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It’s not a serial, it’s not a fox or a ghost. She was kidnapped and then dumped in the middle of nowhere, right?

Such a thought startled Shu Lele, who was busy to check that he didn’t find anything strange. It was a relief that the ugly monster finally let himself go!
Can you say this is a blessing in disguise?
Shu Lele jumped up and ran to the mountain.
No matter where you are now, you can go home! Shu Lele weighed the purse. Fortunately, the broken silver, the silver ticket and the night pearl are still lying in it.
What the hell is this, walking in the rivers and lakes? It’s all a tear!
At the foot of the mountain, Shu Lele finally met someone who could talk. She rushed over and asked with a smile, "Uncle, can I ask what this place is?"
Seeing a pretty and lovely little girl asking for directions, the uncle laughed. "This is called Longshan, a little girl who belongs to the boundary of Songcheng. Where did this come from and where are you going?"
"I’m going to Beijing Huadu!"
"There are more than a hundred miles to Beijing!"
More than a hundred miles? Shu Lele was dumbfounded. You don’t need to throw a corpse so far!
It will be a long time before she can return to Beijing even if she hires the best carriage.
It happened that the belly sang again at the moment, and Shu Lele, clutching his belly, was embarrassed to tunnel "Uncle, did you eat at home?" I haven’t eaten for a day and a night, so I’m hungry! "
"yes! There is still rough tea and light rice! "
Shu Lele followed him to a small village, ate a steamed bun at his house, drank enough water, then threw a piece of broken silver and Shu Lele left.
That uncle is not greedy for money and chased out with silver. "It’s not difficult for a girl to go out with silver. I can’t or I’ll become a villain while taking advantage of others."
Shu Lele didn’t pick up the smile. "Uncle, then give me a few more steamed buns from your house. Think of it as my purchase, and then you can help me hire a carriage, okay?"
"I’ll take the girl if the carriage needs the market!"
It was several hours’ journey, and the two talents arrived in the nearest city. Shu Lele was so tired that he gave a piece of silver to his uncle and then found an inn to stay and prepare for the day before leaving.
Sleeping in the middle of the night, Shu Lele woke up hungry, and she remembered that she forgot to eat when she was sleeping. She took some steamed buns from her uncle’s house and ate them as early as on the road. At this moment, in the dead of night, she even bought them with no amount of silver.
Ow ow ow ~ ~ ~ Is there any justice in being forced to go hungry because everyone is envious of the princess?
Shu Lele cried for a while and finally decided to try his luck in the kitchen.
Because of the moonlight, she searched all the way and finally found the kitchen with a faint smell of food.
However, it is not easy to find something in the dark room. After looking around, people took out night beads and their bright light instantly lit up the whole kitchen.
This is much easier!
Shu Lele soon found a roast chicken and a plate of sauce to burn his elbow. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and quickly wrapped it in paper and prepared to take it back to his room to enjoy it slowly.
Only to find that she had just packed up and put the night beads in her purse when she heard a light smile outside. "The girl has a share!" You can give me your elbow when a girl eats roast chicken! "
Nima has been robbed again!
Shu Lele hugged the oiled paper bag and turned to another door to sneak away.
But who knows that the man followed him? As soon as Shu Lele stepped out of the door, he was blocked in front. "It’s not righteous for a girl to eat alone. Sharing is a virtue!"
Fuck your virtue! I wonder if people are hungry enough to eat a whole pig?
Shu Lele stared, "Why do you rob me if you have something to get yourself? I think you just want to get something for nothing and call it virtue. Bah! "
"Yo yo! The girl swears! Is it not an elbow? Worth it, girl. You don’t even want your image? It is very important to know the female image. First of all, it is necessary to be gentle, generous and kind to others. Secondly, it is the appearance temperament. I think the girl is also good-looking. How can it be so bad? "
"Poof ….." Shu Lele directly sprayed a mouthful of saliva on his face. If you dare to scold her for not having a culvert, I’ll show you what it really means to have no culvert!
The man was accidentally sprayed with a busy face and wiped his mouth with sleeves. "The girl is really unexpected!" Even the nozzle water is sprayed so well! "
"Do you still want to try?"
"No! But I am determined to win your elbow and ask the girl to give up what she loves! "
Then he stretched out his hand and leaned into Shu Lele’s arms. Before Shu Lele could respond, he took the elbow and quickly spat on his face.
"Haha, I have marked it. Girl, you don’t want to eat my spit, do you?"
Damn it! I’ve seen shameless, but I’ve never seen such shameless!
Shu Lele was so angry that his face was red and fierce that he scolded, "Eat it, eat it, and there is no place to bury it!"
VIP19 haunts me.
But the man didn’t know whether he was well-cultivated or shameless enough to be invulnerable. He bit his elbow and snapped his mouth in admiration. Delicious, delicious! Thank you, girl! "
It’s delicious to get something for nothing in Shu Lele’s language!
She’s met a wonderful flower, so it’s better to ignore such people!
Shu Lele snorted and turned to go with the leftover roast chicken.
The man smiled behind her and said in a cheerful tone, "Remember to prepare an extra copy for me if you meet me next time!"
Damn it, another time? I really don’t think of myself as an outsider! Shu Lele turned their heads and didn’t look back.
However, the man was sure that they were really destined because his guest room was next door to Shule.

Lin momo made a determined effort to absorb negative energy from itself. When the negative energy was swallowed and accumulated to a certain extent, he immediately opened his mouth and sprayed a negative energy cannon into the depths of the insect tide.

