he was unwilling to do anything after a series of disciples encountered him!
It’s a pity that I didn’t expect to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff after the wind went against the teacher’s fruit. If it weren’t for another adventure, I was afraid that there would never be such a person in this continent!
And after the wind inverse got the adventure, he kept a low profile and hid himself incisively and vividly. Even the wind family is dead!
I didn’t expect that in the end, the wind went against the wind or the family attracted a great disaster. I was besieged by many big forces and forced to look like an immortal. If I really don’t hand over the thief, I’m afraid it’s not far from the door!
Angry at learning that the family was under siege, it was necessary for all forces to fight in darkness to leave for home directly!
Yes, the wind is really low-key. That’s because he reached an agreement with the mysterious thing in his body to try to secretly upgrade and help him find a special person.
Contrary to the wind, despite looting several treasure houses of great powers, they have not exposed themselves, and they have not made a name for themselves on the mainland because of their own strength!
But now he can’t keep a low profile because the family is out of the door, that is, if he doesn’t make moves, he will have a younger brother in the whole continent!
I arrived when I was okay. Although several experts besieged Feng’s family, they didn’t really want to follow the wind and fight for a larger foe.
Although a lot of experts have gathered, all of them are not stupid. The wind family is powerful and famous throughout the continent, and there will be no experts sitting in it!
No one wants to die unless they have to. The situation is not out of control!
"Master Feng, since you’re here, you’re sure that the thief is your family. What if you refuse to admit it?"
"Yes, that’s right. Hand over the thief or you won’t die!" Everyone has chimed in.
Feng Chen was furious and said, "You have completely surrounded my Feng family, which has humiliated our Feng family in mainland China. You want me to hand over any thieves. I think you are deliberately provocative!"
There are rumors that the wind family and thieves have something to do. When the wind blows, everyone has been strictly investigated. I am afraid that there will be a link to the wind family.
However, after a thorough investigation, Feng Zhen confirmed that someone wanted to take the opportunity to find trouble with Feng Jia!
What thief robbed their treasure house? It’s just a phrase.
"The wind old man you chicanery is not if you don’t hand over the thief that you wind home is ready to bear the major forces anger? "A knife middle-aged man said.
"Hum, I’m really afraid that you won’t be able to deal with my family in this way. I think you’re looking for death!" The wind was furious and said, "I’d rather be born than die on my knees. Don’t whine like a girl!"
Looking at that kind of person just now, it’s even more certain that this is a conspiracy against the wind!
There are many enemies in the field, and everyone is eyeing up to fight and can’t wait to tear the wind home to pieces!
There are also several other forces who remain neutral or befriend the former Feng family. They are silent. They don’t want the Feng family to tear their faces, but there is no way to rob their treasure house. This is beyond their bottom line. If the Feng family doesn’t give an account, they can draw a line!
"Feng Jia, you can mainly produce evidence to prove that you are innocent or let everyone go in and search. If we didn’t find our treasure, we naturally wouldn’t continue to be difficult for Feng Jia, and several people today made a bold apology to Feng Jia!" An old man said
"Qi Lao, I am a younger generation in your eyes, but I am a spittle and a nail. Since I said that the wind family is really not my wind family!"
Qi Lao has believed in the rumor, but he believes it alone, but he doesn’t want others to believe it!
But think about it carefully, although everyone’s treasure house was looted, Feng Jia didn’t. It’s not difficult to prove that Feng Jia is a thief!
At the end of the day, there is no direct evidence that everyone is besieging Feng Jia, but everyone imagines that Feng Jia is the mastermind!
Just when Qi Lao wanted to say what he thought, a neutral tone came "Who dares to come to my wind house to make trouble?" If you don’t retreat for a quarter of an hour, kill me! "
The tone is overbearing, and the people on the horse farm are furious when they hear it!
See a figure fall on both sides to hold the new eyes.
"That’s master against the wind!"
"I didn’t read it wrong! It seems that the master loser has fallen from the sky! "
"How can a yellow-mouthed child dare to talk big and not fuck off? Labor and capital will chop you up first!" A middle-aged man nu way
The words sound just fell and the wind has gone straight to him. If the body is flashing, it will have reached the middle-aged man in the blink of an eye. A recruit, Hei Hu Tao Xin, hit the middle-aged man’s roots and died without reaction!
When people return to absolute being, the wind has gone back to the original place!
If you don’t shoot, you will take away a fresh life directly with one shot, and the wind will deter everyone for a while!
The scene was once silent, and no one dared to speak. Even the eyes of the old monsters such as Qi Lao were full of deep fear!
"There are still half a quarter of an hour when someone stays to blame someone for being ruthless!" The wind turned cold and said, "After withdrawing personnel, each force must pay 100 million lingshi to compensate the wind family, or someone will visit in person!" "
Everyone is surprised to let them retreat, no problem, because the wind is against them, but they have to pay 100 million lingshi, which is different from cutting their meat.
The treasure house has been looted, and 100 million Lingshi has to be compensated for the wind family, and they have to pay for their families!
"Xiao you = the situation is very much like a thief robbing our treasures!" An old monster gnashed his teeth and said, at the same time, he was also on guard against the wind.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
Chapter 26 It turns out that the strong man is him.
After the suppression of the bloody thunder, the major forces can bow their heads and pay compensation!
Even if the wind goes against the wind and admits that he stole everyone’s treasure house, everyone can hate him and look at him, but there is no way to overcome him because of the wind. It is not enough to surrender by relying on many people.
Received a lot of compensation, and the strength of the wind has increased in vain, and soon it has reached the critical point of soaring celestial beings!
After secretly rooting out some enemies of the wind family, the wind rose against the wind family’s amazing eyes, and the wind finally left to raise him on this continent!
Wind experts feel that the wind is incredible, and the cultivation speed is extremely fast, but at the same time, the resources needed are also expensive!
He robbed those treasure houses and got compensation, but Feng Jiagen didn’t get any benefit except that he had it for himself.
Although Feng Jia didn’t get any benefits, no one complained that Feng Jia could be backed by such a fate figure!
But everyone doesn’t know that it’s not against the wind that there are so many cultivation resources, so that one person can’t get a tenth at most; Most of them were swallowed by the mysterious thing of his body!
The wind rises against the celestial world, attracting baptism, thunder and robbery, and terror, attracting many old monsters to show up one after another and want to accept his disciples.
But he has a mysterious thing to help the wind reverse the rejection and then change it to white light to hide those famous old monsters. They didn’t come to stop them, and then they lost the wind reverse shadow!
The mysterious thing tells the wind to go against it, and I dare not continue to steal the treasure house as recklessly as the world. I can take risks everywhere by myself to get a low-key practice!
I don’t forget to find someone when I am practicing against the wind. He promised to help him find someone, but that person didn’t appear regardless of whether the world or the celestial world met the requirements.
The wind goes against the celestial low-key cultivation, and Wan has never been in the limelight. Occasionally, he encountered a natural talent and a treasure to directly kill people!
Until one day, a dragon vein appeared in the celestial world and evolved into a dragon. The celestial world stirred up waves and the immortal emperor was strong, and people were his opponents. After sweeping the four directions, they tried to unify the celestial world and made the celestial world bloody and smoky!
When the wind goes against you, you don’t care who wants to unify the celestial world and want to find someone while practicing low-key;
It was not until the wind went against the wind to explore an ancient relic that the dragon met, and there was a big battle between the two sides.
When the dragon saw that someone could fight him to a draw, he immediately fell down, but the wind went against his heart and the two men fought in darkness until the dragon finally attracted many immortals to fight with each other.
After the wind retreats, the dragon feels a pity that he can send someone to look for him. Such a strong man cannot be removed by himself!
After retreating, the wind went against the wind and didn’t intend to cause trouble, but the dragon was snooping around, and his aggressive behavior broke his low-key cultivation life atmosphere. The wind went against the wind and took the initiative to attack and rob the dragon resources and attack the dragon forces!
The hatred between the two strong men is getting deeper and deeper, and has not been accepted by the dragon. Those immortal emperors secretly promised him to practice resources, and the condition is to prevent the dragon from unifying the celestial world.
With vast resources, uniting the mysterious things against the wind and helping the strength of the dragon, the struggle has become fierce.
Both sides found that so many people were killed and injured, and there were too many strong dragons fighting against the agreement.
When the two powers fight, they will die!
The strength of the dragon is really against the sky. It can be said that all kinds of magic tricks are constantly put into use by Long Mai.
Wind-reverse double cultivation can’t move spells, and the strength of precursor cultivation is not weak. More than 50 orifices have been opened during the enlightenment period, and various spells will not break through his roots!
The dragon finally knew how stupid it was to provoke a rebellion. He ordered the slaves to fight against the rebellion.
Against the wind, the immortal emperor also joined the battle one after another, but the dragon enslaved the immortal emperor’s slave contract and rushed forward without fear of death;
The immortal emperor on this side of the wind is very precious. He is not here to help, but to make trouble. If he hadn’t resisted most attacks against the wind, he would have been defeated!
The wind looked at the dragon and seemed to notice that the dragon fled without saying anything. The wind did not intend to let him go and chased him directly!
Leave a large group of immortals and the strong to fight, and without the protagonist, they will stop fighting!

