Grandmother promised me to hide in the dark again and again, and I could hear clearly. This headstrong snake spirit is too cruel and can actually turn into a human form. It must be very shallow. Now it’s playing Nellie’s idea. Is that so good? I’m in a hurry to get out of here and tell Nellie about it so that she can be prepared.

I don’t even know which leg to take first. Now my brain is in a state of chaos and I’m in a hurry to walk in the direction of the mouth of the cave, but I just stepped out of a few steps and it was a tragedy. My foot slipped on a round stone, my center of gravity was unstable and I plopped down.
It was a terrible fall. I resisted the pain and didn’t dare to scream, but when I fell, the sound still shocked the "girl" and Grandmother. After hearing the sound, the "girl" twisted her waist and rushed over to me. Grandmother also rushed over with blood and brains.
At this time, they were only a few meters away from me. I shouted, got up and stumbled and ran to the mouth of the cave. Otherwise, people would be driven out of Liu Xiang by wolves. Now I want to escape and run to the mouth of the cave desperately.
Grandmother Sun and the "girl" followed me closely, and the cloth shoes all ran away without considering the rubble, which made my feet ache. I watched carefully as I reached the mouth of the cave. I bent down and rushed forward to see that I was about to escape from the cave. Suddenly, I felt my legs tripped by a mass of flesh, and then my body fell to the ground. I turned my head and looked at my legs. Mom, the "girl" has changed into a giant again. Just as its strong body firmly caught my legs, I couldn’t move.
I was so anxious that a strong sense of fear suddenly haunted me, because then I remembered the place where the two unlucky men were swallowed by the giant mang, and the bones left me shuddering. I’m afraid I’m going to be unlucky tonight, too. Why am I so unlucky? I was scared half to death by that "fat woman" two days ago, and I met the giant snake spirit again today, so I can’t let people live?
I twitched my legs desperately to get rid of the shackles of the giant, but I was entangled in it and couldn’t get rid of it. At this time, the giant had opened its mouth and couldn’t see clearly what it was like in the dark, but it must have been swallowed by it. At this time, Grandmother had already rushed over and looked at me with a hatchet in her hand and said, "Yan Sigou, why are you running here? Are you following me?" Don’t have a female the ghost in your home. I don’t know about you, Sun Popo. My eyes are on. "
She was foaming at the mouth and bluffing. I yelled, "Fuck you!" I don’t know why I dragged Grandmother Sun’s clothes to the ground with such great strength at this moment. I stretched out my hand and took the axe from her hand. When I saw that the giant mang was facing my head with his mouth open, I was about to swallow it in one gulp. I was in a hurry and swung the axe at its mouth and cut it "poof".
The giant mang was cut down by my axe, and a huge explosive force shook my body, throwing me out of the cave and throwing me to pieces. The axe was left in the giant mang’s mouth, and I got up and ran to the mountain after a little delay.
I ran home in one breath, tired and out of breath. It’s already after midnight, and the door has been locked at home. I didn’t dare to disturb my parents. Now my clothes are all broken, and they will worry about me when they see it. I came to the window of Xiaolian and tapped on the glass and called out "Xiaolian Xiaolian"
When Xiaolian heard my voice in the room, she quickly came from the kang. At this time, she put on a pajamas and opened the window and said, "Brother Four Dogs, where have you been before you came back?"
As soon as I turned over and jumped into the house from the window, I inserted the window and took Nellie’s hand to the kang. "Nellie scared me to death and I almost couldn’t come back."
As soon as Xiaolian heard this, her face turned to zoom and asked me urgently, "What happened to Brother Four Dogs?"
I told Xiaolian about stalking Grandmother tonight. Finally, I said, "We have to be more careful. I think that snake spirit is quite powerful. It’s really fucking cruel!"
Xiaolian listened to me and smiled. "Brother Four Dogs, don’t be afraid of me."
When I heard that, Nellie was really bold. It was Zhou Fuxuan and the headstrong snake spirit that were bad for her. It really didn’t matter what she looked like. Another day, she was worried about Zhou Fuxuan’s hand to us. Why is it so bad now? It seems that she calmed down and comforted me when she saw me so scared. I was moved and a little sad when I thought of it. It was Nellian who was so kind and sad to me. It was me who wanted Nellian to give me a sense of security.
I’m beginning to miss that sloppy old road again. I regret that I didn’t kneel down and let him teach me Taoism. In that case, am I still afraid of this snake spirit? Although Zhou Fuxuan is a sorcerer, he can control ghosts and harm people, but that sloppy old road looks unfathomable. He must be an authentic Taoist. Zhou Fuxuan should not be his opponent
Lotus saw that I was preoccupied and smiled gently and said, "Brother Sigou, if you are afraid, please sleep in my room and I will hug you."
