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"It’s not research two, it’s array leveling."

Song Tian?’
Zhu Fujingguang’s eyes showed surprise. What can Song Tian do?
"What happened to him?"
"He was transferred from the explosion/break/place to the search section 1 and 3, and I don’t know why."
Best original zhuo will cover your eyes and open your eyes. Isn’t it really a sudden idea that there is no other conspiracy mixed in it?
But will there be such a good thing?
I always feel that he can’t believe it.
"Lesson Three That’s not …"
"Ah, yes."
Best original Zhuo also should hurry to urge him after a while. He doesn’t want to talk about this matter with Zhu Jingguang again. "Come on, watch it quickly."
Zhufujingguang took a glance and then took back the line of sight and turned up the document.
Wait until the more you see your brow puckering, the worse it will be.
Lu Yuan Zhuo also opened his eyes to see his every move.
Seeing his gloomy imaginary reaction in such a tight frown, he was still curious about his answer.
"Zhu Fu, if you are still a policeman now, what are you going to do if you know such a person?"
Zhufujingguang pursed his mouth and didn’t speak.
What does he do?
What can he do?
If he is really a policeman now, he won’t have to do anything by himself when such things will be exposed to him.
His status doomed him to do nothing.
Or you don’t know such a thing for a generation.
He dropped his cell phone and handed it to him. "Do you have any plans?"
Maehara Zhuo also frowned slightly. "Are you so simple?"
Zhu Jingguang looked calm. "Anyway, he has already been a foregone conclusion, so he will be killed."
"is there any other way for him to live?"
"Well, that’s true."
Ruhara Zhuo also nodded and said, "We’re going to disguise his death as someone else’s, and we can’t do anything with the organization."
Benefit others?
Zhu Fujingguang immediately became alert. "Who is the man you let tequila kidnap?"
He knew that Maehara Zhuo immediately explained to him that "not worrying about it is also a dirty thing. It is still a good thing to send people to prison."
"He is the most suitable person besides that man’s wife."
Zhu Fujing’s eyebrows are still frowning with reason and telling him that this is indeed the most appropriate means.
"So I just help you Yi and kill him?"
Best of the original zhuo also gently’ well’ a "now is going to"
"But how to get out after going in will also be a troublesome problem. Their security force is not weak and they need to plan well."
He’s not indestructible, and he can’t be killed. If he doesn’t have a plan, he may die there directly.
Luck is really terrible for yourself.
At this time, Zhu Jingguang asked, "Are there any plans for tonight?"
"No, the matter has been handed over to tequila."
"So I’m all right?"

"I, Li Xuandao, have no offense."

Li Xuandao sighed until most of the negotiations had broken. He couldn’t help but raise his head to meet Xu’s eyes without flinching. "But I, Li Xuandao, have a bloody feud. How can I consider these children being immersed in love?"
"In that case, have you thought about this when you and my daughter double-studied?"
Xu coldly smiled and said, "Li Xuandao, I don’t want to hear your explanation. Let me ask you, will you marry Xu Ruoyin or not?"
Chapter 94 Ten Hell!
Chapter 94 Ten Hell!
Terror to the extreme coercion spread to even can’t bear a burst of crisp detonation!
Li Xuandao felt pressure for the first time, but he met the sharp eyes of the ghost ancestor Xu. "Of course I will marry Xu Reyin, but not now. I will definitely pay photogenic attention to marry Xu Reyin and never lose your ghost ancestor Xu’s face."
"Father" listened to Li Xuandao’s sincere tone, and Xu Reyin was satisfied.
But before she could continue to talk about ghosts, Zuxu waved his hand and said, "Avenge?" Hum! Li Xuandao, I don’t know who your enemy is, but you haven’t been able to take revenge in reality. Obviously, the strength of the other side is absolutely good. My daughter is in her prime and you took away her body. How long are you going to keep her waiting? Ten years, a hundred years or a thousand years? Do you want my daughter to wait for your generation? "
"Ten years!"
Before Xu Yin fell, Li Xuandao suddenly clenched his teeth as if he had made a great determination. "I will avenge myself and come back to marry Xu Reyin in ten years."
"Ten years?"
Ghost ancestor Xu laughed coldly. "How can I trust you with Li Xuandao?"
"A man’s word is a promise, but it’s hard to remember."
Li Xuandao’s deep breath sound is full of questionable tone. "I have never lived up to my words in Li Xuandao’s life. If I come back to marry Xu Reyin in ten years, I will cut my head to find a ghost ancestor to plead guilty."
"That’s enough!"
Root before the ghost ZuXu promised Xu Reyin a cold drink and flushed excitedly. "Father, don’t force Li Xuandao any more. I know he has his own difficulties. I have satisfied him with marrying me."
"Silly daughter, how can you be so rash about the marriage?"
Xu reprimanded angrily to a slow tone and said, "Father did it all because of you. Have you forgotten how your third sister died?"
Hearing this, Xu Re was shocked.
Xu Tianyin, the third daughter of Ghost Zuxu, is not only as beautiful as flowers and beautiful as jade, but also gifted and powerful. She is also proficient in all kinds of temperament and Taoism and is praised as the first talented woman in the capital.
She had high hopes from the ghost ancestor Xu, but she had been waiting for nearly a hundred years because of trusting a man’s rhetoric, until she finally learned that she was charming and looking for another woman, and she had already forgotten her.
So ashamed and angry, Xu Tianyin swallowed his anger and committed suicide.
"Li Xuandao’s marriage is not a joke. Although I believe that my daughter will not see the wrong person, I still say that. How can I believe that your promises are true?"
See Xu Reyin face complex expression ghost ancestor Xu a slight sigh.
"You don’t believe me?" Li Xuandao flew into a rage and the emperor’s promise was as heavy as a thousand pounds.
He told Xu Ruoyin that he had promised to express his great importance for three times in a row, something that had never happened since ancient times.
But even so, the ghost ancestor Xu still has doubts about himself.
If he had drawn his sword and killed the ghost ancestor Xu to defend his prestige, but now he knows that it is not Xu’s opponent who can hold back his anger and say, "What do you want me to do?"
"Very simple"
Ghost ancestor Xu reveals a strange smile at the corner of his mouth. "The stronger the strength, the more the practitioner pays attention to the promise. Because they violate the promise, they will make the Taoist heart defective and find it difficult to enter Li Xuandao. I want you to prove that you are strong. I choose to believe you."
"Isn’t it enough to prove my strength that I have killed the criminal evil?" Li Xuandao asks.
"Of course not."
The ghost ancestor Xu disdained to say with smile, "Although the criminal evil got Pan Wucheng, it has never experienced life and death fighting. It will always be a greenhouse flower. Only when you go through Qian Shan’s thousands of waters can you become a master."
"Don’t beat around the bush. Why don’t you just say what you want?" Li Xuandao was impatient.
"so refreshing"
Xu Zu, the ghost ancestor, pointed to the east with a deep eye and said, "It is well known in Li Xuandao that I have been guarding the capital of Tandu in order to suppress the ten levels of hell, which is my first cage in the underworld. If you can break through the ten levels of hell, I will believe your strength and commitment. I wonder if you dare to promise?"
Ten levels of hell
Hearing this word, Li Xuandao was shocked.
This is a dungeon built by the underworld to suppress all kinds of evil spirits and ghosts in the underworld, and there is no lack of power like the ghost ancestor Xu.
This is the first dangerous place in the underworld. Is it so easy to break into?
Before Li Xuandao could answer Xu Ruoyin, Gen screamed, plop, kneel before Xu and begged, "Father, I beg you, don’t force Li Xuandao to go to ten levels of hell. If he steps into ten levels of hell, there will be a dead father. Do you want me to be widowed?"
Ghost ancestor Xu sneered at a cold mans flashing, "Even if you are widowed, I can’t make Xu Tianyin happen again. My ghost ancestor Xu is also a great guardian of the underworld. If Li Xuandao abandons you again, will you be dignified?"
Xu Ruoyin suddenly raised his head and looked sad. "Isn’t my happiness your prestige?"
"Of course not"
Ghost ancestor Xu’s face is cold and merciless. "Whoever dares to offend my majesty must die!"
Said the ghost progenitor Xu intentionally left Li Xuandao a golden eyes.
"That’s enough!"
Li Xuandao finally couldn’t help it. Before pulling Xu Reyin up, he said coldly, "Isn’t it ten levels of hell? I agreed."
"Li Xuandao can’t" Xu Reyin exclaimed that she wanted to say something but was covered by Li Xuandao.
"Xu Reyin, don’t worry, isn’t it ten levels of hell? I don’t care about Li Xuandao."
Li Xuandao’s face was sincere and he said slowly, "Since Ghost Zu wants me to act to prove my feelings for you, is Li Xuandao afraid to do so?"
Ghost ancestor Xu clapped his hands and laughed unabashedly. "Li Xuandao, it’s really impressive that you can say this grandiloquence, but the tenth floor of hell is my first place in the underworld. Don’t regret it when you get to the tenth floor of hell."
Chapter 941 The underworld is thin in life and death!
Chapter 941 The underworld is thin in life and death!
An hour later, Li Xuandao ghost Zuxu personally escorted him to a very steep cliff.
This is a bottomless abyss, which exudes something ghostly. From time to time, bursts of evil winds rise, carrying pervasive cold and madness. Even Li Xuandao’s body can’t help but make a cold war.
This is the entrance to the tenth floor of hell
The ten levels of hell is a dungeon where the great magical powers of the nether world run through the land of Nine Deep Places, where poverty, hardship, hardship and underground suffocation are merged. This dungeon is indistinctly integrated with the whole land of Nine Deep Places and is unbreakable.
However, all evil spirits who have been beaten into the ten levels of hell will never be reborn, and hell is full of all kinds of disasters and suffers all the time. The worse the disaster, the stronger the suffering.
There are many ghosts who commit suicide because they can’t bear the pain and suffering, and the underworld kills themselves, so the spectre field is extremely miserable.
At this moment, Li Xuandao’s cliff edge looks at the selection of people and eats the abyss heart to produce a throb.