And Tianyu line is still Yu keliang Chen Hao a few people.

"Brother Xiong can really make money by collecting these things?" Yu keliang window typing asked
Because dnf didn’t release any change information, Tianyu’s memory is even more vague. I don’t know what to change next time, but what activities should there be on May Day?
"Keep it. Furnace rock carbon is an essential material for strengthening equipment. Red and blue’ medicine’ agents are necessary for drawing, and’ color’ crystals are also needed. Anyway, it is a’ wave’ for funds to stay in their hands without flowing."
It is said that Xiao Ye has experienced great difficulties in life and death, but quiet inside has been studying hard
And the dragon housekeeper said that the master and Izumo also figured out that Meiyi restaurant began to redecorate the family. Of course, this little money is really like nine Niu Yi’ Mao’ to the family.
Besides, Master Yan wants Mei Yi and Xiao Ye to stay in Yan Jia, but Mei Yi refuses the popular life of the rich. She is really not used to it. Besides, Dragonfly has been taken care of by Master Yan. With Xiao Ye’s trouble, Master Yan Jia added that Mei Yi was really sorry for her generosity.
Perhaps in the eyes of the rich, it is nothing more than blowing off dust to help, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is to repay the favor by doing everything.
Because of learning a cloud and Xiao Ye, they didn’t find Tianyu.
Light is like an arrow, especially when the wind is calm and the waves are calm, it is like a rocket.
A month later, on April 8, dnf finally ushered in another big change.
Before this date, several new districts were updated and a pk competition was added.
On April 1st, the 5th district of Hunan was opened.
On April 8 th, the letter opened the fifth district of Hubei, and Netcom opened the fourth district of Shandong
On April 15th, the 5th district of Henan was opened.
The 5th district of Shandong was opened on April.
This pk competition is a 9-year national super championship.
The results of the competition haven’t come out yet at this time, and Tianyu hasn’t participated in this kind of competition. Naturally, he doesn’t remember who won the championship in the end.
From March to April, Tianyu almost balanced their income and expenses, and now they have nearly 19 thousand samples on hand.
The update on April 8, 2009 awakened a profession in the game.
In addition to the name of the sword soul, there is another name-blade master.
Materials such as red’ color’ crystal and white’ color’ crystal of Talisman rose again because of awakening from scratch.
Tianyu allowed himself to collect a lot from several lines before, and this time he began to sell while the price rose.
I won’t say much here when the soul of the sword awakens into blade master … So many players will remember that the four swords constitute "extreme ghost fencing" even after decades.
Memories are branded deeply in everyone’s hearts.
This time, there was another gift package in the May Day holiday game.
Lovely permanent dress suit-grassland fantasy
In retrospect, there may still be many players who will spit out this gift package.
The so-called "different opinions" may be that some players like this kind of fashion.
There is no bright spot in this gift package.
It’s not outstanding that the title belongs to’ sex’. It’s not as good as the previous’ Spring Festival’. The title is still beautiful with a balloon.
In addition, I sent some anti-fatigue medicine, five magic hammers, three horns and twenty resurrection.
It’s gone … yeah, it’s gone.
Tianyu looked at the gift package and thought of it in a few years.
The price of this gift package is 198. Compared with a few years later, the gift package is really dim. For Tianyu, the traveler, he confirmed that the old horse is not getting worse, but there is no pit.
At the same time, the Labor Day feedback activity was grandly launched. However, this activity is indeed a conscience activity. Every day, the first login in the game corner’ Color’ can get a "Pandora Man" opening box and get the props in the game. The contract hammer resurrects Remy.
In addition, there is also an activity called "Braving the Minotaur" to drop the formula of the tauren-strength intelligence.
In addition to these two activities, there is also an activity called "More Brave in Vietnam"
This activity should be familiar to everyone, but it was not as overbearing as it is now when the Vietnam War became more and more brave. At that time, a few points were added to it.
That’s right, there are a few points. At that time, everyone’s strength and intelligence were just a few hundred points. That’s an idiotic dream … Of course, it doesn’t rule out that some gods can do it.
At least in those days, it was 60, and everyone was brittle and wrapped in bones. Compared with today, it is also like scratching data, which hurts dozens of points …
"Memories are no longer the same" Tianyu shook his head and recalled that a few years later, the picture stared at the game interface now.
In addition, the Vietnam War and the Brave Campaign also sent magic red’ color’ jam, and the effect was to restore HP5% P5%.
This update sent a lot of blood medicine and blue medicine, which was really generous from the player’s point of view. After all, at this time, the talent medicine mutant strawberry and any blood medicine were "sky-high"
Local tyrants eat medicine from shopping malls, well-off people eat medicine from people, civilians eat large pieces of dried meat and milk, and the victims of cheese still eat expert-level recovery medicine …
Your ya so kind to give you so many’ medicine’ agent is to let you as a decoration?
In addition to updating the highlight of this update, there are two new maps that can be called nightmare level.
Liku patio and white ruins
The lowest entry level of the white’ color’ ruins is level 4, and the Liku patio is level 36. Although Liku patio is lower than the white’ color’ ruins, it is much more difficult than the white’ color’.

Grandmother promised me to hide in the dark again and again, and I could hear clearly. This headstrong snake spirit is too cruel and can actually turn into a human form. It must be very shallow. Now it’s playing Nellie’s idea. Is that so good? I’m in a hurry to get out of here and tell Nellie about it so that she can be prepared.

