The old lady smiled slightly and looked far away. "This hairpin is a little old. When I was young, the old prince made a special trip to make people make it. Now I’m old and I don’t care much about these things. Ah, that girl is beautiful and beautiful. It’s very distributed to her."

If it’s really weird, then something with commemorative value should be specially given to Shuang Shule. With a smile, "Grandma, you’re too eccentric to give your granddaughter a good thing, but it’s cheaper for her!"
"Lele, you are already the most distinguished woman at the end of the day. Why do you want this? Grandma knows that you are wondering why I especially like her for treating her differently? "
"Grandma is smart enough to guess!" Shu Lele praised the sentence and blinked to listen to the old lady’s explanation.
But the old lady surprised her by telling the truth, and her tears fell straight away.
It turned out that Princess Ning’s life coincided with the birth of the first queen, and Wang Guifei’s plot was discovered by the queen at this moment, but she had tried her best to protect herself by entrusting the Ning family with the care of her children.
Lao Ning’s report braved the charge of decapitation and successfully rescued Tai, but he was changed into the world but failed to escape, and was killed by Wang Guifei and others.
In the third year, Princess Ning gave birth to another daughter, which was a great happy event, but the old Prince Ning took a look at her and ordered her to be discarded.
Princess Ning is naturally reluctant to abandon her own flesh and blood. She has already lost a child. How can she lose another one? But Lao Ning’s report said, "This child’s seven-star birthmark is unknown. If she keeps it in the house, I’m afraid it will be difficult to protect that child for another week."
When this remark is spared, Princess Ning will have to comply if she is unwilling.
On the night of sending the child away, the old lady and Princess Ning were very sad with the child in their arms for a long time before they were sent out.
Where did Yu send it? They didn’t dare to ask the bodyguard, and they didn’t say it when they came back.
It wasn’t until I saw the old lady and saw that she looked like the late Princess Ning that I moved my mind.
Later, after the double injury, she accidentally saw her back with a seven-star birthmark, and everything was confirmed.
Shu Lele couldn’t help feeling sorry after listening to it. "Old lady, you are full of loyalty. Grandpa has really paid too much. I’ll tell Taitai to give her a double name. Now she should be surnamed Ning!"
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VIP39 double life experience
Feng Yichen knows that it is naturally the same feeling.
He immediately expressed his attitude to the old lady and will definitely give Shuang Yi the most appropriate explanation.
But at this time, Shu Lele was distressed that she was kneeling on the edge of the table and correcting "If Suanzao Ershuang knew her true identity, would she accept it?"
"Miss Shuang is frank and straightforward. She shouldn’t blame the old report for abandoning her in those days." Ziziphus jujuba also answered very uncertainly. After all, Shuangcai is the party. No one can tell her mind.
"Well," Shu Lele was silent for a long time and finally thought of a good idea. "Ziziphus jujuba, let’s go to michel platini!"
Wu Sheng arrived in Beijing as early as a few days ago, but he hasn’t come to visit because of too many things, which just gives him a chance.
Surprisingly, Yuzhi was pregnant when she arrived at Youranju.
Shu Lele was slightly stunned and then smiled with an eyebrow. "Godmother, congratulations, you are going to be a mother!"
Yuzhi snuggled up beside Wu Sheng with a happy face. "Lele, I haven’t seen your mouth getting sweeter for so long!"
"Of course, michel platini didn’t give me less candy to eat!"
Wu Shengle said, "After haha, there is no candy for you to leave to my little baby!"
"ah? Michel platini, are you not hurting Lele so soon? " Shu Lele deliberately pie mouth made a room full of people laugh.
After chatting for a while, I talked about the double marriage, and I was a little uncomfortable, so I took Shu Lele to talk outside.
When autumn is strong, the garden is full of chrysanthemums of all colors, which is very attractive.
Shu Lele casually pinched a flower and held it in his hand, seemingly inadvertently asking, "Do you think the old lady treats you like this?"
"Good. Why do you ask?"
"I mind my own business." Shu Lele paused to look up with a sincere face. "Double, what would you do if you kept something in the dark and one day you still knew it and those things were still embarrassing?"
Shuang looked at her strangely and smiled. "That depends on what the lesser of the two evils is. People always choose to be beneficial to themselves, but Lele, I feel very uncomfortable when you ask such a profound question today! Did something happen? "
"It’s okay. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently, but I’m a little confused. The foster mother horse is going to give you a little brother or sister. Do you feel that the horse is going to fall out of favor?" Shu Lele turned to a nifty smile.
"A little bit of my dad’s mind is now focused on Yuzhi Niang and that child. Sometimes I wonder what he did to me and my mother when she was pregnant with me?"
Shuang was lost in her memory, and her mother, who had never seen before, was always out of reach like a cloud in the sky.
She never even knows her last name.
"hey!" Double sighed deeply and bowed his head.
Shu Lele grabbed her shoulder and leaned her head against her body. "Double, you have a literary academician now. Don’t be jealous with your brother. You will regenerate a big fat one, that is, your nephew and uncle are as big as hahaha …"
"Lele, you-"Shuang blushed and spat at her. "Who is big and fat without seriousness?"
Poof-Xiao Ni is embarrassed!
Shu Lele clapped his hands and laughed. "Nature is you! Don’t you marry Wen Hanlin and you won’t give him children? "
"You gave birth to me!"
"That’s good! We have an appointment to be born together, and in a few years, they will be a bunch of little guys. "
Before leaving Youran, Shu Lele finally found a chance to chat with Wu Sheng alone for a while.
Shu Lele came straight to the point and asked, "michel platini, you never said anything about your mother. Is there something hard to hide?"
Seeing Shu Lele’s serious appearance, Wu Sheng smiled faintly. "Lele is all old things. What does it do?"
"No, I just want to ask michel platini. Tell me honestly if there is no double mother in this world. You have been lying to her all this time, haven’t you?"