And I will never bow to you as a human being!

Looking at another attack on yourself, Moon Pupil Civet.
Liu Yuan’s clear vision should be that there is no way to drop this proud blue kitten in front of him.
Liu Yuan looked at the moon pupil civet cat coming towards him rapidly.
Hand suddenly emitted a royal beast light.
Soon a bloody gem appeared in the palm of Liu Yuan’s hand.
And I am very familiar with Xiafa next to this bloody gem.
Because this bloody gem is the symbol of the title Yuet Moon … Yuet Moon Stone!
Liu Yuan held hands in the Yuet Moon Stone and said simply, "Tie the road and plug it …"
The civet cat is sprinting to the moon pupil.
I suddenly found some unknown energy control in my limbs.
Be tied to the back by force
And this sudden change
Also let it instantly fell to the ground.
What happened?
On the ground, the moon pupil civet cat looked very dumbfounded.
However, it got rid of this strange state after a slight struggle.
But at the same time, Lu Yuanyin sounded again.
"Bound way four, this rope …"
A rope made entirely of psychic force
Appeared beside the moon pupil civet cat and tied it up completely
Facing the spiritual rope that binds oneself.
The moon pupil civet cat began to struggle violently.
But the more it struggles,
The tighter the rope is tied.
The moon pupil civet cat looked at the crescent pupil eyes and generate gave a strange red light again.
Moon pupil, mental shock!
One-way spirit
Instantly spread out from the moon pupil civet.
So that that spiritual rope that bound it collapsed with it.
After breaking free, the moon pupil civet cat has almost no hesitation
He turned and fled to the side.
At this point it is very clear.
Lu Yuan is not only able to restrain himself very much.
Even hard power is completely crushing itself.
If we continue to fight against Liu Yuan,
Then your own result can be to be caught by it.
Looking at Liu Yuan, a civet cat who wants to escape from the moon, she smiled and said again, "Tie Dao, denounce …"
A psychic light wall instantly appears in the direction where the moon pupil civet cat wants to escape.
The sudden appearance of the light wall made the moon pupil civet cat directly bump into it
Then he bounced back and fell to the ground
Chapter 397 Moon-dropping civet cat
Looking at being blocked by his "tied road, reprimand"
Thus a head knocked down the moon pupil civet cat.
Liu Yuan smiled and walked towards it.
Original binding way and rejection
It’s a ghost operation that forms a smooth wall on the back of hand.
However, after a simple modification of Lu Yuan,
He cast a tie and turned into a place where he could appear 20 meters in Fiona Fang.
Although the light wall strength is not high
But it is still very good to stop the enemy from escaping.
Liu Yuan looked at the little guy in front of him and said with a smile, "Don’t run, little guy, you can’t run out."
Moon Pupil Civet looks ugly.
Eyes unwilling to look at Liu Yuan.
Where on earth did this human come from? What strange abilities!
Don’t say that the moon pupil civet cat can’t understand Lu Yuan’s ability
Even next to Xiafa, I can’t understand it at the moment.
Xiafa knows the moonstone very well.
It is through the spirit that the special operation method of Yuehuashi is activated.
Thereby produce all kinds of magical exclusive ability.
Ke yi yue Hua Shi bu