I don’t even know which leg to take first. Now my brain is in a state of chaos and I’m in a hurry to walk in the direction of the mouth of the cave, but I just stepped out of a few steps and it was a tragedy. My foot slipped on a round stone, my center of gravity was unstable and I plopped down.
It was a terrible fall. I resisted the pain and didn’t dare to scream, but when I fell, the sound still shocked the "girl" and Grandmother. After hearing the sound, the "girl" twisted her waist and rushed over to me. Grandmother also rushed over with blood and brains.
At this time, they were only a few meters away from me. I shouted, got up and stumbled and ran to the mouth of the cave. Otherwise, people would be driven out of Liu Xiang by wolves. Now I want to escape and run to the mouth of the cave desperately.
Grandmother Sun and the "girl" followed me closely, and the cloth shoes all ran away without considering the rubble, which made my feet ache. I watched carefully as I reached the mouth of the cave. I bent down and rushed forward to see that I was about to escape from the cave. Suddenly, I felt my legs tripped by a mass of flesh, and then my body fell to the ground. I turned my head and looked at my legs. Mom, the "girl" has changed into a giant again. Just as its strong body firmly caught my legs, I couldn’t move.
I was so anxious that a strong sense of fear suddenly haunted me, because then I remembered the place where the two unlucky men were swallowed by the giant mang, and the bones left me shuddering. I’m afraid I’m going to be unlucky tonight, too. Why am I so unlucky? I was scared half to death by that "fat woman" two days ago, and I met the giant snake spirit again today, so I can’t let people live?
I twitched my legs desperately to get rid of the shackles of the giant, but I was entangled in it and couldn’t get rid of it. At this time, the giant had opened its mouth and couldn’t see clearly what it was like in the dark, but it must have been swallowed by it. At this time, Grandmother had already rushed over and looked at me with a hatchet in her hand and said, "Yan Sigou, why are you running here? Are you following me?" Don’t have a female the ghost in your home. I don’t know about you, Sun Popo. My eyes are on. "
She was foaming at the mouth and bluffing. I yelled, "Fuck you!" I don’t know why I dragged Grandmother Sun’s clothes to the ground with such great strength at this moment. I stretched out my hand and took the axe from her hand. When I saw that the giant mang was facing my head with his mouth open, I was about to swallow it in one gulp. I was in a hurry and swung the axe at its mouth and cut it "poof".
The giant mang was cut down by my axe, and a huge explosive force shook my body, throwing me out of the cave and throwing me to pieces. The axe was left in the giant mang’s mouth, and I got up and ran to the mountain after a little delay.
I ran home in one breath, tired and out of breath. It’s already after midnight, and the door has been locked at home. I didn’t dare to disturb my parents. Now my clothes are all broken, and they will worry about me when they see it. I came to the window of Xiaolian and tapped on the glass and called out "Xiaolian Xiaolian"
When Xiaolian heard my voice in the room, she quickly came from the kang. At this time, she put on a pajamas and opened the window and said, "Brother Four Dogs, where have you been before you came back?"
As soon as I turned over and jumped into the house from the window, I inserted the window and took Nellie’s hand to the kang. "Nellie scared me to death and I almost couldn’t come back."
As soon as Xiaolian heard this, her face turned to zoom and asked me urgently, "What happened to Brother Four Dogs?"
I told Xiaolian about stalking Grandmother tonight. Finally, I said, "We have to be more careful. I think that snake spirit is quite powerful. It’s really fucking cruel!"
Xiaolian listened to me and smiled. "Brother Four Dogs, don’t be afraid of me."
When I heard that, Nellie was really bold. It was Zhou Fuxuan and the headstrong snake spirit that were bad for her. It really didn’t matter what she looked like. Another day, she was worried about Zhou Fuxuan’s hand to us. Why is it so bad now? It seems that she calmed down and comforted me when she saw me so scared. I was moved and a little sad when I thought of it. It was Nellian who was so kind and sad to me. It was me who wanted Nellian to give me a sense of security.
I’m beginning to miss that sloppy old road again. I regret that I didn’t kneel down and let him teach me Taoism. In that case, am I still afraid of this snake spirit? Although Zhou Fuxuan is a sorcerer, he can control ghosts and harm people, but that sloppy old road looks unfathomable. He must be an authentic Taoist. Zhou Fuxuan should not be his opponent
Lotus saw that I was preoccupied and smiled gently and said, "Brother Sigou, if you are afraid, please sleep in my room and I will hug you."
"This" I didn’t expect that Xiaolian would come up with such a suggestion that she would refuse me. She has already said this. I will refuse me again. I am still a person!
Without saying anything, I hugged Lillian and got into bed. Lillian pushed me and said, "Why are you so impatient? You don’t even take off your clothes. It’s dirt that has stained the quilt."
When I saw it, my clothes were torn, and I fell in several caves and got dirty. I quickly took off my clothes and put on a pair of pants. Xiaolian quickly turned her face away from looking at me. My heart laughed and said that she would hug me and sleep. I haven’t taken them off yet. Why are you embarrassed?
I was lying in a bed with Nellie, and I couldn’t see clearly what expression Nellie was now in the dark. I think she must be a little shy. I gently put my arm around Nellie’s slender waist and put her soft body in my arms, which made me feel good. It didn’t last long. Nellie’s cold body made me feel colder and colder. This is really a big problem. When can she not be so cold?
Xiaolian realized this at this moment and said to me, "Brother Sigou, if you are cold, don’t hug me. Let’s go to sleep quickly."
I thought to myself, I can’t sleep because I feel everything in this line. I hugged her more tightly and looked at her seductive cherry. The small mouth was so sexy that people couldn’t help but want to kiss Fangze. I couldn’t help kissing her lips.
Lotus can dodge a few times with a quiver, whispering "Brother Sigou, don’t do this"
I can’t stop now. Crazy, she kissed me with her lips. This is my first kiss. I gave it to Lillian. Lillian couldn’t stand my teasing, and she gradually entered a state of hugging me. We kissed each other under the covers. I really want this night to go on like this. Never.
My face is hard enough, and the strong swelling makes me feel uncomfortable. I reached into Lillian’s pajamas and my palm touched two towering peaks. Lillian’s body grabbed my hand like a touch. "Four dogs don’t."
I can’t control my hand to slide down Nellie’s flat abdomen. Just then, a cold and greasy thing climbed on the back of my hand. I was surprised that there was such a thing in the bed at the critical moment! As soon as I reached out and grabbed this thing, it turned around and bit my hand. I grabbed it out of bed and looked out of the window by moonlight. Oh, my God, it was a little black snake!
Chapter 21 Revenge
This little black snake is as dark as a little loach. I am so afraid of snakes when I grow up. Although there are many snakes in the mountains, their bases are far away from humans. It is the first time that I have climbed into bed in the middle of the night like this. I was so scared that I shook my hand and threw this little black snake out. It fell on the kang and became a circle, spitting out the core from time to time.
I can’t stay in bed any longer. I have to get dressed when I get up. Xiaolian is very calm. Hold the snake seven inches and say, "Brother Four Dogs, don’t be afraid that the snake is not poisonous."
I was ashamed for a moment. I didn’t think that I should let Lillian cover a small snake, which scared me so much. Lillian didn’t kill the small snake, but opened the window and threw it outside. It was already more than two o’clock in the middle of the night. I yawned and spent most of the night. Now I can finally sleep well.
Lillian and I just lay down when we heard a rustle at the window, as if something was crawling into the house along the window. I was puzzled to turn on the light in the room. When I looked at it by the light, I was refreshed and lost all sense of drowsiness. The window at home was made of wood, and some border areas were damaged because of the wind and rain erosion due to too many years. At this time, there were more than a dozen small black snakes drilling into the house along the window gap. After these snakes got in, there were still small snakes drilling in the window. I don’t know how many there were.
I was frightened to disgrace and quickly jumped out of the bed. When I got dressed, Lillian also found that the situation was serious. Her expression began to become dignified. When I pulled my hand, I dragged me to the ground, because the kang was already this little black snake. If there was a poisonous snake biting me here, I would not be far from the Temple of Hades.
Both Xiaolian and I were barefoot on the kang, and countless small snakes surrounded us. At this time, they all stood up with their heads held high, which was shocking. These black snakes all had a comb-shaped sarcoma on their heads, and the red color reminded me of the headstrong snake spirit in the cave.
Xiaolian was very calm. She held my hand tightly, which seemed to comfort me. My heart was warm and my wife wanted more! I thought to myself that I, a big man, couldn’t let my wife protect me. I just pulled Nellie behind me and assumed a righteous appearance. Suddenly, my head fell off. Several little black snakes fell directly on my head, which scared me to shout loudly. I quickly fiddled with them. I looked up at the roof and I didn’t know when several snakes climbed out. Most of them were scratching and falling. Soon, the ground was covered with black and crawling in various positions, which made me sick.