At the same time, the three ships of Zeus jointly displayed their skills outside the insect tide, and the unimaginable defense finally collapsed and the rhinoceros horn rodents suffered a lot of casualties. However, it is still far from being eliminated.
"Insist that I insist on going to the Phantom of the Opera, and I must not lose something at this time." Lin momo kept telling himself that his will became stronger than that.
It is very difficult to compress and swallow so many negative energies, and the mental strength is very great. When Harley put the Phantom of the Opera for ninety percent, the negative energy burst and the bomb department vented it out. Lin momo was located in the main control room and spit out one mouthful blood. Suddenly, he felt a little depressed and mentally damaged.
"Momo stop! Let me resist negative energy "incarnate son jump to is Lin momo as if didn’t hear still closed eyes manipulation Dielmann giant absorb negative energy near the hull.
Momo Lin thinks Damon is sometimes stubborn, but he doesn’t taste like this? Influenced by him, every captain of the Tianzhu fleet is stubborn. If you want to find a direction, you will move forward unswervingly until the moment of success comes.
If the Phantom of the Opera is drawn back from Dielmann before, it is bound to be impacted by negative energy, and the energy loss will reach the point where the fighting capacity will fall to the lowest level at present.
Phantom of the Opera, the bow of the White Jade Giant, roared in the sky, instead of bombarding the negative energy in his arms, it was quite dangerous to open his mouth and devour it directly. Even a peerless master would not dare to fool around like this, but Lin Sisuo had tried to reduce the negative energy impact as much as possible, otherwise he would close the door to victory himself.
Dare to fight in the face of wind and waves. This is the star-trek ship’s pride. The battlefield can put life and death aside. This is the brother Wu’s rise to the roots of Athena in the past. Why do you want to find another way to turn to the firefly girl? It is because she has too little life and death training that she needs extra effort to succeed
"Boom …"
Zeus launched nearly a thousand black hole bombs after displaying the ship’s lighter, which abruptly opened the gap and settled the ship’s lighter.
Feiyu fired hundreds of destructive bombs, which brought a trace of disharmony to the operation of the insect tide.
Blade is always ready for the edge gap of the research-level insect tide. As soon as Damon shows signs of recovery, the decisive crack of thousands of armor-piercing shells will be torn again to prevent the research-level insect tide from resuming operation.
"Eldest brother where are you! Our method has detected the Phantom of the Opera’s azimuth. "Roderick was crying. The worm tide in this research class is so terrible that it takes great courage to take a look, but the Phantom of the Opera is in deep trouble.
Lin momo is brave and abnormal. Dielmann constantly absorbs negative energy and presents a thick nimbus behind his head. Whenever there are insect shadows gathering and rushing to the crowd, there must be a thick negative energy cannon falling.
At the research level, the insect tide department will not see starlight except cannon light and insect shadow.
In order to deal with the negative energy from itself, Lin momo has been spouting a few mouthfuls of blood in a row, but he keeps drawing on the spiritual strength of the source for wham.
The peerless master has caused injuries to Lin momo’s body, but he has not recovered yet, and there are injuries on the mental level. It can be said that injuries and injuries are extremely unfavorable for later practice.
You must be able to kill the worm tide at the research level and then slowly recuperate and live! Lin momo pharmacist is quite confident about his conditioning methods, and Dielmann giants dare to devour negative energy.
"I’m going to break the worm tide today. It’s hard to beat it. Give me a break!"
Dielmann burned a silvery white flame and then spewed a pale meteor into the distance. This was a strong blow from Lin momo’s knot strength. When the meteor rolled, there were insects everywhere.
"Boom!" With a long roar, the abnormal defense of insect tide was finally shaken by negative energy, and the Phantom of the Opera quickly moved out, and many insect shadows were washed by pale meteors.
"Boss, we have set an example. Insect spirit turret attacks poisonous energy bombs and crystal bombs. We are going to kill the old mother when she moves."
Harley roared at the wave frequency. His eyes were bloodshot and turned around. The main gun in the battery area broke out in the strongest universe. It was a white-hot war. It was a deadly collision
Phantom of the opera, center circle after circle of light color expansion followed by layers of barrage reverse situation spread outward.
Poisonous energy bombs and crystal bombs shine brightly, and soon the insect tide will be out of order, and a large area of colorful poisonous light will spread continuously
The negative energy has gradually disappeared in the surrounding area, and the defense of the worm tide has fallen by about 60%. The fortified barriers are no longer unbreakable. The phantom of the opera worm tide wantonly kills and mutates the rhinoceros horn rodent Zeus. The three ships are madly attacked by the worm tide outside, and every gun has something to gain, which makes Lin Qingya and them breathe a sigh of relief.
From the Phantom of the Opera, hundreds of superimposed bands of magnetic fields fluttered. Anyone who rushed to the vicinity of the insect shadow suddenly lost his life. The operation of the insect tide was greatly restrained. Even if the mother emperor sent more mutant rhinoceros rodents into the insect tide, it had already stopped the decline. When it was bit by bit, Zeus, three star cruise ships, became more and more brave.
Inside and outside, four star cruise ships with the Tenchu fleet abruptly gnawed off about 20 million mutant rhinoceros horn rodents. The mother emperor was furious and no longer relied on the power of the research-level insect tide to strangle the insects. Ten huge insect shadows came in the tide.
"No, it’s the ten zerg overlord." Athena stared at the screen. When the zerg overlord figure just appeared, she immediately took out Darwin crystal and inserted it into the core position of the mobile turret.
"Boom …" The flame of the worm turret boils instantly, and the moon hangs high and the brilliance shines brightly.
"Boom …" Kristina presided over the worm spirit turret and released a green flame, which greatly shocked all directions.
Two worm turrets hung high on the left and right sides of Phantom of the Opera. In the dark worm tide, it was like a lighthouse. Bundles of incredible light brought earth resistance to the zerg overlord’s attack.
Lin momo’s consciousness has returned. When he saw the zerg overlord approaching, he felt that it was time to give the zerg a little pain and taste the shattered side screen. He declared, "Phantom of the Opera shines on all things, and the devil stars reverse the magnetic killing limit of latitude and longitude. The changes in Lei Yin will never erase the prelude to the explosion and destruction of the strange-class ship’s lighter."
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 16 Great Power
Lin momo’s magnetic field in the central master control room surges with magneto-optic light. The exquisite screen hovering in front of him presents seven magnificent data streams.
"Incarnate son zerg potential big! How long have we been in the worm tide? " Lin momo narrowed his eyes and looked at the scene outside the ship.
It is hard to imagine that it takes months to make poisonous bombs and crystal bombs, and the speed is consuming the war competition. There are no abundant resources, such as standing in the tide of research insects, which can wash away thousands of poisonous insects. The tide of research insects is weakening little by little.
"It’s almost two hours and more than ten minutes. The edge of the insect tide on his ship must be very hard. Otherwise, the insect tide in the research class can’t be slaughtered by us. If we want to eliminate thirteen million mutant rhinoceros rodents, we can make the insect tide in the research class fall into the super insect tide. When the time comes, the Phantom of the Opera will attack and kill the Zerg."
"oh? Is the tide of research insects about to fall? It is better to wave a data stream! Let the variation rhinoceros horn rodent method reach the research level. Hum, I’d like to see what other means the zerg mother emperor has. By the way, the ten zerg overlord Jingxue should be digested almost, right? Try to absorb the Zerg JingXie to reduce the energy loss of our Phantom of the Opera, and strive for ten minutes to gather energy to move the odd-class ship lighter again. "Lin momo ordered.
"Ten minutes into part of the blood can be imported into the energy system, and I will push momo to drop which killer? If you lose one of these seven killers, you should be careful! " Incarnate son curious asked
"Nature is that even the core of the planet can be frozen to the extreme cold. If the Phantom of the Opera can be cast, it will not be able to stand still. Let’s turn around the wormhole according to the flow direction of the mutant rhinoceros! If properly controlled, you can freeze tens of millions of rodents and sneak into the insect tide. The poisonous energy is playing its full role, and it will also cause some damage to the insect tide at the research level. There is a good chance for the insect tide at the research level to collapse. "Lin momo’s agent indexed the data stream.
"Extreme cold energy? Strange things from the frozen universe at the edge of the star? It depends on the situation. We must quickly disrupt the research level of insect tide and delay it against the Phantom of the Opera. "The incarnate son nodded his head and expressed his absolute agreement.
The data stream was indexed by Lin momo from the exquisite screen and suddenly dissipated in front of the Cuihetang. Suddenly, an instruction was given to turn the bow along the direction of the undercurrent of insect tide, which was extremely dangerous in practice.
The undercurrent is like the texture of the insect tide, which can constantly squeeze foreign bodies. Obviously, the Phantom of the Opera is the foreign body in the undercurrent. It is far better to find a place to hover downstream. It is Linxi’s place to ask for killing tactics, so that the universe can breed extreme cold and deal with the mutant rhinoceros horn rodents. He must go and be slaughtered, and the number of rodents will be reduced. The huge power of the insect tide will wait for ten minutes before the ship’s lighter will bloom again.
"I’m ready, boss," Cui Hetang barked.
"Okay, turn the bow and let’s go." Lin momo responded instantly and the hull began to deflect.
Marta hit the corner with a cold cold light, and the ten insect turrets broke out in the last round of strong offensive. The cabin was quickly turned around, and the Phantom of the Opera was released. Ten long and narrow metal wings at the stern of the ship were spurred by hundreds of stars. When large-scale cold radiation went out, the ship’s shadow shook and disappeared.
It’s too fast for Phantom of the Opera to be locked by the speed root method. Most zerg’s vision level can’t keep up with the ship’s shadow movement. Zerg can rely on the worm tide strangulation force to compress itself, but cold energy has already taken over.
A cold, lonely, cold tide came from the universe, and the undercurrent of insect tide was frozen by cold energy just as it was approaching. Countless mutant rhinoceros rodents kept their ferocious faces, but their bodies had melted into ice.
Can it be easy to escape from the cold that can be seen by the charm and the killer? Ninety-nine percent of the rodents caught in cold energy variation stopped abruptly, and the breath of life solidified from then on.

