"This is a family of three.

According to our investigation, they all died in close combat.
When he was killed, he was killed by the Ministry before he even made a resistance.
And the cause of death is a blow to kill, very clean and not a second blow. "
Although the body at the crime scene has been cleaned up, the blood around it still says that the situation at this scene is not very harmonious at the time
After reading the Chinese photos one by one, even a preliminary look at Olga can tell that at least half of the dead were killed by Jason.
Their dead wounds are no different from those two unknown men and women in Crystal Lake camp.
But Olga is also puzzled by this discovery.
How could Jason get mixed up with Freddy?
Physical distortion psychological giant baby teamed up with abnormal child killer?
What kind of garbage combination is this?
I’m afraid we’ll hurt each other if we don’t last two days …’
It seems to him that the two styles are far apart, and they don’t look like the type of talking to each other.
After the team, the combat effectiveness is about 1+1 equals 11 samples.
If you are unlucky, you can even deduct some more.
As a result, 1+1 equals tragedy!
After all, teammates stab each other and it’s over. Where is the leisure time to take care of outsiders?
Trying to get a np friendship to help the truth, Ollie thought for a while before he looked serious and said
"The death of these people is very wrong!"
The sheriff was very puzzled. "What’s wrong?"
He really doesn’t mean much to white Olga.
Will hand body photos one after another after Zhang Zhan Olga explained, pointing to their wounds one by one.
"These people’s wounds are all caused by hand injuries or sharp injuries.
Beating injuries aside, there is usually one sharp weapon used by Freddy, and that is his metal claws!
And there’s obviously no such injury here
It’s a knife wound!
If there are one or two words to say, but all of them are so, it is not in line with his style, and there is no way to show his unique characteristics … "
Smell speech carefully turned over a photo and recalled the past materials in a police department file.
The sheriff soon confirmed that Olga was right, and none of these dead people really met Freddy’s wind, so he looked dignified and said
"Do you mean that this time it has nothing to do with Freddy?"
Olga Holmes shook his head with a wave and looked calm. He touched himself with one hand and said
"Not absolutely sure.
After all, Freddie is not a quiet guy.
If you are unlucky, it may be some kind of conspiracy this time!
I have to ask, are there any knife weapons or supernatural beings with great strength in your small town or surrounding areas?
I suspect that the other party was attracted here by Freddy … "
The sheriff’s face changed slightly and two or three names appeared in his mind.
In the end, he put the suspected target on the guy who best met these conditions.
[One hundred people behead teenagers-Jason Voorhees]
Unlike Freddy, who kills for fun, that’s a real mobile butcher.
Almost wherever you go, you kill all the way.
Don’t be soft, don’t hesitate, and never kill anyone, whether they are men or women, whether they are old or young!
If Jason was not inseparable from Crystal Lake, I’m afraid the US government would have dealt with him at all costs, and would not let him do harm, and even set aside a special isolation zone to keep others away.
The sheriff is a little overwhelmed at the thought that the other person is in this small town.
If you don’t pay attention, a massacre may happen!
This made his heart almost stop directly!
Word quickly take out a cellular phone and dialed a word.
He hung up a few minutes later.
Look is very eager to pull the orr Fu and hands Mian face said
"Pavilion since you can find out wrong so quickly, you should be an experienced exorcist!
So this time, please do it! The price is negotiable! "
This kind of passing friendly forces is even more precious.
Olga nodded and said, "Say, say …"
speak the bold truth
It’s interesting that an abyss demon wears an exorcist vest to exorcise demons everywhere, but he doesn’t reject it.