"This" I didn’t expect that Xiaolian would come up with such a suggestion that she would refuse me. She has already said this. I will refuse me again. I am still a person!
Without saying anything, I hugged Lillian and got into bed. Lillian pushed me and said, "Why are you so impatient? You don’t even take off your clothes. It’s dirt that has stained the quilt."
When I saw it, my clothes were torn, and I fell in several caves and got dirty. I quickly took off my clothes and put on a pair of pants. Xiaolian quickly turned her face away from looking at me. My heart laughed and said that she would hug me and sleep. I haven’t taken them off yet. Why are you embarrassed?
I was lying in a bed with Nellie, and I couldn’t see clearly what expression Nellie was now in the dark. I think she must be a little shy. I gently put my arm around Nellie’s slender waist and put her soft body in my arms, which made me feel good. It didn’t last long. Nellie’s cold body made me feel colder and colder. This is really a big problem. When can she not be so cold?
Xiaolian realized this at this moment and said to me, "Brother Sigou, if you are cold, don’t hug me. Let’s go to sleep quickly."
I thought to myself, I can’t sleep because I feel everything in this line. I hugged her more tightly and looked at her seductive cherry. The small mouth was so sexy that people couldn’t help but want to kiss Fangze. I couldn’t help kissing her lips.
Lotus can dodge a few times with a quiver, whispering "Brother Sigou, don’t do this"
I can’t stop now. Crazy, she kissed me with her lips. This is my first kiss. I gave it to Lillian. Lillian couldn’t stand my teasing, and she gradually entered a state of hugging me. We kissed each other under the covers. I really want this night to go on like this. Never.
My face is hard enough, and the strong swelling makes me feel uncomfortable. I reached into Lillian’s pajamas and my palm touched two towering peaks. Lillian’s body grabbed my hand like a touch. "Four dogs don’t."
I can’t control my hand to slide down Nellie’s flat abdomen. Just then, a cold and greasy thing climbed on the back of my hand. I was surprised that there was such a thing in the bed at the critical moment! As soon as I reached out and grabbed this thing, it turned around and bit my hand. I grabbed it out of bed and looked out of the window by moonlight. Oh, my God, it was a little black snake!
Chapter 21 Revenge
This little black snake is as dark as a little loach. I am so afraid of snakes when I grow up. Although there are many snakes in the mountains, their bases are far away from humans. It is the first time that I have climbed into bed in the middle of the night like this. I was so scared that I shook my hand and threw this little black snake out. It fell on the kang and became a circle, spitting out the core from time to time.
I can’t stay in bed any longer. I have to get dressed when I get up. Xiaolian is very calm. Hold the snake seven inches and say, "Brother Four Dogs, don’t be afraid that the snake is not poisonous."
I was ashamed for a moment. I didn’t think that I should let Lillian cover a small snake, which scared me so much. Lillian didn’t kill the small snake, but opened the window and threw it outside. It was already more than two o’clock in the middle of the night. I yawned and spent most of the night. Now I can finally sleep well.
Lillian and I just lay down when we heard a rustle at the window, as if something was crawling into the house along the window. I was puzzled to turn on the light in the room. When I looked at it by the light, I was refreshed and lost all sense of drowsiness. The window at home was made of wood, and some border areas were damaged because of the wind and rain erosion due to too many years. At this time, there were more than a dozen small black snakes drilling into the house along the window gap. After these snakes got in, there were still small snakes drilling in the window. I don’t know how many there were.
I was frightened to disgrace and quickly jumped out of the bed. When I got dressed, Lillian also found that the situation was serious. Her expression began to become dignified. When I pulled my hand, I dragged me to the ground, because the kang was already this little black snake. If there was a poisonous snake biting me here, I would not be far from the Temple of Hades.
Both Xiaolian and I were barefoot on the kang, and countless small snakes surrounded us. At this time, they all stood up with their heads held high, which was shocking. These black snakes all had a comb-shaped sarcoma on their heads, and the red color reminded me of the headstrong snake spirit in the cave.
Xiaolian was very calm. She held my hand tightly, which seemed to comfort me. My heart was warm and my wife wanted more! I thought to myself that I, a big man, couldn’t let my wife protect me. I just pulled Nellie behind me and assumed a righteous appearance. Suddenly, my head fell off. Several little black snakes fell directly on my head, which scared me to shout loudly. I quickly fiddled with them. I looked up at the roof and I didn’t know when several snakes climbed out. Most of them were scratching and falling. Soon, the ground was covered with black and crawling in various positions, which made me sick.
