"Old Cao, cattle can skin. You mustn’t go into his pit. He will give you two million, but my offer is three million!" Two dog confirmed that the old Cao hadn’t dug away and suddenly the stone fell to the ground.

"Ha ha skin boss you come back, of course, I won’t work for cattle scalping! So you can rest for a few days and I’ll come to you in a few days! "
"Lao Cao, I’ll find you. You’re a business tycoon, but you can’t get angry. By the way, let me ask you something. Does Xiao Qianli have a girlfriend? Or is there a sister? "
"You said he didn’t seem to have a formal girlfriend, Xiao Shaoshao, but he didn’t take home his girlfriend! And he has no sister and a sister Xiao Manying! "
"Okay, I get it."
As soon as Pi two dog’s son returned to his room, he smiled and said, "Xiao Shaoshao, you have a sister, Xiao Manying. Call Xiao Manying!"
"This ….. leather boss xiao-ying jiang that is I drink too much horse urine drunk situation after waking up I also regret it very much! If this works, my sister won’t ask me to compensate Jiang Xiaoying for one million! "
Pi two dog suddenly hit the desktop and shouted, "If you repent, you won’t pick Weng Chuncao! Do you think I am a three-year-old child? Call Xiao Manying quickly! "
"Call it!" Xiao Shaoshao gave her sister Xiao Manying a word.
At the same time, Pi two dog also called Jiang Xiaoying
Jiang Xiaoying came here soon. She looked at him as if she didn’t know him. She was surprised and said, "Oh, my God, it’s me! No, it’s boss Pi!" Boss Pi, are you really not dead? Oh, my God, not only not dead, but also stronger. Look at this flesh and blood rolling all over. Oh, my God, it is estimated that such a big fist will kill people! "
See xiao-ying jiang surprised like this skin two dog in distress situation "xiao ying elder sister now is not a gossip when you see xiao less insulted you now old hair again to insult manager weng! Fortunately, I arrived on time, or Manager Weng will become Sister Xianglin! "
"He just got it. Did you call me here to avenge me?" Suddenly, Jiang Xiaoying looked incredible and remembered two dog’s speech. She was busy pulling him to the corridor trail. "two dog, did you say that the Xiao family’s general trend should take a long-term view?"
"I was busy registering a company and planning a lot of things in the village that day. Now the situation is different. Plus, I arrested Xiao Shaoshao at the scene. He thinks that he can’t rely on this time. Of course, he can’t let him go!"
"Then how are you going to find a game?"
"How about letting Xiao Shaoshao pay you one million yuan first and then calling his sister Xiao Manying? How can he insult you and Weng Chuncao? It’s fair that I insult his sister tit for tat!"
Chapter 322 Xiao Manying is good
"What two dog if he is willing to lose money his elder sister don’t insult? After all, his sister didn’t offend me! " Xiao-ying Jiang relented way
"No Xiaoying elder sister is my object of protection. Xiao Shaoshao insulted my object of protection. What’s wrong with me insulting his elder sister? And he insulted both of us, and I insulted him. It’s a bit of a loss! " He this cargo rightfully way
"Yes, I can’t find anything wrong with that, but I always feel that something is wrong!"
"There is nothing wrong with it!"
Pi two dog just made a decision and saw a stunning girl come in carrying a bag. The girl’s modern hairstyle is proud and her figure is extraordinary. He greeted the goods and said, "Are you Xiao Manying?"
"I’m Xiao Manying. Who are you and my brother?" Xiao Manying doesn’t know Pi two dog.
At this time, Xiao Shaoshao hit the room and said, "Sister!"
"Xiao Di, what are you doing here?" Xiao Manying took a look at Weng Chuncao.
"This is the case-"When Pi two dog opened the sack and poured yam, he told Xiao Manying everything.
Xiao Manying listened carefully and she looked at Xiao Shaoshao. "Is it true, brother? You almost forced Jiang Xiaoying and stripped Weng Chuncao? "
"Elder sister, I was drunk that day and my mind was not clear and I did something wrong. I …" Xiao Shaoshao didn’t even speak neatly like a stammer in front of her sister.
