"I, Li Xuandao, have no offense."

Li Xuandao sighed until most of the negotiations had broken. He couldn’t help but raise his head to meet Xu’s eyes without flinching. "But I, Li Xuandao, have a bloody feud. How can I consider these children being immersed in love?"
"In that case, have you thought about this when you and my daughter double-studied?"
Xu coldly smiled and said, "Li Xuandao, I don’t want to hear your explanation. Let me ask you, will you marry Xu Ruoyin or not?"
Chapter 94 Ten Hell!
Chapter 94 Ten Hell!
Terror to the extreme coercion spread to even can’t bear a burst of crisp detonation!
Li Xuandao felt pressure for the first time, but he met the sharp eyes of the ghost ancestor Xu. "Of course I will marry Xu Reyin, but not now. I will definitely pay photogenic attention to marry Xu Reyin and never lose your ghost ancestor Xu’s face."
"Father" listened to Li Xuandao’s sincere tone, and Xu Reyin was satisfied.
But before she could continue to talk about ghosts, Zuxu waved his hand and said, "Avenge?" Hum! Li Xuandao, I don’t know who your enemy is, but you haven’t been able to take revenge in reality. Obviously, the strength of the other side is absolutely good. My daughter is in her prime and you took away her body. How long are you going to keep her waiting? Ten years, a hundred years or a thousand years? Do you want my daughter to wait for your generation? "
"Ten years!"
Before Xu Yin fell, Li Xuandao suddenly clenched his teeth as if he had made a great determination. "I will avenge myself and come back to marry Xu Reyin in ten years."
"Ten years?"
Ghost ancestor Xu laughed coldly. "How can I trust you with Li Xuandao?"
"A man’s word is a promise, but it’s hard to remember."
Li Xuandao’s deep breath sound is full of questionable tone. "I have never lived up to my words in Li Xuandao’s life. If I come back to marry Xu Reyin in ten years, I will cut my head to find a ghost ancestor to plead guilty."
"That’s enough!"
Root before the ghost ZuXu promised Xu Reyin a cold drink and flushed excitedly. "Father, don’t force Li Xuandao any more. I know he has his own difficulties. I have satisfied him with marrying me."
"Silly daughter, how can you be so rash about the marriage?"
Xu reprimanded angrily to a slow tone and said, "Father did it all because of you. Have you forgotten how your third sister died?"
Hearing this, Xu Re was shocked.
Xu Tianyin, the third daughter of Ghost Zuxu, is not only as beautiful as flowers and beautiful as jade, but also gifted and powerful. She is also proficient in all kinds of temperament and Taoism and is praised as the first talented woman in the capital.
She had high hopes from the ghost ancestor Xu, but she had been waiting for nearly a hundred years because of trusting a man’s rhetoric, until she finally learned that she was charming and looking for another woman, and she had already forgotten her.
So ashamed and angry, Xu Tianyin swallowed his anger and committed suicide.
"Li Xuandao’s marriage is not a joke. Although I believe that my daughter will not see the wrong person, I still say that. How can I believe that your promises are true?"
See Xu Reyin face complex expression ghost ancestor Xu a slight sigh.
"You don’t believe me?" Li Xuandao flew into a rage and the emperor’s promise was as heavy as a thousand pounds.
He told Xu Ruoyin that he had promised to express his great importance for three times in a row, something that had never happened since ancient times.
But even so, the ghost ancestor Xu still has doubts about himself.
If he had drawn his sword and killed the ghost ancestor Xu to defend his prestige, but now he knows that it is not Xu’s opponent who can hold back his anger and say, "What do you want me to do?"
"Very simple"
Ghost ancestor Xu reveals a strange smile at the corner of his mouth. "The stronger the strength, the more the practitioner pays attention to the promise. Because they violate the promise, they will make the Taoist heart defective and find it difficult to enter Li Xuandao. I want you to prove that you are strong. I choose to believe you."
"Isn’t it enough to prove my strength that I have killed the criminal evil?" Li Xuandao asks.
"Of course not."
The ghost ancestor Xu disdained to say with smile, "Although the criminal evil got Pan Wucheng, it has never experienced life and death fighting. It will always be a greenhouse flower. Only when you go through Qian Shan’s thousands of waters can you become a master."
"Don’t beat around the bush. Why don’t you just say what you want?" Li Xuandao was impatient.
"so refreshing"
Xu Zu, the ghost ancestor, pointed to the east with a deep eye and said, "It is well known in Li Xuandao that I have been guarding the capital of Tandu in order to suppress the ten levels of hell, which is my first cage in the underworld. If you can break through the ten levels of hell, I will believe your strength and commitment. I wonder if you dare to promise?"
Ten levels of hell
Hearing this word, Li Xuandao was shocked.
This is a dungeon built by the underworld to suppress all kinds of evil spirits and ghosts in the underworld, and there is no lack of power like the ghost ancestor Xu.
This is the first dangerous place in the underworld. Is it so easy to break into?
Before Li Xuandao could answer Xu Ruoyin, Gen screamed, plop, kneel before Xu and begged, "Father, I beg you, don’t force Li Xuandao to go to ten levels of hell. If he steps into ten levels of hell, there will be a dead father. Do you want me to be widowed?"
Ghost ancestor Xu sneered at a cold mans flashing, "Even if you are widowed, I can’t make Xu Tianyin happen again. My ghost ancestor Xu is also a great guardian of the underworld. If Li Xuandao abandons you again, will you be dignified?"
Xu Ruoyin suddenly raised his head and looked sad. "Isn’t my happiness your prestige?"
"Of course not"
Ghost ancestor Xu’s face is cold and merciless. "Whoever dares to offend my majesty must die!"
Said the ghost progenitor Xu intentionally left Li Xuandao a golden eyes.
"That’s enough!"
Li Xuandao finally couldn’t help it. Before pulling Xu Reyin up, he said coldly, "Isn’t it ten levels of hell? I agreed."
"Li Xuandao can’t" Xu Reyin exclaimed that she wanted to say something but was covered by Li Xuandao.
"Xu Reyin, don’t worry, isn’t it ten levels of hell? I don’t care about Li Xuandao."
Li Xuandao’s face was sincere and he said slowly, "Since Ghost Zu wants me to act to prove my feelings for you, is Li Xuandao afraid to do so?"
Ghost ancestor Xu clapped his hands and laughed unabashedly. "Li Xuandao, it’s really impressive that you can say this grandiloquence, but the tenth floor of hell is my first place in the underworld. Don’t regret it when you get to the tenth floor of hell."
Chapter 941 The underworld is thin in life and death!
Chapter 941 The underworld is thin in life and death!
An hour later, Li Xuandao ghost Zuxu personally escorted him to a very steep cliff.
This is a bottomless abyss, which exudes something ghostly. From time to time, bursts of evil winds rise, carrying pervasive cold and madness. Even Li Xuandao’s body can’t help but make a cold war.
This is the entrance to the tenth floor of hell
The ten levels of hell is a dungeon where the great magical powers of the nether world run through the land of Nine Deep Places, where poverty, hardship, hardship and underground suffocation are merged. This dungeon is indistinctly integrated with the whole land of Nine Deep Places and is unbreakable.
However, all evil spirits who have been beaten into the ten levels of hell will never be reborn, and hell is full of all kinds of disasters and suffers all the time. The worse the disaster, the stronger the suffering.
There are many ghosts who commit suicide because they can’t bear the pain and suffering, and the underworld kills themselves, so the spectre field is extremely miserable.
At this moment, Li Xuandao’s cliff edge looks at the selection of people and eats the abyss heart to produce a throb.