Attack to the wind and push the snow. The cold light is urgent and fast. The wind and push the snow to lift the sword. At the same time, the sword in Qingfeng’s hand has been blocked by the enemy’s door!

In this confrontation, Qingfeng saw the attack on them, and they were the leaders of the poisoned coma meteor Sect!
The meteor Sect leader missed another stroke, and at the same time, the two men flashed a sharp murderous look on Wednesday! The other three sect leaders marched together from the side of Ling Fei to attack Fengcuixue and Qingfeng! !
Snow Sword can’t show people the wind and push the snow. There is a dagger in his hand that barely forces one of the leaders to fight, but he doesn’t have the spiritual strength to rely on his fists and fists. At one time, he was forced to run around by the leader, and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was much more difficult. He dealt with three directions and came to the leader!
All the leaders are the strongest sects, and their strength should not be underestimated. On the one hand, the three sects have to fight against each other, and on the other hand, they have to hide Tianyan Sect’s swordsmanship, which is also difficult to cope with at the moment.
The wind urged the snow to see that the heads of these shops were not controlled by people, and said, "A few Taoist friends! We’re here to save you! You hit us! "
One of the heads said sharply, "You killed so many heads and didn’t pay for it!"
With that, the four heads of the company are holding hands in order to attack the two men! Reiki method is like thunder, but the goal is not Qingfeng, but-the wind urges snow!
A zither but light ring Xuan Ming metamorphoses, drawn!
Like a thunderous thunder, these four masters joined forces to form a method and turned back!
Majestic aura instantaneous Xuan Ming sword center blast will blow out the four owners qi qi! Hit the outer wall!
At the moment when the four heads joined forces to rush toward the wind and snow, Qingfeng had figured out that several kinds of fruits would happen.
When they came to hide their identity, they put Xuan Ming and Ming Xuejian in the carry-on dry Kun bag, and what they took was an ordinary long sword. If this sword is used to block the sword, it will inevitably break, while the aftereffects of spiritual force will hurt the wind and push the snow.
If you don’t block the sword by its own spiritual force, then he will inevitably suffer from itself, but at the moment, the situation is not dark, and I don’t know how many enemies he can’t get hurt.
All Xuan Ming swords must be drawn.
But as soon as the sword came out of its sheath, Qingfeng regretted it
A head half knelt on the ground and looked at the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture sword "Xuan Ming sword … you are-"
Several flashes suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and a flurry of footsteps instantly surrounded the courtyard.
Tang Yufei, Tang Xun, Huo Xian, and monks from various sects are all here.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture suddenly realized that they had fallen into a game.
A ….. He and the wind urged the snow two people set up please enter the urn bureau.
"You are Xie Chen!"
The first reaction of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was guilty. He turned his head and looked at the wind and snow with a little panic and tension in his eyes.
Chapter 115 Chapter 115
When this statement came out, it was full of people.
Tribes with eyes from all directions are in the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and the wind is driving the snow.
You don’t have to look at it, but you know that the crowds are coming from all directions, blocking all the escape routes of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and snow rush.
"Xie Chen! Even if you change your name, so what! I can tell at a glance that this Xuan Ming sword in your hand belongs to Xie Chen! " Previously, the head of Meteor Sect, who attacked them, spit out a mouthful of blood and was helped up by his brother. He pointed at Qingfeng with one hand. "You and this person killed several heads in succession. Fortunately, when I woke up with the other three heads, I stopped them, which made everyone lucky!"
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture didn’t see the superfluous expression from the face of the wind urging snow, but it was very changeable. At this moment, they were in the office and had to think more. The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture quickly withdrew its line of sight, stood in front of the wind urging snow, and quickly whispered, "Trust me."
"It’s ridiculous for a sword to know people. Do you want to give me the identity of the former owner when you pick up the sword?" Qingfeng coldly denied his identity. "The murderer didn’t come here until we heard the noise, but you deliberately ambushed here. I’m afraid it wasn’t a’ accidental bump’ but a premeditated one!"
"Bihaige owners, the dean of the cat house, and the owner of Cangshan Sect of the Chen family in Taiyuan were killed! !” The sound of grief and indignation penetrated the courtyard. "Yunya Jun left his handwriting at the scene! Revenge on the heads! " As all the monks know, five years ago, during the First World War in Kunlun, the Taoist Daoist Tian Yan sent the leader, followed by Qixingmen and Bihaige.
"The whole don’t garden guard brother was killed, there are four of you broke into don’t garden, the murderer is not who you are! !” Some monks stand out from the crowd and accuse them.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture heart suddenly sank.
"no! Misunderstanding! We knocked out the guards and didn’t kill them! We are here to-"Fang gradually Hong and Duan Jiesheng were pushed and taken over. Fang gradually Hong was about to explain that he saw Tang Yufei shaking his head slightly at him.
He can’t explain now that he’s here to rescue the bosses. If he opens his mouth to explain, he will be discovered by everyone. This is because they and Tang Yufei have been colluding with each other for a long time. Things are going badly on their side. If he opens his mouth and speaks frankly, Tang Jia will be dragged into the water.
"Cut the crap and catch them first!"
"The head of Meteor Sect witnessed the two of them killing four heads … Since this person is Xie Chen, isn’t the man in white beside him Yunya Jun!"
"I heard that Mrs. Xie Chenyun Ya Jun Gou didn’t believe me earlier, but now it seems that the so-called leader of the right path in the past is nothing more than a thief in cahoots!" Meteor clan owners slow eyes rested on the snow body.
