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The old lady smiled slightly and looked far away. "This hairpin is a little old. When I was young, the old prince made a special trip to make people make it. Now I’m old and I don’t care much about these things. Ah, that girl is beautiful and beautiful. It’s very distributed to her."

If it’s really weird, then something with commemorative value should be specially given to Shuang Shule. With a smile, "Grandma, you’re too eccentric to give your granddaughter a good thing, but it’s cheaper for her!"
"Lele, you are already the most distinguished woman at the end of the day. Why do you want this? Grandma knows that you are wondering why I especially like her for treating her differently? "
"Grandma is smart enough to guess!" Shu Lele praised the sentence and blinked to listen to the old lady’s explanation.
But the old lady surprised her by telling the truth, and her tears fell straight away.
It turned out that Princess Ning’s life coincided with the birth of the first queen, and Wang Guifei’s plot was discovered by the queen at this moment, but she had tried her best to protect herself by entrusting the Ning family with the care of her children.
Lao Ning’s report braved the charge of decapitation and successfully rescued Tai, but he was changed into the world but failed to escape, and was killed by Wang Guifei and others.
In the third year, Princess Ning gave birth to another daughter, which was a great happy event, but the old Prince Ning took a look at her and ordered her to be discarded.
Princess Ning is naturally reluctant to abandon her own flesh and blood. She has already lost a child. How can she lose another one? But Lao Ning’s report said, "This child’s seven-star birthmark is unknown. If she keeps it in the house, I’m afraid it will be difficult to protect that child for another week."
When this remark is spared, Princess Ning will have to comply if she is unwilling.
On the night of sending the child away, the old lady and Princess Ning were very sad with the child in their arms for a long time before they were sent out.
Where did Yu send it? They didn’t dare to ask the bodyguard, and they didn’t say it when they came back.
It wasn’t until I saw the old lady and saw that she looked like the late Princess Ning that I moved my mind.
Later, after the double injury, she accidentally saw her back with a seven-star birthmark, and everything was confirmed.
Shu Lele couldn’t help feeling sorry after listening to it. "Old lady, you are full of loyalty. Grandpa has really paid too much. I’ll tell Taitai to give her a double name. Now she should be surnamed Ning!"
Who do you want to see? Please leave a message for Juan.
VIP39 double life experience
Feng Yichen knows that it is naturally the same feeling.
He immediately expressed his attitude to the old lady and will definitely give Shuang Yi the most appropriate explanation.
But at this time, Shu Lele was distressed that she was kneeling on the edge of the table and correcting "If Suanzao Ershuang knew her true identity, would she accept it?"
"Miss Shuang is frank and straightforward. She shouldn’t blame the old report for abandoning her in those days." Ziziphus jujuba also answered very uncertainly. After all, Shuangcai is the party. No one can tell her mind.
"Well," Shu Lele was silent for a long time and finally thought of a good idea. "Ziziphus jujuba, let’s go to michel platini!"
Wu Sheng arrived in Beijing as early as a few days ago, but he hasn’t come to visit because of too many things, which just gives him a chance.
Surprisingly, Yuzhi was pregnant when she arrived at Youranju.
Shu Lele was slightly stunned and then smiled with an eyebrow. "Godmother, congratulations, you are going to be a mother!"
Yuzhi snuggled up beside Wu Sheng with a happy face. "Lele, I haven’t seen your mouth getting sweeter for so long!"
"Of course, michel platini didn’t give me less candy to eat!"
Wu Shengle said, "After haha, there is no candy for you to leave to my little baby!"
"ah? Michel platini, are you not hurting Lele so soon? " Shu Lele deliberately pie mouth made a room full of people laugh.
After chatting for a while, I talked about the double marriage, and I was a little uncomfortable, so I took Shu Lele to talk outside.
When autumn is strong, the garden is full of chrysanthemums of all colors, which is very attractive.
Shu Lele casually pinched a flower and held it in his hand, seemingly inadvertently asking, "Do you think the old lady treats you like this?"
"Good. Why do you ask?"
"I mind my own business." Shu Lele paused to look up with a sincere face. "Double, what would you do if you kept something in the dark and one day you still knew it and those things were still embarrassing?"
Shuang looked at her strangely and smiled. "That depends on what the lesser of the two evils is. People always choose to be beneficial to themselves, but Lele, I feel very uncomfortable when you ask such a profound question today! Did something happen? "
"It’s okay. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently, but I’m a little confused. The foster mother horse is going to give you a little brother or sister. Do you feel that the horse is going to fall out of favor?" Shu Lele turned to a nifty smile.
"A little bit of my dad’s mind is now focused on Yuzhi Niang and that child. Sometimes I wonder what he did to me and my mother when she was pregnant with me?"
Shuang was lost in her memory, and her mother, who had never seen before, was always out of reach like a cloud in the sky.
She never even knows her last name.
"hey!" Double sighed deeply and bowed his head.
Shu Lele grabbed her shoulder and leaned her head against her body. "Double, you have a literary academician now. Don’t be jealous with your brother. You will regenerate a big fat one, that is, your nephew and uncle are as big as hahaha …"
"Lele, you-"Shuang blushed and spat at her. "Who is big and fat without seriousness?"
Poof-Xiao Ni is embarrassed!
Shu Lele clapped his hands and laughed. "Nature is you! Don’t you marry Wen Hanlin and you won’t give him children? "
"You gave birth to me!"
"That’s good! We have an appointment to be born together, and in a few years, they will be a bunch of little guys. "
Before leaving Youran, Shu Lele finally found a chance to chat with Wu Sheng alone for a while.
Shu Lele came straight to the point and asked, "michel platini, you never said anything about your mother. Is there something hard to hide?"
Seeing Shu Lele’s serious appearance, Wu Sheng smiled faintly. "Lele is all old things. What does it do?"
"No, I just want to ask michel platini. Tell me honestly if there is no double mother in this world. You have been lying to her all this time, haven’t you?"

"This is a family of three.

According to our investigation, they all died in close combat.
When he was killed, he was killed by the Ministry before he even made a resistance.
And the cause of death is a blow to kill, very clean and not a second blow. "
Although the body at the crime scene has been cleaned up, the blood around it still says that the situation at this scene is not very harmonious at the time
After reading the Chinese photos one by one, even a preliminary look at Olga can tell that at least half of the dead were killed by Jason.
Their dead wounds are no different from those two unknown men and women in Crystal Lake camp.
But Olga is also puzzled by this discovery.
How could Jason get mixed up with Freddy?
Physical distortion psychological giant baby teamed up with abnormal child killer?
What kind of garbage combination is this?
I’m afraid we’ll hurt each other if we don’t last two days …’
It seems to him that the two styles are far apart, and they don’t look like the type of talking to each other.
After the team, the combat effectiveness is about 1+1 equals 11 samples.
If you are unlucky, you can even deduct some more.
As a result, 1+1 equals tragedy!
After all, teammates stab each other and it’s over. Where is the leisure time to take care of outsiders?
Trying to get a np friendship to help the truth, Ollie thought for a while before he looked serious and said
"The death of these people is very wrong!"
The sheriff was very puzzled. "What’s wrong?"
He really doesn’t mean much to white Olga.
Will hand body photos one after another after Zhang Zhan Olga explained, pointing to their wounds one by one.
"These people’s wounds are all caused by hand injuries or sharp injuries.
Beating injuries aside, there is usually one sharp weapon used by Freddy, and that is his metal claws!
And there’s obviously no such injury here
It’s a knife wound!
If there are one or two words to say, but all of them are so, it is not in line with his style, and there is no way to show his unique characteristics … "
Smell speech carefully turned over a photo and recalled the past materials in a police department file.
The sheriff soon confirmed that Olga was right, and none of these dead people really met Freddy’s wind, so he looked dignified and said
"Do you mean that this time it has nothing to do with Freddy?"
Olga Holmes shook his head with a wave and looked calm. He touched himself with one hand and said
"Not absolutely sure.
After all, Freddie is not a quiet guy.
If you are unlucky, it may be some kind of conspiracy this time!
I have to ask, are there any knife weapons or supernatural beings with great strength in your small town or surrounding areas?
I suspect that the other party was attracted here by Freddy … "
The sheriff’s face changed slightly and two or three names appeared in his mind.
In the end, he put the suspected target on the guy who best met these conditions.
[One hundred people behead teenagers-Jason Voorhees]
Unlike Freddy, who kills for fun, that’s a real mobile butcher.
Almost wherever you go, you kill all the way.
Don’t be soft, don’t hesitate, and never kill anyone, whether they are men or women, whether they are old or young!
If Jason was not inseparable from Crystal Lake, I’m afraid the US government would have dealt with him at all costs, and would not let him do harm, and even set aside a special isolation zone to keep others away.
The sheriff is a little overwhelmed at the thought that the other person is in this small town.
If you don’t pay attention, a massacre may happen!
This made his heart almost stop directly!
Word quickly take out a cellular phone and dialed a word.
He hung up a few minutes later.
Look is very eager to pull the orr Fu and hands Mian face said
"Pavilion since you can find out wrong so quickly, you should be an experienced exorcist!
So this time, please do it! The price is negotiable! "
This kind of passing friendly forces is even more precious.
Olga nodded and said, "Say, say …"
speak the bold truth
It’s interesting that an abyss demon wears an exorcist vest to exorcise demons everywhere, but he doesn’t reject it.

