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I barely smiled. "At first, I thought she was very good and very strict with me. Her heart was very hot. Now I am a little embarrassed." I wiped my tears unwillingly.

Liang Ke smiled gently. "No, I’m sorry. Although she looks very cold, her heart is actually very hot. She is a rare good girl. Okay, don’t be sad. Shall I take you to eat something delicious?"
"Uh, Miss Liang"
"Call me Liang Ke."
"Well," I nodded, "Liang Ke, when did my senior sister tell you this?"
"Last night," she said, "she called me and asked me to come here and wait and say that I would take care of a younger brother for her. By the way, how old are you?"
"Twenty-six," I said
Liang Ke thought for a moment, "Let’s go to dinner first, arrange the hotel and then I’ll take you out for a ride for a change."
I smiled faintly. "Okay, thank you."
Liang Kepu’s call was very nice, with a faint Hubei accent, crisp and moving, just like she impressed me and made me happy. She first took me to Hankou District to eat soup packets, then booked me a five-star hotel suite, and then drove me around Wuhan.
Wuhan is also often blocked by traffic jams, which is not much worse than that in Beijing, but she is a native of Wuhan and knows when to take a smoother road. From time to time, she finds a topic to chat with me to distract me. Every time she passes by some famous places, she introduces me like a tour guide.
"Is that Wuhan University over there? I heard that there are cherry blossoms there? " I looked at the distance.
"Yes, but it’s not the season now," she said. "Come back in March next year and let’s watch it together."
I smiled. "I have a female classmate in high school. She was from Wu Da University. At that time, she wrote to me and always said that cherry blossoms here were romantic."
"Female classmate?" She smiled at me. "Is it a girlfriend?"
I said, at that time, she wrote to invite me to Wuhan to watch cherry blossoms together, but I didn’t reply. Since then, we have lost touch with each other. After graduation, she went to Hong Kong and now I don’t know what happened.
"There is such a story." She nodded
"By the way, you know my sister. What does she look like?" It occurs to me that
She gave me a surprised look. "Don’t you know what your sister looks like? Haven’t you seen her? "
"No, I haven’t seen her yet," I said. "What’s her name? Is she pretty?"
She chuckled. "Song Jie said it was too much for me to talk about your sister."
I’m sorry, "Why do you keep it from me? Since you say it’s my sister, you don’t treat me like one of your own!"
"Don’t you trust Song Jie when she won’t let me say that she is naturally interested?" She gave me a look. "Your sister is a great girl. I really admire her. You will be honored to see her one day."
I was silent for a while. "Well, don’t tell me about her. I don’t want to force you. Well, can you tell me what she looks like?"
She looked at me and smiled without saying a word.
This smile has a door!
"I’ll put it another way," I said. "We are cousins. Do you think we are a little bit alike?"
Liang Ke looked at me and shook his head. "Not as handsome as you, but you are really nothing alike."
"What is she like? Beautiful? "
She thought, "She is tall, quiet, delicate, and her skin is very white. Well, by the way, her eyes are big and bright, especially her lips are very beautiful and sexy."
I imagined my sister. "Is this the goddess?"
"It is no exaggeration to say that your sister is a goddess." She smiled faintly. "The girls around Xiao Qiye are all goddesses, and your sister is the goddess among goddesses."
"She and Seventh Master are lovers?" I asked
Liang Ke suddenly realized that talking too much could cover his mouth and look at me awkwardly.
"I said wrong? Does Seventh Master like my sister very much? " I asked carefully
She shrugged her shoulders. "Forget it, you can’t hide it from Song Jie. It’s not my fault!"
A fool can see that my sister and Xiao Qiye are a couple, but what Song Jie seems to keep this a secret and just doesn’t want me to know? I couldn’t help thinking when I looked at the scenery outside. Do they have any secrets? Or is it that Xiao Qiye was sorry that her senior sister didn’t want me to know that I would be impulsive when I saw him in the future?
All kinds of conjectures are fruitless after all. My sister and Seventh Master are higher than me. I can’t figure out what they have in the past with these two roots. It seems that the mystery will come to light only when I see my sister in the future.
Liang Ke saw that I stopped talking, so he slowed down and pulled over. "What’s wrong with you?"
"Oh, nothing," I smirked. "I’m just curious about what happened to my sister and Seventh Master. Everyone kept it from me."
She smiled gently. "Have you seen Seventh Master?"
"Not yet," I said. "When I went to Brother Donkey’s teahouse to ask for him, he happened to go to America and didn’t touch it."
She nodded. "Seventh Master is a good man. After you see him, you will be white. Well, you are not in the mood for a ride. Tell me, I can help you do something to get you out. I will do my best!"
13 old friends
"The only thing I can do now is to wait patiently and wait for" I smile ".By the way, I will think about what I should do in the future. If you can tell me more stories about my sister and Seventh Master, I think it will be very helpful to me, but I can understand if you are in trouble."
Liang Ke hesitated. "You are also a Feng Shui master. There are some things you should be able to figure out by yourself. What must others tell you?"
I said, "You should know the realm of Sister and Seventh Master. Do you think I can push it out?"
"It seems a little difficult to talk like this." She paused. "It’s because of her painstaking efforts that Song Jie won’t let me tell you. Miss Lin and Seventh Master are more complicated. Unless they tell you themselves, outsiders can’t tell."
I seemed to understand something and nodded, "Well, in that case, I won’t ask."
She smiled. "It’s interesting to solve the mystery by yourself, isn’t it? Well, since we’re not going for a ride, what do you say? Do you want to go back to rest or find a place to play for a change? "
I was just about to speak when my mobile phone rang. When I opened it, it was a video message recommendation.
I thought to myself, "I haven’t seen a movie for a long time. Would you like to watch a movie with me if it’s convenient for you?"
"No problem!" She took out her cell phone and said, "I’ll see what’s good."
"No, just find a cinema and watch any one," I said with a smile.
It doesn’t matter what I see. What matters is that I need that environment to change my mind. I remember that I used to love watching movies. It seems that I haven’t been to the cinema for a long time since I met Ye Huan.
She turned me into a yogi. The road to practice is full of reality, and the illusory body is like a shadow. Since my life is like a shadow, why should I go to the cinema to see other people’s lives?
But at the moment, I have learned a lot in practice for more than two months, but I seem to have lost myself a little. Now I must jump out of this circle and forget some things for a while and look at myself from another angle, so that I can get back, and looking at the shadow is the best way to see.
Sister Shi has gone back. I should go by myself.
Coincidentally, there is a large shopping mall not too far from our parking place. Liang Ke said that there is a cinema there. When we got there, there was a 3d cartoon horse imported from the United States. She went to buy a ticket. I bought a bag of popcorn and two bottles of mineral water and went to the screening hall.
"Do you mind a couple’s bag?" She asked
"As long as you don’t mind," I smiled.
We got our glasses and found the box. After sitting for less than a minute, the movie started.
It was the weekend, and there were many movie goers, most of whom were parents with children and some couples.
Liang Ke was so absorbed in watching movies that he even forgot to eat popcorn and devoted himself to the screen. Those animated little people were sad and happy about me and her in life, and they wanted to follow the movie while watching it.
According to the elder sister, Wuling Blackstone will lead me to find it. Blackstone, then I will be with manager Liang Ke. Isn’t she very dangerous? Tan Qian lost four partners when he went to break the array for the first time, and set up his own children for the second time. It seems that the black stone array of Wu Ling is quite powerful. I can see that Liang can’t follow me with tricks, but can I break those mysterious Feng Shui arrays alone?
But on second thought, Tan Jia’s mastery of the implements array is estimated to be insufficient for the advanced Feng Shui array, but after we learned the secret thirty-six strategies, I can solve most of the array theories. Isn’t it just a godsend to test what I have learned?
While I was meditating, I unconsciously reached into Liang Ke’s arms and grabbed a handful of popcorn. I slowly ate one after another, and the more I ate, the more addicted I became. Finally, she simply gave me the paper tube.
"Hey, is it that beautiful?" I look at her.
She nodded vigorously. "Of course it looks good, don’t you think?"
I smiled, "Not bad, maybe I’m too preoccupied."
She gave me a look and smiled gently. "A few years ago, Seventh Master and Miss Lin came to my house to do business to save my sister and me. At that time, I was not sensible enough to speak ill of Seventh Master, so they decided to teach me a lesson. After I left my house, I knew I was a little injured and went to them to apologize myself, but Seventh Master ignored me. I remember that the two of them also went to the cinema that day. When Miss Lin came out, they were still holding a bucket of unfinished popcorn."
"What happened later?" I’m interested to ask
"Later, I knelt down to Seventh Master, but he just didn’t forgive me." She sighed with a smile. "Miss Lin couldn’t bear to persuade Seventh Master, but he was cold and didn’t give me any face. Finally, he gave me a step to start. I didn’t quite understand it. Later, when things were done, I realized that it was my good thing that you were feng shui masters, but others worked hard, but they might not be able to understand each other. Just like Seventh Master, he was a warm-hearted man, but he forced himself to take out a pair of iron to save me. Stone-hearted, it can be said that he and Miss Lin changed my view of Feng Shui masters, and they made me understand that not all the people in this circle are charlatans, and real Feng Shui masters are really valuable people. "