Pei Wende is highly skeptical about the truth or falsehood of the words spoken by the other party.

"I’m looking for children born near Chang ‘an in the last two years …"
"The gender should be that the boy has a certain spiritual talent and may have joined a Taoist school in Zhongnanshan by now."
After a short silence, Pei Wende suddenly turned the palm of his hand over, and the mask of Prajnaparamita appeared in his hand.
"if necessary, there is still a ray of vitality in this mask for reference."
Seventeen years ago, the ghost goddess was hit hard by Xuan Jue and died, but before she died, she also severely tore each other a piece of flesh and blood and kept her vitality.
In addition, after the ghosts and gods stunned, the resentment continued to communicate with the earth. Long Mai received a lot of suspected mysterious information
These information forms have not been sorted and screened.
It was not until Pei Wende refined the resentment of the ghost goddess into a Prajna ghost mask that he could actively screen the information by wearing a mask.
This is the last clue that Ghost Gu God left to Pei Wende, a clue that will enable him to quickly find the mysterious reincarnation.
If I hadn’t met the charm Ji Pei Wende, I was going to visit Hui Ji, and then I searched the whole Chang ‘an with the help of the residual vitality in the mask to find the mysterious reincarnation.
However, Pei Wende naturally chose this more convenient way to find after learning about "Qin Astronomy" by accident.
[reincarnation? 】
After listening to Pei Wende’s account, Ling Xiao was silent this time.
Taoist practitioners have also experienced the "Lingtong case" more than 20 years ago. Of course, he knows what Pei Wende is looking for.
Ling Xiao now hopes that Pei Wende’s practice is not to set off another wave of "Xiangrui Lingtong Incident" that led to the fall of the emperor in Chang ‘an.
Because now Datang can’t stand the second emperor who seeks immortality.
Chapter 31 reincarnation of the mysterious unique
Half a month later, the world in the mirror is Qin Tiange.
"Did you find the mysterious clue?"
Quietly poked his head out of his collar, Xiaoqing whispered while spitting a snake letter
It’s rare that Xiaoqing didn’t go out to drink today, but stayed quietly with Pei Wende in this exquisite pagoda for a whole day.
This, of course, is not Xiaoqing’s sudden change of sex, but Pei Wende’s long search for half a month has finally achieved results
After searching for Pei Wende for half a month, a shadow on the third floor finally learned about the photos of children born near Chang ‘an in recent years.
"A total of 316,156 newborns were born in the Tang Dynasty in the sixth year of Huichang."
"In the same year, 104,356 people died for various reasons, and only 225 thousand newborns lived."
Pei Wende has never been so straightforward to feel that the living conditions of ancient children are difficult.
This is only less than a year after birth, nearly one-third of newborns died.
What about the remaining two-thirds of newborns?
Half of them can live to adulthood, which is already the eye of God.
"There are about 17,362 people who were born in Chang ‘an and have been living today."
"Of these 17,362 people, there are 9,041 boys and 7,521 girls."
Compared with other areas, the birth rate and live rate of newborns near Chang ‘an are much higher than the average level.
Rao is so looking at the shocking numbers, Pei Wende’s mind is still a picture of immature faces disappearing.
Pei Wende has no doubt about the data recorded on these pages.
Even if these data are more detailed and accurate than the 21st century census.
Pei Wende has long noticed that the book in this exquisite pagoda is really updated in real time, as Ling Xiao said.
Every time a child is born or dies, there will be an extra page of phase data here.
It’s like saying the book of life and death. If there is life in this world, the name of the book of life and death will never disappear.
It’s a book of life and death. The difference is that this exquisite pagoda is not just a blessing or a curse for people.
The world, the world …
You seem to find the information you want here.
Of course, Pei Wende knows that this "seems" is just like it after all.
Because if we could really find all the information here, there wouldn’t have been such a thing that Zen master Lingyou forced his way into Zhongnanshan to plunder the Taoist scriptures.
Pei Wende feels more like an Internet search engine for later generations.
All the information you want can be found through internet search engines, but more or less.
The only difference between this and the Internet is that most of the recorded information about exquisite pagodas is "accurate".

The skunk didn’t listen to the little girl talking to herself. He is still in a state of absence, and his sudden strength has made him unable to react.

