The smiling girl just said, "Can you please die?" Such dangerous words

"What … did I hear you wrong?" Hyoudou Issei has the ability to understand and look at the beautiful girl in front of him.
"No … I want to invite you to die." Jiao smiled and gave birth to painted black wings behind the girl, flapping her wings and looking down at Hyoudou Issei.
Gentle eyes become cold and terrible, which is to look at being inferior to yourself. In the eyes, cold feelings are not the slightest pity.
"I’m really sorry. It’s still a little fun to play house with you, but it’s a pity that you are really an uncontrollable factor for us. I think … I’d better kill it." Unlike Amano’s gentle voice, the girl voice is so mature and enchanting that a sneer emerges from her mouth.
Noisy sounds gathered by the light and javelin appeared in the hands of Amano Evening Hemp.
There is no way to avoid the trajectory, just like light. Before the mind reacts, the body is filled with severe pain.
The body ….. was scored out of control and fell red. The blood that belongs to you fled and generally left from the body.
There are footsteps in my ear. That’s the footsteps of sesame sauce.
"Blame it on the God who lodges the artifact in your body." Say it out and let Hyoudou Issei not understand the words, and then Amano evening hemp figure disappears.
The dark sky came back again and became the fountain square at dusk. Everything was normal as if nothing had happened, except that blood kept pouring out of Hyoudou Issei’s body.
Chapter 13 Accidental Death
"This is the degenerate angel?"
Watching things develop, Ye Yu didn’t come out from the side until the famous wild evening degenerate angel left.
However, it seems that this degenerate angel is not so strong that she has not even found herself hiding on one side.
Even so, it is still too simple to kill an artifact without awakening human beings. This boy has no resistance at all, or he was stabbed through the heart with a cursor gun.
"Will … die?" Consciousness is rapidly disintegrating, and Hyoudou Issei is so unwilling.
Somebody … Somebody help me?
The footsteps rang again, belonging to the powerful sound of hard leather shoes and trampling.
Who? Who’s coming? Help me … help me.
Blood slowly flowing bright red in Hyoudou Issei body together.
Save … or not?
Ye Yu is in a dilemma.
Ye Yu has never been a kind guy. On the contrary, he has never cared about life and death with others.
Will follow out is also because found each other with dragon breath let him a little curious, even met degenerate angel can be said to be an accident.
And if you want to save this guy, it’s very simple. Just make Leah call each other to herself and let her sign a contract with this dying teenager.
Is that all?
I don’t know what Ye Yu suddenly became silent and looked at the young man in front of him. His eyes were also cold.
What’s to save him? Let yourself have one more competitor?
Irrepressible … The thought came into my mind, and Ye Yu himself didn’t know whether it was the real idea in his own heart or whether it was influenced by the crime of this world, but it was undeniable that Ye Yu’s idea of saving the boy in front of him really faded a lot.
He went to the front of Hyoudou Issei and held out his hand to hold each other’s palm. Now Ye Yu wants to know more about what kind of artifact he is and what will make him feel the dragon breath than to save him.
Who is this … Is this to save me? Help … help me …
Want to speak but can’t make a sound, even can’t open your eyes. When Ye Yu holds Hyoudou Issei’s palm, an extreme cold breath is invading his body along his palm.
Even Ye Yu himself didn’t understand what happened. Immediately, a blazing red glow came out from Hyoudou Issei’s wrist generate.
A dragon full of majesty rang, but before it was revealed, the prestige was completely annihilated by exhausted ice.
By the time Ye Yu reacted, the poor boy had already melted into an ice sculpture and completely lost his life.
"Well …"
Ye Yu stood there stupidly and didn’t do anything by himself. Why did this happen?
I don’t know what to do with this situation. Ye Yu has to take out Leah silk and give him a list. This list has been given a small-scale delivery method, which can directly summon Leah silk.
A magic circle was outlined beside Ye Yu, and a touch of s-curve bright red appeared in Ye Yu’s eyes.
First, long red hair like blood soon Leah silk appeared in front of Ye Yu.
"Um … Ye Yu is you calling me? What happened? "
Which customer initiated the call to Leah or sent out the order? Only after I came over did I find that Ye Yu called herself.
"This is …"
See fell to the ground has lost the breath of life Hyoudou Issei Leah silk slightly one leng immediately look at the Ye Yu.
"I don’t know what’s going on. I found him with a distinctive smell in college and thought it was probably an artifact, so I followed him to have a look, and then I found that he was killed by a degenerate angel. After the degenerate angel left, I used to want to have a look at his condition. I held his palm and just …"
"So … this can’t blame you because we didn’t make it clear to you."
Looked at the hopeless Hyoudou Issei Leah silk some pity with a sigh.
"When the host encounters a life threat, the artifact will spontaneously protect the master. You were in such a situation at the beginning, and he obviously stayed in his body when you held his hand. The artifact is to protect the master and launched a counterattack. At the same time, your artifact is also the same … and then it is like this."
"Is that so?"
Ye Yu scratched his head, but he always felt that something had just entered his body in contact with this boy. Is it an illusion?