Pei Wende is highly skeptical about the truth or falsehood of the words spoken by the other party.

"I’m looking for children born near Chang ‘an in the last two years …"
"The gender should be that the boy has a certain spiritual talent and may have joined a Taoist school in Zhongnanshan by now."
After a short silence, Pei Wende suddenly turned the palm of his hand over, and the mask of Prajnaparamita appeared in his hand.
"if necessary, there is still a ray of vitality in this mask for reference."
Seventeen years ago, the ghost goddess was hit hard by Xuan Jue and died, but before she died, she also severely tore each other a piece of flesh and blood and kept her vitality.
In addition, after the ghosts and gods stunned, the resentment continued to communicate with the earth. Long Mai received a lot of suspected mysterious information
These information forms have not been sorted and screened.
It was not until Pei Wende refined the resentment of the ghost goddess into a Prajna ghost mask that he could actively screen the information by wearing a mask.
This is the last clue that Ghost Gu God left to Pei Wende, a clue that will enable him to quickly find the mysterious reincarnation.
If I hadn’t met the charm Ji Pei Wende, I was going to visit Hui Ji, and then I searched the whole Chang ‘an with the help of the residual vitality in the mask to find the mysterious reincarnation.
However, Pei Wende naturally chose this more convenient way to find after learning about "Qin Astronomy" by accident.
[reincarnation? 】
After listening to Pei Wende’s account, Ling Xiao was silent this time.
Taoist practitioners have also experienced the "Lingtong case" more than 20 years ago. Of course, he knows what Pei Wende is looking for.
Ling Xiao now hopes that Pei Wende’s practice is not to set off another wave of "Xiangrui Lingtong Incident" that led to the fall of the emperor in Chang ‘an.
Because now Datang can’t stand the second emperor who seeks immortality.
Chapter 31 reincarnation of the mysterious unique
Half a month later, the world in the mirror is Qin Tiange.
"Did you find the mysterious clue?"
Quietly poked his head out of his collar, Xiaoqing whispered while spitting a snake letter
It’s rare that Xiaoqing didn’t go out to drink today, but stayed quietly with Pei Wende in this exquisite pagoda for a whole day.
This, of course, is not Xiaoqing’s sudden change of sex, but Pei Wende’s long search for half a month has finally achieved results
After searching for Pei Wende for half a month, a shadow on the third floor finally learned about the photos of children born near Chang ‘an in recent years.
"A total of 316,156 newborns were born in the Tang Dynasty in the sixth year of Huichang."
"In the same year, 104,356 people died for various reasons, and only 225 thousand newborns lived."
Pei Wende has never been so straightforward to feel that the living conditions of ancient children are difficult.
This is only less than a year after birth, nearly one-third of newborns died.
What about the remaining two-thirds of newborns?
Half of them can live to adulthood, which is already the eye of God.
"There are about 17,362 people who were born in Chang ‘an and have been living today."
"Of these 17,362 people, there are 9,041 boys and 7,521 girls."
Compared with other areas, the birth rate and live rate of newborns near Chang ‘an are much higher than the average level.
Rao is so looking at the shocking numbers, Pei Wende’s mind is still a picture of immature faces disappearing.
Pei Wende has no doubt about the data recorded on these pages.
Even if these data are more detailed and accurate than the 21st century census.
Pei Wende has long noticed that the book in this exquisite pagoda is really updated in real time, as Ling Xiao said.
Every time a child is born or dies, there will be an extra page of phase data here.
It’s like saying the book of life and death. If there is life in this world, the name of the book of life and death will never disappear.
It’s a book of life and death. The difference is that this exquisite pagoda is not just a blessing or a curse for people.
The world, the world …
You seem to find the information you want here.
Of course, Pei Wende knows that this "seems" is just like it after all.
Because if we could really find all the information here, there wouldn’t have been such a thing that Zen master Lingyou forced his way into Zhongnanshan to plunder the Taoist scriptures.
Pei Wende feels more like an Internet search engine for later generations.
All the information you want can be found through internet search engines, but more or less.
The only difference between this and the Internet is that most of the recorded information about exquisite pagodas is "accurate".