Lan Yi’s eyes widened.

This guy broke through the Jedi!
Chapter DiYiSanLiuWu Big friar four
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"Breaking is breaking and building is building a five-element rotation; Breaking is not breaking and building is not building; Broken like Yin built like Yang combined with Yin and Yang … "
Even if it is riddled with holes, even if it is severely damaged, even if it is a sea shock.
However, Sun Hao never gave up, supported Sun Hao, forgot the great fear and the great pain. The only thing I remember is that the fairy takes responsibility and is to persist and persist.
Godsworn may often have miracles.
Miracles are based on two conditions, accumulation and persistence, which can also be regarded as hard work and belief.
Although Sun Hao didn’t practice for a long time, the accumulation of five attributes is more solid than a solid foundation, and he knows the sea better than Dantian, and he has a strong ability to fight.
Yuan Ying’s body is also very tough.
Lan Yi Pang Da Zhen Yuan’s energy attacks Sun Haodan’s knowledge of the sea, but Yuan Ying’s body firmly and persistently drives the five elements’ theory of spirit and the combination of yin and yang.
Hard and firm, Yuan Ying’s body finally turns the destructive energy of the attacker into its own possible quantity one after another.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s accumulation, Yuan Ying’s tenacity and stability, and Sun Hao’s persistence.
Miracles can’t happen
However, in desperation, Sun Hao finally became impossible and temporarily stabilized his position. Although he suffered too much trauma, he finally did not completely collapse.
Good at this time, Xiao Wan broke out desperately to contain Lan Yi, otherwise Sun Hao would not get the most needed rotation and combination.
When Sun Hao transformed the energy of heterogeneous destruction little by little, he finally changed from qualitative change to quantitative change in one breath.
Sun Haowu’s attributes reached the peak of Yuan Ying’s mid-term, and he almost advanced to Yuan Ying’s late stage. After finally digesting the wisps of Lan Yi Pang Da Zhen Yuan, he realized that Sun Hao ushered in a breakthrough opportunity.
Knowing the sea, Yuanying’s body suddenly opened its eyes and opened its mouth like a long whale sucking water, and swallowed a strange kind of energy body, but it quickly grew up several times in this swallowing.
Lan Yi rushed into the body and the alien energy was quickly swallowed up.
Form a huge air mass like a funnel, and Sun Hao also took out his own milk for a long time and quickly drank two.
Boom a Sun Hao felt a sudden shock.
Suddenly, Lang felt a surge in my heart, and the five attributes of the meridians in the limbs surged past according to the established acupuncture points.
Pang Dazhen-won’t get over it, but he’ll jump up again in high spirits, and the heavy water will gather again to form and disperse the waste gold gas, and reassemble his right lung …
Mudan went round and round, and the milky brilliance not only completely recovered the liver, but also constantly infiltrated into various organs and parts of the body along Sun Hao meridians.
Aoyu Divine Power’s alchemy body works again, which is severely damaged, and the body contains golden light.
After the expansion of the sea area, the sea wall became stable again.
Dantian expansion and island expansion
Sun Hao has made progress in his physical strength.
Mid-term breakthrough of Yuanying
After training and difficulties, Sun Hao successfully entered the later stage of Yuanying.
In the late Yuan Ying period, the monks in this world reached their peak state, and the monks in this world reached their peak combat power.
The friars are called "big friars"
That is to say, Sun Hao has successfully stepped into the top ranks in this world and made the big monk point to soaring.
Big Brother, this world’s top status symbolizes that there are many wonders that Sun Hao can’t imagine. Before Sun Hao didn’t advance, he couldn’t understand them.
However, the great restorative changes at the time of promotion have given Sun Hao a boost.
At the same time, the cultivation and promotion caused great damage, and Mu Dan and the five attributes Zhenyuan Guanghua recovered quickly.
True yuan full state full
And not only that, Sun Hao also felt a particularly different atmosphere from the last picture in his consciousness.