Watching the monks fry the pot, even so, one dares to go forward.
The solemn atmosphere was suddenly broken by a faint smile.
"Nonsense! If you don’t have proof, opening your mouth is turning black and white! Then if I say that you are Yunyajun, and you killed four heads, do you have any evidence to refute it? !”
In the previous step, the wind urged the snow, and the eyes of the eyebrows were all sharp.
Meteor Sect Leader "How could I-"
"If he is really YunYa gentleman and Xie Chen now that we have killed four owners, you can live to this day with you this group of waste? !” Those beautiful phoenix eyes are cold, head-up but condescending
Although this sentence is extremely insulting, it is not unreasonable.
After all, when Yunya Jun defected from Tianyan Sect, all the elders in the sect were out of the way, and none of them could stop the elders of the Six Peaks Sect of Yunya Jun Tianyan Sect.
This is also the reason why Tianyan Sect was able to sit firmly as the first sect in the repair world.
Suddenly, the crowd was escorted by soldiers with Huo Xian, and it seemed to be a common thing to say, "I think your body repair was that Kunlun was stabbed by Xie Chen’s sword, but it hasn’t healed yet … well! ! !”
Tang condemned a gag spell to hit Huo Xianshen, and by the way, he kicked the other side impatiently. "What’s the muddy water?" Your own suspicion has not been washed clearly! "
Huo Xianshi suffered such humiliation and stared angrily at Tang task.
But it was too late, and everyone’s attention was focused on the snow. At first, everyone was too nervous, and Yunya Jun Yuwei was still there. No one thought about exploring the snow. As Huo Xian woke up today, everyone’s gods fell on the snow. Only then did he realize that this person was aura!
But this seems to be common sense. After all, it is obvious to all that Yunya Jun was killed in Kunlun by Xie Chen’s sword. It is natural that Yunya Jun was so seriously injured and damaged, whether it was suspended animation or some evil heretical means … but I didn’t expect Yunya Jun to be directly repaired! It really takes a lot of effort to protect the safety of a repairman if Xie Chen is besieged by such several owners.

Because it will also reduce their chances of surviving from the secret world.

And as everyone moves,
Liu Yuan finally saw what the Bi Meng clan relied on to become natural enemies of the dragons.
See Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale roaring-their golden hair began to be visible to the naked eye and quickly set up and turned red for a short time.
Their muscles also began to swell in the process.
In a short time, the original height of six or seven meters was actually raised to 15 meters in a short time.
This height may be higher than that of non-platinum creatures to display the body of the king.
But compared with ordinary creatures, this height is already very scary.
And Liu yuan can clearly perceive the strength of the two of them, and the amazing rise has taken place after this roar.
At this time, whether their muscle density or their bone strength has reached 3~4 times the original horror level.
Besides physical changes, what really changed Lu Yuan’s attitude towards Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale was their special red energy.
Bathing in red energy, they look very similar to Xiaojin’s state of going out to escape armor.
And this special reinforcement effect similar to door dun armour is the exclusive ability of Bi Meng clan-crazy violence.
[Crazy violence has a huge increase effect on the physical body through the extreme strengthening of the physical body.]
[Disadvantages: In the process of violent violence, the messenger himself will be hurt by violent violence and easily lose his mind in battle]
Although Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale have a lot of violent behavior.
But it is undeniable that after opening this talent, the strength of both of them has risen from the original gold nine planets and Huang Jinxing to the current platinum level.
On the other side, Sarah also didn’t leave a hand.
Accompanied by a melodious dragon rhyme, the shape of Salaron people began to change constantly, and finally the first fifteen-meter-long giant black dragon that Tam encountered was melted.
Although Sarah did not use the special powers left by the dark dragon Hogg at this time.
But even relying on this exhibition to reveal her strength has already made Sarah reach the platinum level.
See this Liu Yuan also nodded at Tam.
Tam immediately got the message, and his hands began to print.
The field expands … Fairy Miaomu Mountain!
Fairy magic, wonderful wood psychic!
Two-stage field … Fairy mode!
Soon, Tam’s body was full of magical powers, and he began to soar, eventually becoming a 2-meter-high monster.
Tam didn’t choose a bigger size, because it felt that if he was too big to deal with Bekele’s size in front of him, it would not be conducive to fighting.
After all, Bekele is not the wild aliens that Tam dealt with before.
Those wild aliens don’t even have the ability to hurt Tam
But at present, Bekele is obviously not.
If Tam changes his body shape too much, it means that he has to bear more Bekele attacks.
This is not a good thing for it.
In the face of everyone’s firepower, it is rare to open Bekele without intervention
It just calmly watched everyone show their strength.
After hovering for a moment, Sarah, the incarnation of the black scale dragon, roared "!"
Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Galveston immediately rushed towards Bekele when they heard this.
Amazing physical strength makes the two Bi Meng royalty have a great shock to the surrounding ground even when they run.
At this time, Tam was also not idle. After he showed his immortal mode, he suddenly put his hands on the ground.
A lot of silver hair spread along Tam’s arm to the palm of his hand.
And the color of these hairs soon changed from silvery white to red like magma.
Magic, Fire and Cliff Blade!
Several magma ejected from the ground.
And blew up in the direction of Bekele.
These magma are not ordinary fire spirits, but special magma mixed with magic.
The power is far beyond the general fire attribute skill.
Facing this, Tam released magic, fire and cliff blade.
Bekele immediately put his weapon in the ground.
Several vines rushed against Tam’s cliff edge, and two forces collided together soon.
The vines are covered with polluted holy light, which makes them as hard as metal
Even Tam’s magma, which contains magical power, is hard to do harm to these vines.
But when the aftermath of the explosion passed, three figures crossed the wall of fire and rushed to the front of Bekele.