The smiling girl just said, "Can you please die?" Such dangerous words

"What … did I hear you wrong?" Hyoudou Issei has the ability to understand and look at the beautiful girl in front of him.
"No … I want to invite you to die." Jiao smiled and gave birth to painted black wings behind the girl, flapping her wings and looking down at Hyoudou Issei.
Gentle eyes become cold and terrible, which is to look at being inferior to yourself. In the eyes, cold feelings are not the slightest pity.
"I’m really sorry. It’s still a little fun to play house with you, but it’s a pity that you are really an uncontrollable factor for us. I think … I’d better kill it." Unlike Amano’s gentle voice, the girl voice is so mature and enchanting that a sneer emerges from her mouth.
Noisy sounds gathered by the light and javelin appeared in the hands of Amano Evening Hemp.
There is no way to avoid the trajectory, just like light. Before the mind reacts, the body is filled with severe pain.
The body ….. was scored out of control and fell red. The blood that belongs to you fled and generally left from the body.
There are footsteps in my ear. That’s the footsteps of sesame sauce.
"Blame it on the God who lodges the artifact in your body." Say it out and let Hyoudou Issei not understand the words, and then Amano evening hemp figure disappears.
The dark sky came back again and became the fountain square at dusk. Everything was normal as if nothing had happened, except that blood kept pouring out of Hyoudou Issei’s body.
Chapter 13 Accidental Death
"This is the degenerate angel?"
Watching things develop, Ye Yu didn’t come out from the side until the famous wild evening degenerate angel left.
However, it seems that this degenerate angel is not so strong that she has not even found herself hiding on one side.
Even so, it is still too simple to kill an artifact without awakening human beings. This boy has no resistance at all, or he was stabbed through the heart with a cursor gun.
"Will … die?" Consciousness is rapidly disintegrating, and Hyoudou Issei is so unwilling.
Somebody … Somebody help me?
The footsteps rang again, belonging to the powerful sound of hard leather shoes and trampling.
Who? Who’s coming? Help me … help me.
Blood slowly flowing bright red in Hyoudou Issei body together.
Save … or not?
Ye Yu is in a dilemma.
Ye Yu has never been a kind guy. On the contrary, he has never cared about life and death with others.
Will follow out is also because found each other with dragon breath let him a little curious, even met degenerate angel can be said to be an accident.
And if you want to save this guy, it’s very simple. Just make Leah call each other to herself and let her sign a contract with this dying teenager.
Is that all?
I don’t know what Ye Yu suddenly became silent and looked at the young man in front of him. His eyes were also cold.
What’s to save him? Let yourself have one more competitor?
Irrepressible … The thought came into my mind, and Ye Yu himself didn’t know whether it was the real idea in his own heart or whether it was influenced by the crime of this world, but it was undeniable that Ye Yu’s idea of saving the boy in front of him really faded a lot.
He went to the front of Hyoudou Issei and held out his hand to hold each other’s palm. Now Ye Yu wants to know more about what kind of artifact he is and what will make him feel the dragon breath than to save him.
Who is this … Is this to save me? Help … help me …
Want to speak but can’t make a sound, even can’t open your eyes. When Ye Yu holds Hyoudou Issei’s palm, an extreme cold breath is invading his body along his palm.
Even Ye Yu himself didn’t understand what happened. Immediately, a blazing red glow came out from Hyoudou Issei’s wrist generate.
A dragon full of majesty rang, but before it was revealed, the prestige was completely annihilated by exhausted ice.
By the time Ye Yu reacted, the poor boy had already melted into an ice sculpture and completely lost his life.
"Well …"
Ye Yu stood there stupidly and didn’t do anything by himself. Why did this happen?
I don’t know what to do with this situation. Ye Yu has to take out Leah silk and give him a list. This list has been given a small-scale delivery method, which can directly summon Leah silk.
A magic circle was outlined beside Ye Yu, and a touch of s-curve bright red appeared in Ye Yu’s eyes.
First, long red hair like blood soon Leah silk appeared in front of Ye Yu.
"Um … Ye Yu is you calling me? What happened? "
Which customer initiated the call to Leah or sent out the order? Only after I came over did I find that Ye Yu called herself.
"This is …"
See fell to the ground has lost the breath of life Hyoudou Issei Leah silk slightly one leng immediately look at the Ye Yu.
"I don’t know what’s going on. I found him with a distinctive smell in college and thought it was probably an artifact, so I followed him to have a look, and then I found that he was killed by a degenerate angel. After the degenerate angel left, I used to want to have a look at his condition. I held his palm and just …"
"So … this can’t blame you because we didn’t make it clear to you."
Looked at the hopeless Hyoudou Issei Leah silk some pity with a sigh.
"When the host encounters a life threat, the artifact will spontaneously protect the master. You were in such a situation at the beginning, and he obviously stayed in his body when you held his hand. The artifact is to protect the master and launched a counterattack. At the same time, your artifact is also the same … and then it is like this."
"Is that so?"
Ye Yu scratched his head, but he always felt that something had just entered his body in contact with this boy. Is it an illusion?

Just like yesterday’s battle, even if we know that artillery can’t kill the defenders of saltworks, the first attack by loyalists is still artillery hundreds of steps away. In their eyes, even if these solid shells can hit the morale of a tiger and leopard army, it is very cost-effective