But soon the ferret came to his senses, because he remembered that Uchihiro was still alive and dead. The ferret hurried to Uchihiro’s side and took a closer look. He found that Uchihiro was a kaleidoscope, and sharingan exhausted chakra from excessive self-attack, but there was no danger to his life. The stone in his heart was finally released.
The ferret held Uchihiro in his arms and watched the little girl’s heart warily, thinking about how to escape from the little girl. Although the ferret’s strength soared because of the three artifacts, he knew in his heart that his strength root could not be the little girl’s opponent now.
Before his strength didn’t soar, he didn’t know about the little girl’s terror. Now he has entered the sacred land, but it is because he entered the sacred land that he can feel the little girl’s terror more clearly.
Therefore, the skunk’s delay in moving is to watch the little girl warily.
When the little girl saw that the ferret was too slow to move after returning to freedom and entering the sacred land, she immediately knew that the ferret was worried and smiled. "Hehe, how dare you not start work with me after entering the sacred land?"
The ferret looked at the little girl warily and said, "I don’t know who the elder is. It’s impossible for a strong man like you to entangle with us weak people for so long. Is there anything the elder wants to ask the younger generation?"
The little girl suddenly laughed, "Hehe, you are really interesting. I was just passing by looking for something to play with, but I didn’t think so much, but now I have something to ask you."
The ferret asked, "What’s the matter?"
The little girl smiled charming. "Hehe, don’t always call me old, just call me tea. By the way, what’s your name?"
The skunk said, "My name is Uchiha Itachi, but you can call me skunk."
Little girl, oh, tea ceremony, "ferret?" Ok, I’ll call you a skunk, and I told you not to call me a senior. Why do you still call me a senior? Am I old? "
In the face of this strange tea, the weasel dare not offend the other side’s unfathomable power. If he wants to kill himself, the root is a finger. I didn’t know beforehand that the weasel can’t be as impulsive as before. Besides, there is a unconscious Uchihiro in his arms. Only Uchihiro, the weasel won’t be impulsive to the tea. In that case, it is really dead.
Before that, I didn’t know how horrible the other person was, but the tea didn’t care. It was because the weasel didn’t know what he was facing. But now, if the weasel dares to shoot her again, the tea won’t be merciful.
Skunk immediately embarrassed to call tea, tea, listening to skunk call her name, without adding anything to her predecessors, and suddenly laughed happily.
After laughing, tea finally entered the topic, "So how did you and this girl come to this world? Your physical strength should come from the night. It is impossible to come to this world. How did you come to this world?"
When I heard the tea, the skunk immediately wondered, "I came to this world with Jinghui to improve my strength. Before that, a man came to our world. His name was Tian Ji, and he gave my brother some black beads, saying that these beads could cross to another world and let us practice in this world."
I heard the ferret answer the tea ceremony, "Is it really his night?" What happened to Huiye? "
The ferret replied, "I didn’t know who Huiye was. I heard from one of my younger brothers that she was the owner of chakra, Ootutuki Hagoromo, and her mother was the common ancestor of Uchibo, Thousand Hands, Vortex, Sunrise and Moon. I don’t know much about others."
Hearing the skunk’s reply, tea and tea murmured slightly, "It seems that things are a little complicated. Hui Ye should be what happened. I told her not to go back in those years, but I just didn’t listen to it. Now it’s okay. Forget it. Let’s go and have a look. Although this guy hates us, he is really good to us. Let’s go and have a look. Otherwise, this guy will not let these people cross over and know that I am in this world, but let these people bring Hui Ye information. This point is to want me to go and find him."
After tea tea made up her mind, she raised her head and said to the ferret, "I’m going to your world now. Are you coming with me or staying here to continue practicing?"
"I’d better stay in this world and practice," said the ferret. "Now I know that my strength is still weak and my roots can’t protect anything. I don’t want to experience this force again."
Tea tea nodded and said, "Well, whatever. This should help you."
After throwing a pearl to the ferret, the tea turned around and took it out. From the ferret’s body to the drop of blood, I saw the tea with one hand pointing at the drop of blood. The tea hand suddenly gave off a dark light, and then a tunnel appeared. The ferret’s drop of blood automatically rushed into the tea, and the tea followed without thinking.
Watching the tea disappear in the passage until the passage is closed, the skunk secretly relieved and watched Uchihiro quietly blink away in his arms.
Watergate’s face was covered with black lines, and now I know that it was this rule that pulled me over, and the rule seemed to realize that it was not righteous, and suddenly the atmosphere was awkward.
After coughing for a while, the rules said, "Don’t blame me. I can’t help it. I’ve waited too long and finally waited until someone who can inherit this place of origin is too radical to directly pull you to this place."
Watergate also knows that everything has happened, and nothing can be accepted by complaining. After hearing the rule that he should inherit this origin, Watergate suddenly wondered, "You mean you want me to inherit this origin?"
The rule says, "Of course, otherwise I wasted so much effort to drag you here. What is it? Of course, I want you to inherit this origin."
Watergate wondered, "But didn’t you already exist in this place of origin?"
The rule says, "I have said before that I have rules of life, but after all, is it true or not? Strictly speaking, I still have life, and I am still the rule, which is why I let you inherit the origin."
Shuimenkou "that is to say, you want to leave here to find a way to become a real life, and you want me to inherit this origin. Am I right?"
The rule says, "Well, it is."
Watergate nodded and said, "I know everything. Now I have one last question, that is, what do you mean by heir?"
Chapter four hundred and seventy-three Origin of good and evil
When the rule heard Watergate ask why he would choose him, he was suddenly silent. Finally, he replied, "You can think of it as an act of God. I am the rule, but your talent is passable. I don’t have to choose you. Although your talent is very good, it’s not the best one I’ve ever seen. I can wait for someone with a better talent than you to inherit my inheritance, but I’m out of time."
Watergate frowned. "What do you mean when there is no time?"
The rules replied, "On the surface, I mean rules. I can feel that the world is about to undergo major changes. I must complete the final transformation before the big changes in heaven and earth. Life can no longer appear in rules, because then the rules will be broken. I don’t have the confidence to survive in this big change. I must take the last step in the shortest possible time."
The sound of rules is full of nai and help. After all, although he has emotion and wisdom, he is still a rule, and he feels that in the near future, all rules will be broken, and if he doesn’t complete the transformation, he will be broken just like other rules.
Watergate recognized him and didn’t know how to comfort him. He could say, "Well, I’m willing to accept this promise, but what should I do?"
When I heard how happy the Watergate was, I agreed, and suddenly I was a little stunned. You know, Watergate was bent on leaving as soon as possible just now. Now I promised to be so happy. There is a rule of gratitude that says, "Thank you, don’t worry, it won’t delay you too much. You just have to be in the center of this hall. You just have to accept the rest. I will solve the next thing."
Watergate nodded and came to the center of the hall. When Watergate was finished, a light came from the sky, and soon Watergate found that there were many theories and understandings in his mind. With the understanding of Watergate, his strength soared as he rode a rocket.
Watergate power has been at the peak of the world since its inception. With the enhancement of power and understanding, Watergate quickly broke through the world and entered the sacred land. After entering the sacred land, Watergate quickly stabilized and just broke through the realm, but it was far more than that.
Seeing that Watergate had just stabilized, the power of the divine realm began to soar again. Finally, when Watergate entered the middle of the divine realm, the Watergate realm was not promoted again, and the following rules began to be incomprehensible.
Although these theories and knowledge can’t be understood by Watergate for the time being, these things are still deeply left in Watergate’s mind, and when he can understand them, it will naturally turn him into power.
I don’t know how long it will take when the light on the top of Watergate is getting darker and darker until it disappears, and Watergate is still immersed in theory.

"Miss, rest assured that Fontaine will find him."

