Just like yesterday’s battle, even if we know that artillery can’t kill the defenders of saltworks, the first attack by loyalists is still artillery hundreds of steps away. In their eyes, even if these solid shells can hit the morale of a tiger and leopard army, it is very cost-effective

After a solid shell hit the city wall one after another, the mighty officer’s arms and marines also moved out.
Chapter four hundred Success
After two consecutive attacks, the number of musketeers in Zhu Dadian’s hands has dropped sharply from 3,000 before the war to less than 1,000 now.
But even so, Zhu Dadian, who is full of confidence in today’s attack, is like a crazy gambler who sends the remaining musketeers to the battlefield to break through the salt field in front of him.
And the scene that followed on the battlefield did not disappoint Zhu Dadian.
As soon as the musketeers sent by themselves entered the range of the other musketeers, the guns began to ring on the battlefield.
In the first round, the Tiger and Leopard Army shot and killed people in a musket array. Although seven musketeers were instantly killed, they were watching Zhu Dadian’s face. Instead of showing the slightest sadness, they also saw a little excitement and excitement …
Because Zhu Dadian, who just shot, can be sure that there are definitely less than 100 gunmen who just shot Tiger and Leopard.
Even if we just shot 100 defenders in the saltworks and made muskets the most common three-stage shooting, there were 300 musketeers left in the Tiger and Leopard Army …
This data coincides with the number of tiger and leopard arms and marines that I got after my estimation and calculation last night.
Since it matches, it further proves that all the inferences made last night are justified.
Under such circumstances, superior forces will be in vain to deal with a bunch of tigers and leopards who have no advantage, if they can’t get it easily.
The excitement of thinking about Zhu Dadian’s face has been unconsciously covered by confidence.
After taking a deep breath, he ordered, "Archers and four siege horses began to attack … for half an hour to take the city wall and break into the saltworks …"
After hearing the order, several generals who were already eager to try seemed to be suddenly injected with a dose of stimulant. Just holding the fuels for Zhu Dadian, they rushed to the battlefield like the wind …
Soon, more than 5,000 troops were well-equipped, with certain training, and the loyalist army was like a burst of water rushing to the city wall …
See here face is permeated with confidence Zhu Dadian directly put a telescope on the guards behind ordered "give chancellorsville tables and chairs back to the officer … officer here to watch over a cup of tea also arty time …"
In the face of the madness, the loyalist made the trick more realistic. The loyalist dispatched four siege teams to attract them to the foot of the city wall and enter the attack range of grenades and explosives. The soldiers of the garrison division of the city wall directly made the rolling stones and spears fight against the enemy …
Several times when the fighting was in full swing, the loyalist siege team almost climbed the wall and opened a gap.
At the beginning of the battle, the loyalists attacked the city outside the city. Instead of finding anything strange, they attacked more and more fiercely. Soon, four thousand loyalists of the siege team gathered in the wall and rushed to climb the ladder.
Looking at the tower, the soldiers, loyalists, attacking troops and archers are more than musketeers, and they attack one wall after another. The heart of teacher He Guozhong is more painful than blood.
However, after the overall situation, He Guozhong clenched his fist and endured it for a long time.
He Guozhong clenched his fist because his heart was wronged and he kept smashing into the front city. When the chief of staff was full of excitement, he finally reached He Guozhong’s ear.
Guo-zhong He was just nervous and relaxed instantly.
At the same time, a trace of hot eyes followed He Guozhong’s eyes.
Take a deep breath and suppress your heart. After expecting, you ordered, "It’s finally our turn to fight back … Ma sent a signal to order all the soldiers involved in the war to start fighting back …"
Three flares with sharp roar just flying all kinds of roar began to roar from the platoon leader … the officer’s mouth.
There have been more than 200 musketeers hiding without shooting. The horse raised the musketeers and pulled the trigger at the loyalist archers dozens of paces away.
After the bean-like gun sounded, with angry lead bullets, it quickly spewed out of the barrel and flew out of the wall, throwing arrows at the wall and throwing arrows at the loyalist archers.