"Is this true?" Since she wants to give her benefits, can she refuse?

"If you don’t cry, don’t blame dad for this. Just now, dad was wrong. Don’t cry."
Chang Xiang pulled her into her arms, raised her hand and patted her back. "Acacia is very hard to learn martial arts. Do you really want to learn?"
Acacia was pressed by him in his arms and muffled. "Learn! But my stupid dad can’t hit me just because I can’t learn! "
Chang Xiang just smiled. It seems that her anger came and went quickly. It was this hug, but he was reluctant to let go. The girl’s body was so fragrant that he could not help but smell and smell a heart, which made him quiet.
"Dad won’t hit you!"
Often reluctant to let go of Chang Xiangsi looked at her face, tears finally stopped, long eyelashes were still stained with crystal tears, and he bowed his head and gently kissed her forehead.
Always homesick and petrified!
If she goes, she will definitely beat Chang Xiang directly into a pig’s head, but there is nothing wrong with him doing so because Chang Xiang is his daughter.
But kissing her like this …
Still make her very unaccustomed and really want to wash her face!
Seeing each other often, she explained in a slightly stunned way, "I haven’t been a father and neglected you. In the future, I will try my best to spare some time to accompany you. Come to our hospital late and I will teach you martial arts."
I often miss you as soon as I get back to the courtyard, and immediately let the clouds step through the snow and the bucket of water come over and rub my face, especially my forehead, until it turns red.
God, Chang Xiang kissed her!
This daughter really doesn’t want to do it!
Covering her wet face, she squatted on the ground and looked at the half bucket of water. She couldn’t help but pour a few more water on her face. She dumped her head and secretly told herself that it was normal for her father to do this intimate thing to her daughter.
It is …
She’s so old, she often behaves like this, but it makes people feel weird
Wash your face clean, and when you walk through the snow, you will see that you are always homesick. You have been washing your face and frowning tightly. "What’s the matter, Lord?"
Chang Xiangsi shook his head "Nothing!"
Cloud through the snow immediately handed a clean handkerchief.
She took the water to dry her face, and her little face without makeup looked very bright and beautiful. She sighed lightly and often asked acacia, "Can you be light in the snow?"
Cloud through the snow nodded, "I can do some things, but my brother is still fierce in flying."
"What about the force?"
"Well, martial arts practitioners will practice some kung fu techniques so that each move and style can exert the greatest lethality. I have also learned it, but my strength is not strong enough. My brother is more talented than me in this respect. He will be stronger. Do you want to learn?"
"Yeah, but my dad will teach me. I’ll learn from him for a few days to see if the effect is right. Then you can see the constant force?"
I have seen Chang Xiang several times. His pace looks calm, but it’s actually very light. I think Chang Xiang’s strength is strong and his lightness is also very high. At least if I start work, my brother is afraid that he will not be his opponent!
I’ve seen Chang Xiang’s martial arts today. Although there is a trick, it’s vicious and his hand strength is not lost to her as a former killer.
Bei Xuanyu can be said to be annoyed by God these days, because no matter where he goes, he can see phoenix and ink.
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Even a few times, you can meet Feng Mo Rao. If it weren’t for the emperor’s announcement, he would hardly be willing to go to the palace now and wait for him at the gate of the palace when he seems to be sure.
After leaving the DPRK every day, I ran outside to block him, and then I had the cheek to insist that he go back to the North Xuan General’s Office to eat with his mother. Now I see that Feng Mo Rao’s face is getting heavier every day.
At this time, as soon as Xuanyu was about to turn to the north, Feng Mo Rao was already crowded over there.
"Little General, I’ll take you to the Fairy House for lunch. New dishes have been introduced there today."
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him indifferently. "Thirteen princes are welcome. I am afraid I can’t accompany thirteen princes for a meal today."
"What could be more important than food?" Feng Mo Rao asked, "What’s the fun of going back to the house every time?"
Aside from the North Xuannuo, I really can’t see a few steps ago. "Wang Ye Yu’s son really has something. I have some things I want to discuss with him, and then I’ll invite thirteen Wang Yefu to have dinner another day!" Farewell! "
"Wait! General, this is wrong. Why should we avoid the king when discussing something? One more person and one more idea is better than taking the king. "
"This …"
North XuanNuo looked at Feng Mo Rao seriously and hesitated. I don’t know if I should turn away. North XuanYu has turned and left over there.
"Bei Xuanyu!" See north XuanYu has left phoenix ink Rao immediately after.
Left out in the cold, Bei Xuannuo looked at both of them leaving, and their hearts sank. These days, he saw the signs that the sleeves were broken and he actually saw his only son.
If Bei Xuanyu followed him, then …
Isn’t the North Xuanfu going to die!
If that’s the case, then he must break the dog leg of Bei Xuanyu!
I’m always homesick, and now I’m worried about my future because I’m entangled in a broken sleeve!
Out of the palace door, Feng Mo Rao looked at the back of North Xuanyu and a smirk appeared on his lips. He didn’t believe that he was so indomitable that North Xuanyu could resist it.
Close to the water, get the moon first!
Please enter the urn!
He will make Bei Xuanyu walk towards him step by step.
I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Wang, you seem to be in a bad mood these days. Why don’t you say something? But … but being homesick makes you angry again?"
He remembered that since the opening day of the Fairy Mansion, Bei Xuanyu began to be emotional every day, and he was even more indifferent to everyone.
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him. "Can you stop following me all the way?"

All desires poured down at this moment. "Brother Hao said not to bully me, which made people hurt." "I’m sorry in early summer." He bowed his head in regret.