After a solid shell hit the city wall one after another, the mighty officer’s arms and marines also moved out.
Chapter four hundred Success
After two consecutive attacks, the number of musketeers in Zhu Dadian’s hands has dropped sharply from 3,000 before the war to less than 1,000 now.
But even so, Zhu Dadian, who is full of confidence in today’s attack, is like a crazy gambler who sends the remaining musketeers to the battlefield to break through the salt field in front of him.
And the scene that followed on the battlefield did not disappoint Zhu Dadian.
As soon as the musketeers sent by themselves entered the range of the other musketeers, the guns began to ring on the battlefield.
In the first round, the Tiger and Leopard Army shot and killed people in a musket array. Although seven musketeers were instantly killed, they were watching Zhu Dadian’s face. Instead of showing the slightest sadness, they also saw a little excitement and excitement …
Because Zhu Dadian, who just shot, can be sure that there are definitely less than 100 gunmen who just shot Tiger and Leopard.
Even if we just shot 100 defenders in the saltworks and made muskets the most common three-stage shooting, there were 300 musketeers left in the Tiger and Leopard Army …
This data coincides with the number of tiger and leopard arms and marines that I got after my estimation and calculation last night.
Since it matches, it further proves that all the inferences made last night are justified.
Under such circumstances, superior forces will be in vain to deal with a bunch of tigers and leopards who have no advantage, if they can’t get it easily.
The excitement of thinking about Zhu Dadian’s face has been unconsciously covered by confidence.
After taking a deep breath, he ordered, "Archers and four siege horses began to attack … for half an hour to take the city wall and break into the saltworks …"
After hearing the order, several generals who were already eager to try seemed to be suddenly injected with a dose of stimulant. Just holding the fuels for Zhu Dadian, they rushed to the battlefield like the wind …
Soon, more than 5,000 troops were well-equipped, with certain training, and the loyalist army was like a burst of water rushing to the city wall …
See here face is permeated with confidence Zhu Dadian directly put a telescope on the guards behind ordered "give chancellorsville tables and chairs back to the officer … officer here to watch over a cup of tea also arty time …"
In the face of the madness, the loyalist made the trick more realistic. The loyalist dispatched four siege teams to attract them to the foot of the city wall and enter the attack range of grenades and explosives. The soldiers of the garrison division of the city wall directly made the rolling stones and spears fight against the enemy …
Several times when the fighting was in full swing, the loyalist siege team almost climbed the wall and opened a gap.
At the beginning of the battle, the loyalists attacked the city outside the city. Instead of finding anything strange, they attacked more and more fiercely. Soon, four thousand loyalists of the siege team gathered in the wall and rushed to climb the ladder.
Looking at the tower, the soldiers, loyalists, attacking troops and archers are more than musketeers, and they attack one wall after another. The heart of teacher He Guozhong is more painful than blood.
However, after the overall situation, He Guozhong clenched his fist and endured it for a long time.
He Guozhong clenched his fist because his heart was wronged and he kept smashing into the front city. When the chief of staff was full of excitement, he finally reached He Guozhong’s ear.
Guo-zhong He was just nervous and relaxed instantly.
At the same time, a trace of hot eyes followed He Guozhong’s eyes.
Take a deep breath and suppress your heart. After expecting, you ordered, "It’s finally our turn to fight back … Ma sent a signal to order all the soldiers involved in the war to start fighting back …"
Three flares with sharp roar just flying all kinds of roar began to roar from the platoon leader … the officer’s mouth.
There have been more than 200 musketeers hiding without shooting. The horse raised the musketeers and pulled the trigger at the loyalist archers dozens of paces away.
After the bean-like gun sounded, with angry lead bullets, it quickly spewed out of the barrel and flew out of the wall, throwing arrows at the wall and throwing arrows at the loyalist archers.
At the same time, 300 musketeers fired at the officer’s arms and marines, and turned their guns to eject lead as dense as rain at the officer’s archers.
More than 500 muskets were fired repeatedly, and a huge gap was swept out in the middle of the horse among the loyalist archers. The expression of the remaining archers was directly replaced by panic and panic
When the archers began to be slaughtered by the defenders in the saltworks, the officers, arms, marines and siege teams were not much better.
In the face of the command not to save ammunition, six mortars directly struggled to tilt the flowering shells at the loyalist muskets.
Along the line of the city wall, more than 200 grenades with white smoke were instantly thrown by the defenders of the saltworks, and the explosion was like setting off firecrackers, and the foot of the city wall sounded.
In the face of saltworks defenders, they were all full of confidence in this attack, and thousands of loyalists were directly stunned …
When they reacted from the shock and began to react, their colleagues around them had fallen into the battlefield in pieces.
However, the sharp firearms attack such as grenades and explosive charges can’t avoid the grenade fragment attack even if they are equipped with wallets.
Especially at the foot of the crowded city wall, the joint attack department of thousands of siege team officers and soldiers grenades and explosive charges is a big one … In an instant, the foot of the city wall is covered with a whole layer of loyalist bodies.
The battlefield was not only attacked by loyalist soldiers who just picked up a cup of tea to enjoy Zhu Dadian, but also frightened by the sudden explosion of Tathagata.
The teacup in his hand fell to the ground because of shock, and the hot tea was sprinkled directly behind him. Zhu Dadian was woken up with a face of shock.
Then shouted at the side, "What’s the matter? Didn’t you say that the defenders of the saltworks no longer have these firearms? That these explosions is how to return a responsibility, suddenly more guns is how to return a responsibility … "
Zhu Dadian is full of doubts about the sudden accident in front of him, which is even worse.
Zhu Dadian questioned that no one spoke, and everyone dared to lead Zhu Dadian’s anger to themselves at this time.
With the coming of the battlefield, the explosion became more and more dense, and the smoke produced by the explosion almost enveloped the whole battlefield when it was transferred to the side by Zhu Dadian. A lieutenant finally said.
"At the end of the adult, the first thing we should do is to withdraw the attacking soldiers and then think about the specific reasons …"
"The defenders of the saltworks attacked us with this firearm, and the soldiers who participated in the attack didn’t even have the slightest room to strike back, which was close to suicide … If we don’t withdraw them, we will be worried that they will lose in this attack."
There is absolutely no doubt that the great dynasty was deeply impressed by Emperor Chongzhen’s ability to patrol Zhu Dadian’s house.
When he woke up and slowly recovered his composure, he raised his telescope again and began to pay attention to the battlefield. His horse discovered the seriousness of the situation.
So he was decisive and ordered his horse to "sound the golden horse and sound the golden bell to withdraw all the attacking troops …"
When ringing the golden bell to the ears of all loyalist soldiers in the battlefield, it also goes to the ears of all defenders in the salt field of the city wall.
Guo-zhong he a pair of eyes again to shoot two cleaners at the same time around the chief of staff has opened his mouth to wake up.
"Teachers loyalist ready to withdraw …"
A sneer flashed from the corner of He Guozhong’s mouth, and then he said, "Come and go whenever you want. What does Zhu Dadian regard as our tiger and leopard army … Are the chief of staff ready to attack the troops?"
The chief of staff nodded and affirmed, "Two hundred and fifty of the 1,000 soldiers are veterans we brought from Datong, five hundred are our first batch of trained recruits, and two hundred and fifty are our second batch of trained recruits …"
"These people participated in the day and night battles yesterday, and they all saw too little blood and loyalist fighting at close range. In this case, it is absolutely no problem to rush out of the saltworks and fight with loyalist."
"Teachers, the 1,000 soldiers have gathered at the city gate, asking you to reach the attack order, and you can beat the loyalist outside the city to further expand the results and weaken the loyalist outside the city."
"Very well …" He Guozhong ordered with a satisfied smile.

"But in fact, the king is true. If the king does that position, the king will definitely put them to death."