If I stay indoors, I will be eaten by these ghosts. As soon as I pull Lotus’s hand, I will run out of the house. But just as I was about to reach the door, the concrete floor suddenly clicked. I don’t know what huge thing broke the bottom arch, and the cement pieces flew out in all directions. Then a monster emerged from the ground and shook its head. The chicken coronasarcoma broke through the ground with its shaking body. I saw my mother, isn’t that the headstrong snake spirit in the cave? It actually chased me home!
At this time, the headstrong snake spirit swayed sideways in front of me and Lillian. It was a provocative body with bright patterns. Now I can clearly feel that Lillian’s hands are getting colder and colder, and then I had to let go of my ice. The headstrong snake spirit and Lillian looked at each other for a while and suddenly opened their mouths full of bright patterns, and a large piece of body came out from the ground and bit Lillian’s head.
Lillian deftly dodged the snake essence and then swept her head to Lillian and me. This Lillian didn’t dodge. Maybe she knew that if she dodged this, I wouldn’t be able to escape. I couldn’t get rid of the broken bones when the snake essence swept her thick body. Lillian and I were swept out by this snake essence for more than a meter and fell to the ground. This snake essence, snake snake and grandson were crushed to death.
At this time, the body of the headstrong snake spirit has broken ground and left the house. It is not big enough. It is more than ten meters long and its body is curled up. The huge snake head is coming at me and Xiaolian!
Lotus pulled me up and hid beside me. Before the snake spirit turned around and pulled me up, I rushed to the door. The snake spirit turned around and swam out of the house quickly. A room full of black snakes followed it and climbed out in the dark. A large area was about to drown Lotus and me in the snake sea.
Lillian and I were forced into the corridor. At the end of the corridor is the kitchen. Lillian then released my hand and walked quickly to the kitchen. When she came back, she had a swinging kitchen knife. Lillian clung to the knife and stared at the snake spirit swimming over.
The headstrong snake spirit stood up and swallowed the lotus head again. Its goal was indeed to swallow the lotus head. When its giant mouth was about to get to the top of the lotus head, the lotus fiercely swung its kitchen knife and swept it over its big mouth. With a loud sound, its mouth was cut with a knife by the lotus, and the headstrong snake spirit threw up its thick body and turned around and fled to the door. It just got out of the hole and plunged in, and suddenly disappeared.
A room full of little black snakes was as flustered as a group of dragons at this time, and the room was quiet again in less than a minute as the snake essence got into the hole.
I went back to the house and looked at the big hole in the ground. I was glad that I didn’t make too much noise and didn’t disturb my sleeping parents. But when they asked me what to say, they broke a big hole. I quickly broke my feet into pieces of cement and filled it in the hole, but as much as I filled it, it leaked in. It was simply a bottom hole and I didn’t know how deep the hole was and where it could go.
Xiaolian’s face was very bad when she fell on her chest. It was the first time I saw her so angry. "Brother Four Dogs, do you remember that cave?"
I nodded and said, "I remember. Why?"
Xiaolian gritted her teeth and said, "Take me now. I’ll find this hideout of the snake spirit tonight and I’ll finish it!" "
As soon as I heard it, I quickly took Nellie’s hand and advised her to say, "Don’t be impulsive. That headstrong snake spirit has been practicing for many years and often eats people’s brains to make up for the body. It’s not easy to get angry. Besides, we are not sure to kill it when we get to its site. It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years. I don’t think we should go tonight."
"The elder brother of the four dogs, how can I say that you are so soft with snakes and demons? You don’t want to think that it has just been hacked by you to find a home to take revenge. Can I let it go? It’s here for revenge tonight. If you don’t get rid of it while it’s injured, you and I will be harmed by it sooner or later! "
I listened to Lillian and took a deep breath. Lillian said that it was unreasonable. Zhou Fuxuan, the evil road in Dagushan Town, was secretly making mischief. Now there is another headstrong snake mother. Get rid of one. Now the fish is dead or the net is broken!
Thought of here, I was also angry. I gritted my teeth and said, "Come on, Nellie, I’ll take you there now! "
I took Nellie along the village road to the outside of the village. When I passed by Mrs. Sun’s house, I saw that her door was locked. This wife should not have come back yet. Now that I know her dirty things, I’m afraid I won’t dare to go home for a while. I took Nellie to the mountains and walked for more than half an hour before I got to the cave where the snake spirit hid.
In the mountains, the night wind came and blew so cold that I shivered and pointed to the mouth of the cave and said, "This is it."
Lotus pushed aside the branches at the mouth of the cave, bent over and got into it without thinking. I followed Lotus closely, which is also a place to revisit. His uncle came to this hellhole twice a night.
It was dark in the cave, and I walked side by side with Xiaolian. I was uneasy and I didn’t know if this headstrong snake spirit had come back.
When I got to the corner of the cave, I woke up. Xiaolian "turned around in front is its hiding place."
Chapter 22 Weird Grandmother
Nelly nodded and motioned for me not to talk. She leaned her head carefully and looked at the corner.
I also want to know if this headstrong snake spirit has escaped back. If it doesn’t come back here, it’s really not easy to find it again. There are dozens of square meters in the corner. There are two dead men who have been eaten by headstrong snake spirit, and the blood everywhere exudes a bloody smell. Next to the dead man’s body, a "young girl" is sitting on a stone pier. Next to her, there is an elderly wife. I look at this "young girl" through a candle that hasn’t been burned out. It is the headstrong snake spirit who has transformed into a human form. The wife next to
It turns out that this wife has been staying in the cave. At this time, she is waiting on this "young girl". This "young girl" cherry mouth has a big knife wound, and it has been cut and severely damaged from the corner of her mouth to the gills gang. Judging from her expression, she is very angry and has a big temper. She scolds Grandmother from time to time.
Grandmother trembled and waited on carefully for fear that an inattentive completely annoyed this athel Loren. Lotus was about to jump out of the result when she saw this situation. The "girl" suddenly heard the scream of this "girl". Lotus quickly admitted her body and hid in the dark with me and watched.
Seeing that she just helped the "girl" to dress the wound, Grandmother Sun did not know when she had a sharp knife in her hand and suddenly inserted it into the "girl" mouth! This "young girl" screamed, and her body was just about to start from the stone pier. Sun Po stretched out her calloused hand and pressed her head so hard that she couldn’t move. At this time, Sun Po’s two yellow eyes braved the fierce light, wrinkled face and ferocious face. The short knife "young girl" mouth was savagely stirred until blood dripping down the "young girl" mouth.
I’m at a loss in my eyes. This grandmother is so fucking cruel. I didn’t realize she still had these two! Just then, the "young girl" suddenly shook her body and her charming body suddenly became a giant shape. Is her mouth still stuck in her thick body with her short knife? As the snake body tightened, her face became whiter and whiter, and it became more and more difficult for her to breathe. She bit her shriveled lips and put the short knife in the mouth of the snake essence and pulled it hard. She scratched her neck from the big mouth of the snake essence, followed by her left hand hugging the neck of the snake essence.
I can’t believe it’s true now. On weekdays, it seems that Grandma’s hands are tied, and she has a hand blade for a moment. Lotus, the snake spirit, hasn’t moved for a long time. Obviously, Grandma’s shocking behavior just now is also a big surprise to her.
Grandmother’s face muscles twisted and she looked at the snake essence and lay still. She was very proud of the short knife and continued to dissect the body of the snake essence. When she cut into the abdomen of the snake essence, the tip of the knife scratched a hard thing and made a "clank" sound. Grandmother’s face suddenly became excited and stretched out her hand. After a while, she pulled out a glittering bead.
She held this pearl in her palm like a baby, and gave a strange laugh in her mouth. She said to herself, "Wife, I have endured humiliation for so many years and finally waited until today. Hahaha"
Grandmother said, clutching the pearl tightly in her hand and opening her mouth, she was about to swallow it into her stomach. Lillian called it a bad shape and rushed at Grandmother.
I’m afraid that something will happen to Nellie and I’ll rush after her. Now I think this grandmother Sun is so weird that a wise head makes a close mouth. I wonder if she will hurt Nellie by any malicious means.
Grandmother Sun was startled when she saw Xiaolian and I broke in, and then her little eyes narrowed into a crack. She turned and ran with the bead, which surprised me. Grandmother Sun didn’t run in the direction of the hole, but ran away from us to the dead end. There were stone walls over there. Where could she go?
Just when I was wondering, Grandmother had already reached the stone wall and laboriously removed a big stone, which weighed at least one hundred kilograms. I never thought that this wife had such great strength. A small dark hole appeared behind this big stone, and Grandmother quickly got into the hole like a weasel and disappeared.
Lillian was so anxious that she stamped her feet again and again that she would get into the hole to chase Grandmother. I was worried about Lillian’s safety and pulled her and said, "Lillian, stop chasing and run."