"Hao brother, don’t say you’re sorry, even if you want me a hundred times and a thousand times, I’ll undress you in early summer, because I love you and I can give you everything, including my body and my life."
"I won’t make a move after a fool. Have a good rest and good night."
"But … but you always want me to be as crazy as you are possessed …"
"I … I don’t know anything. Maybe I can’t resist your beauty, fool. It’s tempting to tell you not to wear clothes in your room."
"But … but I’m just used to it."
"Oh, forget it. Go to bed early and sleep well."
"You … will you leave?" Looking at Hao piteously in early summer.
"I’ll stay with you if you don’t leave, okay?"
"Well … good night" early summer safely close your eyes.
Hao closed his eyes, but he was thinking about what happened these two days. I always felt something was wrong …
Maybe I think too much! ! So I fell asleep.
"Knock knock" grandpa Lin knocked on the door of Youxuan.
City opened the door and saw it was grandpa. "What’s wrong with grandpa? ?”
"Go in and say it." Grandpa Lin closed the door ..
"Grandpa, what are you going to say? ?” Youxuan poured a glass of water for grandpa.
"I’m telling you, I just passed by the early summer room and heard them …"
"No! ! !” You Xuan and Xi are surprised to see grandpa.
"It’s true! ! I heard with my own ears, "Grandpa Ye smiled from ear to ear, picked up the water next to him and drank it sweet! ! It’s so sweet that people are happy and everything is sweet.
City and Youxuan looked at each other and frowned.
"Well, you also go to bed early" and left happily.
"Wife, what do you think of it? ?” City let YouXuan sat down on the bed gently ask
"Me? ? I feel very good. I have a sister-in-law. "Youxuan smiles.
"But …"
"Oh, don’t be such a buts. I think early summer is very good."
V overall situation ()
the next day
Grandpa Lin got up early and waited for early summer and his grandson.
"Grandpa Lin, you Xuan, sister Xi, brother Xi, good morning." A sweet smile in early summer.
"Early summer come here! !” Grandpa Lin cried excitedly
"What’s wrong with Grandpa?"
"Last night, you" Grandpa Lin grinned …
"Grandpa …" In the early summer, I lay shyly in my arms.
"So it’s true? ?” Grandpa Lin asked excitedly.
Early summer nodded in Hao’s arms.
Lanshi building
Looking for it silently and carefully, finally at the corner.
I saw three characters in the president’s office.
When both hands just hold the door handle,
There’s a blush and a groan in it.
Silently and immediately froze where to go, neither into nor into.
I secretly wondered who was so bold as to dare to be in the president’s office.
Hu Feici must discuss it with Lanhe.
When the familiar sound of Ranch comes out inside.
Silently shocked the body on the spot and could not help but tremble.
It turns out that he said things.
Is it stealing love with others in the office?
No … No … I don’t believe it
Pushing the door silently shocked me.
See LanHe has revealed the bronze back pressure full woman.

The smiling girl just said, "Can you please die?" Such dangerous words

"What … did I hear you wrong?" Hyoudou Issei has the ability to understand and look at the beautiful girl in front of him.
"No … I want to invite you to die." Jiao smiled and gave birth to painted black wings behind the girl, flapping her wings and looking down at Hyoudou Issei.
Gentle eyes become cold and terrible, which is to look at being inferior to yourself. In the eyes, cold feelings are not the slightest pity.
"I’m really sorry. It’s still a little fun to play house with you, but it’s a pity that you are really an uncontrollable factor for us. I think … I’d better kill it." Unlike Amano’s gentle voice, the girl voice is so mature and enchanting that a sneer emerges from her mouth.
Noisy sounds gathered by the light and javelin appeared in the hands of Amano Evening Hemp.
There is no way to avoid the trajectory, just like light. Before the mind reacts, the body is filled with severe pain.
The body ….. was scored out of control and fell red. The blood that belongs to you fled and generally left from the body.
There are footsteps in my ear. That’s the footsteps of sesame sauce.
"Blame it on the God who lodges the artifact in your body." Say it out and let Hyoudou Issei not understand the words, and then Amano evening hemp figure disappears.
The dark sky came back again and became the fountain square at dusk. Everything was normal as if nothing had happened, except that blood kept pouring out of Hyoudou Issei’s body.
Chapter 13 Accidental Death
"This is the degenerate angel?"
Watching things develop, Ye Yu didn’t come out from the side until the famous wild evening degenerate angel left.
However, it seems that this degenerate angel is not so strong that she has not even found herself hiding on one side.
Even so, it is still too simple to kill an artifact without awakening human beings. This boy has no resistance at all, or he was stabbed through the heart with a cursor gun.
"Will … die?" Consciousness is rapidly disintegrating, and Hyoudou Issei is so unwilling.
Somebody … Somebody help me?
The footsteps rang again, belonging to the powerful sound of hard leather shoes and trampling.
Who? Who’s coming? Help me … help me.
Blood slowly flowing bright red in Hyoudou Issei body together.
Save … or not?
Ye Yu is in a dilemma.
Ye Yu has never been a kind guy. On the contrary, he has never cared about life and death with others.
Will follow out is also because found each other with dragon breath let him a little curious, even met degenerate angel can be said to be an accident.
And if you want to save this guy, it’s very simple. Just make Leah call each other to herself and let her sign a contract with this dying teenager.
Is that all?
I don’t know what Ye Yu suddenly became silent and looked at the young man in front of him. His eyes were also cold.
What’s to save him? Let yourself have one more competitor?
Irrepressible … The thought came into my mind, and Ye Yu himself didn’t know whether it was the real idea in his own heart or whether it was influenced by the crime of this world, but it was undeniable that Ye Yu’s idea of saving the boy in front of him really faded a lot.
He went to the front of Hyoudou Issei and held out his hand to hold each other’s palm. Now Ye Yu wants to know more about what kind of artifact he is and what will make him feel the dragon breath than to save him.
Who is this … Is this to save me? Help … help me …
Want to speak but can’t make a sound, even can’t open your eyes. When Ye Yu holds Hyoudou Issei’s palm, an extreme cold breath is invading his body along his palm.
Even Ye Yu himself didn’t understand what happened. Immediately, a blazing red glow came out from Hyoudou Issei’s wrist generate.
A dragon full of majesty rang, but before it was revealed, the prestige was completely annihilated by exhausted ice.
By the time Ye Yu reacted, the poor boy had already melted into an ice sculpture and completely lost his life.
"Well …"
Ye Yu stood there stupidly and didn’t do anything by himself. Why did this happen?
I don’t know what to do with this situation. Ye Yu has to take out Leah silk and give him a list. This list has been given a small-scale delivery method, which can directly summon Leah silk.
A magic circle was outlined beside Ye Yu, and a touch of s-curve bright red appeared in Ye Yu’s eyes.
First, long red hair like blood soon Leah silk appeared in front of Ye Yu.
"Um … Ye Yu is you calling me? What happened? "
Which customer initiated the call to Leah or sent out the order? Only after I came over did I find that Ye Yu called herself.
"This is …"
See fell to the ground has lost the breath of life Hyoudou Issei Leah silk slightly one leng immediately look at the Ye Yu.
"I don’t know what’s going on. I found him with a distinctive smell in college and thought it was probably an artifact, so I followed him to have a look, and then I found that he was killed by a degenerate angel. After the degenerate angel left, I used to want to have a look at his condition. I held his palm and just …"
"So … this can’t blame you because we didn’t make it clear to you."
Looked at the hopeless Hyoudou Issei Leah silk some pity with a sigh.
"When the host encounters a life threat, the artifact will spontaneously protect the master. You were in such a situation at the beginning, and he obviously stayed in his body when you held his hand. The artifact is to protect the master and launched a counterattack. At the same time, your artifact is also the same … and then it is like this."
"Is that so?"
Ye Yu scratched his head, but he always felt that something had just entered his body in contact with this boy. Is it an illusion?

