All desires poured down at this moment. "Brother Hao said not to bully me, which made people hurt." "I’m sorry in early summer." He bowed his head in regret.

"Hao brother, don’t say you’re sorry, even if you want me a hundred times and a thousand times, I’ll undress you in early summer, because I love you and I can give you everything, including my body and my life."
"I won’t make a move after a fool. Have a good rest and good night."
"But … but you always want me to be as crazy as you are possessed …"
"I … I don’t know anything. Maybe I can’t resist your beauty, fool. It’s tempting to tell you not to wear clothes in your room."
"But … but I’m just used to it."
"Oh, forget it. Go to bed early and sleep well."
"You … will you leave?" Looking at Hao piteously in early summer.
"I’ll stay with you if you don’t leave, okay?"
"Well … good night" early summer safely close your eyes.
Hao closed his eyes, but he was thinking about what happened these two days. I always felt something was wrong …
Maybe I think too much! ! So I fell asleep.
"Knock knock" grandpa Lin knocked on the door of Youxuan.
City opened the door and saw it was grandpa. "What’s wrong with grandpa? ?”
"Go in and say it." Grandpa Lin closed the door ..
"Grandpa, what are you going to say? ?” Youxuan poured a glass of water for grandpa.
"I’m telling you, I just passed by the early summer room and heard them …"
"No! ! !” You Xuan and Xi are surprised to see grandpa.
"It’s true! ! I heard with my own ears, "Grandpa Ye smiled from ear to ear, picked up the water next to him and drank it sweet! ! It’s so sweet that people are happy and everything is sweet.
City and Youxuan looked at each other and frowned.
"Well, you also go to bed early" and left happily.
"Wife, what do you think of it? ?” City let YouXuan sat down on the bed gently ask
"Me? ? I feel very good. I have a sister-in-law. "Youxuan smiles.
"But …"
"Oh, don’t be such a buts. I think early summer is very good."
V overall situation ()
the next day
Grandpa Lin got up early and waited for early summer and his grandson.
"Grandpa Lin, you Xuan, sister Xi, brother Xi, good morning." A sweet smile in early summer.
"Early summer come here! !” Grandpa Lin cried excitedly
"What’s wrong with Grandpa?"
"Last night, you" Grandpa Lin grinned …
"Grandpa …" In the early summer, I lay shyly in my arms.
"So it’s true? ?” Grandpa Lin asked excitedly.
Early summer nodded in Hao’s arms.
Lanshi building
Looking for it silently and carefully, finally at the corner.
I saw three characters in the president’s office.
When both hands just hold the door handle,
There’s a blush and a groan in it.
Silently and immediately froze where to go, neither into nor into.
I secretly wondered who was so bold as to dare to be in the president’s office.
Hu Feici must discuss it with Lanhe.
When the familiar sound of Ranch comes out inside.
Silently shocked the body on the spot and could not help but tremble.
It turns out that he said things.
Is it stealing love with others in the office?
No … No … I don’t believe it
Pushing the door silently shocked me.
See LanHe has revealed the bronze back pressure full woman.