Qiao Yun …

Liu xing.
Moment-by-moment rest
Strangely carrying a plate, his eyelids drooped slightly in Qiao Yun and put it on Liu Xing’s chest. He asked, "Am I bothering you?"
Qiao Yun "Yes!"
Liu Xing "No!"
Strangely but "…"
Liu Xing Zheng was forced to appear suddenly, of course, it was a savior, but for Qiao Yun, it was waking him up. Last night, he was carried to bed by the man in front of him!
It’s not a problem to hug him. The problem is that he is a man!
The man was carried to bed by the man!
Shame on me. I left it at grandma’s house
"Ok, I know." Mo Ran glanced at Qiao Yun with his eyes floating lightly and found another seat with his plate in his hand.
Who expected Liu Xing to grab him? "Dude, do you know where Qiao Yun slept last night?"
Xing-Fei Liu quickly pulled up the chair next to him and stuffed it into the stranger’s ass, indicating that he sat down and said
Qiao Yun wants to kick Liu Xing at the moment. "Hey, where did I sleep yesterday? What are we familiar with? You can arrest people and ask them."
On the surface, Qiao Yun said and grabbed Liu Xing’s shoulder and added, "Stay away from this person is not a good person."
Mo ran snorts lightly.
He is not going to step in and listen to what Qiao Yun said, but he sat down.
"Do we know each other?" He looked at Qiao Yun. "Really?"
Qiao Yun choked for two seconds without uttering a word.
Especially when Mo Ran’s line of sight was deliberately aimed, he was caught in the exposure event last night and formed an image to wake him up.
His heart is about to jump out of his throat.
Liu Xing is waiting for the stranger but Wen.
The other party paused and continued, "Not very well. Excuse me."
After Mo Ran put his eggs in Qiao Yun’s plate.
What does that mean?
"I have eggs." Qiao Yun’s cheeks were slightly hot, but she also tried her best to pretend to be indifferent.
Strangely, it’s too high to be backlit. He saw that Liu Xing was eating eggs.
"You said it was the egg in his mouth. He ate it and you ate it?"
The tone sounds unpleasant, but does Qiao Yun eat anything from him?
Qiao Yun and Liu Xing are thinking about this problem and left with a cold hum.
Coming out of the canteen, Qiao Yun was thinking about how strange this person is. If you want to say that he is cold, you will also take two sentences to say that the enthusiasm is true.
Normal people will refuse a stranger to sleep in his own bed. He might as well hug himself to his bed.
Qiao Yun is jammed with the thought of holding the word.
"Liu Xing" Qiao Yun stopped thoughtfully and asked, "What do you think if a person carries you to his bed? Either he didn’t do anything or … what would this person think? "
Just in the canteen, Liu Xing was choked by two eggs, so he drank a bottle of mineral water while walking. Qiao Yun almost gushed out this question.
"Who hugged you?" He answered questions consciously.
Qiao Yun also consciously answered "Mo Ran"
Liu Xing was suddenly frozen by this mineral water.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Qiao Yun immediately reacted to make up for it. "No, I mean the stranger. He … no, no, he didn’t know him very well and accidentally bumped into him."
The heartbeat is overloaded. Qiao Yun doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. His face is still trying to pull out a smile that doesn’t happen.
Liu Xing moved his stiff cheeks to help "wake up". You just asked if you were holding the bed instead of touching it.
"Shit!" Qiao Yun scolded 1.
I can’t edit it. He admits, "Yes! Last night, I went to 56 to borrow the bathroom and ran into Mo Ran. When I finished washing 56 locks, I couldn’t help it. I slept at their table for one night, but when I woke up, I found that I slept in the bed. "
My eyes flashed and then I said, "How did I get to bed? I don’t know when I woke up, but I’m no longer in the dormitory."
Ha ha! Liu Xing was shocked for a long time and didn’t come back during the meeting.
"There are no other students in their dormitory?"
"No," Qiao Yun shook his head. "Just him."
Liu Xing’s cheek gang patted him in pain and said, "Is it possible that he also came to borrow bathroom 56, so no one was there, and then you were both trapped there?"

When I heard Xiao Dongdong’s talk, everyone was patting their chests and saying "K is no problem"