Attack to the wind and push the snow. The cold light is urgent and fast. The wind and push the snow to lift the sword. At the same time, the sword in Qingfeng’s hand has been blocked by the enemy’s door!

In this confrontation, Qingfeng saw the attack on them, and they were the leaders of the poisoned coma meteor Sect!
The meteor Sect leader missed another stroke, and at the same time, the two men flashed a sharp murderous look on Wednesday! The other three sect leaders marched together from the side of Ling Fei to attack Fengcuixue and Qingfeng! !
Snow Sword can’t show people the wind and push the snow. There is a dagger in his hand that barely forces one of the leaders to fight, but he doesn’t have the spiritual strength to rely on his fists and fists. At one time, he was forced to run around by the leader, and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was much more difficult. He dealt with three directions and came to the leader!
All the leaders are the strongest sects, and their strength should not be underestimated. On the one hand, the three sects have to fight against each other, and on the other hand, they have to hide Tianyan Sect’s swordsmanship, which is also difficult to cope with at the moment.
The wind urged the snow to see that the heads of these shops were not controlled by people, and said, "A few Taoist friends! We’re here to save you! You hit us! "
One of the heads said sharply, "You killed so many heads and didn’t pay for it!"
With that, the four heads of the company are holding hands in order to attack the two men! Reiki method is like thunder, but the goal is not Qingfeng, but-the wind urges snow!
A zither but light ring Xuan Ming metamorphoses, drawn!
Like a thunderous thunder, these four masters joined forces to form a method and turned back!
Majestic aura instantaneous Xuan Ming sword center blast will blow out the four owners qi qi! Hit the outer wall!
At the moment when the four heads joined forces to rush toward the wind and snow, Qingfeng had figured out that several kinds of fruits would happen.
When they came to hide their identity, they put Xuan Ming and Ming Xuejian in the carry-on dry Kun bag, and what they took was an ordinary long sword. If this sword is used to block the sword, it will inevitably break, while the aftereffects of spiritual force will hurt the wind and push the snow.
If you don’t block the sword by its own spiritual force, then he will inevitably suffer from itself, but at the moment, the situation is not dark, and I don’t know how many enemies he can’t get hurt.
All Xuan Ming swords must be drawn.
But as soon as the sword came out of its sheath, Qingfeng regretted it
A head half knelt on the ground and looked at the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture sword "Xuan Ming sword … you are-"
Several flashes suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and a flurry of footsteps instantly surrounded the courtyard.
Tang Yufei, Tang Xun, Huo Xian, and monks from various sects are all here.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture suddenly realized that they had fallen into a game.
A ….. He and the wind urged the snow two people set up please enter the urn bureau.
"You are Xie Chen!"
The first reaction of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was guilty. He turned his head and looked at the wind and snow with a little panic and tension in his eyes.
Chapter 115 Chapter 115
When this statement came out, it was full of people.
Tribes with eyes from all directions are in the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and the wind is driving the snow.
You don’t have to look at it, but you know that the crowds are coming from all directions, blocking all the escape routes of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and snow rush.
"Xie Chen! Even if you change your name, so what! I can tell at a glance that this Xuan Ming sword in your hand belongs to Xie Chen! " Previously, the head of Meteor Sect, who attacked them, spit out a mouthful of blood and was helped up by his brother. He pointed at Qingfeng with one hand. "You and this person killed several heads in succession. Fortunately, when I woke up with the other three heads, I stopped them, which made everyone lucky!"
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture didn’t see the superfluous expression from the face of the wind urging snow, but it was very changeable. At this moment, they were in the office and had to think more. The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture quickly withdrew its line of sight, stood in front of the wind urging snow, and quickly whispered, "Trust me."
"It’s ridiculous for a sword to know people. Do you want to give me the identity of the former owner when you pick up the sword?" Qingfeng coldly denied his identity. "The murderer didn’t come here until we heard the noise, but you deliberately ambushed here. I’m afraid it wasn’t a’ accidental bump’ but a premeditated one!"
"Bihaige owners, the dean of the cat house, and the owner of Cangshan Sect of the Chen family in Taiyuan were killed! !” The sound of grief and indignation penetrated the courtyard. "Yunya Jun left his handwriting at the scene! Revenge on the heads! " As all the monks know, five years ago, during the First World War in Kunlun, the Taoist Daoist Tian Yan sent the leader, followed by Qixingmen and Bihaige.
"The whole don’t garden guard brother was killed, there are four of you broke into don’t garden, the murderer is not who you are! !” Some monks stand out from the crowd and accuse them.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture heart suddenly sank.
"no! Misunderstanding! We knocked out the guards and didn’t kill them! We are here to-"Fang gradually Hong and Duan Jiesheng were pushed and taken over. Fang gradually Hong was about to explain that he saw Tang Yufei shaking his head slightly at him.
He can’t explain now that he’s here to rescue the bosses. If he opens his mouth to explain, he will be discovered by everyone. This is because they and Tang Yufei have been colluding with each other for a long time. Things are going badly on their side. If he opens his mouth and speaks frankly, Tang Jia will be dragged into the water.
"Cut the crap and catch them first!"
"The head of Meteor Sect witnessed the two of them killing four heads … Since this person is Xie Chen, isn’t the man in white beside him Yunya Jun!"
"I heard that Mrs. Xie Chenyun Ya Jun Gou didn’t believe me earlier, but now it seems that the so-called leader of the right path in the past is nothing more than a thief in cahoots!" Meteor clan owners slow eyes rested on the snow body.
Watching the monks fry the pot, even so, one dares to go forward.
The solemn atmosphere was suddenly broken by a faint smile.
"Nonsense! If you don’t have proof, opening your mouth is turning black and white! Then if I say that you are Yunyajun, and you killed four heads, do you have any evidence to refute it? !”
In the previous step, the wind urged the snow, and the eyes of the eyebrows were all sharp.
Meteor Sect Leader "How could I-"
"If he is really YunYa gentleman and Xie Chen now that we have killed four owners, you can live to this day with you this group of waste? !” Those beautiful phoenix eyes are cold, head-up but condescending
Although this sentence is extremely insulting, it is not unreasonable.
After all, when Yunya Jun defected from Tianyan Sect, all the elders in the sect were out of the way, and none of them could stop the elders of the Six Peaks Sect of Yunya Jun Tianyan Sect.
This is also the reason why Tianyan Sect was able to sit firmly as the first sect in the repair world.
Suddenly, the crowd was escorted by soldiers with Huo Xian, and it seemed to be a common thing to say, "I think your body repair was that Kunlun was stabbed by Xie Chen’s sword, but it hasn’t healed yet … well! ! !”
Tang condemned a gag spell to hit Huo Xianshen, and by the way, he kicked the other side impatiently. "What’s the muddy water?" Your own suspicion has not been washed clearly! "
Huo Xianshi suffered such humiliation and stared angrily at Tang task.
But it was too late, and everyone’s attention was focused on the snow. At first, everyone was too nervous, and Yunya Jun Yuwei was still there. No one thought about exploring the snow. As Huo Xian woke up today, everyone’s gods fell on the snow. Only then did he realize that this person was aura!
But this seems to be common sense. After all, it is obvious to all that Yunya Jun was killed in Kunlun by Xie Chen’s sword. It is natural that Yunya Jun was so seriously injured and damaged, whether it was suspended animation or some evil heretical means … but I didn’t expect Yunya Jun to be directly repaired! It really takes a lot of effort to protect the safety of a repairman if Xie Chen is besieged by such several owners.