Even JianJi picked an eyebrow. "It can be said that it’s really a brother and sister who are fickle, but … Beidou is loyal now without Yuhengtian, but the report must have a knot in my heart. I think it’s better to secretly accept Yang concubine and let her continue to report your hard work."
You Yan Qimu snorted coldly. "How can you conclude that the king lacks her without seeing the twenty-four guards and Beidou?"
"God-fearing Tian Shu Tianji should have been left in Miao Di by the sovereign. There are too many twenty-four guards. I also plan not to come over and see anyone who has never seen anyone who knows the big things and looks for the small things in beginning of spring. It is enough to find a female guard, but it is really bad to collect Yang. So Yuheng is back now. The two sisters are too heavy to shine with the sovereign all day … male and female servants can’t tell her mind."
"Yaoguang is a man"
"Ah?" Even Jia Jian’s face changed greatly, and the shaking sound and face were different every time, but the only thing I knew was that he was wearing a dress.
You Yan Qimu looked at Lian Jian seriously and said, "Male, accurately, the king reserved the future eunuch manager, but it was not the king who gave him castration."
"If the report told me that he was practicing some devious kung fu, and he wanted to practice this skill, he had to go to the palace first, so I might laugh." Even Jia Ai picked an eyebrow, but she knew that it was impossible for you to understand the meaning.
"Even if so, what’s so funny? He is not for this reason, but he suddenly decided not to be prepared to guard like them every day, but to be able to follow Wang Ren safely with success or failure, "said Rufu Qimu, looking at Lianjia, which is quite meaningful, but he didn’t even notice it.
"Stupid and clever, but you can only be absolutely loyal and unique." Even I don’t know my own evaluation, but I have said in the past that it is more dangerous to shake the light and change my face than other Beidou, and it is feasible for one person to substitute for another.
But if you even know that it is because of your own words that you have the idea of dying, anyway, because he is interested in people and devoted himself to this martial arts and doing things, he is so ruthless.
Chapter 237 Witness at hand
The prince of a clean government is a man of his word. Although he still has doubts about this man, he even made it clear that she doesn’t want to affect her mother because of her own affairs. People can’t be so bad to the extreme. Although she has no filial piety to the elderly in Lianjia, she has seen that Lianjia is filial to her biological mother.
Even the roars are very heart-warming. After all, two people have been in love for half a generation, and he can’t hide his smile. After being glared at by the old man, he is still full of smiles.
The Prince of Integrity observed it silently for a while, and the two of them had to say that her old friend was as paranoid as ever, and even the old man could explain that she was angry at the moment and agreed with the Prince of Integrity, but with a very reluctant expression, it made the Prince of Integrity somewhat tolerable.
"By the way, the king heard someone from this prince. Do you have a slave named Aunt Qing?"
"Even the old house where the old minister is in charge is called Sunny." Even the old man thought of the possibility of even saying this, but if he doesn’t admit it, the prince of clean government should believe in himself more.
"Is she in my old house or Beijing now?"
"She is now helping to do things in Xiuniang Village in Beijing." Even the old man in the family is too magnanimous and the prince of integrity is not sure.
However, he will never easily determine because of the performance of others. Since even the old people in the family have so much dissatisfaction with a Guo Xiue who has been dragged out, it must be that even the love is right. He really made this kind of desire to draw a line with them and provoke Guo Xiue.
But no matter what, it’s best not to tell him now. It’s better to even look for evidence. Let’s see how much trouble these two grandchildren can make, and then we’ll see if he cares.
Of course, it is impossible for even the frost to do it. Although it is so told to the prince of integrity, you can’t leave any evidence in the future. You Yan Qimu also knows this matter and even the family has been transferred in the future. I have never seen a person to help heaven and shake the light.
Lian Jian looked at a four-foot-tall child in front of him and was slightly curious. "Is he a Beidou or a twenty-four guard?"
"Small call grace! Today, I am responsible for leading away those big fools! " The immature sound and some happy sayings made Lian Jian chuckle.
"Today, I will arrange for the king to reiterate that Tianxuan is responsible for attracting attention. I will take ten twenty-four guards to put out the smoke, and the rest will follow the light to clean up the traces for an hour and return without omission."
Lian Jianjia shook his head. "It is not necessary to ask you to bring people back to Princess regularly, but if the situation is still limited during the merger, you can explore the consequences. I think you don’t want to know."
"It is a life!"
Tianxuan seems to be an acute saying that half of the people have run away. It seems that because of his small size and flexible machines, he is good at flying skills. Listening to him is also very playful. If it is bad, it is estimated that it is the best candidate to lure the enemy deep. No one can beat him.
It’s good to think about it for an hour, but it’s not the day to rest or the day to rest as soon as possible. It’s not the heart. What about him? He’s just afraid that something will happen here, and he’ll blame himself and make him work hard and get into trouble. I can’t tell you clearly when the time comes.
In fact, before Lian Jian entered the palace, you Yan Qimu often spent all night dealing with many things that he didn’t trust to give to others, but he never had a relationship with Lian Jian when he was in the daytime.
"They should still listen to Wang coming back in an hour, so they might as well take this opportunity to tell Wang about this thing."
"It’s important for the sovereign to go to court early. Now, the prince of clean government is in this court. Although he has never heard from the sovereign, many people have come out and tried to take this opportunity to bring down the sovereign. It’s better to rest early."
It’s like you didn’t even hear the words of Jianji. He has learned to recognize many words and many abbreviations, and he has also worked out the rules. In fact, there is no Jianji, and it’s nothing.
You Yan Qimu seems to be worried that Lian Jian ran away and held her in his arms. "Now things in the DPRK may find the answer from here."
"If you want to study hard in summer, can you move to the window table and study hard?"
"Wang doesn’t think it’s necessary and a beautiful woman can sit still in her arms. It’s showing Wang Haoxue to the princess."
Even with a sigh, it’s simply serious. I really told him something here. You Yan Qimu also listened very carefully. In less than an hour, Tianxuan really ran back before them.
"Small report princess inquire report you don’t know! It’s too hard for even the family to ambush for a whole hundred good people. They ran around this village for 30 or 40 times. These people are really well trained. Xiaodu … "Grace looked up and saw you holding the Qimu with a face of blue and black and looked at him.
Tianxuan gasped, "Xiao … is it the wrong time?"
"Is everything going well?" The cold road of Ruyan Qimu will hug you more tightly.
Heaven and shake the light and then press this sunny aunt came in with her head down. He just saw the scene. Naturally, there is no need to find yourself unhappy. You Yan Qimu looked at him with a crooked smile. "First throw this woman into another garden and strictly control it. When the king and princess are free, they will naturally go to find her and ask her to take it away."
Of course, you can see that you are in a disgusting day. "It’s not good to give up halfway in the last two paragraphs. You all go first."
"It’s good for the king to see for himself in the last two paragraphs. If the princess still doesn’t want to sleep, she can ask this fine aunt to provoke my Wangfu and Lianjia to live a few more lives or have a few more mouths than ordinary people."
Even Jia Jian nodded his head. Aunt Qing seems to be preparing for bite the tongue’s sample. "I really don’t want to say a word. I heard that her daughter-in-law was just two months pregnant in the same hospital, but I didn’t tell her. I was afraid that she would be larger foe. I’ll separate the woman from her first, and let her daughter-in-law be buried with her when she dies."
Aunt Qing’s mouth cloth was taken away. "Do you think Miss Da has misunderstood the handmaiden?"
"Misunderstanding? You’re ready to plead before I cross-examine? In fact, I just want you to give a mouth to the prince of clean government instead of confronting my grandfather. Whether you give it or not, I will kill you directly. It is enough for the princess not to like killing people. It is always not the best thing for you to cooperate with the princess to keep you safe. "
Aunt Sunny’s face changed greatly. She came to pretend that she didn’t know anything. It was an impostor. Aunt Sunny really has gone away. If she says so now, her family will go to born to die.
Chapter 23 is progressing smoothly
The next day, even the tiger roars early in the morning before leaving the house, and the old man of the family called him. The old man of the family was so angry that he immediately asked him to test the tone of the wood.
After the low tide, even the roars hesitated for a long time outside the palace gate, and finally waited until they were surrounded by all the ministers.

Lan Yi’s eyes widened.