But there are also people who don’t understand.
"But I said that Xiao Dong was robbed of your horse. Why don’t you take it back in real life?"
"It shouldn’t have much effect just to win others from the game?"
When he heard these words, Xiao was black and blue, and his mother’s eggs were black and blue. If he could find a game in real life, he would naturally not find a game in the game! Isn’t it because we can’t find a way back in reality?
Thought of here, Xiao knocked in my mind and couldn’t help but see Fang Xiang, a thin little body with three fists and two feet, beating his four minions and suddenly shuddering.
"Let’s not talk about this yet. Let’s get rid of them first. I’ll give you benefits later."
Here Xiao Dong Dong "hey hey" smiled, and those people in the dir team also knew what Xiao Dong Dong said about welfare, all of which revealed an inscrutable smile.
Everyone’s expression is very relaxed. Although their opponent is an elite team of fantastic dreamers, after all, they are level 9 and others are level 69. For them, a level 69 team is not too much pressure.
After all, the cultivation and skills alone are enough for the dreamer team to eat.
It is also a small talk that both sides have entered the competition venue.
And this time
Netease live broadcast platform
As soon as Jia Ling received Fang Xiang’s message, he couldn’t wait to turn on the live broadcast!
The Indian side wants to say that they want a strong dir team in the Jingwu God of gank Brave Group.
Although I wonder why Fang wants them to fight with others’ level 9, Jia Ling still believes that Fang wants to win and soon opens the live broadcast and promotes a wave of advertisements.
The advertising title is also simple-
"Dream Team gank Brave dir Team"
Now the team of dreamers in the dream world is already a very good sign to attract gold. The foundation is not even Jia Ling. Besides, in a flash, there are seven or ten thousand dream friends pouring into the live broadcast of Jia Ling.
Everyone is also curious about the promotion advertisement of Jia Ling.
Isn’t the Dreamer Team Class 69? What are you going to fight with someone at level 9? Isn’t this a lot of bad things? Can you win?
Chapter three hundred and four Accused in succession
Can you win?
This problem is not just in the Jia Ling live broadcast. At this moment, these seven or ten thousand dream friends are wandering in their hearts
Similarly, in the fantasy westward journey club of Fudan University, the magic capital
Watching dozens of students also think about this problem.
From the perspective of array, there is no chance for the dreamer team to win. After all, although the hardware on the opposite side is not as good as theirs, it is higher than their 20-level hard conditions, that is, martial arts skills and cultivation, which are better than many of them. The advantage of the dreamer team will be weakened.
There is no advantage!
After all, even if the attributes cancel out, the attributes of the dir team panel will not be much lower than that of the Dreamer team, but people have high skills! Practice high! This combination puts the dreamer team at a disadvantage.
At this time, including those who are watching the dream friends around, they can also pin their hopes on the body.
Entrust this dreamer F who has repeatedly brought surprises to everyone!
And the game is so tense and full of atmosphere-
With the dir team pressing the keyboard al+a shortcut key, the pk interface appears on the front screen of both sides!
The dreamer team is still the old team.
Fang Xiang’s heart is tired of the love of the square inch mountain and the water palace. Han Xuanxuan, the Tang Dynasty official and the Guangguang Devil’s Village, three outputs and two seals.
On the other side of the dir team, there is also a three-output and two-seal array-
Daughter village, Fangcun Mountain, Lingbo City, and the Tang government of Lingbo City.
It can be said that both arrays are very fierce output arrays, and the power they can cause is not to be underestimated because dir is, after all, a level 9 brave community.
It is very likely that they will hit the dreamer team and the output data will be even more powerful than the three-level output of the dreamer team!
Because Fang wants to wait for people, there are not many people behind him, and then he can’t see the brain screen. There are also several students watching behind him.
Looking at the dreamer team there surrounded by so many people, but their own side is miserable, and only a few people came over because they couldn’t see the brain screen on the other side. When Xiao knocked, he turned purple with anger.
In my heart, I also secretly said, wait for me and see if you can be arrogant after this game.
It was also at this time that Fang wanted to be concise and gave the first round of command, because it was not the first time for everyone to fight side by side, so many things were too specific, and Han Xuanxuan and others wanted to fuck and summon animals to carry the order, and all the dreamers’ teams had been arranged, which gave people a feeling of doing it at one go, both from the point of view of exercise and from one aspect.
This also makes Fudan University students secretly nod behind several people. This is the difference between top teams and amateur teams!
Just look at the opposite commander Xiao drumming, and then ask a few questions. You can see that the two are not at the same level. If it is not Xiao drumming, they are level 9 brave fighters, then there is no suspense in this game.
Live from Jia Ling
At the moment, more than 100,000 dream friends are presented in the live broadcast, and the picture of the game in front of them is also clearer than that.
"The first shot in the first round is daughter village from the dir team of the 9 th level brave world."
Say this sentence when Jia Ling also some nai, she also hopes that the dreamer team can grab a speed, but it is really difficult from the eye situation. After all, the difference between the two is 2 levels. This level 2 is only the attribute point plus agility, which is also a little agile, and Xiao Dongdong is also a big light team. How can you give the speed to the dreamer team?
This battle is not easy to fight …
In the first round of the game, dir team daughter village directly sealed the concept of "Five Zhuang" that made love tired, and made love tired by using mental methods to make spells and physical attacks.
Seal hit!
Dir team qq group suddenly rang with cheers.
In their eyes, this is a good start, and pk will always have more and more advantages like snowballing.
The second action unit in the field is the dreamer team Ruoshui.
Although he is a speed, it is really good to be able to keep the second shot in front of the level 9 brave team.
It is also at this time that if the water chooses the opposite No.3 position according to the party’s command, the Datang government will take a wave of bait hides the hook.
After this wave of bait hides the hook, the face of the dir team opposite Datang government was covered with a layer of haze.
Because his previous exercise was a bloody attack!
And this wave of bait hides the hook directly makes his sp anger value almost drop to point, which means he has no chance to make a move this round.
The third place in the field is the dir team Fang Cunshan.
He chose to give Han Xuanxuan a wave of hypnotics.
Hypnosis successfully hit Han Xuanxuan!
Their eyes may be tired of love, but Han Xuanxuan has to guard against it. After all, Han Xuanxuan has a louder identity besides a member of the dreamer team, which also makes them quite afraid.
Old urk main players!
Looking at the dream old urk main players, there are only a few people. Although Han Xuanxuan is playing a trumpet now, but he has such a criminal record, he has to be taken seriously. The output of the dir team also knows that Han Xuanxuan’s injury may be higher than that of several of them. That is not necessarily true. After all, although their dreamer team is 2 levels apart, the hardware is still a serious injury.
Also see Han Xuanxuan hypnotized by his opponent. Many students around him sighed.
They all know that Fang wants their level 69 to be sealed with Xiao Dongdong’s level 9, which is definitely the only way to get the advantage without taking advantage, then there is an output surface to play an advantage!
And the tired heart of love and Han Xuanxuan have been accused one after another, which also makes everyone around us have a slight drooping head.
It’s really hard to fight if it’s not easy to fight!
It was when I saw Han Xuanxuan and Ai’s tired heart being accused one after another that I thought about it but didn’t have much reaction.
Because at this time, the dreamer f he controlled made a move …
Chapter three hundred and fifty Already dead
"Clear water?"
"The water is clear!"

Farrug raised his head and looked at Dick in front of him. Dick didn’t know what to do at the moment.

"What kind of warlords do I need to hand in?" Farrug asked carefully.
"warlords? What the hell is that? "
Dick opened his eyes wide.
The least academic among the four attendants of Elus, this fellow, except for a commendable force, has achieved terrible results in other cultural classes.
"Dick, it’s your turn."
Dylan interrupted Dick and continued to make a fool of himself.
He glanced at his eyes. Ruger shivered at the blade-like gaze of farrug. Only then did he hear Dylan say, "We are not a pirate temple, and we don’t need a head to decorate his sofa. We should honestly offer your loyalty … that’s enough.
Loyalty is the only valuable thing for you. If you don’t even have this value, I don’t want to see this kind of thing. "
Cold language stuck to him like ice.
Wearing a pair of swimming trunks, farrug felt cold and his bones were freezing.
"Blue blue! !”
Just then, the worm sounded.
"The temple is Wolik’s adult." Fran came up with a bug.
Al uz picked up the receiver.
Before he could open his mouth to greet him, the worm made a loud deafening sound.
"hey! Al is grandpa! "
"….. grandpa this greeting you still play with sal, Aadilah! I am twenty years old, not a child! " Alves is very eager to make another application, although he knows that this kind of complaint is doomed. Nothing is doomed once.
"Ha ha ha! ! !”
The hearty laughter shocked Alves to stretch out his tail finger and scratch his ears.
"Al, when will you bring Sal and Adela to play on the red soil mainland? I haven’t hugged Aadilah for two years. She is four years old this year. If it weren’t for the world government’s mess here, I wouldn’t want to do it long ago. How nice it would be to go home and hug my granddaughter. "
Baba Baba complained endlessly, which was mixed with a lot of regrets that she could not witness the growth of her little granddaughter.
"All right, that’s enough for the family talk. Al has something to tell you."
"business? What business? "
Dizzy straight nap Al Usfran handed me a cold towel and wiped her face to cheer up and asked.
"Someone in the navy will investigate your information again."
"What kind of business is this?" It’s not unusual for a navy uncle to investigate a person’s intelligence root after he speaks Arabic, okay?
"It’s Vergo, director of the New World G5 branch base [Ghost Bamboo]. You said before that this guy is not a good person. I carefully checked and found that your information was from the private bank of Vergo. The admiralty there launched a routine intelligence for you, so I simply sent your information directly to Vergo to scare that guy."
Alves has a headache.
Since his abdication, his grandfather has a tendency to let himself go, and he always does some amazing things, such as marrying a new wife who is younger than Alves.
But is that guy Vergo Jker investigating himself?
"Grandpa, you won’t shake me, will you?"
"Your photo, phone number and height and weight two years ago have been sent. Speaking of which, have you grown up recently? I see the photos sent by Bertha. You seem to have grown taller again? Oh, no, that’s beside the point. What was I going to say? By the way, you’d better not mess with Franco when you go to Dresderosa this time. That guy turned out to be Celestial Dragons. "
At the end of the day, the old man hung Liang’s voice until Alves pricked up his ears.
"This is always the case. Be careful yourself! By the way, do you want to have a word with your grandmother … "
Alves hung up the receiver in lightning speed.
He is not ready to face the terrible fact that his grandmother is two years younger than himself.
"Blue Blue!"
Just hang up the phone for less than two seconds, and the bug barked again.
Sorry, I’m not interested.
The worm is barking.
I have never seen a strange number
"Strange number … what a surprise!" Elus blinked, and the worm is a biological waveguide medium, and each worm has its own unique wave, which means that each worm is unique.
And there is no developed network in this world to disclose and sell personal information. If there is no channel to start with accurate information base, it is impossible for a stranger to suddenly call in and say that someone has an idle egg pain or other pains and randomly dials the number to play. It is better to just ignore the small probability that he has accidentally drawn the number of Elus.
This is someone who wants to establish contact with him
"It can’t be ….."
Alves remembered what his grandfather said just now. Vergo … It should be said that jker was investigating his intelligence, and his grandfather cooperated with him to send some urgent information, including one of his many voice mail numbers.
He reached for the receiver.
"This is Socaci O ‘Elus. Who’s calling, please?" Al uz leaned against the sofa microphone near his mouth and asked in a very airy and casual tone.
"Moo moo moo! !”
A maverick laugh was caught by the worm.
Sure enough!
Elus rolled his eyes and it was really jker.
When the laughter ended, there was a normal tone to say, "King Elus, it’s jker!" Sitting by the swimming pool of the palace, Franco introduced himself straight to the point. This is very interesting to introduce himself.
Duo Franco has many titles. He is the king of Dresderosa and the king of Qiwuhai, but he didn’t say these two official identities. Instead, he took out the name of the intermediary in the dark world and greeted Erus.
This is worth pondering.
Elus smacked the name.
"What can I do for the agent of the dark world to find me a little king?" He always talks nonsense with his eyes open. Although he doesn’t know what Franco is, it is expected that he will have a dispute with Umit.
Sitting by the pool, Franco smiled happily.
"King Erus, I’m not going to talk about time and waves. I’ll contact you with a simple purpose. Umit has arrived in Dresderosa. I have information about Umit and his side. If you are interested, we can make a deal."
Franco is not slow at all. Although he is used to being an intermediary, he is also in control of the new world arms business. The dark giant has never let go of his ability to do business directly with people.
"Ubuntu intelligence? Jker, are you going to break with Umit? "

