"Is this true?" Since she wants to give her benefits, can she refuse?

"If you don’t cry, don’t blame dad for this. Just now, dad was wrong. Don’t cry."
Chang Xiang pulled her into her arms, raised her hand and patted her back. "Acacia is very hard to learn martial arts. Do you really want to learn?"
Acacia was pressed by him in his arms and muffled. "Learn! But my stupid dad can’t hit me just because I can’t learn! "
Chang Xiang just smiled. It seems that her anger came and went quickly. It was this hug, but he was reluctant to let go. The girl’s body was so fragrant that he could not help but smell and smell a heart, which made him quiet.
"Dad won’t hit you!"
Often reluctant to let go of Chang Xiangsi looked at her face, tears finally stopped, long eyelashes were still stained with crystal tears, and he bowed his head and gently kissed her forehead.
Always homesick and petrified!
If she goes, she will definitely beat Chang Xiang directly into a pig’s head, but there is nothing wrong with him doing so because Chang Xiang is his daughter.
But kissing her like this …
Still make her very unaccustomed and really want to wash her face!
Seeing each other often, she explained in a slightly stunned way, "I haven’t been a father and neglected you. In the future, I will try my best to spare some time to accompany you. Come to our hospital late and I will teach you martial arts."
I often miss you as soon as I get back to the courtyard, and immediately let the clouds step through the snow and the bucket of water come over and rub my face, especially my forehead, until it turns red.
God, Chang Xiang kissed her!
This daughter really doesn’t want to do it!
Covering her wet face, she squatted on the ground and looked at the half bucket of water. She couldn’t help but pour a few more water on her face. She dumped her head and secretly told herself that it was normal for her father to do this intimate thing to her daughter.
It is …
She’s so old, she often behaves like this, but it makes people feel weird
Wash your face clean, and when you walk through the snow, you will see that you are always homesick. You have been washing your face and frowning tightly. "What’s the matter, Lord?"
Chang Xiangsi shook his head "Nothing!"
Cloud through the snow immediately handed a clean handkerchief.
She took the water to dry her face, and her little face without makeup looked very bright and beautiful. She sighed lightly and often asked acacia, "Can you be light in the snow?"
Cloud through the snow nodded, "I can do some things, but my brother is still fierce in flying."
"What about the force?"
"Well, martial arts practitioners will practice some kung fu techniques so that each move and style can exert the greatest lethality. I have also learned it, but my strength is not strong enough. My brother is more talented than me in this respect. He will be stronger. Do you want to learn?"
"Yeah, but my dad will teach me. I’ll learn from him for a few days to see if the effect is right. Then you can see the constant force?"
I have seen Chang Xiang several times. His pace looks calm, but it’s actually very light. I think Chang Xiang’s strength is strong and his lightness is also very high. At least if I start work, my brother is afraid that he will not be his opponent!
I’ve seen Chang Xiang’s martial arts today. Although there is a trick, it’s vicious and his hand strength is not lost to her as a former killer.
Bei Xuanyu can be said to be annoyed by God these days, because no matter where he goes, he can see phoenix and ink.
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Even a few times, you can meet Feng Mo Rao. If it weren’t for the emperor’s announcement, he would hardly be willing to go to the palace now and wait for him at the gate of the palace when he seems to be sure.
After leaving the DPRK every day, I ran outside to block him, and then I had the cheek to insist that he go back to the North Xuan General’s Office to eat with his mother. Now I see that Feng Mo Rao’s face is getting heavier every day.
At this time, as soon as Xuanyu was about to turn to the north, Feng Mo Rao was already crowded over there.
"Little General, I’ll take you to the Fairy House for lunch. New dishes have been introduced there today."
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him indifferently. "Thirteen princes are welcome. I am afraid I can’t accompany thirteen princes for a meal today."
"What could be more important than food?" Feng Mo Rao asked, "What’s the fun of going back to the house every time?"
Aside from the North Xuannuo, I really can’t see a few steps ago. "Wang Ye Yu’s son really has something. I have some things I want to discuss with him, and then I’ll invite thirteen Wang Yefu to have dinner another day!" Farewell! "
"Wait! General, this is wrong. Why should we avoid the king when discussing something? One more person and one more idea is better than taking the king. "
"This …"
North XuanNuo looked at Feng Mo Rao seriously and hesitated. I don’t know if I should turn away. North XuanYu has turned and left over there.
"Bei Xuanyu!" See north XuanYu has left phoenix ink Rao immediately after.
Left out in the cold, Bei Xuannuo looked at both of them leaving, and their hearts sank. These days, he saw the signs that the sleeves were broken and he actually saw his only son.
If Bei Xuanyu followed him, then …
Isn’t the North Xuanfu going to die!
If that’s the case, then he must break the dog leg of Bei Xuanyu!
I’m always homesick, and now I’m worried about my future because I’m entangled in a broken sleeve!
Out of the palace door, Feng Mo Rao looked at the back of North Xuanyu and a smirk appeared on his lips. He didn’t believe that he was so indomitable that North Xuanyu could resist it.
Close to the water, get the moon first!
Please enter the urn!
He will make Bei Xuanyu walk towards him step by step.
I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Wang, you seem to be in a bad mood these days. Why don’t you say something? But … but being homesick makes you angry again?"
He remembered that since the opening day of the Fairy Mansion, Bei Xuanyu began to be emotional every day, and he was even more indifferent to everyone.
Bei Xuanyu glanced at him. "Can you stop following me all the way?"