This guy broke through the Jedi!
Chapter DiYiSanLiuWu Big friar four
(Bo Yao has completed his renewal promise, and today it has exceeded the deadline by 24 chapters. For example, thank you for your support.)
"Breaking is breaking and building is building a five-element rotation; Breaking is not breaking and building is not building; Broken like Yin built like Yang combined with Yin and Yang … "
Even if it is riddled with holes, even if it is severely damaged, even if it is a sea shock.
However, Sun Hao never gave up, supported Sun Hao, forgot the great fear and the great pain. The only thing I remember is that the fairy takes responsibility and is to persist and persist.
Godsworn may often have miracles.
Miracles are based on two conditions, accumulation and persistence, which can also be regarded as hard work and belief.
Although Sun Hao didn’t practice for a long time, the accumulation of five attributes is more solid than a solid foundation, and he knows the sea better than Dantian, and he has a strong ability to fight.
Yuan Ying’s body is also very tough.
Lan Yi Pang Da Zhen Yuan’s energy attacks Sun Haodan’s knowledge of the sea, but Yuan Ying’s body firmly and persistently drives the five elements’ theory of spirit and the combination of yin and yang.
Hard and firm, Yuan Ying’s body finally turns the destructive energy of the attacker into its own possible quantity one after another.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s accumulation, Yuan Ying’s tenacity and stability, and Sun Hao’s persistence.
Miracles can’t happen
However, in desperation, Sun Hao finally became impossible and temporarily stabilized his position. Although he suffered too much trauma, he finally did not completely collapse.
Good at this time, Xiao Wan broke out desperately to contain Lan Yi, otherwise Sun Hao would not get the most needed rotation and combination.
When Sun Hao transformed the energy of heterogeneous destruction little by little, he finally changed from qualitative change to quantitative change in one breath.
Sun Haowu’s attributes reached the peak of Yuan Ying’s mid-term, and he almost advanced to Yuan Ying’s late stage. After finally digesting the wisps of Lan Yi Pang Da Zhen Yuan, he realized that Sun Hao ushered in a breakthrough opportunity.
Knowing the sea, Yuanying’s body suddenly opened its eyes and opened its mouth like a long whale sucking water, and swallowed a strange kind of energy body, but it quickly grew up several times in this swallowing.
Lan Yi rushed into the body and the alien energy was quickly swallowed up.
Form a huge air mass like a funnel, and Sun Hao also took out his own milk for a long time and quickly drank two.
Boom a Sun Hao felt a sudden shock.
Suddenly, Lang felt a surge in my heart, and the five attributes of the meridians in the limbs surged past according to the established acupuncture points.
Pang Dazhen-won’t get over it, but he’ll jump up again in high spirits, and the heavy water will gather again to form and disperse the waste gold gas, and reassemble his right lung …
Mudan went round and round, and the milky brilliance not only completely recovered the liver, but also constantly infiltrated into various organs and parts of the body along Sun Hao meridians.
Aoyu Divine Power’s alchemy body works again, which is severely damaged, and the body contains golden light.
After the expansion of the sea area, the sea wall became stable again.
Dantian expansion and island expansion
Sun Hao has made progress in his physical strength.
Mid-term breakthrough of Yuanying
After training and difficulties, Sun Hao successfully entered the later stage of Yuanying.
In the late Yuan Ying period, the monks in this world reached their peak state, and the monks in this world reached their peak combat power.
The friars are called "big friars"
That is to say, Sun Hao has successfully stepped into the top ranks in this world and made the big monk point to soaring.
Big Brother, this world’s top status symbolizes that there are many wonders that Sun Hao can’t imagine. Before Sun Hao didn’t advance, he couldn’t understand them.
However, the great restorative changes at the time of promotion have given Sun Hao a boost.
At the same time, the cultivation and promotion caused great damage, and Mu Dan and the five attributes Zhenyuan Guanghua recovered quickly.
True yuan full state full
And not only that, Sun Hao also felt a particularly different atmosphere from the last picture in his consciousness.
Sun Hao insisted that the last picture was when his good friend Wang Yuan became the Oriental Dragon Column. At that time, Wang Yuan spewed an air force to Sun Hao to bless Sun Hao’s ability, which made Sun Hao burst into a sword and wiped out the inferno army outside Anyang.
After Sun Hao’s own outbreak, his friends added to his own gas capacity and consumed one.
However, Sun Hao, who was promoted to the Grand Friar, clearly felt that he had a good friend after all, and that he deeply blessed his luck and fulfilled his last wish.
An obscure and inexplicable smell will eventually ripple around me, and I can always grasp a chance of life. On the combination of spirit and yin and yang, it seems to be my bold attempt, but it seems to be my own persistence, but it is probably also the result of my own atmospheric transport capacity.
Moreover, Sun Hao had a very clear feeling when he was promoted with the help of his strong understanding of heaven. At this moment, his promotion to the big monk was made into the darling of this world by this world, and of course he was also responsible for guarding this world.
When Sun Haozheng carefully understood himself and the forces of heaven and earth.
Lan Yi once again strongly expelled Xiao Wan’s will and stretched out his palm from the ground to catch him.
Sun Hao opened his eyes and looked at Lan Yi. She came after her and almost fell. Old hatred and new hatred poured into my heart and I couldn’t help screaming underground.
The golden light rushed out from Sun Haoshen.
Corleone’s arms slightly shook his feet, and he crouched down like a fish and soil, and boom. Two turns rushed out of the ground and slowly fell to the front of Lan Yi.
Lan Yi looked surprised and pointed his hand at Sun Hao. "You actually attacked me and took the opportunity to break through?"
Sun Hao’s face was as light as usual, saying, "Lord Lan Zai made agarwood feel incomparable pressure, which almost completely destroyed agarwood’s physical body and soul, and was finally cornered to break through."
"Luo Luo" Lan Yi laughed and the flowers trembled. "Is it because Lan Yi didn’t know it, but Lan Yi knew that if it weren’t for Xiao Wan’s trouble at the critical moment, would there be a breakthrough?"
A faint smile appeared on Sun Hao’s face. "When Lan Jia came to this continent, he had to abide by the rules of this continent, or did Lan Jia think that Xiao Wan broke out by accident at this time?"
Lord Lan Yi stayed for a long time, smiled again and clapped his hands gently. "I see that it’s not accidental that such a small and gentle outburst of love has made your luck, but Aquilaria, do you think that even if you make a big monk, you can resist it?"
Sun Hao smiled, "Try and you will know."
Say that finish Corleone body with a shock.
Boom! Behind him, a giant appeared, as if it were a mountain, towering like a cloud and thousands of feet high.
The giant, with three heads and six arms, sat cross-legged and glared like a towering heaven and earth.
Lan Yi’s face suddenly changed and his mouth became brittle. "How is it possible?" How can you have such a powerful magical power? "
Sun Hao avatar method is not unheard of.
Sun Hao’s last move before he was trapped underground was the avatar method.
But she remembered that Sun Hao was only five or six feet tall at that time.
How is it possible that just a breakthrough in promotion to the great monk’s avatar method will be so fierce? Completely beyond her embodiment of god’s great knowledge.
Corleone face with a faint smile "how is that impossible? Don’t you think my avatar meeting is a parallel product? Lan Yi, please pick me up … "
Divine powers, magical powers, treasures, and solemn Sun Hao controls the enunciation. "The demon wolf’s ambition is bad for our mainland order, and it hurts me. Hundreds of millions of people are bad for my great mountains and rivers. Now my Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, is swinging for heaven to get rid of the inferno."
A huge palm stretched out to Lan Yi and fished it up.
Lord Lan Lan was filled with black metallic luster fog, and his mouth was crisp and he drank "Don’t try to break it for me …"
Jade palm waving behing palm print rushed to the huge method of palm.

Seeing that the arrow left the bow and flew in the direction of the target, it hit the red heart but failed to pierce the target and fell again.