Fontaine knew the seriousness of the matter and turned to recover in the direction of false Fan Ran’s departure.
"Let’s go!"
Cloud make track for the moon looked behind three people turned and walked outside Anping Wangfu.
A man in black watched the clouds chasing the moon in the dark. They went out of Anping Wangfu and followed them out of the gate of Anping Wangfu before flying away in another direction.
Autumn rain hurried into Qinyang Gongmuqin pacing back and forth in the main hall with a scared face.
Mu Qin suddenly turned around and asked, "What’s going on at Yikun Palace?"
"There are a few guards left in Princess Yi Kun Palace. I have ordered people to inform the palace master that he will soon enter Yi Kun Palace. Now the princess is in Anping Wangfu. I just saw the report coming in the direction of Yi Kun Palace when the handmaiden passed through Chaoyang Palace. Now I have to find a way to stall the report."
"good! This is easy to handle! I’m going to the past "MuQin to quickly to tidy up your instrument with the autumn rain nasty walked in the direction of Chaoyang Palace, Chaoyang Palace must go through yikun palace just arrived at yikun palace and saw two shadows leap into yikun palace MuQin looked even more fearful.
The foot steps are getting faster and faster.
"Princess, what are you doing? How can you mess with yourself? The more you do this, the more suspicious you are. "
Autumn rain calms down and wakes up
Mu Qin immediately slowed down and kept his usual manners. Yes! The more anxious you are, the more exposed you will be.
"hey! Report for several days, report you also don’t go to my room and other sisters room report whether you don’t like us. "
Muqin had just arrived at the garden aisle behind Yi Kun Palace when she heard the delicate sound of Nian Fang Fei.
Muqin and Qiuyu stopped at once, and they quickly disappeared behind the tree, and their eyes met. It was better for the side princess to hold Ouyang Jianhua than Muqin to come forward.
"Wang didn’t stop going to your room recently, but Wang was a little busy these days. After this, Wang was the first to go to your room. You like it when Wang sent you a pearl." Ouyang Jianhua’s tone was light and provocative.
"Report you give such as son things which one is not a rare treasure! If you don’t like it then, but if you need it, you won’t go to the prince’s room and you can’t wait on you. Do you know how sad it is for you? The princess grounded my concubine in the palace, and you don’t care about the recent situation! Sisters are falling out. Today, if you risk being disposed of by the princess to see the prince, you know that it is not the way for the princess to keep her sisters grounded in the concubine’s palace! " There is a delicate reproach in the gentle voice, which makes people numb and numb.
MuQin mercilessly stare at years side princess "this year instrument as usual is so seduce report? What a real fox! It’s really hateful to dare to slander me in front of the report and let her escape. "
Muqin gnashed her teeth and said that she couldn’t wait to go out and crush the princess in the year.
"Princess, when can you put up the side princess for a while? Now, you can’t break the palace main event because of your impulse."
Autumn rain will know that MuQin mind is a serious warning MuQin.
"Hum!" Muqin glared at Qiuyu, and now everything is subject to her control, which makes her feel flustered, but she can’t be restrained by others.
Chu Linghan of Yi Kun Palace took his personal bodyguard Wu Bin to leap into Ouyang Tianyi’s room.
As soon as they entered the room, they looked everywhere for the military code.
After searching for a circle, I found nothing and turned the whole room upside down.
"Will the palace master be in Ouyang Tianyi without the military code?" Wu Bin found a circle and frowned and said thoughtfully.
"It’s impossible that this military code will never be hidden here by Ouyang Tianyi unless it is absolutely necessary. There must be a secret room or a secret compartment in this room. Look carefully."
Chu ling2 han2 refused to give up. He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and he will not give up so easily.
"It’s really a surprise to the king that the Lord of the Chu Palace is so interested in visiting the world room early in the morning!" The gloomy sound came to the whole room as calm as death, and Chu Lingling was dazed. How could Ouyang Tianyi …?
Suddenly turned around and saw Ouyang Tianyi and the cloud chasing the moon. "You …?"
"Long time no see, Lord of Chu Palace" Yun Zhuiyue smiled as beautiful and elegant as the lotus in the pool.
"Cloud chasing the moon …?" Chu ling2 han2 shouted in a low voice, I can’t believe that Cloud Chasing the Moon and Ouyang Tianyi will suddenly appear or that the plan has been seen through by them today.
"Chu Palace Master’s diversion plan today is not as wonderful as our catching turtles in a jar!"
Although the cloud chasing the moon said with a smile, her beautiful eyes were cold and shocking, with thunder and anger.
Chu ling2 han2 couldn’t help but lose heart. How can a woman have such courage? The momentum of that day is even more arrogant. It’s the first time he has seen the cloud chasing the moon and there is such a side.
"So you have long seen that this is a diversion."
Chu cold ling cold voice with anger.
"In my eyes, it’s just a trick to carve worms. It’s a trick to teach others how to swim. Sun’s thirty-six plans of art of war can’t be achieved if it’s clever. That’s valuable. Today, the Lord of the Chu Palace can be described as startling the snake and hitting seven inches, but the Lord of the Chu Palace didn’t even touch his tail today. It’s even more difficult to achieve anything."
Cloud chasing the moon is cold and sarcastic. Dare to touch her to find her son and see how she can tidy him up.
"You’re so angry. Are you insulting a woman?"
Chu ling2 han2 yelled at him. How much effort and thought did he put into his plan today? She said that he was teaching fish to swim. How could he not be angry? And what was Sun Yat-sen’s Thirty-six Tactics?
"If I were you, I would leave this opportunity until the tribute gathering day of the four countries next month to steal the military symbols and achieve great things. Those who should hold their breath and decide before they move, and the plan is flawed today. Anyone who knows how to plan can see it."
Cloud chasing the moon said rudely, it’s not bad that it’s been prepared for so many years. For a while, Chu Ling2 han2 was in a hurry to steal the military code. There must be something in it. She doesn’t know the plan. Chapter 131 Wipe your eyes.
"Policy legacy? Today’s plan is also a legacy. "
Chu Ling-cold roared with arrogance. He calculated the time and the activities in people’s hearts accurately, and assumed that he could accomplish something today.
"Did the Lord of the Chu Palace calculate that he would be defeated today?" Step by step, the sharp tone pressed Chu Ling2 han2′ s cold and beautiful eyes as if to put Chu Ling2 han2 to death.
Looking at the cloud chasing the moon and hating the beautiful eyes, Chu Lingling is angry in her eyes. Why does she hate herself so much and hate him for her?
Chu ling2 han2 instantly aroused the corners of the mouth with interest in pondering and said, "Miss Yun, you seem to hate the seat." Chuling looked at the cloud with a low smile and wanted to see from her eyes what she would hate him.
"Chu palace Lord investigated the moon chasing for so long that I don’t know the moon chasing temper! Chasing the moon is the most annoying thing for others to touch my family. "
Cloud chasing the moon, sharp eyes, cut the cold eyes of Chu Ling.
Ouyang Tianyi looked at Chu Ling2 han2 without talking behind the cloud chasing the moon.
"Yes! Miss Yun is awake, and there is still a chip in her hand, that is, your brother Yun Xun has heard that you are the most doting on his sister in the world, and she regards him as a treasure in her hand, so she can’t bear to say anything. "
"The Lord of the Chu Palace took the moon chasing as a treasure, and my brother robbed me in the middle of the night, and in this chilly night, let me find my son barefoot and wear thin clothes. If I find my son with the slightest damage, I will break all your wings and feathers in Nanzhao country and let your years of hard work go down the drain."
Cloud chasing the moon malicious crime said that she is not afraid of Chu ling2 han2 know her identity sometimes can play hide-and-seek with them, but sometimes it is not necessary.
"What did you say about chasing the moon?" Chu ling2 han2 was frightened, pointing to the cloud and chasing the moon. How did she know that he was in Nanzhao Kingdom?
"How are you, cloud chasing the moon? I’m in Monty Palace, and you can move if you want to."

And I will never bow to you as a human being!

Looking at another attack on yourself, Moon Pupil Civet.
Liu Yuan’s clear vision should be that there is no way to drop this proud blue kitten in front of him.
Liu Yuan looked at the moon pupil civet cat coming towards him rapidly.
Hand suddenly emitted a royal beast light.
Soon a bloody gem appeared in the palm of Liu Yuan’s hand.
And I am very familiar with Xiafa next to this bloody gem.
Because this bloody gem is the symbol of the title Yuet Moon … Yuet Moon Stone!
Liu Yuan held hands in the Yuet Moon Stone and said simply, "Tie the road and plug it …"
The civet cat is sprinting to the moon pupil.
I suddenly found some unknown energy control in my limbs.
Be tied to the back by force
And this sudden change
Also let it instantly fell to the ground.
What happened?
On the ground, the moon pupil civet cat looked very dumbfounded.
However, it got rid of this strange state after a slight struggle.
But at the same time, Lu Yuanyin sounded again.
"Bound way four, this rope …"
A rope made entirely of psychic force
Appeared beside the moon pupil civet cat and tied it up completely
Facing the spiritual rope that binds oneself.
The moon pupil civet cat began to struggle violently.
But the more it struggles,
The tighter the rope is tied.
The moon pupil civet cat looked at the crescent pupil eyes and generate gave a strange red light again.
Moon pupil, mental shock!
One-way spirit
Instantly spread out from the moon pupil civet.
So that that spiritual rope that bound it collapsed with it.
After breaking free, the moon pupil civet cat has almost no hesitation
He turned and fled to the side.
At this point it is very clear.
Lu Yuan is not only able to restrain himself very much.
Even hard power is completely crushing itself.
If we continue to fight against Liu Yuan,
Then your own result can be to be caught by it.
Looking at Liu Yuan, a civet cat who wants to escape from the moon, she smiled and said again, "Tie Dao, denounce …"
A psychic light wall instantly appears in the direction where the moon pupil civet cat wants to escape.
The sudden appearance of the light wall made the moon pupil civet cat directly bump into it
Then he bounced back and fell to the ground
Chapter 397 Moon-dropping civet cat
Looking at being blocked by his "tied road, reprimand"
Thus a head knocked down the moon pupil civet cat.
Liu Yuan smiled and walked towards it.
Original binding way and rejection
It’s a ghost operation that forms a smooth wall on the back of hand.
However, after a simple modification of Lu Yuan,
He cast a tie and turned into a place where he could appear 20 meters in Fiona Fang.
Although the light wall strength is not high
But it is still very good to stop the enemy from escaping.
Liu Yuan looked at the little guy in front of him and said with a smile, "Don’t run, little guy, you can’t run out."
Moon Pupil Civet looks ugly.
Eyes unwilling to look at Liu Yuan.
Where on earth did this human come from? What strange abilities!
Don’t say that the moon pupil civet cat can’t understand Lu Yuan’s ability
Even next to Xiafa, I can’t understand it at the moment.
Xiafa knows the moonstone very well.
It is through the spirit that the special operation method of Yuehuashi is activated.
Thereby produce all kinds of magical exclusive ability.
Ke yi yue Hua Shi bu

Half-time two teams: going back to their dressing rooms to prepare for the half-time game is very chaotic for both teams, but the score is acceptable to both sides. It depends on which team can gain the advantage at half-time.