An accident happened when 5,000 Tatars were not prepared to rush to the mountain ridge.

The top of the mountain ridge suddenly appeared lined with three thousand tiger and leopard cavalry
Crazy chase all the way to five thousand Dalai Qingzhuang has not yet reacted from the sudden surprise. Three thousand tiger and leopard fighters have swooped down on five thousand Dalai.
Soon, the sprint speed of 3,000 tiger and leopard fighters reached its peak.
Of course, the distance between the two armies has also dropped from more than 300 steps in the original mile to 150 steps in a short time.
At this time, 5,000 Dalai Qingzhuang finally reacted. In the roar of their respective leaders, they took up their horses and bows and arrows to prepare for riding and shooting.
At the same time, 3,000 fighters of the Tiger and Leopard Army also raised the short-tube flintlock with one hand to prepare for shooting.
150 steps, 100 steps and 10 steps.
These Tatars, who have never seen the power of the tiger and leopard army firing muskets, still fantasize about how to ride and shoot a large number of Chinese cavalry in front of them, and a bean-like gun suddenly hits their ears.
Followed by getting closer and closer to their tiger leopard army cavalry array leaps clouds of white smoke.
"It’s the musket that the Han cavalry is equipped with cavalry."
"But these Han people are too timid to shoot when the two armies are ten steps away. Do they think the muskets in their hands are really so powerful?"
Just when all kinds of sarcastic words sounded in the Tatars, a picture appeared that stunned all the Tatars.
Blocking the cavalry’s lead shot attack in front of you is like hitting an unstoppable iron wall, crashing down the road with people and horses.
Just behind these cavalry, the Tatar escaped from the ground and the dead body continued to charge forward with a full face of shock. When the tiger and leopard army fired the second round of lead bullets, they appeared in front of them.
"Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,
At this time, the last and third round of lead bullets came crashing.
After shooting this round of lead shot, 3,000 tigers and leopards fighters, regardless of the success of the muskets, directly put the muskets into the saddle and pull out a rod from the back. The infantry has given up throwing guns and shook hands tightly, and then the whole body has to lie on horseback as much as possible to prepare for throwing.
Tiger and leopard troops attacked the roots with three thousand lead bullets in three rounds, and they didn’t have a chance to prepare. Five thousand Dalai directly paid more than one thousand people heavy losses.
But the tartars are fierce, not to say it.
The death of comrades-in-arms and brothers in shock not only did not arouse panic in their hearts, but also aroused the most primitive beast in their hearts
There are more than 3,000 Tartars left, staring at a pair of red eyes as if they were crazy.
Raise your horse’s bow, bend your bow and take an arrow, staring at the distance getting closer and closer in front of you. The Tiger and Leopard Army is ready to avenge these Han Chinese brothers who died in a fatal blow.
Sixty steps, fifty steps and forty steps.
The cavalry’s fast charge inertia helps to hold a horse bow with a range of 30 paces, and the young and strong do not hesitate to shoot arrows that have been bowled.
At the same time, 3,000 tiger and leopard fighters also tried their best to throw a spear.
After that, just like training, I conveniently pulled out my horse’s back and threw another javelin at a flash speed, then suddenly pulled out my horse’s sabre and shook hands tightly. The blade leaned forward on the horse’s back to prepare for a close fight with Tatar.
Of course, the Tiger and Leopard Army threw a spear and left the string instantly, and more than 3,000 arrows roared towards them with a slight break.
But the next scene once again surprised Tatar.
Because the iron cavalry department of the Tiger and Leopard Army is equipped with armored armor and all the cavalry are on horseback for the first time after throwing their guns to reduce their attack surface by arrows.
The arrows from the Tatars can’t kill them from their backs unless they hit their heads.
More than 3,000 roaring arrows not only hit the cavalry’s head, but also hit the horse’s head with the weakest defense, causing less than 300 losses to the tiger and leopard’s 3,000 fighters.
The rest of the arrows were bounced off by the fighters of the Tiger and Leopard Army, or the horses were tied to their backs, which caused little damage to the horses.
However, compared with the arrows shot by the Tatars, 6,000 guns are fatal to the Tatars.
The power of whistling and throwing guns is absolutely comparable to that of arrow method.
Even though Tartars roared in leather armor and threw guns, they could still easily pierce their bodies and kill them.
More importantly, less than a third of the Tatars actually wear leather armor.
In this case, only in the first round, 3,000 guns were thrown, and 600 lives were taken away in the blink of an eye.
When the second round of 3,000 spears roared into the Tatars, a huge gap appeared directly in the dense Tatar army array.
Looking at the five thousand Tatar cavalry, there are less than two thousand five hundred left.
Before the start of the battle, it had an absolute military advantage of 5,000 Tatars. At this moment, there is no advantage at all. Not only that, it has been continuously attacked, but it has paid a huge price. The morale of Tatars has fallen to an unprecedented low.
However, in the face of the tiger and leopard army fighters who are close at hand, there are more than 2,000 sabres left in the tiger and leopard army, and more than 2,000 people can fight for their lives even if they are afraid.
Because of such a close situation, the charge speed has reached the extreme, and there is no way for them to retreat. Even if they still have a chance to retreat, after continuous pursuit, the horse has begun to get tired. If they retreat from the battle, they can be chased by the tiger and leopard army fighters all the way, but they can’t escape death.
"Rumble" is like thunder. Two fast charge cavalry crashed into each other.
Then the war horse screamed, the soldiers screamed and the sabre metal collided, just like a symphony, and the battlefield began to ring.