If I stay indoors, I will be eaten by these ghosts. As soon as I pull Lotus’s hand, I will run out of the house. But just as I was about to reach the door, the concrete floor suddenly clicked. I don’t know what huge thing broke the bottom arch, and the cement pieces flew out in all directions. Then a monster emerged from the ground and shook its head. The chicken coronasarcoma broke through the ground with its shaking body. I saw my mother, isn’t that the headstrong snake spirit in the cave? It actually chased me home!
At this time, the headstrong snake spirit swayed sideways in front of me and Lillian. It was a provocative body with bright patterns. Now I can clearly feel that Lillian’s hands are getting colder and colder, and then I had to let go of my ice. The headstrong snake spirit and Lillian looked at each other for a while and suddenly opened their mouths full of bright patterns, and a large piece of body came out from the ground and bit Lillian’s head.
Lillian deftly dodged the snake essence and then swept her head to Lillian and me. This Lillian didn’t dodge. Maybe she knew that if she dodged this, I wouldn’t be able to escape. I couldn’t get rid of the broken bones when the snake essence swept her thick body. Lillian and I were swept out by this snake essence for more than a meter and fell to the ground. This snake essence, snake snake and grandson were crushed to death.
At this time, the body of the headstrong snake spirit has broken ground and left the house. It is not big enough. It is more than ten meters long and its body is curled up. The huge snake head is coming at me and Xiaolian!
Lotus pulled me up and hid beside me. Before the snake spirit turned around and pulled me up, I rushed to the door. The snake spirit turned around and swam out of the house quickly. A room full of black snakes followed it and climbed out in the dark. A large area was about to drown Lotus and me in the snake sea.
Lillian and I were forced into the corridor. At the end of the corridor is the kitchen. Lillian then released my hand and walked quickly to the kitchen. When she came back, she had a swinging kitchen knife. Lillian clung to the knife and stared at the snake spirit swimming over.
The headstrong snake spirit stood up and swallowed the lotus head again. Its goal was indeed to swallow the lotus head. When its giant mouth was about to get to the top of the lotus head, the lotus fiercely swung its kitchen knife and swept it over its big mouth. With a loud sound, its mouth was cut with a knife by the lotus, and the headstrong snake spirit threw up its thick body and turned around and fled to the door. It just got out of the hole and plunged in, and suddenly disappeared.
A room full of little black snakes was as flustered as a group of dragons at this time, and the room was quiet again in less than a minute as the snake essence got into the hole.
I went back to the house and looked at the big hole in the ground. I was glad that I didn’t make too much noise and didn’t disturb my sleeping parents. But when they asked me what to say, they broke a big hole. I quickly broke my feet into pieces of cement and filled it in the hole, but as much as I filled it, it leaked in. It was simply a bottom hole and I didn’t know how deep the hole was and where it could go.
Xiaolian’s face was very bad when she fell on her chest. It was the first time I saw her so angry. "Brother Four Dogs, do you remember that cave?"
I nodded and said, "I remember. Why?"
Xiaolian gritted her teeth and said, "Take me now. I’ll find this hideout of the snake spirit tonight and I’ll finish it!" "
As soon as I heard it, I quickly took Nellie’s hand and advised her to say, "Don’t be impulsive. That headstrong snake spirit has been practicing for many years and often eats people’s brains to make up for the body. It’s not easy to get angry. Besides, we are not sure to kill it when we get to its site. It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years. I don’t think we should go tonight."
"The elder brother of the four dogs, how can I say that you are so soft with snakes and demons? You don’t want to think that it has just been hacked by you to find a home to take revenge. Can I let it go? It’s here for revenge tonight. If you don’t get rid of it while it’s injured, you and I will be harmed by it sooner or later! "
I listened to Lillian and took a deep breath. Lillian said that it was unreasonable. Zhou Fuxuan, the evil road in Dagushan Town, was secretly making mischief. Now there is another headstrong snake mother. Get rid of one. Now the fish is dead or the net is broken!
Thought of here, I was also angry. I gritted my teeth and said, "Come on, Nellie, I’ll take you there now! "
I took Nellie along the village road to the outside of the village. When I passed by Mrs. Sun’s house, I saw that her door was locked. This wife should not have come back yet. Now that I know her dirty things, I’m afraid I won’t dare to go home for a while. I took Nellie to the mountains and walked for more than half an hour before I got to the cave where the snake spirit hid.