"Old Cao, cattle can skin. You mustn’t go into his pit. He will give you two million, but my offer is three million!" Two dog confirmed that the old Cao hadn’t dug away and suddenly the stone fell to the ground.

"Ha ha skin boss you come back, of course, I won’t work for cattle scalping! So you can rest for a few days and I’ll come to you in a few days! "
"Lao Cao, I’ll find you. You’re a business tycoon, but you can’t get angry. By the way, let me ask you something. Does Xiao Qianli have a girlfriend? Or is there a sister? "
"You said he didn’t seem to have a formal girlfriend, Xiao Shaoshao, but he didn’t take home his girlfriend! And he has no sister and a sister Xiao Manying! "
"Okay, I get it."
As soon as Pi two dog’s son returned to his room, he smiled and said, "Xiao Shaoshao, you have a sister, Xiao Manying. Call Xiao Manying!"
"This ….. leather boss xiao-ying jiang that is I drink too much horse urine drunk situation after waking up I also regret it very much! If this works, my sister won’t ask me to compensate Jiang Xiaoying for one million! "
Pi two dog suddenly hit the desktop and shouted, "If you repent, you won’t pick Weng Chuncao! Do you think I am a three-year-old child? Call Xiao Manying quickly! "
"Call it!" Xiao Shaoshao gave her sister Xiao Manying a word.
At the same time, Pi two dog also called Jiang Xiaoying
Jiang Xiaoying came here soon. She looked at him as if she didn’t know him. She was surprised and said, "Oh, my God, it’s me! No, it’s boss Pi!" Boss Pi, are you really not dead? Oh, my God, not only not dead, but also stronger. Look at this flesh and blood rolling all over. Oh, my God, it is estimated that such a big fist will kill people! "
See xiao-ying jiang surprised like this skin two dog in distress situation "xiao ying elder sister now is not a gossip when you see xiao less insulted you now old hair again to insult manager weng! Fortunately, I arrived on time, or Manager Weng will become Sister Xianglin! "
"He just got it. Did you call me here to avenge me?" Suddenly, Jiang Xiaoying looked incredible and remembered two dog’s speech. She was busy pulling him to the corridor trail. "two dog, did you say that the Xiao family’s general trend should take a long-term view?"
"I was busy registering a company and planning a lot of things in the village that day. Now the situation is different. Plus, I arrested Xiao Shaoshao at the scene. He thinks that he can’t rely on this time. Of course, he can’t let him go!"
"Then how are you going to find a game?"
"How about letting Xiao Shaoshao pay you one million yuan first and then calling his sister Xiao Manying? How can he insult you and Weng Chuncao? It’s fair that I insult his sister tit for tat!"
Chapter 322 Xiao Manying is good
"What two dog if he is willing to lose money his elder sister don’t insult? After all, his sister didn’t offend me! " Xiao-ying Jiang relented way
"No Xiaoying elder sister is my object of protection. Xiao Shaoshao insulted my object of protection. What’s wrong with me insulting his elder sister? And he insulted both of us, and I insulted him. It’s a bit of a loss! " He this cargo rightfully way
"Yes, I can’t find anything wrong with that, but I always feel that something is wrong!"
"There is nothing wrong with it!"
Pi two dog just made a decision and saw a stunning girl come in carrying a bag. The girl’s modern hairstyle is proud and her figure is extraordinary. He greeted the goods and said, "Are you Xiao Manying?"
"I’m Xiao Manying. Who are you and my brother?" Xiao Manying doesn’t know Pi two dog.
At this time, Xiao Shaoshao hit the room and said, "Sister!"
"Xiao Di, what are you doing here?" Xiao Manying took a look at Weng Chuncao.
"This is the case-"When Pi two dog opened the sack and poured yam, he told Xiao Manying everything.
Xiao Manying listened carefully and she looked at Xiao Shaoshao. "Is it true, brother? You almost forced Jiang Xiaoying and stripped Weng Chuncao? "
"Elder sister, I was drunk that day and my mind was not clear and I did something wrong. I …" Xiao Shaoshao didn’t even speak neatly like a stammer in front of her sister.
"worthless thing! If you want to screw up, you can have fun if you want money! Can’t you be strong if people don’t want to? See, now people want me to come back! " Xiao Manying was livid with anger.
"Sister, I made a mistake with Weng Chuncao and lost her one million skins. The boss also said that he would insult you. You can’t promise this!" Xiao less nervous palms sweating way
"Xiao less you one million is compensation for Weng Chuncao bullying and inducements these days! Stripping clothes does not count! Besides, what about Jiang Xiaoying? You forced her, and we were kind enough not to send you to the government for justice. It’s very kind of us! " Two dog spirit not dozen 1 come way
"This is not done? Attempted? "
Xiao Manying was so angry that he criticized his younger brother for slapping him before he left. "It’s also a sin to try to force, okay?" Why do you have to quibble when people don’t send you to justice? "
See Xiao Manying to skin two dog heart says this girl is good, her emotional intelligence quotient is not low, with her Xiao family can’t decline.
At this time, Xiao Manying said to Jiang Xiaoying with a sincere face, "Jiang always makes trouble when my brother drinks alcohol. It must be a crime for you to force him, but it is not good for your name to go out after private consultation. Make an offer and I will let Xiao Qianli compensate you for your mental loss!"
"She said at least one million!"
"But that’s one million plus you insulting me. Can it be over?" Xiao Manying flatly way
"Xiao Jie is a frank person. Let your brother make a payment first!"
Xiao Manying, who received a short message to confirm the mistake, called two dog into the room and lay down on the bed. "So you are the famous Pi two dog! Boss Pi, come on! "
Hearing Xiao Manying’s words, Xiao Dashao was so angry that he slapped his fist on the wall and shed tears of pain.
"Miss Xiao, I think you are quite reasonable. You are a blessing to Xiao’s family. So I won’t insult you. You can get up!" He put this goods on the trail.
"The boss is not good? Xiao Shao insulted your woman, so you insulted me! "
"You pretend to scream twice and you’re done!" Pi two dog didn’t really want to insult Xiao Manying. After all, Xiao Manying is a koo. He did this to let Xiao experience the insult of his loved ones less.
Xiao Manying shouted twice, and then pulled his clothes to look at him. "Boss Pi is not enough for you to kiss me. Only in this way can we be even!"
"Don’t kiss. Now that you’re tied, you can go!" Two dog said that now that he has found the field, he almost has to be a man and leave a chance to meet each other in the future
"Hey, you guy, it seems that the gossip in Fang is not true. They all say that you are stealing chickens and dogs. I tried to let you come and you didn’t come. That can prove one thing, that is, the smell outside is all rumors!" Xiao Manying somehow Pi two dog refused to kiss her, but she was a little lost. After all, she is also a famous beauty in nine planets City. This year, she is twenty-seven years older than Xiao Shao. Just as the carnival is going on, plus the noble status of Miss Xiao’s daughter, how many nobles in the city want to marry her?
She never imagined that the first initiative in her life was rejected. She was actually a small peasant from the countryside!
Not Xiao Manying began to look up at Pi two dog.
Two flowers bloom, one for each table. Besides, the dean of Dayanding Hospital, the source of his news is also very fast. He almost knew the news that Pi two dog was poisoned and died for the first time.
And last night, wang hong’s first mountaineering team returned home without even finding Pi two dog’s body, and he knew it clearly!
At nine o’clock tonight, Yao Dayan learned that Bai Xing had returned to the drug market. After her wholesale department reopened, Yao Dayan prepared a cash box and drove straight to the drug market in nine planets City.
Bai Xing’s retail department stopped the car and went straight to Bai Xing’s office with a big eye on the money box. Bai Xing opened the retail department so late to come and see the official business, and she had to wait for the wholesale department to have her alone. At first sight of the big eye on medicine really startled her.
"White beauty has always been? I have a win-win project. Are you interested in big beauty? " Yao Dayan tried to act like a good man.
"Sorry, Dean of Medicine, I have no plans to increase the project for the time being. Sorry!" Bai Xing knows that YaoDayan is two dog’s sworn enemy, and the two are rivals in the same trade. No matter how stupid she is, she can’t do business with YaoDayan!