Many media have also begun to analyze the halftime.
"Both teams played very hard. This Champions League Italy game is like Mars hitting the earth, and it is more difficult than the Rome derby."
"This is an acceptable score for both sides."
"Both sides should restrain themselves. After all, it is not good for both sides. Even if they win the game, many players will have yellow cards and red cards, so it will be difficult for them to play in the semi-finals." To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three A gang fight to play!
In the locker room of the home team
Roman players kept their heads down and dared not look Deryl in the eye because they thought it was not good to do it at half-time, and everyone was a little impulsive.
Delhi, also looked at them.
The old man’s eyes were still dignified. Just when everyone was about to explode, the old man suddenly smiled and said, "We did well at half-time."
Everyone looked up strangely.
Deryl continued, "I did a lot of work before the game and I told you a lot that you didn’t finish it in the game, but it’s not your fault. None of you expected the other side to play so hard. If it was a league game, I would like you to show them a lot, just as the fans hoped."
"But this is the theory of the Champions League. If it is the most important thing, this is the first leg, and it is our home game. We must ensure that if we win the goal advantage."
"So … it’s better to defend at half-time, fight harder and attack more rationally. I hope you can do this."
"defense should provoke them and let the other side continue to play like this. That’s our chance!"
Deryl finished watching the players, and the players suddenly felt ridiculous … They would be furious when they came to Delhi. Although the little old man has a good temper on weekdays, he will still lose his temper if he doesn’t follow his tactical requirements. Now … he actually asked the backcourt defense to continue those fights and the frontcourt …
This old man is insidious enough!
Many people secretly believe that if they attack and play more rationally, and the other side loses his mind, it is naturally their opportunity. Playing like this may be more effective than good tactics.
But can it succeed?
Will those people at Inter Milan fall for it? God knows
Inter Milan dressing room is another scene. Every player is talking about the half-court game. They don’t feel bad, but they feel that the head coach has taken revenge.
But Mancini didn’t look well when he walked into the dressing room.
Actually, Mancini wants to take revenge, but it’s not about the game, it’s about Zhang Tiehan. It’s a success to be able to prevent Zhang Tiehan from watching him and win the game, not to fight in the game or something
He didn’t expect everyone to do this.
But the players obviously played so rudely because of themselves, and he couldn’t say anything, especially in the middle of the game, when both teams got angry, rudeness couldn’t stop it
When he walked into the dressing room, he still stressed that he should be rational.
"We have the strength advantage. If we keep an eye on the opponent’s number 13 and play together to attack, we will have a chance to score every game. Our minimum goal is to score a goal. It will be much easier to play a round with an away goal," Mancini said.
Inter Milan players also understand and nod.
They thought it was a little irrational at half-time. If they played half-time, there was no good chance. Then it was either a game or a confrontation. It was cool, but it was not good for the game. What’s more, they got three yellow cards. Even if they eliminated Rome, it would have an impact on the post-Champions League.
"We should play more rationally. If the other side continues to play like this, we should pay attention to creating the half of the frontcourt Italian ball …" Mancini glanced at the crowd and pointed to Mikhainovich. "Sinisa, you play!"
"good coach"
A tall player with long hair and leather hair came out and said that it was Mikhainovich. When others heard that Mikhainovich was going to play, they also understood Mancini’s tactics
The turmoil in the former Yugoslavia has, to a certain extent, created a group of football rangers, including Mikhainovic, who, like other excellent central defenders in the world, has excellent interception and confrontation ability and excellent prediction ability. Besides his defensive ability, Mikhainovic has also made a name for himself.
His excellent football talent and innate leadership made him occupy the core position of the Yugoslav national team and club defense for a long time and led Lazio club to win the Serie A championship in 1999/ season.
Many people can play Italian football, but Mikhainovic is the player who scores the most goals through direct Italian football in Serie A!
On January 13, 1998, Lazio scored three direct Italian goals in the 5 Sampdoria match and played a prehistoric Italian hat trick, and this record can be broken today.
In the national team of the former Yugoslavia, his Italian ball can often be finalized when the team can’t open the situation. For this reason, Mikhainovic is an irreplaceable important figure in the national team of the former Yugoslavia. However, due to the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia and his inability to show their talents in the World Cup, Mikhainovic also lost the opportunity to show his incomparable Italian skills in front of the world.
Mihajinovic’s Italian Kung Fu is a unique step in European football. It is the record of scoring a direct positioning ball in Apennine. The volley of the Italian ball on the outside of the left foot is Mihajinovic’s specialty. The direct Italian ball shot is 4 meters away from the goal.
In this respect, Zhang Tiehan can feel ashamed that he is not as good as 40 meters. His strength is enough, but Mikhainovich can kick the angle, kick the arc and spin. That kind of technology is absolutely top in the world.
However, since joining Inter Milan last summer, Mihajinovic has not played many games. After all, he is 35 years old. A 35-year-old veteran has slipped in physical fitness and state. However, Mihajinovic made 13 appearances last season and Inter Milan scored three goals, two of which were Italian goals, and his performance was acceptable.
Mancini’s purpose of letting Mihajinovic play is to make Roma foul and create more chances for Italian goals, and Mihajinovic is likely to score goals then.
Everyone in Rome knew what Mancini was going to do when Inter Milan changed for Mihajinovic at half-time.
Inter Milan should play rationally, and Drier also asks the players to be rational. The fierce backcourt is also more fierce. To anger Inter Milan, it is not enough to give them a chance to score goals.
Everyone knows how to fight.
After half-time, when Inter Milan attacked, Rome’s defense was still fierce. It was as if they had not gone through the intermission. Their feet were gnashing. If Inter Milan defended like this, it would be difficult for most players to remain rational.
However, their attacking players still want to create Italian ball opportunities.
However, the Roman players are not stupid. If the Italian ball is made in a sensitive position, it is said that they will not take the initiative to foul near the penalty area. However, it is too dangerous to eat cards and make free throws. However, in the periphery, such as near the midfield, the Roman players move more when defending, which makes Inter Milan want to be rational and not care about each other. The players are very wronged.
As the game went on slowly, they soon became irrational.
You have a kick, I have a kick, you have a small move, I have a small move, and the game soon returns to the half-court rhythm. The referee can relax himself, but soon with the game back to the original rhythm, his work is heavy again. In the period, Inter Milan also got two good Italian ball opportunities, but the Italian ball can not be scored if he wants to. Even the chances of Mikhainovich scoring are not small. He failed to grasp these two opportunities.
Inter Milan players didn’t notice that it was Rome’s attack that actually played rationally.

Sakura ink smiled. "Thank you for coming to my rescue just now and waiting for the day when you admit that I am your brother."