Whether or not to respond to the drum beat is as strong as knocking on your heart. The sense of rhythm makes people excited.
"Thousands of glasses of wine have been drunk.
Are not drunk.
Autumn wind and autumn rain
How much is wrong is in your mouth.
But I don’t feel a word.
Tears have been dried.
Look back again
Cantonese, damn it. What else is there that suluo won’t keep smiling? The boss suddenly burst into tears.
It’s even hotter. suluo is ranting and impassioned.
"The mountain is no longer rugged.
But the back is accompanied by your fatigue.
Sand is not afraid of the wind.
Will be condensed one day.
If I can stay again
Heavy metal musical instruments give people a strong sense of rhythm. suluo’s deep voice is super explosive, powerful, free and unrestrained and infectious.
When things change, the only thing we can do is to keep going forward. It’s never too late to persevere. Nothing can stop you. The brave will be afraid of winning one day.
None of the people who were crazy at the scene could sit still and sway.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Encore Encore
The owner of the years bar was very prescient, and soon the door of the years bar was crowded with people.
It’s not surprising that there are many music lovers and enthusiasts in the bar street. It can be said that it is a big group. If you have it, you will come to the bar street and sit down. Every bar will have different singers singing different types of songs. Today, you can listen to whatever kind of songs you are in the mood. This is a good place.
A group of information is needed. suluo appeared in the amorous feelings bar street and sang in the years bar, and soon the whole bar street drinkers knew it.
After receiving the news, fans scattered in other bars came running, but they couldn’t get in.
"Sing a song. That guy said suluo, he’s really here."
"Really, you see my friend sent me the photos inside. Did you see that suluo and Brother Bao and the two younger sisters behind him are so beautiful?"
"Oh, I regret it. I shouldn’t have listened to folk songs tonight. I should have listened to Spring City rock and roll with Dalin and them in the years bar."
"Say what I sang again."
The door of the bar is tightly closed with the brand full of customers. The big brother has a juryman face and a scar, but he can’t stop the scene at all. It seems that there is another scream in the scene, and the crowd is surging.
"Hey, let us in."
"It’s full. If you really want to go in, line up. If someone comes out, you can go in."
The gatekeeper’s big brother is also very resistant to rolling the short sleeves a little further to show strong muscles and dazzling tattoos so as to make them more ferocious.
In the time bar, a time field is burning, screaming and screaming as if to lift the roof.
In the bar, drinkers and enthusiasts are now so happy that cheers can’t stop.
The fat boss of the bar was moved to tears at the moment. This is a bar song specially written for the years. I really want to buy it, and I am willing to pay any money.
Suluo is really a man of god. It took less than ten minutes before and after writing a song on his eyelids. It’s so Uber.
A group of people in DreamWorks are all like stunts, so I don’t want to talk about it. Those two beautiful girls are so breathtaking. I didn’t expect them to be so fierce. I was afraid to take a look at the spectrum and say it without ambiguity.
This strength can’t be believed without witnessing it. People who don’t know that the Internet has been black and suluo can’t do it. How will they feel if they experience such a thing once?
Sayuri Cheng excitedly tugged at his fist. Although he didn’t understand Cantonese, he still burned. Do you want to broadcast something live? I have long forgotten what to do.
Brother Gong Yu Xia Han, who was in the palm of his hand, went to the stage. The Xia Devil was so excited today that he blushed and sweated. As soon as he finished jumping off the stage, he ran to the wine table to find a beer to drink.
"How about now I ask if I can do it?" Brother Bao banged his chest again to force Xu Jingman.
"Come on, you keep blowing" knife is directly a middle finger.
Gong Yu also sat smiling, picked up the glass, took a sip of wine and frowned. The unique bitter taste of beer bloomed in the taste buds, which really didn’t suit him. Look at suluo still in Taiwan. It’s really handsome.

Li Er, on the other hand, rowed slowly and sang folk songs in the beautiful scenery.

No one noticed the scene here, except Xiao Jinyu, and no one found that the phoenix cloud was light and changeable.
She threw the glass into the lake and the blood on the glass instantly penetrated. She looked up at Xiao Jinyu and said, "Do you understand? If he is so poisoned, he will never get hurt! "
Xiao Jinyu looked at her with a slightly open mouth and a half ring before slowly saying, "What are the disadvantages of this poison?"
Fengyun light bitter smile frowned "may be turned into a red monkey …"
Xiao Jinyu took a deep breath and remembered Xiao Qi’s eyebrow wringing. "Xiao Qi is not an enemy, he will get hurt!"
Fengyun gently put Xiao Linchu up. "Not everyone who has this poison can have an enemy’s body, just like the transition from the first generation of poison to the second generation of poison may change and cause different variations!"
"When did you start to find yourself like this?" Xiao Jinyu looked at her nervously.
Fengyun frowned and thought about when she didn’t know.
It may have been there from the beginning, but the toxicity is still in the incubation period
Xiao Jinyu saw that she didn’t talk and immediately skipped the topic "Is there any solution to this poison?"
It’s not that he hasn’t felt her pulse. He can’t see any traces of poisoning at the root of her pulse.
If that’s the case, then he’s also planning it.
Fengyun bowed his head and looked dim.
"Is there a solution? If you didn’t understand you, you wouldn’t have come to this place not far from Wan Li! " Xiao Jinyu hopes to look at her.
Fengyun shook her head lightly and said blankly, "I don’t know, but I always feel that things are developing as others expected!" "
Xiao Jinyu smiled and looked at her. "You mean someone is manipulating all this behind the scenes?"
Fengyun glanced at Xiao Linchu with a light lip, and saw that he had no signs of waking up, and then said sadly, "Do you think Bai Jin may be the mastermind behind the whole world?"
Xiao Jinyu shook her head. "It’s impossible for the empress dowager to live in the palace all the year round. It’s impossible to make so many things. Besides, she has everything she wants. What’s the plan?"
A picture of immortality, a picture of a thousand generations.
After all, these words are Xiao Linchu’s mother, and she should save some noodles for Xiao Linchu.
But she didn’t believe Xiao Linchu’s dialogue. Otherwise, why did she take a strange road all the way? Abandon white to decorate people instead of
Both of them are thinking that the ship has docked, and Li Er stretched himself and shouted "I’m back in Salt Lake Village, and I’m back in Li Er-"
Feng Yun bent down to help Xiao Linchu and Xia Yu looked back at Xiao Jinyu with a frown. "What are you talking about with Sister Yun Qing?"
Xiao Jinyu smiled. "I’m talking about marrying you after your dad!"
Xia Yu knew that their conversation was definitely not this topic, but his words succeeded in amusing her with a grin. "Who is going to marry you? You’d better pass me by first! "
After that, she was happy and the boat jumped on the shore.
Xiao Jinyu and Fengyun Light helped Xiao Linchu to Li Er. They are familiar with each other and have found a stretcher to lift Xiao Linchu.
This village is very exclusive. The villagers are hostile when they see a few outsiders entering the village. Just looking at a few people and simply having Li Er as a shield will temporarily fool them.
Li Er walked happily all the way and greeted everyone happily. A five-year-old child was walking by the corner of a peasant woman’s skirt. Before he owed his hand, he slapped the child’s ass. "The dog has not been so tall for many years!"
The child "wow" burst into tears, and the peasant woman angrily said, "two dog, do you want to die?"
Li Er two hurriedly jumped away and Fengyun breathed a sigh of relief, only to believe that Li Er two didn’t lie to her. He really stayed in this village before, but it didn’t look so good.
Li Er and several people came to his old house, which was old and the door was unlocked, but there were thick cobwebs everywhere.
Xia Yu was the first to push the old door and "thumped" and suddenly it was rolling.
Xia Yu choked back and frowned while covering her nose.
Even Xiao Jinyu frowned, but Feng Yun looked at Xiao Linchu lightly and didn’t pay attention to the movement here.
Li Er shouted, "Hey, be gentle. As the saying goes, it’s disrespectful to my parents to break the family!"
Xia Yubai gave him a cold hum. "It’s against your will to leave your parents in your house like this!"
Li Er gave a white look twice. "What do you know?"
He pulled open the door board and let the mud paste into a room to shine a little night light.
Fengyun followed and took a look. It seems impossible for them to live in the house tonight. They’d better sleep overnight and then clean the house before making do with it.
Several people together by Li Er two to take the silver to buy something to eat in a neighbor’s house.
However, Li Er really didn’t meet for a long time, and several of them were coaxed out. For him, a traitor in Salt Lake Village, it is not welcome here.
But it happened that Salt Lake Village was the only fortress leading to Lighthouse Village.
Looking at Li Er coming two depressed Xia Yu speak sarcastically "with silver can’t buy anything? It seems that your popularity is not generally poor! "
Li Er two cold hum "what do you know? Silver is not at all in Yanhu Village! "
Xia Yu wondered, "What?"
Li Er Road "Salt Lake Village is very poor, but everyone here is content with the status quo, otherwise the salt lake salt will be dried and sold out!"
Xiao Jinyu asked curiously, "Is there anyone willing to be poor?"
Li Er shook his head and sighed. "I didn’t understand at first. I organized several mature men in the village to leave together. On that day, we specially bathed and burned incense and fasted for three days, but we went to the salt lake …"
Li Er’s face was very dim when he didn’t say that finish.
Xiao Jinyu has guessed that "those people died later, and you lived alone?"
Li Er nodded. "I don’t know what happened, but the old man in the village said that I was born dead, and my parents didn’t even bother to accept me!"
Feng Yun listened to Li Er’s two complaints and suddenly sympathized with Li Er’s loneliness. Everyone around him was contemptuous. You feel that she has a deep understanding.
Get up and go to Li Er’s two sides. She reached out and patted him on the shoulder. "As the saying goes, everything pays off. Now think about whether you are the richest and most decent one in your village?"
Li Er two grateful looking at phoenix cloud light wry smile "rich? In this village, it is not who is rich but who is highly respected. Even if I am rich and decent, I will still be a local ruffian in their eyes! "