In the mountains, the night wind came and blew so cold that I shivered and pointed to the mouth of the cave and said, "This is it."
Lotus pushed aside the branches at the mouth of the cave, bent over and got into it without thinking. I followed Lotus closely, which is also a place to revisit. His uncle came to this hellhole twice a night.
It was dark in the cave, and I walked side by side with Xiaolian. I was uneasy and I didn’t know if this headstrong snake spirit had come back.
When I got to the corner of the cave, I woke up. Xiaolian "turned around in front is its hiding place."
Chapter 22 Weird Grandmother
Nelly nodded and motioned for me not to talk. She leaned her head carefully and looked at the corner.
I also want to know if this headstrong snake spirit has escaped back. If it doesn’t come back here, it’s really not easy to find it again. There are dozens of square meters in the corner. There are two dead men who have been eaten by headstrong snake spirit, and the blood everywhere exudes a bloody smell. Next to the dead man’s body, a "young girl" is sitting on a stone pier. Next to her, there is an elderly wife. I look at this "young girl" through a candle that hasn’t been burned out. It is the headstrong snake spirit who has transformed into a human form. The wife next to
It turns out that this wife has been staying in the cave. At this time, she is waiting on this "young girl". This "young girl" cherry mouth has a big knife wound, and it has been cut and severely damaged from the corner of her mouth to the gills gang. Judging from her expression, she is very angry and has a big temper. She scolds Grandmother from time to time.
Grandmother trembled and waited on carefully for fear that an inattentive completely annoyed this athel Loren. Lotus was about to jump out of the result when she saw this situation. The "girl" suddenly heard the scream of this "girl". Lotus quickly admitted her body and hid in the dark with me and watched.
Seeing that she just helped the "girl" to dress the wound, Grandmother Sun did not know when she had a sharp knife in her hand and suddenly inserted it into the "girl" mouth! This "young girl" screamed, and her body was just about to start from the stone pier. Sun Po stretched out her calloused hand and pressed her head so hard that she couldn’t move. At this time, Sun Po’s two yellow eyes braved the fierce light, wrinkled face and ferocious face. The short knife "young girl" mouth was savagely stirred until blood dripping down the "young girl" mouth.
I’m at a loss in my eyes. This grandmother is so fucking cruel. I didn’t realize she still had these two! Just then, the "young girl" suddenly shook her body and her charming body suddenly became a giant shape. Is her mouth still stuck in her thick body with her short knife? As the snake body tightened, her face became whiter and whiter, and it became more and more difficult for her to breathe. She bit her shriveled lips and put the short knife in the mouth of the snake essence and pulled it hard. She scratched her neck from the big mouth of the snake essence, followed by her left hand hugging the neck of the snake essence.
I can’t believe it’s true now. On weekdays, it seems that Grandma’s hands are tied, and she has a hand blade for a moment. Lotus, the snake spirit, hasn’t moved for a long time. Obviously, Grandma’s shocking behavior just now is also a big surprise to her.
Grandmother’s face muscles twisted and she looked at the snake essence and lay still. She was very proud of the short knife and continued to dissect the body of the snake essence. When she cut into the abdomen of the snake essence, the tip of the knife scratched a hard thing and made a "clank" sound. Grandmother’s face suddenly became excited and stretched out her hand. After a while, she pulled out a glittering bead.
She held this pearl in her palm like a baby, and gave a strange laugh in her mouth. She said to herself, "Wife, I have endured humiliation for so many years and finally waited until today. Hahaha"
Grandmother said, clutching the pearl tightly in her hand and opening her mouth, she was about to swallow it into her stomach. Lillian called it a bad shape and rushed at Grandmother.
I’m afraid that something will happen to Nellie and I’ll rush after her. Now I think this grandmother Sun is so weird that a wise head makes a close mouth. I wonder if she will hurt Nellie by any malicious means.
Grandmother Sun was startled when she saw Xiaolian and I broke in, and then her little eyes narrowed into a crack. She turned and ran with the bead, which surprised me. Grandmother Sun didn’t run in the direction of the hole, but ran away from us to the dead end. There were stone walls over there. Where could she go?
Just when I was wondering, Grandmother had already reached the stone wall and laboriously removed a big stone, which weighed at least one hundred kilograms. I never thought that this wife had such great strength. A small dark hole appeared behind this big stone, and Grandmother quickly got into the hole like a weasel and disappeared.
Lillian was so anxious that she stamped her feet again and again that she would get into the hole to chase Grandmother. I was worried about Lillian’s safety and pulled her and said, "Lillian, stop chasing and run."