Sun Hao insisted that the last picture was when his good friend Wang Yuan became the Oriental Dragon Column. At that time, Wang Yuan spewed an air force to Sun Hao to bless Sun Hao’s ability, which made Sun Hao burst into a sword and wiped out the inferno army outside Anyang.
After Sun Hao’s own outbreak, his friends added to his own gas capacity and consumed one.
However, Sun Hao, who was promoted to the Grand Friar, clearly felt that he had a good friend after all, and that he deeply blessed his luck and fulfilled his last wish.
An obscure and inexplicable smell will eventually ripple around me, and I can always grasp a chance of life. On the combination of spirit and yin and yang, it seems to be my bold attempt, but it seems to be my own persistence, but it is probably also the result of my own atmospheric transport capacity.
Moreover, Sun Hao had a very clear feeling when he was promoted with the help of his strong understanding of heaven. At this moment, his promotion to the big monk was made into the darling of this world by this world, and of course he was also responsible for guarding this world.
When Sun Haozheng carefully understood himself and the forces of heaven and earth.
Lan Yi once again strongly expelled Xiao Wan’s will and stretched out his palm from the ground to catch him.
Sun Hao opened his eyes and looked at Lan Yi. She came after her and almost fell. Old hatred and new hatred poured into my heart and I couldn’t help screaming underground.
The golden light rushed out from Sun Haoshen.
Corleone’s arms slightly shook his feet, and he crouched down like a fish and soil, and boom. Two turns rushed out of the ground and slowly fell to the front of Lan Yi.
Lan Yi looked surprised and pointed his hand at Sun Hao. "You actually attacked me and took the opportunity to break through?"
Sun Hao’s face was as light as usual, saying, "Lord Lan Zai made agarwood feel incomparable pressure, which almost completely destroyed agarwood’s physical body and soul, and was finally cornered to break through."
"Luo Luo" Lan Yi laughed and the flowers trembled. "Is it because Lan Yi didn’t know it, but Lan Yi knew that if it weren’t for Xiao Wan’s trouble at the critical moment, would there be a breakthrough?"
A faint smile appeared on Sun Hao’s face. "When Lan Jia came to this continent, he had to abide by the rules of this continent, or did Lan Jia think that Xiao Wan broke out by accident at this time?"
Lord Lan Yi stayed for a long time, smiled again and clapped his hands gently. "I see that it’s not accidental that such a small and gentle outburst of love has made your luck, but Aquilaria, do you think that even if you make a big monk, you can resist it?"
Sun Hao smiled, "Try and you will know."
Say that finish Corleone body with a shock.
Boom! Behind him, a giant appeared, as if it were a mountain, towering like a cloud and thousands of feet high.
The giant, with three heads and six arms, sat cross-legged and glared like a towering heaven and earth.
Lan Yi’s face suddenly changed and his mouth became brittle. "How is it possible?" How can you have such a powerful magical power? "
Sun Hao avatar method is not unheard of.
Sun Hao’s last move before he was trapped underground was the avatar method.
But she remembered that Sun Hao was only five or six feet tall at that time.
How is it possible that just a breakthrough in promotion to the great monk’s avatar method will be so fierce? Completely beyond her embodiment of god’s great knowledge.
Corleone face with a faint smile "how is that impossible? Don’t you think my avatar meeting is a parallel product? Lan Yi, please pick me up … "
Divine powers, magical powers, treasures, and solemn Sun Hao controls the enunciation. "The demon wolf’s ambition is bad for our mainland order, and it hurts me. Hundreds of millions of people are bad for my great mountains and rivers. Now my Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, is swinging for heaven to get rid of the inferno."
A huge palm stretched out to Lan Yi and fished it up.
Lord Lan Lan was filled with black metallic luster fog, and his mouth was crisp and he drank "Don’t try to break it for me …"
Jade palm waving behing palm print rushed to the huge method of palm.