Chakra cross-country broke out directly, and the speed was amazing after getting rid of the load. Akai had excellent results in race running.

Then in the dark part of the pig’s face, the cross-country figure went straight to the front of the dark part of the pig’s face, holding a bitter hand and gently falling on the neck of the dark part of the pig’s face, staring at the dark part of the pig’s face mask, unwilling to look at the cross-country face, and the smile became more and more rich, and then laughed
"No matter who sent you to farce, right?"
Don’t look at cross-country and say this sentence with a smile, but when this sentence enters the ears of the three dark parts, they feel cold behind them!
Because when the cross-country voice just fell, the shadow of the rabbit mask’s dark part scar mask’s dark part foot obviously climbed up their body.
Obviously that’s cross-country shadow neck-binding!
The subtext of that off-road remark is that if the farce doesn’t work, you’ll see it!
However, when the cross-country bitter shadow neck-binding technique threatened the lives of three dark places and hoped for farce, cross-country did not expect that just because his means were a little extreme, the spectators’ evaluation of him rose a few points!
"At the age of four, I had the strength to win in 20 seconds by fighting alone."
"Watergate, you really have the right person."
"Especially the final performance of cross-country is perfect. You are going to carry out that plan from the day!"
Chapter 3 Temporary Workers
"Thank you for your support!"
"These cross-country children are the future of our village. I hope I can take good care of them!"
There are many people in Muye Village who can call the four generations of Huoying by their names, such as off-road uncle Nara Shikaku Akimichi Chōza and other four generations of Huoying friends. In private, they all call the four generations of Huoying "Watergate"
But there is one in the whole village of Muye who can call the four generations of Huoying by their names and be honored by them.
That is to cultivate three generations of Huo Ying who enjoy the title of "Professor of Endurance" in the world of forbearance!
It takes three generations of Huo Ying to carry out a plan after four generations of Huo Ying succeeded to the throne, so let’s talk about the distribution of Muye village benefits in the three generations.
During World War II, the second generation of Huoying died in battle, and the third generation of Huoying succeeded to the throne. The profit of Huoying in Muye Village is the lowest point in history.
The Uchihiro clan, who founded the giants of Muye Village, was in control of half the profits of Muye Village when the three generations of Huoying just succeeded to the throne. If the three generations of Huoying had not cultivated three forbearance, and the three forbearance were all very successful, even with the help of friends such as those who are interested in the village, it is estimated that the three generations of Huoying would have taken the original from the giants’ families.
The situation became more complicated when the four generations of Huo Ying succeeded to the throne.
Thousand-handed clan disappeared in the historical stage, but didn’t Sanren also disappear in Muye Village?
Once upon a time, Uchihiro clan, a giant, had to guard against the struggle behind the clan. Later, it was necessary to help the three generations of Huoying to fight for their own interests, which was equivalent to weakening the four generations of Huoying in Muye Village. The four generations of Huoying had great prestige in Muye Village, but no matter what plan they wanted to implement, they needed the approval of the three generations of Huoying before they could successfully implement it.
Then I got ready to carry out the plan in front of my eyes, and looked at it with joy. Four generations of Huo Ying and three generations of Huo Ying sighed deeply.
At this time, only the three generations of Huo Ying knew what the price of the four generations of Huo Ying was.
However, when the eyes of the three generations of Huo Ying fell on the cross-country body again, when you were sad, the three generations of Huo Ying finally emerged with a faint smile.
"Watergate says it’s right to plant new germinated fruits, so it’s worth paying any price."
"Nara Cross-country Hope Watergate is not wrong about you!"
"After all, the Watergate Project is your center!"
Secretly heart way one or three generations of hokage four generations of hokage figure has disappeared in there.
On the other hand, cross-country is naturally unable to perceive the three generations of Huoying and the four generations of Huoying. After all, people are famous in the forbearance world, and cross-country is at best an elite forbearance!
Slightly harsh eyes rested on the dark part of the pig face mask.
Cross-country in the three generations of hokage, four generations of hokage all feel the perfect means to force the three secret parts in front of them to stop farce, and when they are defeated in cross-country hands, the three secret parts surrender without any complaint.
Who wants to cross-country fight? Three secret parts surrendered, but Akai’s fight with the secret parts has gone too far!
It’s like racing.
Almost in the cross-country victory over three secret parts, the secret part of Akai became serious, and the trick was inseparable from Akai’s vital body. It didn’t look like a test but a real fight!
And cross-country saw Kay’s situation in some crisis, and his eyebrows could not help but knit together, and the seal would stop the crazy dark part.
But let cross-country never thought that when he was ready to help Akai, Akai found cross-country movement and yelled directly.
"Don’t help me off-road!"
"This is my Kakashi contest. Stay out of it!"
Listen, Ah Kai roared off-road. Obviously, he didn’t expect these raids, and there were even famous plot characters in the dark.
Then loosen the hand tied several secret department didn’t pay attention to them in a hurry disappeared in front of your face off-road attention on the akakakashi confrontation while watching secretly sigh "Hatake Kakashi is really bad! Akai’s body skills have long been able to crush the same level, but now Kakashi’s body skills have not fallen in the wind. It seems that he has not completely fallen into sharingan! "
"Ah Kay, what a pity!"
Secretly commenting on Kakashi’s strength off-road, but I didn’t think Akai eventually lost a little bit and finally lost in Kakashi’s hands.
But in the face of failure, Ah Kai is always optimistic.
Then he stretched out his right hand to Kakashi. Akai Xian wanted to make a reconciliation with Kakashi after the defeat.
However, it made cross-country feel a little angry. Kakashi not only ignored Akai’s friendliness, but also glanced at cross-country with a very smelly fart.
In particular, after discovering that the dark department had left after being defeated by cross-country hands, Kakashi even snorted indifferently and said, "It’s really a bunch of losers who know that they have no courage to face failure when they fail."
With his face hidden behind the mask, Kakashi’s cold eyes fell on the cross-country body and asked directly, "Are you Nara Cross-country?"
"It’s me!"
"How do you want to challenge me?"
But everyone has three points of anger, and even worse, his personality is very direct and cross-country!
Genius can be proud, but pride also needs to be divided!
At this time, Kakashi’s pride is simply a group ridicule trick. It’s not only his excellent personality, but Akai is embarrassed and touching his nose. Even cross-country is not a little angry.
It’s a pity that cross-country is obviously not cultivated at home in angering others.
Look at Kakashi again. If you ignore the cross-country words, you still look at the cross-country with cold eyes full of anger. Your eyes are selfish and say, "You are the Watergate teacher’s brother, so just call me your predecessor. You and Akai will report to the training ground as soon as the test is passed."
"I have other thing to deal with. I have to go now!"
"Remember don’t be late! Even if you are an intern in the dark, you must abide by the rules of the dark, but you will face punishment if you make a mistake! "
The words sound just fell off-road that is even no chance to ask questions kakashi figure instantly disappeared in situ.
However, Akai didn’t care about Kakashi’s bad attitude. I heard that I had the qualification to practice in the dark. That’s why I’m so excited that I won’t give up with cross-country

