With that, Liu Yuan walked towards Shuilu College and never looked back.

Walnut looked at Liu Yuan’s back.
Can’t help but secretly sighed in my heart.
Compared with him.
I’m a walnut … What a genius?
Or study hard …
After Luyuan and Walnut parted,
I came all the way to my master Su Meng Food Research Institute.
Lu Yuan Su Meng Food Research Institute was about to push the door open when she went in, but she felt something.
Hurriedly shouted, "Damn it, everyone, back off!"
Tam several pet beasts hurried back after hearing Liu Yuan’s words.
While Liu yuan is holding nana’s collar.
Pull this little guy who is still in a state of madness back to a certain distance.
Just after Liu Yuan and Tam stepped back to a distance of 100 meters from the Food Research Institute.
A strong explosion shock wave immediately poured out from the door of the food research institute.
Tam several look at the shocking explosion shock wave.
The Institute of Food Studies, which keeps smoking black smoke.
Face expression is full of consternation.
What’s the situation? This is!
Someone at Shuilu College engaged in a terrorist attack? ? ?
"Ahem …"
When Tam’s pet animals haven’t figured out the situation.
A figure with a black face and brown hair.
Cough and walked out of the food institute.
And this seemingly awkward figure is Master Su Meng of Liu Yuan.
And Su Meng, several pet animals, forest bears and crack dragons, also came out from the food research institute together.
But at this time, several pet animals are also very sad.
They’re covered in dust, and it’s obvious that they’ve just exploded.
Liu Yuan looked at Su Meng and the forest bear and they couldn’t help saying, "Master, what did you just do?"
Su Meng raised his head in surprise at the sound of Liu Yuan.
"Xiao Lu, you are back!"
Lu Yuan nodded and asked with a strange look, "What did you just do, Master? It wasn’t … studying bombs, was it?"
Research and study bombs? !
Su Meng’s face suddenly collapsed when he heard that Liu Yuan had just done a great experiment as studying bombs.
She retorted to Liu Yuan with her hands akimbo, "What research bomb? I just studied a special gold-level royal animal food."
"There was a little accident during this research!"
Small, small accidents …
I think this accident … is not small at all!
You’ve blown up the Institute of Food Studies.
Liu Yuan looked at a face of stubborn Su Meng.
I couldn’t find anything to refute her at the moment.
Liu Yuan looked at the nearby Institute of Food Studies, which was constantly braving the fire.
Sighed and said, "Tam, put out the fire first."
Tam nodded and came out.
Then it opened its mouth and aimed at the direction of the food research institute.
One second, a huge water column jetted out of Tam’s mouth and landed in the Food Research Department.