And the reason is known from.

Wait until the next day when Ye Yu told Leah about Elsa, but she was reprimanded by Leah.
"It’s right to help me find a family with artifacts, but never talk to people in the church. The other party is a nun and also has artifacts, so even in the angel camp, it must be very important for children to take her as a family base."
Leah silk is so serious, and her expression is more serious than every time. She has always impressed Ye Yu with some carelessness and nonsense. It is the first time I have seen her so serious.
At this time, Leah gave people a feeling that Sister Lucifer, the Four Devils, was worthy of the vicious title of killing Ji with red hair.
After such a warning to Ye Yu, Leah’s attitude has changed dramatically. She seems to be very curious. She leaned out from behind the table and asked Ye Yu.
"That … did you tell Cangna the news?"
"Did you arrive … after all, I was the president’s family on the day I found Elsa, and Cang’s family was already here, wasn’t it?"
"Well … it’s great that I didn’t hurt you for nothing!"
Listening to Ye Yu’s answer was particularly happy. Leah jumped out directly from behind the table and hugged Ye Yu’s body with a smile.
"I’m very glad that you’re concerned about finding a family member. Ann thinks it’s better not to contact the nun for the time being. Family members can continue to find it, but it’s not worth the loss to cause conflicts between the two camps."
Leah silk said Ye Yu is gently nodded, but don’t know what his mind will always emerge that girl some lonely smile.
She needs help … needs herself …
Chapter 16 Abnormal Father
There are no ups and downs and calmness. After several days of daily life, Yuzryha Royal is worried that it has never happened, and I don’t know whether it should be good luck or something else.
Today is still a day for Leah’s family. Because of the recent increase in entrustment, Ye Yu also has to act as an errand boy
Leah silk’s means of searching for dependents are all distributed by herself, accompanied by a small-scale send-off list, which flows in this small town in the name of realizing wishes.
Of course, most people think it’s just a joke, but there are still a few people who will try to summon the devil according to the simple statement and make some strange wishes.
Most of them are errands, and they will pay Ye Yu some after the small things are finished. It seems that they have completely regarded this so-called demon call as a new industry.
There are a lot of people with summoning array attached to the startup list, but none of them are qualified to become Leah’s household.
According to Leah’s words, Ye Yu should also go to exercise. By the way, help the wood yard and the kitten share a heavy workload. Although it has always been stupid to sneer at Leah as if she were a child playing house.
But a demon … walks through the door and rings the doorbell …
With a wry smile, I looked at the address recorded in the handbill, and immediately Ye Yu came to a house, and then he found an unusual situation.
The door is open at night and it’s already deep. It’s not scientific to think about it with the door open at this time.
It’s too dangerous in the middle of the night
No … Come out of the house with blood smell.
So thinking about Ye Yu went into the house with high vigilance.
There is no light in the corridor, and there is a staircase leading to the second floor, and it seems that there is no light.
There is a room deep on the first floor that seems to have a light but it is very dark.
As Ye Yu gradually entered the room, the smell of blood became stronger and stronger. The light in the room was not a light but a flickering candle.
Here is the living room with furniture such as sofa, TV and coffee table.
Quite ordinary living room layout, but the living room wall has a corpse, and the bloody smell of the corpse also comes from here.
The body can see that it is a man whose body has been chopped to pieces, and something should be dirty from the wound … It looks particularly miserable to die.
Such a terrible situation will not make Yuzryha feel the slightest discomfort. He is beginning to wonder who the person who did such a thing is.
Obviously, it’s not like human beings can do it. It’s not that such perverts and cruel murderers don’t, but that the fineness of men’s wounds is obviously not something that human beings can do.
Then people who can commit such crimes should also be in the three camps of demons, angels and degenerate angels.
Did the lost demon do it?
But … The lost devil should not have a bad taste, right?
Ye Yu once again looked at the male body sticking to the wall in an inverted cross shape, nailed and fixed.
Thick nails are nailed to the palms of men’s hands and the centers of their soles.
This kind of murder method, which is full of religious meaning and breath, doesn’t look like something that a lost demon can do.

With that, Liu Yuan walked towards Shuilu College and never looked back.

Walnut looked at Liu Yuan’s back.
Can’t help but secretly sighed in my heart.
Compared with him.
I’m a walnut … What a genius?
Or study hard …
After Luyuan and Walnut parted,
I came all the way to my master Su Meng Food Research Institute.
Lu Yuan Su Meng Food Research Institute was about to push the door open when she went in, but she felt something.
Hurriedly shouted, "Damn it, everyone, back off!"
Tam several pet beasts hurried back after hearing Liu Yuan’s words.
While Liu yuan is holding nana’s collar.
Pull this little guy who is still in a state of madness back to a certain distance.
Just after Liu Yuan and Tam stepped back to a distance of 100 meters from the Food Research Institute.
A strong explosion shock wave immediately poured out from the door of the food research institute.
Tam several look at the shocking explosion shock wave.
The Institute of Food Studies, which keeps smoking black smoke.
Face expression is full of consternation.
What’s the situation? This is!
Someone at Shuilu College engaged in a terrorist attack? ? ?
"Ahem …"
When Tam’s pet animals haven’t figured out the situation.
A figure with a black face and brown hair.
Cough and walked out of the food institute.
And this seemingly awkward figure is Master Su Meng of Liu Yuan.
And Su Meng, several pet animals, forest bears and crack dragons, also came out from the food research institute together.
But at this time, several pet animals are also very sad.
They’re covered in dust, and it’s obvious that they’ve just exploded.
Liu Yuan looked at Su Meng and the forest bear and they couldn’t help saying, "Master, what did you just do?"
Su Meng raised his head in surprise at the sound of Liu Yuan.
"Xiao Lu, you are back!"
Lu Yuan nodded and asked with a strange look, "What did you just do, Master? It wasn’t … studying bombs, was it?"
Research and study bombs? !
Su Meng’s face suddenly collapsed when he heard that Liu Yuan had just done a great experiment as studying bombs.
She retorted to Liu Yuan with her hands akimbo, "What research bomb? I just studied a special gold-level royal animal food."
"There was a little accident during this research!"
Small, small accidents …
I think this accident … is not small at all!
You’ve blown up the Institute of Food Studies.
Liu Yuan looked at a face of stubborn Su Meng.
I couldn’t find anything to refute her at the moment.
Liu Yuan looked at the nearby Institute of Food Studies, which was constantly braving the fire.
Sighed and said, "Tam, put out the fire first."
Tam nodded and came out.
Then it opened its mouth and aimed at the direction of the food research institute.
One second, a huge water column jetted out of Tam’s mouth and landed in the Food Research Department.

