And Tianyu line is still Yu keliang Chen Hao a few people.

"Brother Xiong can really make money by collecting these things?" Yu keliang window typing asked
Because dnf didn’t release any change information, Tianyu’s memory is even more vague. I don’t know what to change next time, but what activities should there be on May Day?
"Keep it. Furnace rock carbon is an essential material for strengthening equipment. Red and blue’ medicine’ agents are necessary for drawing, and’ color’ crystals are also needed. Anyway, it is a’ wave’ for funds to stay in their hands without flowing."
It is said that Xiao Ye has experienced great difficulties in life and death, but quiet inside has been studying hard
And the dragon housekeeper said that the master and Izumo also figured out that Meiyi restaurant began to redecorate the family. Of course, this little money is really like nine Niu Yi’ Mao’ to the family.
Besides, Master Yan wants Mei Yi and Xiao Ye to stay in Yan Jia, but Mei Yi refuses the popular life of the rich. She is really not used to it. Besides, Dragonfly has been taken care of by Master Yan. With Xiao Ye’s trouble, Master Yan Jia added that Mei Yi was really sorry for her generosity.
Perhaps in the eyes of the rich, it is nothing more than blowing off dust to help, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is to repay the favor by doing everything.
Because of learning a cloud and Xiao Ye, they didn’t find Tianyu.
Light is like an arrow, especially when the wind is calm and the waves are calm, it is like a rocket.
A month later, on April 8, dnf finally ushered in another big change.
Before this date, several new districts were updated and a pk competition was added.
On April 1st, the 5th district of Hunan was opened.
On April 8 th, the letter opened the fifth district of Hubei, and Netcom opened the fourth district of Shandong
On April 15th, the 5th district of Henan was opened.
The 5th district of Shandong was opened on April.
This pk competition is a 9-year national super championship.
The results of the competition haven’t come out yet at this time, and Tianyu hasn’t participated in this kind of competition. Naturally, he doesn’t remember who won the championship in the end.
From March to April, Tianyu almost balanced their income and expenses, and now they have nearly 19 thousand samples on hand.
The update on April 8, 2009 awakened a profession in the game.
In addition to the name of the sword soul, there is another name-blade master.
Materials such as red’ color’ crystal and white’ color’ crystal of Talisman rose again because of awakening from scratch.
Tianyu allowed himself to collect a lot from several lines before, and this time he began to sell while the price rose.
I won’t say much here when the soul of the sword awakens into blade master … So many players will remember that the four swords constitute "extreme ghost fencing" even after decades.
Memories are branded deeply in everyone’s hearts.
This time, there was another gift package in the May Day holiday game.
Lovely permanent dress suit-grassland fantasy
In retrospect, there may still be many players who will spit out this gift package.
The so-called "different opinions" may be that some players like this kind of fashion.
There is no bright spot in this gift package.
It’s not outstanding that the title belongs to’ sex’. It’s not as good as the previous’ Spring Festival’. The title is still beautiful with a balloon.
In addition, I sent some anti-fatigue medicine, five magic hammers, three horns and twenty resurrection.
It’s gone … yeah, it’s gone.
Tianyu looked at the gift package and thought of it in a few years.
The price of this gift package is 198. Compared with a few years later, the gift package is really dim. For Tianyu, the traveler, he confirmed that the old horse is not getting worse, but there is no pit.
At the same time, the Labor Day feedback activity was grandly launched. However, this activity is indeed a conscience activity. Every day, the first login in the game corner’ Color’ can get a "Pandora Man" opening box and get the props in the game. The contract hammer resurrects Remy.
In addition, there is also an activity called "Braving the Minotaur" to drop the formula of the tauren-strength intelligence.
In addition to these two activities, there is also an activity called "More Brave in Vietnam"
This activity should be familiar to everyone, but it was not as overbearing as it is now when the Vietnam War became more and more brave. At that time, a few points were added to it.
That’s right, there are a few points. At that time, everyone’s strength and intelligence were just a few hundred points. That’s an idiotic dream … Of course, it doesn’t rule out that some gods can do it.
At least in those days, it was 60, and everyone was brittle and wrapped in bones. Compared with today, it is also like scratching data, which hurts dozens of points …
"Memories are no longer the same" Tianyu shook his head and recalled that a few years later, the picture stared at the game interface now.
In addition, the Vietnam War and the Brave Campaign also sent magic red’ color’ jam, and the effect was to restore HP5% P5%.
This update sent a lot of blood medicine and blue medicine, which was really generous from the player’s point of view. After all, at this time, the talent medicine mutant strawberry and any blood medicine were "sky-high"
Local tyrants eat medicine from shopping malls, well-off people eat medicine from people, civilians eat large pieces of dried meat and milk, and the victims of cheese still eat expert-level recovery medicine …
Your ya so kind to give you so many’ medicine’ agent is to let you as a decoration?
In addition to updating the highlight of this update, there are two new maps that can be called nightmare level.
Liku patio and white ruins
The lowest entry level of the white’ color’ ruins is level 4, and the Liku patio is level 36. Although Liku patio is lower than the white’ color’ ruins, it is much more difficult than the white’ color’.