This really annoys Brooke Rodney.

The key is other negative news about Zhang man of iron. He couldn’t find the information after he searched carefully. When paparazzi followed him, he found that Zhang Tiehan’s life was boring every day. He didn’t look like a big-name star at all, but like a coolie. He had nothing but football and rest every day.
What a professional player with integrity!
He had to praise in his heart.
But Brooke Rodney didn’t have much affection for Zhang man of iron because of this. He continued to dig up his negative news. Now is an opportunity for Zhang Tiehan to transfer? If we get to the middle of it, it must be big news and Liverpool fans will be extremely disappointed with him!
Brooke Rodney thinks so.
So he did the same.
There are two Real Madrid and Chelsea in the club linked with Zhang Tiehan, which is like the media commenting on Real Madrid. It is more likely that Chelsea is unlikely, and so is Brooke Rodney. He first went to Madrid and interviewed several small directors of the Madrid press officer. They all said that the club did open a transfer for Zhang man of iron, but the offer was not disclosed.
These messages are meaningless.
Even if you know the offer, it doesn’t make sense. Brooke Rodney prefers to know whether Real Madrid has had personal contact with Zhang man of iron, but in fact, Real Madrid has just made an offer. How can it have personal contact with Zhang man of iron? The transfer has just begun.
Brooke Rodney returned to England disappointed.
He went to London.
It is also difficult to find some news at Chelsea Football Club. Mourinho will never say anything big about Zhang man of iron’s transfer to Portugal, let alone talk about it, just as he doesn’t know that the team has started negotiations with Liverpool for Zhang Tiehan.
Brooke Rodney can’t get any news either.
He failed in his journey.
But just when he was wandering around the streets of London and felt very helpful, the turning point came. He glanced at an old man with a cap. The old man in a gray coat was very inconspicuous on the streets of London, but when he looked back, he felt that face had been seen somewhere.
In a flash, it was Moratti!
"Inter Milan President Moratti? How is that possible? How could he be in London? What is he doing here? "
Brooke Rodney was surprised that curiosity made him follow the past to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and eleven Smooth resistance
Chelsea and Liverpool will never be able to jump out of man of iron’s transfer negotiations with man of iron. It is impossible to reach a deal between the two clubs without Zhang Tiehan’s unwillingness to sign the transfer contract.
Liverpool Football Club informed Zhang Tiehan at the beginning of the transfer negotiations.
Even in Liverpool Club, few people know about it. Zhang Tiehan was quite surprised when he heard that Liverpool Club actually started his transfer negotiations. Frankly speaking, he didn’t want to leave Liverpool in the summer or he didn’t think about it.
Leave Liverpool?
The season is not yet!
Besides, he has never been unhappy here. Everything is fine. Is there any reason to leave?
He hesitated.
Chelsea CEO Kenyon came to see Zhang Tiehan the first time. Zhang man of iron was told by Kenyon as soon as he learned the news. Generally speaking, Chelsea Football Club thinks highly of Zhang man of iron, and Mr. Abramovich hopes that Zhang man of iron can move to Chelsea. How much contract will Chelsea prepare for him?
Well, the other Zhang Tiehan didn’t listen very much. The left ear listened to the right ear, and Zhang Tiehan listened carefully.
"But what about Mourinho? I won’t go to his team. "Zhang Tiehan shrugged.
"He will leave."
Kenyon said bluntly, "but I hope you can keep it a secret. It is also a secret in Chelsea. Mr. Chairman and I Mourinho know it."
Zhang Tiehan suddenly realized that he felt a little incredible. "Will he leave?"
Zhang Tiehan really hesitated to get a positive answer from Kenyon. At first, he felt that he had no reason to leave Liverpool and that Chelsea was definitely not his choice. It was like the media saying that if he left Liverpool, he might as well choose Real Madrid, which was his idea. Those media speculated very accurately.
Mourinho has no objection to going to Chelsea if he leaves Chelsea.
He really hesitated.
More importantly, Liverpool Football Club offered to sell him, otherwise he would not have chosen to leave.
The club sells itself and disagrees?
Zhang Tiehan never thought about it, but he knew that even if he continued to stay in Liverpool, he would not get a good treatment. If he wanted a raise, Liverpool Club was determined to sell him, and he could not take the initiative to ask to stay.
He is too proud to allow that.
So you have to leave?
It’s good to think about Chelsea. He still has a good sense of Chelsea President Abramovich. Although the media said that he was a Russian local tyrant, Abramovich has been wanting him for two years. This is a real club owner. The richest man in the world believes in himself. He can’t have any bad feelings towards Abramovich.
But just leave?
Zhang Tiehan still can’t make a decisive decision. After all, this matter involves too many problems.
Just as many media were talking about Zhang man of iron’s transfer, the Premier League ushered in the 34 th round. The Liverpool opponent was Bolton.
Liverpool welcome Bolton challenge at Anfield Stadium.
Bolton did well in the season, and at the end of the season, they ranked first in the league after Newcastle in points. This seems to be a good result for Bolton, but in fact, Bolton ranked sixth in the league in the season, and they reached the UEFA Cup here, and Bolton also ranked first in the league last season. This team has been leading the team in Alades for nearly three seasons, and their unchanging football has always caused trouble to many teams.