Jumping out, the little animals were looking around excitedly, but they didn’t see the one without arms and legs. Even the three heads of the python grew a few days ago.

Or hear them chattering.
"This is the person? How strange. "
"Hum people are much more interesting than Asgard. You’ll see."
"Mastiff, is it true that you say that human food is ten thousand times more delicious than fairy rice?"
Xiao Yanwen threw a sharp-eyed knife at a big dog.
The big dog proudly shook his glossy fur. "Of course I have eaten it many times!" "
"Hey," Xiao Yan said coldly, "You’re not looking for an excuse to come and play, are you?"
A touch of hongxia appeared in the body of the cloud whale. "How, how is it possible?"
Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Well, in that case, I’ll go now. You don’t have to stay here and go back to Asgard."
Say and Xiao Yan lifts his feet to go. A squirrel grabs his trouser leg.
"Murray is very unstable now!"
"Yes, like a bomb, dangerous!"
"You must be in danger if you go!"
They just stopped Xiao Yan from letting him go.
The cloud whale coughed lightly for two times, and it was suggested that he should come to Lingshan. The monster beast in the fairy palace was almost immortal by the side of the fairy statue, until it was enlightened at that moment.
In order to maintain the balance of the three realms, they can’t return to the demon world at will, but Lingshan is a special place where people, ghosts and demons can come here.
The cloud whale has lived in Fairy Palace for 3,000 years. There are 1,326 bricks in Fairy Palace, none of which are cracked. He has counted each one several times, and he is tired of it.
He softened his tone. "We are all monsters, and we are stronger than most of your employees. There is nothing wrong with us, right?"
It was an excuse to play! Xiao Yan didn’t fight. From their faces, the two rabbits would coquetry and immediately put their hind feet on the ground and their front paws together and made a pleading gesture.
"Won’t the immortal punish me if he finds out?" Xiao Yan asked
"Immortals don’t care about these things."
"It’s okay if we want to operate in Lingshan jurisdiction."
"He was too busy to talk to us."
After rest assured, Xiao Yan dragged his long voice and said, "Well, since you insist on staying in Lingshan, do you want to listen to my arrangement?"
The animals said "Good!"
"You can’t refuse anything I ask you to do, just listen to me like my employees or I’ll send you back to Xiangongbai?"
"But I have to find a way to control you. I can’t beat one of you if I start fighting," Xiao Yan said.
"This is easy!" The cloud whale flicks its tail. "You can see that the edge can be strengthened after practicing martial arts."
It was not until he woke Xiao Yan that he remembered his special function for so long that he almost forgot it.
He immediately took the "edge" of the wrist red line and caught his eye.
To Xiao Yan’s surprise, he has a deep relationship with these animals.
More than twenty pieces of red silk are connected to each other and fluctuate with their slight movements.
The monsters are chattering in a ball.
"How about it?"
"What is fate?"
"I don’t know"
"Can we stay?"
The cloud whale asked eagerly, "Are we predestined?"
Red silk with a width of one meter is wrapped around the fin of a cloud whale at one end and around Xiao Yan’s wrist at the other end. According to Xiao Yan’s experience, this is fate when he is with a master from birth to natural death.
Xiao Yan’s mouth was raised and quickly pressed to "generally neither too deep nor too shallow"
The cloud whale shook its tail a little unhappy. "If you want to hit the edge near you, we will drive you away!" "
"True or false?"
"Of course, this is actually called’ debt’. After we hit it, we will owe you debt, and we will follow your heart!"
Xiao Yan feels novel. It is not obvious to make two changes in succession. Only by careful observation can you find that the red at one end is lighter and the red at the other end is thicker and has a one-way feeling of giving.
Monsters say that this kind of fighting can be a temporary’ debt’ that won’t last long. Xiao Yan relieved to fight more than 20 times.
Temporary control, but he doesn’t want to become a creditor for no reason.
"All right," Xiao Yan said, "Now you all owe me. Be obedient."
"Go to Mephistopheles first. I have work to do. I’ll arrange for you later."
The animals jumped back to the fog whale body with howls, and there was a lot of discussion when they left.
"No, we agreed to come here for a holiday. How could he drive slaves?"
"We are not slaves. We owe him money."
"But we don’t owe him."
"I owe it now."
"Is he calculating how we feel trapped?"
"sly human!"
Xiao Yan … Nonsense.
You dug your own holes and jumped in.
Temporarily settled the animals, Xiao Yan continued to bury himself in designing the first draft of the winter field and handed it in once. The president also praised his creativity.
I heard that the other three people changed it five or six times, and Li Sangyin was still ill, and the progress was particularly slow, so the first draft has not been completed yet.
Putting on a heavy job, Xiao Yan feels that the pressure is much reduced, and the floating island on the other side is also in full swing, which will be completed in a short time.
Xiao Yan was at leisure and began to consider the placement of this batch of monster beasts.

This really annoys Brooke Rodney.

