Because it will also reduce their chances of surviving from the secret world.

And as everyone moves,
Liu Yuan finally saw what the Bi Meng clan relied on to become natural enemies of the dragons.
See Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale roaring-their golden hair began to be visible to the naked eye and quickly set up and turned red for a short time.
Their muscles also began to swell in the process.
In a short time, the original height of six or seven meters was actually raised to 15 meters in a short time.
This height may be higher than that of non-platinum creatures to display the body of the king.
But compared with ordinary creatures, this height is already very scary.
And Liu yuan can clearly perceive the strength of the two of them, and the amazing rise has taken place after this roar.
At this time, whether their muscle density or their bone strength has reached 3~4 times the original horror level.
Besides physical changes, what really changed Lu Yuan’s attitude towards Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale was their special red energy.
Bathing in red energy, they look very similar to Xiaojin’s state of going out to escape armor.
And this special reinforcement effect similar to door dun armour is the exclusive ability of Bi Meng clan-crazy violence.
[Crazy violence has a huge increase effect on the physical body through the extreme strengthening of the physical body.]
[Disadvantages: In the process of violent violence, the messenger himself will be hurt by violent violence and easily lose his mind in battle]
Although Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Gale have a lot of violent behavior.
But it is undeniable that after opening this talent, the strength of both of them has risen from the original gold nine planets and Huang Jinxing to the current platinum level.
On the other side, Sarah also didn’t leave a hand.
Accompanied by a melodious dragon rhyme, the shape of Salaron people began to change constantly, and finally the first fifteen-meter-long giant black dragon that Tam encountered was melted.
Although Sarah did not use the special powers left by the dark dragon Hogg at this time.
But even relying on this exhibition to reveal her strength has already made Sarah reach the platinum level.
See this Liu Yuan also nodded at Tam.
Tam immediately got the message, and his hands began to print.
The field expands … Fairy Miaomu Mountain!
Fairy magic, wonderful wood psychic!
Two-stage field … Fairy mode!
Soon, Tam’s body was full of magical powers, and he began to soar, eventually becoming a 2-meter-high monster.
Tam didn’t choose a bigger size, because it felt that if he was too big to deal with Bekele’s size in front of him, it would not be conducive to fighting.
After all, Bekele is not the wild aliens that Tam dealt with before.
Those wild aliens don’t even have the ability to hurt Tam
But at present, Bekele is obviously not.
If Tam changes his body shape too much, it means that he has to bear more Bekele attacks.
This is not a good thing for it.
In the face of everyone’s firepower, it is rare to open Bekele without intervention
It just calmly watched everyone show their strength.
After hovering for a moment, Sarah, the incarnation of the black scale dragon, roared "!"
Bi Meng Hart and Bi Meng Galveston immediately rushed towards Bekele when they heard this.
Amazing physical strength makes the two Bi Meng royalty have a great shock to the surrounding ground even when they run.
At this time, Tam was also not idle. After he showed his immortal mode, he suddenly put his hands on the ground.
A lot of silver hair spread along Tam’s arm to the palm of his hand.
And the color of these hairs soon changed from silvery white to red like magma.
Magic, Fire and Cliff Blade!
Several magma ejected from the ground.
And blew up in the direction of Bekele.
These magma are not ordinary fire spirits, but special magma mixed with magic.
The power is far beyond the general fire attribute skill.
Facing this, Tam released magic, fire and cliff blade.
Bekele immediately put his weapon in the ground.
Several vines rushed against Tam’s cliff edge, and two forces collided together soon.
The vines are covered with polluted holy light, which makes them as hard as metal
Even Tam’s magma, which contains magical power, is hard to do harm to these vines.
But when the aftermath of the explosion passed, three figures crossed the wall of fire and rushed to the front of Bekele.