YanRe looked at the arrow slightly disappointed.
That’s what she’s thinking. It’s good that this body system can do this.
Jin Yanyan doesn’t have much strength to hit the target, so it’s not easy, let alone make the arrow stick firmly in the target.
Although YanRe is disappointed, watching ChuYao is a little surprised.
Sure enough, she still brought him a surprise
When he was just watching, he felt that Yan Re didn’t look like a sample. Now it seems that he should be lacking in strength.
See YanRe face collapsed ChuYao smiled slightly "ok already very good"
Yan Re went to the arrow target and picked up the arrow. After hearing Chu Yao’s words, she walked back to Chu Yao and sighed, "Don’t comfort me, I still know it very well."
See some unhappy YanRe ChuYao comfort her with a smile, "it doesn’t matter whether you are strong or not because I can protect you."
Yan if because of their poor performance in the mind some not happy to hear ChuYao so she hurriedly looked up and saw ChuYao with a smile.
It’s fascinating like a spring breeze.
"What you said is true?" Yanre looked at ChuYao eyes blinked and asked seriously.
"Nature is true"
Chu Yao put his hands on Yan Re’s shoulders so that Yan Re could look at him face to face. He solemnly said, "I will try my best to protect Jin Yanyan and will never let you get any harm."
Yanre looked at him and solemnly replied "good"
Good is good, but she is not Jin Yanyan and he is not Ye Xiao.
After tonight, she and Ye Xiao will never have anything to do again.
After almost a rest, ChuYao went back to deal with other things.
He sent Yan Re back to rest and then returned to the camp to prepare for the discussion.
Unexpectedly, at this time, the lieutenant rushed to the "Duke" there.
Chu Yao saw him act in a hurry and saw his letter, so he asked, "Yes?"
He vaguely felt it was not a good thing …
"This is the brothers cut here today … the duke still have a look."
See lieutenant that awkward appearance ChuYao heart is a little nervous.
He opened the letter and saw that the envelope had been opened, presumably others should have read it.
Looking at ChuYao will open the envelope that lieutenant will explain "this is from the emperor’s side dark who hand cut …"
Dark guard beside the emperor?
Chu Yao opened the letter and saw that it said that he had got the news from General Ye Xiaoxin and sent it back.
Chapter 159 Chapter 159
Early the next day, ChuYao slowly opened his eyes in the camp.
I felt something on my face, and he stretched out his hand and touched it, and pulled out a silver needle from my face.
ChuYao "…"
Pulled out all the silver needles, and Chu Yao almost wore armor and walked out of the camp.
It happened that YanRe wanted to go to breakfast, and just after ChuYao camp, he opened the curtain.
And ChuYao eyes but three seconds YanRe looking at ChuYao face those needle wound suddenly some guiltily to speed up the pace.
"What are you running for?"
ChuYao walked beside YanRe expressionally, it is natural to take YanRe hand holding her to get breakfast.
Be ChuYao holding hands at that moment, YanRe heart suddenly a surprised she looked at the side ChuYao but feel don’t see a turn to tell her.
Oh, my God, is this Chu Yao or the Duke?
If Chu Yao regains his memory, what will hold his hand?
If it’s that duke, why didn’t he ask her about last night?
ChuYao don’t talk YanRe didn’t ask two people, just like that, they went to the place where they got breakfast.
To all Ye Gujun see ChuYao will take a look, now he and YanRe hands clenched that’s really not too obvious.
Ye Qi and Chen sat together in the distance, and when they saw ChuYao and Yan Re coming, they waved to them.
When they approached Ye Qi and Chen, they didn’t notice the two men’s hands. They just stopped for a moment but didn’t say anything.
"Breakfast is ready for you, big brother."
ChuYao and YanRe sit Ye Qicai pushed the extra steamed bread on the table in the direction of ChuYao and YanRe.
Looking at the steamed bread ChuYao’ well’ then picked up a steamed bread conveniently give YanRe pass.
YanRe took the steamed bread is thinking about ChuYao will loosen your hand, who knows that she tried to put her hand away ChuYao is not put.
Then came the sound of Chu Yao in her ear: "Yan Yan will move to my camp, so please accompany her to tidy up."
When he said this, it was obvious that several people at the table were suddenly one leng.
YanRe eyes wide open "I what …"
As soon as she said a few words, she felt ChuYao pinch her hand, so she was quiet and turned to "trouble her sister in law"

"I remember that a million-year-old soul beast should have four soul skills, right? There are four in Huo Gua. Why do I have two?" Although satisfied with these two powerful souls, Zhao still has some doubts

"Nonsense Huo Yuhao get four soul skill is spirit where there is ice? You’re not a spiritual soul teacher. ice silkworm’s main attribute soul skill, of course, you can’t inherit it. "I didn’t good the spirit when I heard Zhao’s words.
"But you don’t lose money. Although you inherit the spirit and soul skills of heavenly dreams, his spiritual practice is sealed in your body. As you grow, they will gradually unseal it to enhance your spirit. In fact, your puppet Wu Soul also needs strong spirit to support it. Now it’s okay. After you have improved your puppet, you can’t do it without strong spirit."
"That soul bone? The dream of heaven is a million-year-old soul beast. Why don’t I even see the soul bones? "
"Soul bone is the essence of soul force of soul beast, constantly tempering the body of soul beast and refining the special product, dream of dreams. ice silkworm is a great supplement, and they are constantly sucking the body source by Emperor Day. Where can this thing be produced? If there are words, let the emperor day they dig to eat. "
"Lying in the trough doesn’t even have a piece of soul bone, which really disgraces the soul beast in one million years." Zhao turned black when he heard the unified explanation.
But it’s also the emperor’s day to think about it. Their habits are sure to eat wherever there is nutrition, and there is no chance to nourish their souls and bones.
Having said that, he is satisfied that the harvest can be so great.
This far north trip not only won a new puppet, Tu Shan Yaya, but also possessed a million-year-old soul ring and two powerful soul skills.
After the strength has risen to level 1, according to Brigitte’s meaning, he can get another 570,000-year-old super fierce beast beater.
Although Brigitte is not a fighting fierce beast, it should still be no problem to repair the height and hammer a common title. More importantly, Brigitte is good at treating in the stars forest, but after healing these fierce beasts, Brigitte can cure any injury if it is not too serious.
Slowly, Zhao opened his eyes, and the surrounding temperature seemed to rise briefly, but then fell quickly.
"My Lord, have you succeeded?" See Zhao Chenggong absorbed the dream of heaven, and ice silkworm’s soul ring Brigitte hurriedly walked to come over. Just now, Zhao was black for a while, and the white sample almost scared her to death.
If anything happens to Zhao under her nose, let alone Gu Yuena, I’m afraid even she can forgive herself. Fortunately, Zhao has succeeded.
"You just keep here? There is no other spirit beast. "Zhao asked Brigitte, looking at a cut face.
Can get a fierce beast so cut zhao heart is not some history.
Although A Yin’s little dance is regarded as a spirit beast of 100,000 years, it has lost its former strength after reconstruction, but this is an absolute boss in front of it. Now, human beings have not explored the spirit beast to the core circle of the Stars Forest, and they are familiar with the powerful spirit beasts, including Titan, Ape, Python and Brigitte. It is estimated that only those bosses in the Soul Hall know it.
And such a fierce beast is naturally different from him.
"Back to the adult here is the northernmost periphery, and there is no powerful spirit beast" Brigitte respectfully replied.
"Well, you did a good job this time. What reward do you want?" Staring at Bridget Zhao and playing with the taste.
"This," Bridget said quickly, vaguely thinking of what Zhao wanted to do. "Adults share their worries in their duties. How can they be rewarded by adults?"
"Then I have to give it?" Zhao continued
"This?" Brigitte bowed her head and was at a loss.
"Forget it, I’ll go and find a soul beast to try my soul skills." Zhao shook his head and felt like crying. He is not even a drop younger now. Even if there is a delicate beauty in front of him, he can sigh at the ocean, but it’s good to see it. It’s less eye-catching. Many people have a chance to see it.
Perhaps there is some ice energy in his body. Zhao now seems to have some resistance to the far north environment.
Soon Zhao discovered a soul beast.
It was an ice wolf about one meter long, covered with thick white hair and green eyes with fierce light. When Zhao saw him, it also saw Zhao suddenly growling at Zhao and then pouncing on him.
At the moment it came, Zhao released the Wu soul, and a brilliant golden soul ring rose slowly over him.
Zhao immediately released his first soul skill.
The soul ring lights up in black and white, and two beams directly shoot at the ice wolf.
The energy beam enters the ice wolf body, and its action comes to an abrupt end. It flutters in the middle of a stalemate and quickly falls to the ground. It can’t die any more. Two different properties of energy, ice and fire, have already destroyed its body.
After the death of the ice wolf, a white yellowish soul ring rose out. Obviously, this soul beast has been close to a hundred years.
Zhao guessed that even the ordinary century-old soul beast might be able to resist this attack. This soul skill should be able to do great harm to the weaker Millennium soul beast.
There is probably a bottom to this soul skill damage. Zhao directly released the puppet Wu Soul. When he acquired Tu Shan Yaya Puppet, his soul strength was not enough to reach level 20.
Now the strength has broken through level 20, and this puppet has also been directly attached to the second soul ring of Zhao.
After the release of Wu Soul, two orange soul rings appeared in Zhao.
As the second soul ring lights up, Tu Shan Yaya appears in front of Zhao.
Yaya is wearing a blue robe with a wine gourd hanging from her waist. She is barefoot on the ice and snow ground, but she doesn’t feel cold at all.
Dark brown long hair hangs freely around the waist, a pair of black eyes exude a chill, and a delicate face reveals a cold temperament.
It’s cold and windy!
"Master" walked slowly to the front of Zhao. Although Tu Shan Yaya Daoyin came over, his lips did not move at all. Tu Shan Yaya spoke without moving his mouth. This is a bit like ventriloquism in martial arts novels, but it is called phonology in their Tu Shan.
"Don’t make the sound technique remember without my permission?"
"Yes," said Tu Shan Yaya when he heard Zhao.
That’s right!
It’s not so cold when you talk!
Zhao smiled and looked at Tu Shan Yaya. He couldn’t help but think of Hu Liena, Hu Liena, Wu Soul and a fox, but he was far from Tu Shan Yaya, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu.
You can let Yaya deal with her directly if you see her again!
Chapter 5 Yaya Strength
Soul hall
Pope hall
A well-dressed woman is sitting in the seat of the Pope’s Palace. She is dressed in a black gold-inlaid robe, wearing nine purple and gold crowns and holding a staff about two meters long with several precious stones. Her white skin is almost perfect, which makes her look so different, especially when her body reveals that kind of nobility and sacredness, which makes people unable to help but feel prostrate.
When a woman looks like she is in her thirties, her age doesn’t seem to leave a mark on her face. On the contrary, it makes her body fuller, moist and mature.
In this way, wherever a woman goes, she will be noticed, but no one dares to disrespect her because she is the contemporary Pope Bibidon in the Hall of the Soul.
No one dares to desecrate the Pope in the Hall of the Soul.
Fang Hu Liena suddenly sneezed in a golden Xuan dress.
What’s going on? Why do I feel that someone is speaking ill of me behind my back?
Is it that guy?
Since she came back from the starry forest, the scene of that day has appeared in her mind from time to time, and even if it is realized, it still makes her feel ashamed and angry in retrospect.
"Nana, what are you thinking? I find that something has been wrong with you these days? " Bibidong looked at Hu Liena and asked some questions.
"ah? Teacher, I’m fine. I was just thinking about teaching some cultivation problems in Wu Soul College in the afternoon. "I heard Bibiton calling Hu Liena and hurriedly replied in a panic.
"Well, I know what young girls at your age are thinking, but if you really like someone, you must let me know. You must know that some people are people on the surface, but they know each other, but they don’t know each other." It seems that something came to mind, said Bidong bitterly.
"Teacher, I don’t like anyone. I’m still young." Hu Liena shook his head, but how can these words satisfy Bidong? She is also experienced and knows what is going on in Hu Liena.
However, after thinking about it, I didn’t say anything more. The person Hu Liena is in contact with now may also be from the Hall of the Soul. She is the Pope of the Hall of the Soul. Even if she loves someone she shouldn’t love, she can put out this love flame.
"My Lord, is this Kyubi no Youko tian hu?" Brigitte has been in shock since Zhao released Tu Shan Yaya.
The strong blood across the street has a faint feeling of suppressing her. She feels that she is Brigitte, but the jade swan clan can suppress her. There are not many soul beasts, and the smell of that person seems to be fox clan.