"This guy is more acute than I thought, which is for the attention ability of the surrounding units," Super Dream said.

"What’s the matter with Xiaoyi?" Xiaoyong asked
"There were two people whispering in the corner on the left, and then one person ran away. When I looked over there, the other person also avoided my sight. Anyway, it was suspicious. Poké Ball, you all took it with you." Xiaoyi asked both of them, nodding.
"There are some ordinary travel wallets left there," Xiaoyong said.
"According to this thing, it says that we should arrest thieves before we have them." Aaron took out the booklet that Mr. Mi Keli gave to three people on his side, and he also roughly turned over a place to find photos.
"Come out of Gengar, go back to our room and put them down immediately if you see anything suspicious coming in." Xiaoyong directly called out Gengar Gengar and nodded immediately and then disappeared.
"The other side noticed" Aaron is said to get up.
"No stairs in our field of vision, even if we notice that he can’t go away to tip off the message … Xiaoyong" Xiaoyi called Xiaoyong Xiaoyong and called out Lei Jingling for nothing.
"Disturb the magnetic signal by releasing magnetic waves around." Xiaoyong said that Lei Jingling knowingly began to start work. Aaron took out his mobile phone and sure enough, the signal turned into a grid.
"If it weren’t for the kind of military walkie-talkie or military talk I heard in that operation before, it would never have happened, although I’m a little sorry for those who are usually talking."
"Well, I’ll collect the Internet cafe. I didn’t bring the ghost Poké mon, I didn’t bring the gas, and Poké mon didn’t take charge of the command. Anyway, I’ll give it a play." Aaron said, and then he walked towards the housing area.
50 Zhensha Town meets Professor Rowan?
At an airport that is not particularly big but also vast, a flying boat landed, and when the door opened, people with their hands tied behind their backs were urged. flying boat and the two adults, who were three years old and didn’t look young, tried many times to find a chance to escape, but the powerful roots of the three young Poké mon behind Nai made them even have no chance to escape. The most ironic thing is that it seems that the adults on their own side are just as good as they are and were pushed to the police station by three people.
"Thank you very much for your courage to help." In the police station, the green-haired female police officer thanked three people, but all three immediately waved their hands []
"No, although we don’t look the right age, I’m also a public official. It’s my job to catch thieves." The first teenager who looks the oldest said it was a little puzzled to hear this female police officer.
"After reading this, you can see it." The first teenager saw the female police officer and knew that it was difficult to make the other party white just by saying it, so he took out his own certificate and the words "Poké mon Special Action Team" caught the eye of the female police officer.
"This name is …" It seems that the female police officer doesn’t know what this special action team is, but when she sees the four seals of the Chengdu Alliance and the Fengyuan Alliance, she knows that this is by no means a casual thing, and there is the highest head of the Poké mon Alliance behind it-Charles Goodshow’s autographed female police officer immediately called a police officer aside to investigate what makes the brain speed fast. The police officer came back with a printed data and handed it to the female police officer.
"So that’s it. I’m really sorry. Then we did receive these two gangsters here," said the female police officer, and then they saluted the three men equally, and then they went out.
"In fact, it’s just the difference between being praised and not being praised. Why are you so serious?" After going out, the second youngest among the three people said it, but the person who looks the youngest but is the tallest shook his head. In fact, if this boy’s baby face is removed, maybe he will be recognized as the oldest. After all, the height advantage lies in.
"We are here to establish our prestige in the Shenao area, and naturally let people in the Shenao area know our ability to do things." Although we are the youngest, we seem to be the most mature.
"As Aaron said, but in fact, I’m not happy about this kind of deliberate show-off. Let’s take out the certificate this time." The first oldest boy said it directly without being shy.
"I was just about to say that you took the limelight and you got a bargain?" The second teenager helped the youngest teenager say this sentence together.
There is no doubt that these three people are Aaron Xiaoyi Xiaoyong.
"But it’s really a new area. I don’t know Poké mon walking around there." Xiaoyi looked around and said that the horse was despised by the other two.
"Pretend like someone else is okay. Do you want to say that you don’t know anything about Shenao Poké mon?" This time Xiaoyong stole in front of Aaron and vomited. Xiaoyi didn’t answer but smiled.
"In fact, it is not so much easier than telling the truth."
"I know it will be easier for me if you say less stupid things." Aaron shoulders the great task of spitting out three people …
"Forget it, forget it, but this is the real sand town. I heard that there is also a famous doctoral research institute here. Do you want to go and see it?" Xiao yiyi
"Please don’t forget that we are on duty." Aron woke up.
"Don’t say that. It’s good for Aaron to do things seriously, but it’s too serious to talk here. This doctor is really called Professor Rowan. It seems that Dr. Damu’s senior is going to meet him and then contact Dr. Damu by the way. Besides, in the end, we’re not going to the game room." Xiaoyong said at this time that it was very serious to persuade Aaron to think about it carefully.
"It seems that I have become a lot more serious since I accepted the job." I suddenly woke up and immediately agreed.
The institute is also very large. Three people found it as soon as they knocked on the door. Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong both took a step back. When they saw them, Aaron just thought of a most fundamental problem.
"What are we doing here?"
"Visit," replied Xiao Yi.
"It’s not that we just’ visit’ for no reason-but what if someone’s doctor is busy?"
"This is up to Aaron to deal with" Xiaoyong echoed.
"You want me to handle things when you turn me over?"
"Who is yelling at my door!" Not from the other side of the door, but from behind Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong. The source of this sound is a white-haired and bearded man dressed in a white work. Aaron recognized it at a glance, and Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong seemed to know each other.
"This dragon wants to see you."
"Xiao Yi, you betray people without mercy."
"The dragon? Are you the kid that Damu often sees? " Hearing this name, Professor Rowan thought for a while and seemed to think of it.
"You know me?"
"That’s for sure. Damu values you very much. I often think of you when chatting with me. So what can I do for you?" How should I put it? This old man always has a serious expression, which makes Aaron wonder whether he is serious or half-joking. To tell the truth, Aaron is a little at a loss and never knows what to say.
"In fact, it’s not a big deal, because the three of us want to work in the Shenao area for a while. I hope you can help the three of us to update the picture book information. Let’s introduce ourselves formally. I am the dragon and the two people here are Gao Qiao Yi and Yu Longyong." Aaron said that Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong finally didn’t tear down Aaron’s platform this time and bowed very well to say "hello."
"So it’s such a trivial matter. Then follow it up." Professor Rowan said, taking out the key to open the door before, and then gestured for three people to come in and three people to follow behind. Although there is no Dr. Damu’s house in this courtyard, it’s ridiculous that even the rock mountain is surrounded. The courtyard is big but it is also very big. Many poké mon are playing in the courtyard.
"Do you like Poké mon very much?" Professor Rowan saw that three people were all smiling when watching Poké mon play, so he asked. It should be said that the three people were still surprised when they were suddenly asked such a question, but the root of the answer to this question is that they can answer it without thinking, and the answer is not difficult at all.
"""of course" "Three people agreed and then laughed at each other.
"Well, I see that. From the three of you, I can see the strange temperament, the temperament close to the Four Kings. If I guess correctly, your strength must be very strong, strong enough for you to exude that temperament."
"It’s still a little embarrassing to take the initiative to ask us to admit that we are strong," Aaron said. It seems that Professor Rowan is not surprised at this answer, but seems to be satisfied?
"Well, you need the latest information about Poké mon in Shenao area. It will take about 5 minutes to put these information into your picture book." At the institute, three people took out their own picture books and gave them to Aaron in Professor Rowan, or did they receive the picture books from Dr. Damu in Zhenxin town, and Xiao Yi also got them from Dr. Mu eight years ago or the old model. Xiaoyong was also his original picture book, but the appearance was a little different from Xiao Yi’s. It seems that this picture book has evolved in, and Professor Rowan smiled after seeing these three old pictures. Then insert a picture book into the machine first, and the data should be one by one.
"I heard you say’ work’ before. Are you already working at a young age?" Because of the need of information, Professor Rowan was not prepared to do it sometimes, but he asked when he heard this Aaron nodded.
"Although I’m only 14 and 16, the three of us are actually at work, so we are members of the Poké mon Special Action Team."
"So that’s it. The three of you are the three and only three members of the special operations team." Did Professor Rowan say it directly? It’s only a few days ago that I was founded. Professor Rowan already knows. It should be said that it is normal not to know like a former female police officer, that is, Officer Jenny.
"Don’t look at me with this kind of recognition that I don’t know. It would be much easier if it were you. I should have received a notice from Mi Keli. He told me that the three of you will come to the Shenao area next and asked me to give each of you an illustration of the Shenao area Poké mon for illustration. I won’t give it to the newcomer as a trainer, but since Mi Keli came to tell me that it would sell Mi Keli’s face-I really didn’t think that the three of you were S. You all signed up just now," Professor Rowan said. Blame yourself for your memory. It should be said that Professor Rowan made such a mistake, which surprised the three people to meet. During these times, the image of Professor Rowan never making mistakes has been unconsciously established in the hearts of the three people.
"Wait, what is an S?" Xiaoyong suddenly felt doubt.
"hmm? Isn’t it the abbreviation of your’ Special Operations Team’ and’ Speialea’? "Professor Rowan said as he pulled out a picture book and inserted it into the second one. The shape is different, but it can be inserted into the same socket, which makes Aaron a little curious about the structure inside the machine.
"Come here, this is a new picture book for the three of you." Then Professor Rowan went to one side and brought three new pictures books for the Olympic area and gave them to three people here in Along.
"Mi Keli has paid for it. I know you like your old picture book, this new picture book, and send it back to your hometown as a collection." Professor Rowan said with a smile and then gave the picture book to three people.
Fifty-one Black Gold Road Pavilion! VS Hyouta!