At the same time, 300 musketeers fired at the officer’s arms and marines, and turned their guns to eject lead as dense as rain at the officer’s archers.
More than 500 muskets were fired repeatedly, and a huge gap was swept out in the middle of the horse among the loyalist archers. The expression of the remaining archers was directly replaced by panic and panic
When the archers began to be slaughtered by the defenders in the saltworks, the officers, arms, marines and siege teams were not much better.
In the face of the command not to save ammunition, six mortars directly struggled to tilt the flowering shells at the loyalist muskets.
Along the line of the city wall, more than 200 grenades with white smoke were instantly thrown by the defenders of the saltworks, and the explosion was like setting off firecrackers, and the foot of the city wall sounded.
In the face of saltworks defenders, they were all full of confidence in this attack, and thousands of loyalists were directly stunned …
When they reacted from the shock and began to react, their colleagues around them had fallen into the battlefield in pieces.
However, the sharp firearms attack such as grenades and explosive charges can’t avoid the grenade fragment attack even if they are equipped with wallets.
Especially at the foot of the crowded city wall, the joint attack department of thousands of siege team officers and soldiers grenades and explosive charges is a big one … In an instant, the foot of the city wall is covered with a whole layer of loyalist bodies.
The battlefield was not only attacked by loyalist soldiers who just picked up a cup of tea to enjoy Zhu Dadian, but also frightened by the sudden explosion of Tathagata.
The teacup in his hand fell to the ground because of shock, and the hot tea was sprinkled directly behind him. Zhu Dadian was woken up with a face of shock.
Then shouted at the side, "What’s the matter? Didn’t you say that the defenders of the saltworks no longer have these firearms? That these explosions is how to return a responsibility, suddenly more guns is how to return a responsibility … "
Zhu Dadian is full of doubts about the sudden accident in front of him, which is even worse.
Zhu Dadian questioned that no one spoke, and everyone dared to lead Zhu Dadian’s anger to themselves at this time.
With the coming of the battlefield, the explosion became more and more dense, and the smoke produced by the explosion almost enveloped the whole battlefield when it was transferred to the side by Zhu Dadian. A lieutenant finally said.
"At the end of the adult, the first thing we should do is to withdraw the attacking soldiers and then think about the specific reasons …"
"The defenders of the saltworks attacked us with this firearm, and the soldiers who participated in the attack didn’t even have the slightest room to strike back, which was close to suicide … If we don’t withdraw them, we will be worried that they will lose in this attack."
There is absolutely no doubt that the great dynasty was deeply impressed by Emperor Chongzhen’s ability to patrol Zhu Dadian’s house.
When he woke up and slowly recovered his composure, he raised his telescope again and began to pay attention to the battlefield. His horse discovered the seriousness of the situation.
So he was decisive and ordered his horse to "sound the golden horse and sound the golden bell to withdraw all the attacking troops …"
When ringing the golden bell to the ears of all loyalist soldiers in the battlefield, it also goes to the ears of all defenders in the salt field of the city wall.
Guo-zhong he a pair of eyes again to shoot two cleaners at the same time around the chief of staff has opened his mouth to wake up.
"Teachers loyalist ready to withdraw …"
A sneer flashed from the corner of He Guozhong’s mouth, and then he said, "Come and go whenever you want. What does Zhu Dadian regard as our tiger and leopard army … Are the chief of staff ready to attack the troops?"
The chief of staff nodded and affirmed, "Two hundred and fifty of the 1,000 soldiers are veterans we brought from Datong, five hundred are our first batch of trained recruits, and two hundred and fifty are our second batch of trained recruits …"
"These people participated in the day and night battles yesterday, and they all saw too little blood and loyalist fighting at close range. In this case, it is absolutely no problem to rush out of the saltworks and fight with loyalist."
"Teachers, the 1,000 soldiers have gathered at the city gate, asking you to reach the attack order, and you can beat the loyalist outside the city to further expand the results and weaken the loyalist outside the city."
"Very well …" He Guozhong ordered with a satisfied smile.