But he indulged himself blindly …

Looking at her tears, he frowned impatiently. "Okay, okay, don’t cry. My baby allows heartless laughter and no crying …"
He tried to play a soft voice to comfort himself.
She looked at him with a look of "poof-poof" who wanted to comfort people but didn’t know how to comfort them at all. She smiled and scolded "idiot!"
He looked at her with evil eyes. "Who’s an idiot?"
"I am an idiot!" She smiled and admitted generously, and then the whole person curled up in his arms and his head was buried in his shoulder socket.
He stretched out his hand to hug her and didn’t talk, because her claw fish hung on himself to enjoy this rare moment of silence.
Sunset, sunset and sunset, the afterglow of the day covered the quiet maple valley with the last ray of light.
Fengyun light has fallen asleep in Xiao Lin Chu Huai, and he pushed her body before she woke up.
"Don’t sleep. It will be cold if you sleep in the middle of the night!" Xiao Linchu’s low magnetic voice with a hint of charm made her more lazy and rubbed into his arms.
He nai "hangs on me again and I will be rude to you!" "
She didn’t feel that he had looked up and that some part was tightly pressed against her lower abdomen.
Fengyun is dissatisfied with pouting and muttering about a beautiful scene. Why does he think about those initiatives?
He can’t hug her like a normal person and say something sweet, I love you and I can’t live without you anymore?
But think about it. If he does say it, she will think that he is crazy or has any bad intentions for her.
He seems to point to one goal in every word and everything, and that is to turn her to bed.
“ ` ` w w w 8
She quickly left him limping and looked at her wrinkled clothes aside. She frowned. "What if there is no clothes to change?"
He twisted his eyebrows. "Wait a minute-"
Dressed in her own clothes, Xiao Linchu strode towards the wooden house behind Fenglin, trembling with fear of being rushed into people, animals and animals, and saw her jade and body, so she pulled it thin and was wrapped in herself.
Why did she finally come out for nothing? He wanted to be wrapped in himself.
Lying in bed for several days, she didn’t know that it was late autumn and winter outside.
If she comes out in those clothes, she will be frozen to death.
She huddled in the quilt and waited for Xiao Linchu to have a cup of tea. Xiao Linchu has gone and returned.
He held a dress in his hand, pure and white as moonlight.
Fengyun light jaw-dropping "lying trough you even know that there are women’s clothes in the room? Should it be you before the owner of this place? You eloped here with your woman, and then found out that you had yang and flaccidity, and your woman couldn’t get hard on you, so you abandoned breaking up with you, and then you abandoned yourself and felt sorry for yourself and married me. By the way, you wanted to prove something in my body … "
Xiao Linchujun’s face sank in his eyes, and the cold light was biting, and his lips were tilted in a dangerous arc, and his hands were tight.
Fengyun light a look at this fellow is about to get angry and quickly grabbed the clothes and seven hands and feet to wear. "I’m just kidding. Of course I know that there can’t be a woman willing to break up with you. You hook your fingers and women are waiting in line for you …"
He looked at her with a dull look. Feng Yun smiled heartlessly. "I have always liked white clothes, but I dare not wear them because they are goddesses and I am a female ghost!"
When she was a former blue-faced Avatar, she stole the white dress of Fengxianglian, and she was so proud that she went out late to wear fruit, which frightened the three people in the mansion and made her eggs nervous for several days. There are really female ghosts in the mansion.
She gave up the idea of wearing white clothes after that.
Looking at her little blush and vivid expression, she just washed her hair and put it on it. He wiped it for her before he took the square towel.
She was moved to tears. "Xiao Linchu, you are so kind to me …"
He was too lazy to ignore her and picked her up and was ready to leave.
She struggled to jump out of his arms.
Fengyun walked limping with his arm in his hand. "Look, actually, I can walk and give me a chance to walk with you in the forest …"
He naturally knew that she was worried about his arm injury and looked at her with a smile. "Okay, but take seven steps!"
Sure enough, when she reached the seventh step, he stretched her up again.
She frowned. "Hey, hey, I didn’t take seven steps to break my heart. Why can I take seven steps?"
He walked with a straight face, and she was really worried that his arm would jump in his arms. "You’re holding me and it’s killing me. Let me do it-"
He couldn’t beat her to let her help her walk back step by step.
Although her white dress is a little big, it smells like dust when worn on her body.
Back to send a month clause Zhang Qianqian with chicken balls at the door waiting for two people Zhang Qianqian a look at the phoenix cloud intellectual man fit clothes suddenly looked a white with holding chicken balls hands shaking up Chapter 18 She wants to if not.
Chapter 18 She thinks it’s not like this
Back to send month clause Zhang Qianqian with chicken balls at the door waiting for two people Zhang Qianqian a look at the phoenix cloud intellectual man fit clothes suddenly was a white with holding chicken balls hands shaking up.
Fengyun took Xiao Linchu’s waist with one hand and skipped around with one leg. Xiao Linchu was holding her shoulder with both hands. From time to time, Fengyun also stretched out his hand to hit Xiao Linchu.
Xiao Linchu is not angry, but smiling. She is fooling around
Two people there phoenix cloud light stare at Zhang Qianqian suddenly have a strange hostility to Zhang Qianqian.
She frowned and looked at her holding the chicken balls. As soon as the chicken balls cheered, Zhang Qianqian’s hand came loose and looked up at Fengyun. "Mr. Niang said that I can take part in this year’s provincial examination and get a scholar!"
Fengyun light far-fetched smile eyes light still fell on Zhang Qianqian.
Zhang Qianqian is not instantaneous moment looked at Xiao Linchu looked at his clothes slightly absence.
He changed into ordinary clothes in the wooden house after bathing.
At the moment, he is dressed in a silver-gray muslin garment, and his hair is fluffy at the back of his head. Yu Qingsi hangs down at his waist.
Now he is very different from Xiao Linchu at ordinary times.
Without that arrogant temperament, Xiao Linchu Guanghua is simply dazzling.
That slightly messy long hair will divide the outline into handsome faces and slightly cover the deep phoenix eyes, and the frost and cold on weekdays will be more free and easy.
His lip corners are slightly curved, making no secret of his pleasure.
Zhang Qianqian’s pale face has always been self-sustaining. She looked at him dressed up and couldn’t say a word.
Chicken balls turned around and pulled Zhang Qianqian’s hand happily and came to Fengyun Light. There is a kind of pulling his daughter-in-law to see his in-laws shy.