Sue orange didn’t reply and turned to the floor to greet Qiuqiu, who helped her mother and sister walk from the floor to the outside.
Tal also wanted to strike up a conversation before being stopped by Sakura Ink, watching Sue Orange and Qiuqiu walk out of sight with two other people and disappear into the night.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Kidnapping
As soon as Su Orange came out of Zone D, she met Ziyue who was wandering anxiously outside the high wall.
At the sight of Ziyue holding her mother orange and Su Youqiu Qiuma, Ziyue frowned and finally stretched out. "Orange, you finally came out!"
"Why are you here?"
"Are you hurt?" Purple month nervously watching Sue orange covered in bloodstained clothes.
"Nothing has healed."
Purple moon hung her heart a little. "I came out as soon as you left. I came to Nancheng District to find someone to inquire about the way to Luoying. As a result, I met Sakura Mo. He said that letting me wait here would let you get out."
I see! If it hadn’t been blocked by Sakura Ink, I’m afraid it would have been killed in Zone D according to Ziyue’s personality!
It’s just that she’s taking risks herself. How can Purple Moon work hard with her?
"How are your mother and sister?" See two people in a coma purple month asked.
"They’re all right. They’re hypnotized by Qiuqiu."
"Oh …" Purple Moon helped Su Orange to help Meijia to the front of the car. "Let’s go to the martial arts school first!"
Su Orange mused, "Let’s go to the place where your grandparents lived in the suburbs!"
"Okay, I get it."
Purple moon knows that Su Orange definitely doesn’t want to cause trouble to her home, and it’s more appropriate to find a place where no one else will disturb her, except for them.
Five people got into the suburban house in front of Ziyue car.
Sue orange looked at a cherry ink and gave her a potion, saying that she would take two tablets out of a bottle and give them to her mother and sister respectively.
Tonight, they were frightened a lot, and it was better to have a good rest while being hypnotized, so Su Orange didn’t let Qiuqiu wake them up.
The car was galloping, and it was already early in the morning. Qiuqiu yawned several times, and she was exhausted today.
Sue orange let her go back to the warehouse to have a rest. This girl refused to be very clever and said that she would help daddy take care of grandma and aunt Sue orange without saying anything more.
Purple month ha ha a smile "QiuQiu is more and more sensible and considerate! It’s a long way, so if you have nothing else to do now, just sleep in the car! "
"Well!" Qiuqiu picked up a pillow, and soon her eyelids fought and she fell asleep in less than a quarter of an hour.
Purple month through the rearview mirror to see Sue orange look dignified and asked "worried about sakura ink? Why don’t you see him come out? "
"It’s okay without him, but we met a friend in D District and we came out first."
Su orange doesn’t want to talk more about specific things.
Because she doesn’t know much about Dracula family and Joachim Latour family, how can she talk casually about things with a grain of salt but no evidence?
"Oh, yes! I told you! According to the sakura ink skill how can there be a problem "purple month so easy way.
"He’s really good. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have come out so smoothly."
"It seems that he is very concerned about your sister! Don’t be so cold to him after all. Although he is a vampire and your half-brother, I feel that his heart is true to you. "
Sue orange nodded her head. Tonight, her views on Sakura Ink did have some changes.
"There is radiation in area D. Aunt Su pomelo have been here for so long. Should we go to the hospital for a check-up first?"
"No, Sakura ink gave me radiation-eliminating pills. I just gave them to my mother and Su pomelo. There should be no problem."
"So that’s it. No wonder you’re so calm and considerate!"
Seeing that Su Orange and Sakura Ink may ease Purple Moon, I took the opportunity to say a few more words for Sakura Ink.
For one thing, Sakura Ink and Sakura Ji are her friends, and for another, Ziyue doesn’t want Su Orange to do this, so she has bad feelings.
She knows Su Orange people and her mood is white.
Although their father did something to hurt Su Orange Su pomelo and their mother, it is still necessary to resolve it as much as possible.
Otherwise, this moat will cross your heart and everyone will not care.
In order to relieve the tension of Su Orange, Ziyue played the radio and listened to the night radio program.
After a soothing piece of music, a slightly cramped announcer’s voice suddenly turned around.
There was a kidnapping in the former World Trade Center in Nancheng District. The kidnapped person was Arisha, the famous Miss Meiyue Group!
At present, the gangsters have been surrounded by police for emergency rescue.
Arisha!’ Purple moon exclaimed.
"Purple Moon, you take my mother, sister and Qiuqiu first. I need to go back to the south of the city to have a look."
Is it true that Jeong kidnapped her mother, sister and Arisha? !
How can Su Orange turn a deaf ear to this sudden news break?
"It’s too dangerous for you to go by yourself. Why don’t we send them there first and then I’ll go with you!" Purple month don’t trust way
"No, now that the gangster has been surrounded by the police, there should be no problem." She must confirm whether the behind-the-scenes messenger is really true!
Purple month white ao however Sue orange stopped to "well! You must be careful that I will go to Nancheng District to find you after I send them there. "
"No, if there’s anything, I’ll contact you. It’s late now, so go back and have a good rest."
Sue orange finished talking and the cart door jumped out and disappeared into the night in the blink of an eye.
Purple moon lamented how fast it was!
I just found out that Su Orange Sakura Ink and Sakura Ji were vampires, and Ziyue was still a little nervous, but now she is completely relieved.
Sue orange returned to Nancheng District and ran straight to the original World Trade Center.
From a distance, I saw a lot of police and people surrounded by red and blue lights.
It used to be a bustling place, and many buildings were abandoned and destroyed, which made it look incomplete and dilapidated.
It used to be the downtown area of Nancheng District, which was quite lively, but now it is really more depressed.
If it weren’t for the emergency tonight, it would be a mess if the patrol police car was not finished at ordinary times.
Su orange mixed in the crowd and approached.
But when I saw the bright light hitting the top floor of the World Trade Center, I could see that the target was in that position.
A policeman with a loudspeaker shouted from time to time, and many reporters kept taking pictures.
I don’t know how much longer I have to wait here.

Kong Jie listened to Zhang Ting’s words and the horse nodded, "Well, just do as Zhang Imperial Doctor said."