"worthless thing! If you want to screw up, you can have fun if you want money! Can’t you be strong if people don’t want to? See, now people want me to come back! " Xiao Manying was livid with anger.
"Sister, I made a mistake with Weng Chuncao and lost her one million skins. The boss also said that he would insult you. You can’t promise this!" Xiao less nervous palms sweating way
"Xiao less you one million is compensation for Weng Chuncao bullying and inducements these days! Stripping clothes does not count! Besides, what about Jiang Xiaoying? You forced her, and we were kind enough not to send you to the government for justice. It’s very kind of us! " Two dog spirit not dozen 1 come way
"This is not done? Attempted? "
Xiao Manying was so angry that he criticized his younger brother for slapping him before he left. "It’s also a sin to try to force, okay?" Why do you have to quibble when people don’t send you to justice? "
See Xiao Manying to skin two dog heart says this girl is good, her emotional intelligence quotient is not low, with her Xiao family can’t decline.
At this time, Xiao Manying said to Jiang Xiaoying with a sincere face, "Jiang always makes trouble when my brother drinks alcohol. It must be a crime for you to force him, but it is not good for your name to go out after private consultation. Make an offer and I will let Xiao Qianli compensate you for your mental loss!"
"She said at least one million!"
"But that’s one million plus you insulting me. Can it be over?" Xiao Manying flatly way
"Xiao Jie is a frank person. Let your brother make a payment first!"
Xiao Manying, who received a short message to confirm the mistake, called two dog into the room and lay down on the bed. "So you are the famous Pi two dog! Boss Pi, come on! "
Hearing Xiao Manying’s words, Xiao Dashao was so angry that he slapped his fist on the wall and shed tears of pain.
"Miss Xiao, I think you are quite reasonable. You are a blessing to Xiao’s family. So I won’t insult you. You can get up!" He put this goods on the trail.
"The boss is not good? Xiao Shao insulted your woman, so you insulted me! "
"You pretend to scream twice and you’re done!" Pi two dog didn’t really want to insult Xiao Manying. After all, Xiao Manying is a koo. He did this to let Xiao experience the insult of his loved ones less.
Xiao Manying shouted twice, and then pulled his clothes to look at him. "Boss Pi is not enough for you to kiss me. Only in this way can we be even!"
"Don’t kiss. Now that you’re tied, you can go!" Two dog said that now that he has found the field, he almost has to be a man and leave a chance to meet each other in the future
"Hey, you guy, it seems that the gossip in Fang is not true. They all say that you are stealing chickens and dogs. I tried to let you come and you didn’t come. That can prove one thing, that is, the smell outside is all rumors!" Xiao Manying somehow Pi two dog refused to kiss her, but she was a little lost. After all, she is also a famous beauty in nine planets City. This year, she is twenty-seven years older than Xiao Shao. Just as the carnival is going on, plus the noble status of Miss Xiao’s daughter, how many nobles in the city want to marry her?
She never imagined that the first initiative in her life was rejected. She was actually a small peasant from the countryside!
Not Xiao Manying began to look up at Pi two dog.
Two flowers bloom, one for each table. Besides, the dean of Dayanding Hospital, the source of his news is also very fast. He almost knew the news that Pi two dog was poisoned and died for the first time.
And last night, wang hong’s first mountaineering team returned home without even finding Pi two dog’s body, and he knew it clearly!
At nine o’clock tonight, Yao Dayan learned that Bai Xing had returned to the drug market. After her wholesale department reopened, Yao Dayan prepared a cash box and drove straight to the drug market in nine planets City.
Bai Xing’s retail department stopped the car and went straight to Bai Xing’s office with a big eye on the money box. Bai Xing opened the retail department so late to come and see the official business, and she had to wait for the wholesale department to have her alone. At first sight of the big eye on medicine really startled her.
"White beauty has always been? I have a win-win project. Are you interested in big beauty? " Yao Dayan tried to act like a good man.
"Sorry, Dean of Medicine, I have no plans to increase the project for the time being. Sorry!" Bai Xing knows that YaoDayan is two dog’s sworn enemy, and the two are rivals in the same trade. No matter how stupid she is, she can’t do business with YaoDayan!