WenZhengRen can’t just jie in the past "warm son how come so late? Didn’t your grandmother let Wu tell you last night? "

Warm smiled and then pointed to explain, "Wu told me, and I rushed here as soon as possible, but I didn’t expect to meet Dr. Lin in the hospital. He stopped me from saying a few more words and was delayed."
The words fell on the crowd and there was no sincerity. "I’m sorry to keep you waiting."
They barely squeeze out a smile.
Warm don’t care about they turned to Xiao Yulan Chen way "grandma why have to wait for me to have dinner together? You didn’t mean to make me feel guilty. "
Xiao Yulan loving way "who are you waiting for? It’s been so many days since you went out, but grandma can’t think of it. If you hadn’t come back too late last night, I would have given you a banquet early. What’s the point of making up for you this morning if you don’t come? "
"Yes, yes ….." Han Shuiyue echoed the sentence.
Jiang Yunxiu is like an old monk sitting in a meditation. He bowed his head and rolled the beads in his hand. Others kept silent, but it was embarrassing for Han Shuiyue.
Warm when you can’t see a person show charming smile to "what are you waiting for? Let people eat quickly. I’m hungry. "
"Well …" Xiao Yulan assigned the servant to fill a table soon, although it was breakfast, but it didn’t lose a sumptuous dinner.
When he saw it, he said, "Oh, grandma will gain weight if she eats so much early in the morning."
Xiao Yulan didn’t lift her eyelids. "Then you should eat less."
The warmth choked and turned to look at the warmth. "Grandma really hurts. You want to come. You are also eager to go to Beicheng to watch a game. You can be amazing again. Hehe, what secrets do you have that we don’t know?"
Warm good laughs "secret? You mean I know martial arts? It’s not a secret, it’s just that you don’t know, because we’ve never been close, and I need to tell you about me. "
Warm face a change "you will be amazing martial arts? Can you be afraid? "
"Why? I still understand that martial arts are not as good as brains, or I don’t even know how to die. "
"You …"
"Good grandpa here noisy what noisy? Are there any rules? " Gentle and complete reprimand angrily to the warm sentence.
Warm bite lips unwilling to hum.
Warm pulled pull lip Angle to see Wen Liang for a few days. It seems that Wen Liang has suddenly aged a lot, and his head has white hair, which shows how much Zhuang Qiao has hit him, so the deeper his hatred for her?
Would you like to have another small theater tonight?
Do, chapter sixty-three cross-examination.
Wen Liang looked at him with cold and terrible eyes, like an old well abandoned for many years with an unspeakable strange table. Fu Yunyi took her hand and took a sharp look at Wen Liang.
Gentle metamorphoses, wake up and squeeze out a smile "warm son martial arts but follow YunYi learn? We watched the live broadcast at home, and even your grandparents didn’t expect warm children to have such a good thing. "
Didn’t you say you weren’t close to Warm and didn’t tell her? Then you took your grandpa and grandma as outsiders? It’s the first time they know. How dare you say it’s not a secret?
He said this to wait for the warmth to face himself.
Xiao Yulan’s face was just about to warm up, or he said with a smile, "My second uncle was wrong. My brother and I learned a few tricks of self-defense in Beicheng. The trick was to learn magic in the tribe. I didn’t tell my grandparents because I didn’t take that seriously. Moreover, Huadu has many things to do once. Which one is less important than this? I must bother my grandparents with such trivial things again? "
"At the end of the micro? Hehe … So much martial arts have been described as trivial by Wen Er, so what is important? Warm son came back from beicheng this heart and vision is really big … "Gentle pointed.
Warm and not annoyed as a joke, "After seeing the magic, I really feel that my life is too modest and low-key, and I don’t think it’s okay to be small. Actually, it’s not that I have a high vision, but when I was studying, the magic told me that it was a property of keeping fit and playing Tai Ji Chuan and dancing square dance with the aunts in the park. You said it was not small? Is it worth my fuss to report to my grandparents? "
Wen Liang didn’t expect her to say that. It’s not good to narrow her eyes slightly and continue to pick up the words.
Warm unwilling also don’t believe "who are you kidding? Can uncles and aunts beat a martial arts master when they beat Tai Ji Chuan? Challenge you, but Qin Keqing won the second place in this year’s women’s competition, and you can beat her with two strokes? Are you naive or are you playing silly with us? "
Now there is nothing to hide from the warmth. The smell speech is very calm. "That’s because the magic gave me some of his strength. Since you watched the game, you should know that I have always been the defender. I have tried my best to parry Qin Keqing’s fierce attack. I learned those tricks and didn’t have any attack power. Is it just to keep fit? You also know martial arts, don’t you see it? "
Warm choking face became ugly "magic really give you strength? How could he … "
Warm smile interrupted "otherwise? If I don’t have the strength to play with Qin Keqing, I will be crippled. This is also a trivial matter, but the Wen family’s face will be stepped on the soles of their feet. It’s not my face to lose at that time. "
Warm and unyielding, "You can’t promise. Who told you to be brave?"
Warm and cynical, he asked, "If you don’t agree, you will admit that it is embarrassing."
Warm to argue what Wen Zhengren cold mouth "well, warm son said yes, I would rather die than be a coward to discredit the ancestors of the Wen family."
No one dares to talk back when he takes a bite.
WenZhengRen sharp eyes swept a few people finally fell on the warm body "but warm son that call Qin Keqing to challenge you? Do you know her? "
Warm and indifferent nodded. "Well, she broke into the tribe at the beginning, too. She had a little holiday, so she wanted to take this opportunity to find trouble for me."
Smell speech Xiao Yulan earnestly asked "warm son what is she doing in the tribe? How can I have a holiday with you? "
This is what Wen Zhengren wants to ask.
Others are also curious.
Warm casually explained, "She was instructed to break into the tribe or covet things in the tribe. She tried to join hands with me and I refused. Maybe that’s why she hates me?"
"So that’s it. It’s really narrow-minded," said Xiao Yulan angrily.
Wen Zhengren then asked, "What does she covet in the tribe?"
Warm and faint smile, "I think it’s a doctor of God’s family. She secretly stole it several times, but she didn’t succeed. Knowing that I live there, she wanted me to help. How could I promise?"
Wen Zhengren’s eyes flashed and smiled. "Warm son did a good job."
Warm and meaningful way: "It’s a point to protect the interests of the Wen family by caring for their grandchildren."
"Ha, ha, ha ….. said that the warm son knew that she was ordered by people?"
"I don’t know about this. Her whereabouts are mysterious. Grandpa can let people check it out. Since it is coveted by doctors, it’s just those families."
Wen Zhengren suddenly stared at Wen Liang. Wen Liang’s face did not change. He looked back at Fu Yunyi. "Yun Yi, have you ever had someone check the Qin Keqing background?"
Fu Yunyi said calmly, "Well, I checked. Since she dares to challenge Warm Son, will I let her go?"
"oh? What did you find out? "