"Well, I never lie to little girls!"

"All right!" Beibei swallowed the pills and soon closed her eyes again.
Jun Shao Yan’s face is dignified, but she hasn’t relaxed at all. Beibei has been in a coma for so many days, and her physique has been extremely weak. Although that pill just now has the effect of invigorating qi, it can also last for a short time. If she can’t complete the blood transfusion in a short time, I’m afraid her physical strength will be exhausted.
With a wave of his hand, someone has come in with a dead prisoner. Naturally, he has long been confused and doesn’t know anything.
Jun Shaoyan put them side by side and then stabbed Beibei with a silver needle.
Seeing black blood oozing from Beibei’s limbs, she quickly soaked her clothes, clothes and bedding.
After about a wick of incense, the blood flow slowed down. Jun Shaoyan quickly stabbed a silver needle again, and then stabbed the death row again. A needle like a thin thread of bright red blood emerged from the death row acupoint, but it was aimed at Beibei acupoint and slowly moved over, and the poisonous blood left in her body also turned into a silk thread and slowly immersed in the death row.
When it was another cup of tea, a little sweat appeared on Jun Shaoyan’s forehead, but when one of them was successful, Beibei’s toxic blood stopped.
And you can see that the speed slowly erodes your body.
God, the transfer of poisonous blood failed to bite itself!
Jun Shao Yan was frightened and quickly called people to death row again.
Highland barley wiped a sweat. Fortunately, they made preparations yesterday and went to another prison to imprison a death row prisoner. Otherwise, this situation is really dangerous today.
But this time, the exchange of blood was implemented, and the bright red blood flowed in the water, but it never entered Beibei’s body, while Beibei’s toxic blood spread.
This kind of situation is unheard of!
Jun Shao Yan froze in my mind, and Ma Benteng saw those medical classics emerge one by one
Suddenly, he secretly called it bad, and he was afraid that he would need the blood of his relatives to solve it. Now the only candidate is Lu Xiaoxi.
But it’s not what he wants to cure one person and hurt another. Call Ning Yichen for his advice.
Liu Xiaoxi has been kept at the door, anxious and uneasy. Seeing Ning Yichen being invited in now, we will know that things have changed.
Hence also quietly followed in.
The scene in front of him really startled Lu Xiaoxi. It took him a long time to run over and lie on Beibei’s couch.
Ning Yichen also corrected the question of whether to save Beibei or not. He asked faintly, "Is there no other way?"
"But Liu Xiaoxi he-"
A word haven’t say that finish two people heard "thud" rang small west lu face black blood actually fell to the ground.
But Beibei’s poisonous blood is gone, and her face is still pale, but her life has been hindered.
Jun Shaoyan looked at Liu Xiaoxi’s wrist wound and sighed, "Ah, this child probably wants to go to the grave with her sister. I didn’t expect to save Beibei by mistake."
Both of them are silent about this. No, they make a choice. Liu Xiaoxi has made his own choice.
He ordered Lu Xiaoxi and the condemned prisoners to be carried out, and Beibei was moved to another room. She injected some qi and waited for her to wake up.
When Shu Lele woke up, she saw that it was cold beside her. Ning Yichen didn’t come home for a night, so she raised her lips and asked Ziziphus jujuba, "Where did he go?"
Ziziphus jujuba naturally knows that today is Beibei’s detoxification day, but she dare not tell her to laugh. "The sovereign has gone out but didn’t say where he is going."
Well, it’s time for your majesty to go back to Beijing again!
Shu Lele was depressed for a while and stayed with him for a long time. At first, I couldn’t see the figure, but my heart was really falling.
After eating, they told Ziziphus jujuba and Ziziphus jujuba to walk around the house at will.
Only to find that I just walked to a rockery pool and saw a familiar shadow.
He hurried out of a small yard with a tired face.
Gee ~ ~ ~ That yard is very strange to her. What is Ning Yichen doing there?
Shu Lele was busy welcoming and cheerfully shouting "Little Dust, aren’t you out of the house?" How to get out of it? " She looked suspiciously at the yard and always felt that there was a faint blood gas in it.
NingYiChen micro leng fussed busy took her shoulder smiled "lele you wake up so early today? Have you eaten? I asked the kitchen to prepare pearl pills, which you like. "
"I’ve already eaten, but I feel a little hungry to walk around."
"I will accompany you!" Ningyichen then took her by the hand and took her to the other side.
Soon he left the yard and went to a small garden with beautiful scenery.
Several goldfish are playing at the bottom of the water, chasing lotus flowers, and several lotus blossoms are blowing in the breeze and emitting a faint fragrance.
Ningyichen picked a lotus to peel it carefully and fed it to Shulele’s lips.
Shu Lele put it in his mouth and chewed and praised "delicious!" Why didn’t I think there was such a good place here before? "
Alas, it’s also strange that Ning Wangfu is too big. She hasn’t visited her home yet. For example, she hasn’t been to that small courtyard just now.