The key is other negative news about Zhang man of iron. He couldn’t find the information after he searched carefully. When paparazzi followed him, he found that Zhang Tiehan’s life was boring every day. He didn’t look like a big-name star at all, but like a coolie. He had nothing but football and rest every day.
What a professional player with integrity!
He had to praise in his heart.
But Brooke Rodney didn’t have much affection for Zhang man of iron because of this. He continued to dig up his negative news. Now is an opportunity for Zhang Tiehan to transfer? If we get to the middle of it, it must be big news and Liverpool fans will be extremely disappointed with him!
Brooke Rodney thinks so.
So he did the same.
There are two Real Madrid and Chelsea in the club linked with Zhang Tiehan, which is like the media commenting on Real Madrid. It is more likely that Chelsea is unlikely, and so is Brooke Rodney. He first went to Madrid and interviewed several small directors of the Madrid press officer. They all said that the club did open a transfer for Zhang man of iron, but the offer was not disclosed.
These messages are meaningless.
Even if you know the offer, it doesn’t make sense. Brooke Rodney prefers to know whether Real Madrid has had personal contact with Zhang man of iron, but in fact, Real Madrid has just made an offer. How can it have personal contact with Zhang man of iron? The transfer has just begun.
Brooke Rodney returned to England disappointed.
He went to London.
It is also difficult to find some news at Chelsea Football Club. Mourinho will never say anything big about Zhang man of iron’s transfer to Portugal, let alone talk about it, just as he doesn’t know that the team has started negotiations with Liverpool for Zhang Tiehan.
Brooke Rodney can’t get any news either.
He failed in his journey.
But just when he was wandering around the streets of London and felt very helpful, the turning point came. He glanced at an old man with a cap. The old man in a gray coat was very inconspicuous on the streets of London, but when he looked back, he felt that face had been seen somewhere.
In a flash, it was Moratti!
"Inter Milan President Moratti? How is that possible? How could he be in London? What is he doing here? "
Brooke Rodney was surprised that curiosity made him follow the past to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and eleven Smooth resistance
Chelsea and Liverpool will never be able to jump out of man of iron’s transfer negotiations with man of iron. It is impossible to reach a deal between the two clubs without Zhang Tiehan’s unwillingness to sign the transfer contract.
Liverpool Football Club informed Zhang Tiehan at the beginning of the transfer negotiations.
Even in Liverpool Club, few people know about it. Zhang Tiehan was quite surprised when he heard that Liverpool Club actually started his transfer negotiations. Frankly speaking, he didn’t want to leave Liverpool in the summer or he didn’t think about it.
Leave Liverpool?
The season is not yet!
Besides, he has never been unhappy here. Everything is fine. Is there any reason to leave?
He hesitated.
Chelsea CEO Kenyon came to see Zhang Tiehan the first time. Zhang man of iron was told by Kenyon as soon as he learned the news. Generally speaking, Chelsea Football Club thinks highly of Zhang man of iron, and Mr. Abramovich hopes that Zhang man of iron can move to Chelsea. How much contract will Chelsea prepare for him?
Well, the other Zhang Tiehan didn’t listen very much. The left ear listened to the right ear, and Zhang Tiehan listened carefully.
"But what about Mourinho? I won’t go to his team. "Zhang Tiehan shrugged.
"He will leave."
Kenyon said bluntly, "but I hope you can keep it a secret. It is also a secret in Chelsea. Mr. Chairman and I Mourinho know it."
Zhang Tiehan suddenly realized that he felt a little incredible. "Will he leave?"
Zhang Tiehan really hesitated to get a positive answer from Kenyon. At first, he felt that he had no reason to leave Liverpool and that Chelsea was definitely not his choice. It was like the media saying that if he left Liverpool, he might as well choose Real Madrid, which was his idea. Those media speculated very accurately.
Mourinho has no objection to going to Chelsea if he leaves Chelsea.
He really hesitated.
More importantly, Liverpool Football Club offered to sell him, otherwise he would not have chosen to leave.
The club sells itself and disagrees?
Zhang Tiehan never thought about it, but he knew that even if he continued to stay in Liverpool, he would not get a good treatment. If he wanted a raise, Liverpool Club was determined to sell him, and he could not take the initiative to ask to stay.
He is too proud to allow that.
So you have to leave?
It’s good to think about Chelsea. He still has a good sense of Chelsea President Abramovich. Although the media said that he was a Russian local tyrant, Abramovich has been wanting him for two years. This is a real club owner. The richest man in the world believes in himself. He can’t have any bad feelings towards Abramovich.
But just leave?
Zhang Tiehan still can’t make a decisive decision. After all, this matter involves too many problems.
Just as many media were talking about Zhang man of iron’s transfer, the Premier League ushered in the 34 th round. The Liverpool opponent was Bolton.
Liverpool welcome Bolton challenge at Anfield Stadium.
Bolton did well in the season, and at the end of the season, they ranked first in the league after Newcastle in points. This seems to be a good result for Bolton, but in fact, Bolton ranked sixth in the league in the season, and they reached the UEFA Cup here, and Bolton also ranked first in the league last season. This team has been leading the team in Alades for nearly three seasons, and their unchanging football has always caused trouble to many teams.

In the Fu family, a person can also have scruples about beating Fu Chen, that is, she is superior to others.

Rao is Xiao You’s unrestrained personality. That embarrassing thing happened just now is also a point for her.
Xiao You is a girl after all, and the little girl’s character is revealed at this time.
A blush on the face reflects the perfect face.
The charming expression of sunshine makes the male animals present feel overwhelmed at once.
At this time, Xiao You also knows that Fu Chen did this contemptuous thing because the horse wanted to break through, but is this a reason why the great light can shirk into the wrong toilet?
If you want to break through and get promoted, how can you practice in the toilet? I’m afraid Wan Empire can’t find a second person like this.
No matter what you did, Fu Chen committed an unforgivable and heinous crime.
Fu Chen is a bastard scum. Xiao You really wants to kill Fu Chen at the moment, and it is not enough to vent his anger.
Xiao You growled and angrily resisted in his heart, but more importantly.
In fact, Fu Haotian and Fu Junzhan have already guessed that the people in the toilet are Xiaoyou, and she can beat and scold Fu Chen at will in the Fu family.
The bottom of my heart also secretly Fu Chen pinched a cold sweat.
They can imagine how angry Xiao You was when Fu Chen entered the ladies’ room.
Say it’s from anger.
You know, Xiao You is really hard. She punched the stone with one punch.
And Fu Chen at this time to repair the sixth-order Qi Xiaoyou gap is not a general difference of four levels.
If Fu Chen really has a problem, what can they do to Xiaoyou? The background of Xiaoyou is even more frightening.
Besides, it’s all about yourself, this precious grandson. Can you blame the victims?
Fu Chen is lucky to be alive now that he can attack Xiao You with anger to the extreme.
However, Fu Haotian and Fu Junzhan won’t feel bad for Fu Chen. This is his blame and destruction. The bottom of their hearts is also unfair for Xiao You.
We must teach this little rabbit a good lesson after he breaks through.
That’s Xiao You, Xiao You. Don’t you dare to provoke you? Are you tired of your long life?
Fu Chen, do you know that your grandfather and your father are afraid to offend this goddess at a distance? They are all coaxing and petting, but you are good. You have not offended this goddess, and you have completely upset her. At this time, there is no room for negotiation.
Do you know what you are about to face?
It’s not that I don’t want to intercede for you as an elder, but can we pull this old face to intercede for you?
Maybe it’s all Chen Er’s fault. He broke in while you were in the bathroom.
Can you say that?
Do you know what it is to offend the goddess field? It’s light and serious, but it’s short of arms and broken legs.
And I, your father, can turn a blind eye
Chen Er, don’t blame your grandfather for being cruel. Everything is caused by you. In fact, you are a grandfather. I hope you are here, and I don’t want you to suffer, but it’s also a hardship for you to want Grandpa Bai.
If you were any other woman, don’t say that you broke into her toilet or into her bed. I will also protect you and keep you safe throughout the journey.
But only Xiao You can’t.