You are lucky that the blood sacrifice master didn’t kill you, and the emperor poison bee also hid in the past. Yuan Ye laughed and finally got that terrible momentum up.

My Lord, the emperor poison bee has hunted for tens of thousands of people at the blood sacrifice gate. The five of us are not enough for them to eat. Then Wei Litian immediately smiled please.
Another middle-aged man ran forward and threw himself before Yuan Ye, and we understood the kindness of adults. I’m afraid we are ignorant of Taishan Mountain.
When they heard that Yuan Ye was a soul-fighting realm, they all disdained that disdain. No one can hide it. But Yuan Ye almost killed three war queens instantly. From the instantaneous explosion strength, Yuan Ye’s strength is no less than that of the intermediate Tiansheng Naitianshengfeng. Such a master can definitely rank in the top five in Gushan City. These five people are shocked and regret offending Yuan Ye.
It’s no big deal for Yuan Ye to wave his hand, but I still advise you to leave early.
It’s a middle-aged man who bends down
Wei litian also bowed down and said, take care of your honor. Let’s go, hehe
Four people have left only the last child named Ling, who is still silly.
Come on, middle-aged man, grab Linger.
Linger’s body shook, her eyes stared at Yuan Ye, and her heart was still in shock. It was this young man who made her despise and laugh all the time, but his strength turned out to be so earth.
Remembering her attitude towards her, Linger’s charming cheek showed a bit of ridicule for the first time. No wonder whether she ridiculed him or not is unheard of. Maybe she is just a clown performing alone in his heart.
My heart sighs lightly. The girl looks at Yuan Ye again. It seems very ordinary. The sunset is somewhat handsome. The face contains a warm smile. Those people are generally cold and arrogant.
Come on, Linger, Wei Litian, pull Linger’s sleeve.
Ling son smiled and looked at Wei Li, as in the heavenly heart, and suddenly felt that some worship of this white horse king seemed to have weakened a lot.
Let’s go, Linger. Swing the sleeves and walk in front of Wei Litian alone.
Does Yuan Ye shake his head? Turn around and walk to the other side. He must keep moving his position or he will be in danger.
But Yuan Yegang felt the unstable breath behind him after a few steps.
Adults help us! Wei Litian howled.
I have no idea. They left me. Yuan Ye was depressed and turned around.
Killed one of them, the senior brother of the Saint-level primary blood sacrifice gate, led a dozen brothers to hunt down the one who also fled Weilitian with a playful smile, while the remaining five people were dead, and the other three also fled crazily and were determined to kill.
A bloody sword slammed at the child named Ling.
Ling son screamed in horror.
The body was cut by a sharp weapon, and it was the blood sacrifice cousin who withdrew from the venue.
It was that guy who killed his holy junior brother. At the sight of Yuan Ye’s face, he became more ferocious and violently drank his several genera, and then he rushed to kill Yuan Ye with a full face of yoshimitsu.
At the same time, on that day, the junior brother’s body was light green, and his fighting body soared, while a pair of iron fists gradually turned into green trees, holding them tightly, and then thundering at Yuan Ye’s small legs and smashing them away.
Hum, as Yuan Ye’s heart rings, the golden energy of Yuan Ye’s sole suddenly emerges, and then on that day, the holy brother stepped on his chest and shot at the several longitudinal Ma Chong brothers.
Snow Yuan Ye’s feet produced energy and explosive force, which directly made him spray one mouthful blood, pale and shaking, got up and drew a white combating Dao from behind, gnashing his teeth at Yuan Ye’s attack.
Soaring shot body instantly through several younger brothers to defend Yuan Ye right palm holding the shoulder, and suddenly a huge gun body was smashed and several younger brothers vomited blood almost at the same time.
It was almost two or three rounds when Yuan Ye easily got rid of several brothers whose strength was in the realm of the emperor of war, and then slowly turned around and looked at the body with a light green quarrelling hand and a fierce fighting knife and rushed to the saint.
Right hand holding a night terrors gun Yuan Ye slightly silent feet once again slammed on the ground, and suddenly shot and blinked, and then the night terrors gun in his hand was slightly tight before the saint, and then he was mixed with fierce strength and angrily split at the saint.