Zhang Ting took back the pieces of paper in his hand and told Kong Jie several important treatment plans in detail.
Although it is just a few treatment schemes.
However, it took Zhang Ting nearly half an hour to explain everything to Kong Jie.
"Well, this general plan is just like that." Zhang Ting touched her throat and talked for half an hour. Her throat was on fire.
Kong Jie’s eyes are full of hope at this time.
After listening to the doctor Zhang’s words, he had a hunch that his wife was ill and the doctor Zhang would be able to cure her.
"Good doctor Zhang, although I don’t know how to treat, I believe you. You can treat us as you say." Kong Jie looked at Zhang Ting with a face of letters.
"Well, I’ll treat Mrs. Kong according to my treatment plan. First of all, we must make up for Mrs. Kong’s lack of nutrition, and then we will slowly treat her heart problems."
"Yes, no problem, we all listen to you." Kong Jie’s eyes showed more and more feelings towards Zhang Tingxin.
Look at that letter reveal in people’s eyes, Zhang Ting feels a little stressed.
I coughed a little. Zhang Ting interrupted me with a happy face. Kong Jie "Let’s find a way to solve the problem of Master Kong’s eating. Does Master Kong know a chef with better cooking skills?"
Kong Jieli nodded. "Is there a chef in Dongyue Restaurant?"
Zhang Ting, who just drank tea, almost choked himself to death when he heard his words.
After coughing for several times, Zhang Ting looked at Kong Jie’s side. "Master Kong, you are not the owner of Dongyue Restaurant, are you?"
Kong Jie looked at Zhang Ting with a modest face and said, "Yes, Kong is the post-Zhang imperial doctor. If he went to Dongyue Restaurant to eat everything."
Zhang Ting corners of the mouth sobbed Kong Jie looked at his eyes.
I thought to myself that this master Kong is too low-key. He is actually the boss behind the most expensive restaurant in Beijing.
Zhang Ting recovered quickly after being surprised.
A serious look at Kong Jie said, "This is just the case. The food cooked by the chef of Dongyue Restaurant is really good. My" xianggong "and I have a friend who went there for a meal yesterday. I still drool when I think about it."
Kong Jie smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Doctor Zhang can go there to eat without paying for it every day if he likes it."
Zhang Ting chuckled and didn’t take this sentence to heart.
Anyway, it won’t be long before things are finished here in Confucius’ house, and their family will leave Beijing, and sometimes they will visit that restaurant again.
"Since I’m a chef in Dongyue Restaurant, it would be better. Later, I’ll write a square hole, master, grab some medicinal meals according to the noodles, and then cook them for Mrs. Kong. Two days later, I’ll go to your house to check on Mrs. Kong’s condition." Zhang Ting told Kong Jie carefully.
Kong Jie naturally thanked Zhang Ting for saving his life.
Kong Jie suddenly stopped walking out of the room when he left.
See somebody else from his own pocket.
Then see somebody else took out a piece of white Yu Pei from the inside and sent it to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting looked at the white Yu Pei in front of his eyes with a face of wait for a while expression.
"Doctor Zhang Kongmou has nothing to repay for saving my wife’s life. Kong Mou thought for a moment and decided to give me Yu Pei, who represents the owner of Dongyue Restaurant, to you. Please accept it."
Zhang Ting a listen to hurriedly handed him the Yu Pei to send back.
"How can this be I can’t accept the master? You also said that this Yu Pei is a symbol of your Dongyue Restaurant owner’s identity. How can I accept it? No, hurry up and take it back, "said Zhang Tingbian, pushing this piece of Yu Pei back.
Chapter 777 Yu Pei origin!
Kong Jie pushed it several times and let Zhang Ting give it a clever push back
Kong Jie’s face was unhappy when he saw it.

He’s going to auction to protect the entrance to the ancient mysterious world. At least he needs billions of fairy stones. These hundreds of millions of fairy stones are really not big.

After hearing what Xia Qi said, several women did not continue to refuse to put away the fairy stone cleanly. They knew that if Xia Qi really needed it, they would definitely take it away directly.
"Well, now let’s take a look at the last bag! This is the treasure in the fairy king’s bag, which must be more than these golden fairies combined! "
Xia Qi took the mansion wide, and the mansion garden patriarch Xian Wang Jiangzhe’s bag smiled and this time even Xia Qi looked forward to it.
A fairy king accumulates treasures, and this fairy king is also a master of the clan. Surely the collection is much richer than the average fairy king?
In a few people’s expectation, the bag was hit by Xia Qi.
A few people can’t wait to sweep God’s knowledge into the bag in an instant.
"This … how can there be such a thing?"
"Isn’t he a fairy king and a patriarch? Why is he so shabby?"
"It’s a shame to be a patriarch!"
However, several people in Xia Qi swept God’s knowledge through the bag of jade bells, but several women in Xia Zi were greatly dissatisfied with the bag of disappointment.
In fact, the government’s wide bag is quite a lot, and the ordinary fairy king is not as dissatisfied as his jade bells, or his expectations are too high.
There are about 700 million bags in Fukuan Mansion, and the rest are mostly ordinary true immortals who need elixirs, magic weapons and so on. It is conceivable that this should be a treasure for the ancestors of Fukuan Mansion Garden to upgrade their strength.
In addition, the greatest value is the magic weapon of the government.
His magic weapon is quite strange. It is like a white cloud or a handkerchief. When it is unchanged, it is just the size of two palms. When you look at it carefully, you can find that the white mist on the surface of the handkerchief is slowly rolling like a mist.
This treasure is called’ Yunwupa’, which is of great value to Wang Xianqi.
"You have divided these fairy stones, but you don’t have low-order treasures. Then keep them and forget it. We won’t divide them in this cloud handkerchief. Let’s give them to the government."
Xia qi told jade bell several people spit and didn’t care about smile and said
"You said leave the cloud handkerchief to the government? Aren’t you going to kill him? " Xia Zi heard Xia Qi words suddenly slightly one leng some don’t respond to come over.
She didn’t believe that Fu Kuan, captured by Xia Qi, would honestly work for Xia Qi.
"Haha, Fukuan can’t kill the real Fukuan. At this time, our biggest gain this time is also the reason why I am so happy!"
Xia qi laughed and said
How can Xia Qi be so happy if he gets a few bags after such a crisis?
The reason why he is happy is that Fu Kuan, the fairy king, was caught alive. It may be nothing to others, but it is definitely the greatest treasure to Xia Qi!
Because Xia Qi controls the puppet art of thunder!
"You guys remember to protect me that no matter what happens, you can’t disturb me, otherwise I may not only lose my life!"
Xia qi in Xia Zi academia dignified said to several women.
"Don’t worry, no one can disturb you when you perform surgery!"
Gu Yue nodded solemnly.
The rest of the women also nodded and promised to look dignified, and successively laid several layers of bans to cover this small room without any breath flowing.
Even so, Xia Qi carefully summoned the blood dragon and Lei Long, and became smaller and guarded by him, and then this time he came out of the cave.
Looking at the mansion that is still in a coma, Xia Qi’s eyes are hot!
He’s going to use the thunder puppet technique to try to turn a fairy king into his own slave!
Although he is just a novice, Xia Qi has great confidence in controlling the width of the mansion because he has the soul of the blood phoenix demon emperor to help him!
Of course, it is not without cost to let the blood phoenix demon emperor help so hard.
The price of Xia Qi’s letting the blood phoenix demon emperor shoot is to let the blood phoenix demon emperor enter the world where Kirin is located in the future and realize the true fire of Kirin at any time.
It didn’t make any difference to Xia Qigen, so he promised to come without saying anything.
Ning Xin Jing Shen Xia Qi fell into a state of mind.
"Shout …"
If there is a breeze blowing over Xia Qi, Yuan Shen will be out of body experience at this moment!
He deified the villain and directly entered the mansion with a little phoenix/>
Just entering the wide sea of knowledge, the wide sea of knowledge in the government has set off a terrible wave. lang seems to want to annihilate the soul of Xia Qi and the blood phoenix demon emperor here.
"Ha, ha, ha, so arrogant that you dare to enter the old man’s knowledge of the sea. In the old man’s knowledge of the sea, the old man represents everything, and both of you will fall here!"
Fu Kuan Yuan deified a giant, who not only raised his hand and raised his foot in the sea, but also had a strong power to surge toward Xia Qi.
In his knowledge, Haifu Kuan is really like a god!
But since Xia Qi dares to enter the mansion, how can he be unprepared?
"It’s so arrogant to dare to be so arrogant in front of the emperor. If it weren’t for being controlled by others, I would cook you thoroughly today!"
Xia Qi didn’t outbursts. The blood phoenix demon emperor has outbursts.
A charming drink with anger, killing the phoenix, the real fire spewed out and a heavy fire broke out. lang knew everything about the sea and boiled it, which generally filled the giant of the house with fear.
"Phoenix is really hot! Damn it, this is a phoenix that can burn the soul! "
The government’s leniency is a little desperate and unwilling.
"Hoo …!"
At this time, Xia Qi also wanted to move, and the true fire of Kirin suddenly appeared. The true fire of Kirin in the sea was much less, and its power was no less than that of Phoenix.
"Ah …!"
The burning souls who know the sea seem to be dissipating the pain of the government, shouting that the giant of Yuan God is like a madman in knowing the sea.
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Chapter seven hundred and sixty Fairy stone vein
Chapter seven hundred and sixty Fairy stone vein