When I heard Xiao Dongdong’s talk, everyone was patting their chests and saying "K is no problem"

But there are also people who don’t understand.
"But I said that Xiao Dong was robbed of your horse. Why don’t you take it back in real life?"
"It shouldn’t have much effect just to win others from the game?"
When he heard these words, Xiao was black and blue, and his mother’s eggs were black and blue. If he could find a game in real life, he would naturally not find a game in the game! Isn’t it because we can’t find a way back in reality?
Thought of here, Xiao knocked in my mind and couldn’t help but see Fang Xiang, a thin little body with three fists and two feet, beating his four minions and suddenly shuddering.
"Let’s not talk about this yet. Let’s get rid of them first. I’ll give you benefits later."
Here Xiao Dong Dong "hey hey" smiled, and those people in the dir team also knew what Xiao Dong Dong said about welfare, all of which revealed an inscrutable smile.
Everyone’s expression is very relaxed. Although their opponent is an elite team of fantastic dreamers, after all, they are level 9 and others are level 69. For them, a level 69 team is not too much pressure.
After all, the cultivation and skills alone are enough for the dreamer team to eat.
It is also a small talk that both sides have entered the competition venue.
And this time
Netease live broadcast platform
As soon as Jia Ling received Fang Xiang’s message, he couldn’t wait to turn on the live broadcast!
The Indian side wants to say that they want a strong dir team in the Jingwu God of gank Brave Group.
Although I wonder why Fang wants them to fight with others’ level 9, Jia Ling still believes that Fang wants to win and soon opens the live broadcast and promotes a wave of advertisements.
The advertising title is also simple-
"Dream Team gank Brave dir Team"
Now the team of dreamers in the dream world is already a very good sign to attract gold. The foundation is not even Jia Ling. Besides, in a flash, there are seven or ten thousand dream friends pouring into the live broadcast of Jia Ling.
Everyone is also curious about the promotion advertisement of Jia Ling.
Isn’t the Dreamer Team Class 69? What are you going to fight with someone at level 9? Isn’t this a lot of bad things? Can you win?
Chapter three hundred and four Accused in succession
Can you win?
This problem is not just in the Jia Ling live broadcast. At this moment, these seven or ten thousand dream friends are wandering in their hearts
Similarly, in the fantasy westward journey club of Fudan University, the magic capital
Watching dozens of students also think about this problem.
From the perspective of array, there is no chance for the dreamer team to win. After all, although the hardware on the opposite side is not as good as theirs, it is higher than their 20-level hard conditions, that is, martial arts skills and cultivation, which are better than many of them. The advantage of the dreamer team will be weakened.
There is no advantage!
After all, even if the attributes cancel out, the attributes of the dir team panel will not be much lower than that of the Dreamer team, but people have high skills! Practice high! This combination puts the dreamer team at a disadvantage.
At this time, including those who are watching the dream friends around, they can also pin their hopes on the body.
Entrust this dreamer F who has repeatedly brought surprises to everyone!
And the game is so tense and full of atmosphere-
With the dir team pressing the keyboard al+a shortcut key, the pk interface appears on the front screen of both sides!
The dreamer team is still the old team.
Fang Xiang’s heart is tired of the love of the square inch mountain and the water palace. Han Xuanxuan, the Tang Dynasty official and the Guangguang Devil’s Village, three outputs and two seals.
On the other side of the dir team, there is also a three-output and two-seal array-
Daughter village, Fangcun Mountain, Lingbo City, and the Tang government of Lingbo City.
It can be said that both arrays are very fierce output arrays, and the power they can cause is not to be underestimated because dir is, after all, a level 9 brave community.
It is very likely that they will hit the dreamer team and the output data will be even more powerful than the three-level output of the dreamer team!
Because Fang wants to wait for people, there are not many people behind him, and then he can’t see the brain screen. There are also several students watching behind him.
Looking at the dreamer team there surrounded by so many people, but their own side is miserable, and only a few people came over because they couldn’t see the brain screen on the other side. When Xiao knocked, he turned purple with anger.
In my heart, I also secretly said, wait for me and see if you can be arrogant after this game.
It was also at this time that Fang wanted to be concise and gave the first round of command, because it was not the first time for everyone to fight side by side, so many things were too specific, and Han Xuanxuan and others wanted to fuck and summon animals to carry the order, and all the dreamers’ teams had been arranged, which gave people a feeling of doing it at one go, both from the point of view of exercise and from one aspect.
This also makes Fudan University students secretly nod behind several people. This is the difference between top teams and amateur teams!
Just look at the opposite commander Xiao drumming, and then ask a few questions. You can see that the two are not at the same level. If it is not Xiao drumming, they are level 9 brave fighters, then there is no suspense in this game.
Live from Jia Ling
At the moment, more than 100,000 dream friends are presented in the live broadcast, and the picture of the game in front of them is also clearer than that.
"The first shot in the first round is daughter village from the dir team of the 9 th level brave world."
Say this sentence when Jia Ling also some nai, she also hopes that the dreamer team can grab a speed, but it is really difficult from the eye situation. After all, the difference between the two is 2 levels. This level 2 is only the attribute point plus agility, which is also a little agile, and Xiao Dongdong is also a big light team. How can you give the speed to the dreamer team?
This battle is not easy to fight …
In the first round of the game, dir team daughter village directly sealed the concept of "Five Zhuang" that made love tired, and made love tired by using mental methods to make spells and physical attacks.
Seal hit!
Dir team qq group suddenly rang with cheers.
In their eyes, this is a good start, and pk will always have more and more advantages like snowballing.
The second action unit in the field is the dreamer team Ruoshui.
Although he is a speed, it is really good to be able to keep the second shot in front of the level 9 brave team.
It is also at this time that if the water chooses the opposite No.3 position according to the party’s command, the Datang government will take a wave of bait hides the hook.
After this wave of bait hides the hook, the face of the dir team opposite Datang government was covered with a layer of haze.
Because his previous exercise was a bloody attack!
And this wave of bait hides the hook directly makes his sp anger value almost drop to point, which means he has no chance to make a move this round.
The third place in the field is the dir team Fang Cunshan.
He chose to give Han Xuanxuan a wave of hypnotics.
Hypnosis successfully hit Han Xuanxuan!
Their eyes may be tired of love, but Han Xuanxuan has to guard against it. After all, Han Xuanxuan has a louder identity besides a member of the dreamer team, which also makes them quite afraid.
Old urk main players!
Looking at the dream old urk main players, there are only a few people. Although Han Xuanxuan is playing a trumpet now, but he has such a criminal record, he has to be taken seriously. The output of the dir team also knows that Han Xuanxuan’s injury may be higher than that of several of them. That is not necessarily true. After all, although their dreamer team is 2 levels apart, the hardware is still a serious injury.
Also see Han Xuanxuan hypnotized by his opponent. Many students around him sighed.
They all know that Fang wants their level 69 to be sealed with Xiao Dongdong’s level 9, which is definitely the only way to get the advantage without taking advantage, then there is an output surface to play an advantage!
And the tired heart of love and Han Xuanxuan have been accused one after another, which also makes everyone around us have a slight drooping head.
It’s really hard to fight if it’s not easy to fight!
It was when I saw Han Xuanxuan and Ai’s tired heart being accused one after another that I thought about it but didn’t have much reaction.
Because at this time, the dreamer f he controlled made a move …
Chapter three hundred and fifty Already dead
"Clear water?"
"The water is clear!"