Dang dang dang.

The alarm at the gate of Xianmen was just when Situhao’s feet fell to the ground. The police had already been slammed and the Xianmen brother in front of the door had already rushed to hold the sword in his hand.
Situhao didn’t like Xianmen. He came here this time to make a scene. When the array of ten on-duty brothers was forming, his face was slightly more evil. The thunder blade was already lifted above his head. Suddenly, he split a reddish blood awn light wall and flew to cover Xianmen’s on-duty brother’s body.
The strength of Xianmendi in front of the door on duty is very weak, let alone a strong attack power, that is, the attack power cuts through the virtual sound, which has also made their ears ache and their faces show all the pain, but they dare not slack off and rush to wave their swords to meet the blood wall.
This blood-covered wall has a huge attack power and so on. Nine-order weapons dare not go straight to its front. What’s worse, some of them are weak and on duty.
Bang bang bang bang bang.
Brother on duty can’t damage the bloody light wall when he attacks the root with a sword. After the bloody light wall, the loud noise suddenly breaks, and ten Xianmen on duty brothers’ bodies are smashed to pieces, and blood and meat are scattered all over the floor.
Boom, boom, boom
The wall of blood and light continued to rush forward, and the Xianmen building came into being and connected to the Xianmen gate. A building was destroyed at this moment, and the dust was raised in front of the Xianmen gate. It was really overbearing
At this moment, dozens of figures flashed through the warm dust and flew out directly.
The evil thief dared to make trouble in our fairy gate. At this moment, the dust is flying, but those new fairy brothers didn’t see Stuart clearly.
Gaga Ga Situhao condensed the force, laughed long and silently, and the thunder rolled straight for nine nights and dozens of miles. The range was clear and audible. The garbage clan oppressed the good and the evil monster. Wu Tiangang, the patriarch of Xianmen, set up the Love and Passion Institute in South China City. These two old beasts are sucking the blood of the koo people and eating the flesh of the koo people. Since you Xianmen dare to harm the sky, the people dare to come and kill you. The younger brothers of Xianmen help you to die.
Situhao condensed his forces and roared down his right hand. The sky-cracked thunder blade swung fiercely again, and a reddish and bloody light swept the sky-cracked thunder blade forward, and the sound of breaking in the sky was more sharp than sharp and harsh. Dozens of new immortals were frightened to disgrace and flew up in succession.
The attack speed of Situhao was as fast as they flew up, and the noise kept ringing. Dozens of immortal brothers were killed by this, and no one escaped from Situhao’s attack. Chapter 41 Hell Slaughterhouse.
Wu Tiangang was called a sex maniac, who set up a love and passion institute in South China City to kill the koo people. Situ Hao had long been determined to kill him, and when his body was hit backwards, Situ Hao chased him with his feet slightly bent and fast.
Wu Tiangang’s big face became more urgent and shouted uncle Shi to save me.
Anyway, at this time, Situhao is in Xianmen, a white-haired and old woman in Xianmen. How can Situhao run to him in this murderous shape?
While pursuing Wu Tiangang, Situhao was also paying attention to other environments. Seeing Wu Tiangang chasing, Situhao suddenly cast a shadow and sneaked in the second realm with the wind. For the vast majority of Xianmendi present, his body was just disappearing, and they couldn’t help but be shocked.
This stealth display achievement method blink Stuart Hao figure has come to less than ten meters away from Wu Tiangang. With a wave of his hand, he cracked the thunder blade to form a bloody light wall, which suddenly came into being again and universal Wu Tiangang’s body flashed away.
Wu Tiangang’s force is also very strong, but compared with the white-haired old man, it is a far cry from Situhao’s shadow. The second realm of stealth posture is not that he can see with the naked eye when he sees Situhao’s figure, but the blood-covered wall has been violently attacked by his body.
At this time, Wu Tiangang’s body is less than 10 meters away from Situhao, that is, he wants to hide from the bloody light wall, but it is impossible. Although the bloody light wall cuts through the virtual sound, he is also white. It is not that he can easily resist this powerful attack, but at this time, he can’t let him bite his teeth and wave his sword to hit the bloody light wall.
Everything is done in an instant. The old white-haired force is very strong. He attacks the single-handle element weapon a little faster than the limit speed of Situhao, but the flying speed of other bodies can’t be used by Situhao. Compared with his desire to track down Situhao, it is also impossible.
Flint Wu Tiangang hand sword blood mans light wall hit together immediately made a terrible noise.
In the shrill scream, Wu Tiangang’s sword flew directly to one side, and his body quickly flew back with strong attack power, and his body even sprayed two blood on the way back.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Wu Tiangang’s body attack didn’t split Stuart’s powerful attack power to completely resolve the attack power. He continued to fly forward a few meters behind Wu Tiangang. Those weak immortal brothers didn’t react. What happened was that they were directly hit by the powerful attack power. More than 20 immortal brothers were violently crushed and died. More than 10 immortal brothers were severely traumatized in the aftermath of the powerful attack power, and they even screamed. Their bodies also made those bodies smashed and spilled flesh all over their bodies. It’s really weird to compare the scenes.
White-haired old man is still hurtling towards Stuart’s body, and Stuart has once again cast a stealth to fly back to the sky. Wu Tiangang pursued and went away. On the way, the figure was not hidden, the right hand was cracked, and the thunder blade was violently slashed again, and a bloody light wall was once again covered and flew back to Wu Tiangang.
The previous experience, those immortal disciples dare not be in Situhao’s powerful attack power again, fly up and flee on the spot in a hurry.
Wu Tiangang saw that Stuart’s powerful attack force attacked him again, and his face was dying. At this time, don’t say that he had no weapons in his hand. Even if he had weapons, he could not resist Stuart’s attack. At this time, he also flew in, and Stuart’s powerful attack force formed a very wide range. Facing him, this powerful horse attack, he was waiting to die.