The skunk didn’t listen to the little girl talking to herself. He is still in a state of absence, and his sudden strength has made him unable to react.

But soon the ferret came to his senses, because he remembered that Uchihiro was still alive and dead. The ferret hurried to Uchihiro’s side and took a closer look. He found that Uchihiro was a kaleidoscope, and sharingan exhausted chakra from excessive self-attack, but there was no danger to his life. The stone in his heart was finally released.
The ferret held Uchihiro in his arms and watched the little girl’s heart warily, thinking about how to escape from the little girl. Although the ferret’s strength soared because of the three artifacts, he knew in his heart that his strength root could not be the little girl’s opponent now.
Before his strength didn’t soar, he didn’t know about the little girl’s terror. Now he has entered the sacred land, but it is because he entered the sacred land that he can feel the little girl’s terror more clearly.
Therefore, the skunk’s delay in moving is to watch the little girl warily.
When the little girl saw that the ferret was too slow to move after returning to freedom and entering the sacred land, she immediately knew that the ferret was worried and smiled. "Hehe, how dare you not start work with me after entering the sacred land?"
The ferret looked at the little girl warily and said, "I don’t know who the elder is. It’s impossible for a strong man like you to entangle with us weak people for so long. Is there anything the elder wants to ask the younger generation?"
The little girl suddenly laughed, "Hehe, you are really interesting. I was just passing by looking for something to play with, but I didn’t think so much, but now I have something to ask you."
The ferret asked, "What’s the matter?"
The little girl smiled charming. "Hehe, don’t always call me old, just call me tea. By the way, what’s your name?"
The skunk said, "My name is Uchiha Itachi, but you can call me skunk."
Little girl, oh, tea ceremony, "ferret?" Ok, I’ll call you a skunk, and I told you not to call me a senior. Why do you still call me a senior? Am I old? "
In the face of this strange tea, the weasel dare not offend the other side’s unfathomable power. If he wants to kill himself, the root is a finger. I didn’t know beforehand that the weasel can’t be as impulsive as before. Besides, there is a unconscious Uchihiro in his arms. Only Uchihiro, the weasel won’t be impulsive to the tea. In that case, it is really dead.
Before that, I didn’t know how horrible the other person was, but the tea didn’t care. It was because the weasel didn’t know what he was facing. But now, if the weasel dares to shoot her again, the tea won’t be merciful.
Skunk immediately embarrassed to call tea, tea, listening to skunk call her name, without adding anything to her predecessors, and suddenly laughed happily.
After laughing, tea finally entered the topic, "So how did you and this girl come to this world? Your physical strength should come from the night. It is impossible to come to this world. How did you come to this world?"
When I heard the tea, the skunk immediately wondered, "I came to this world with Jinghui to improve my strength. Before that, a man came to our world. His name was Tian Ji, and he gave my brother some black beads, saying that these beads could cross to another world and let us practice in this world."
I heard the ferret answer the tea ceremony, "Is it really his night?" What happened to Huiye? "
The ferret replied, "I didn’t know who Huiye was. I heard from one of my younger brothers that she was the owner of chakra, Ootutuki Hagoromo, and her mother was the common ancestor of Uchibo, Thousand Hands, Vortex, Sunrise and Moon. I don’t know much about others."
Hearing the skunk’s reply, tea and tea murmured slightly, "It seems that things are a little complicated. Hui Ye should be what happened. I told her not to go back in those years, but I just didn’t listen to it. Now it’s okay. Forget it. Let’s go and have a look. Although this guy hates us, he is really good to us. Let’s go and have a look. Otherwise, this guy will not let these people cross over and know that I am in this world, but let these people bring Hui Ye information. This point is to want me to go and find him."
After tea tea made up her mind, she raised her head and said to the ferret, "I’m going to your world now. Are you coming with me or staying here to continue practicing?"
"I’d better stay in this world and practice," said the ferret. "Now I know that my strength is still weak and my roots can’t protect anything. I don’t want to experience this force again."
Tea tea nodded and said, "Well, whatever. This should help you."
After throwing a pearl to the ferret, the tea turned around and took it out. From the ferret’s body to the drop of blood, I saw the tea with one hand pointing at the drop of blood. The tea hand suddenly gave off a dark light, and then a tunnel appeared. The ferret’s drop of blood automatically rushed into the tea, and the tea followed without thinking.
Watching the tea disappear in the passage until the passage is closed, the skunk secretly relieved and watched Uchihiro quietly blink away in his arms.
Watergate’s face was covered with black lines, and now I know that it was this rule that pulled me over, and the rule seemed to realize that it was not righteous, and suddenly the atmosphere was awkward.
After coughing for a while, the rules said, "Don’t blame me. I can’t help it. I’ve waited too long and finally waited until someone who can inherit this place of origin is too radical to directly pull you to this place."
Watergate also knows that everything has happened, and nothing can be accepted by complaining. After hearing the rule that he should inherit this origin, Watergate suddenly wondered, "You mean you want me to inherit this origin?"
The rule says, "Of course, otherwise I wasted so much effort to drag you here. What is it? Of course, I want you to inherit this origin."
Watergate wondered, "But didn’t you already exist in this place of origin?"
The rule says, "I have said before that I have rules of life, but after all, is it true or not? Strictly speaking, I still have life, and I am still the rule, which is why I let you inherit the origin."
Shuimenkou "that is to say, you want to leave here to find a way to become a real life, and you want me to inherit this origin. Am I right?"
The rule says, "Well, it is."
Watergate nodded and said, "I know everything. Now I have one last question, that is, what do you mean by heir?"
Chapter four hundred and seventy-three Origin of good and evil
When the rule heard Watergate ask why he would choose him, he was suddenly silent. Finally, he replied, "You can think of it as an act of God. I am the rule, but your talent is passable. I don’t have to choose you. Although your talent is very good, it’s not the best one I’ve ever seen. I can wait for someone with a better talent than you to inherit my inheritance, but I’m out of time."
Watergate frowned. "What do you mean when there is no time?"
The rules replied, "On the surface, I mean rules. I can feel that the world is about to undergo major changes. I must complete the final transformation before the big changes in heaven and earth. Life can no longer appear in rules, because then the rules will be broken. I don’t have the confidence to survive in this big change. I must take the last step in the shortest possible time."
The sound of rules is full of nai and help. After all, although he has emotion and wisdom, he is still a rule, and he feels that in the near future, all rules will be broken, and if he doesn’t complete the transformation, he will be broken just like other rules.
Watergate recognized him and didn’t know how to comfort him. He could say, "Well, I’m willing to accept this promise, but what should I do?"
When I heard how happy the Watergate was, I agreed, and suddenly I was a little stunned. You know, Watergate was bent on leaving as soon as possible just now. Now I promised to be so happy. There is a rule of gratitude that says, "Thank you, don’t worry, it won’t delay you too much. You just have to be in the center of this hall. You just have to accept the rest. I will solve the next thing."
Watergate nodded and came to the center of the hall. When Watergate was finished, a light came from the sky, and soon Watergate found that there were many theories and understandings in his mind. With the understanding of Watergate, his strength soared as he rode a rocket.
Watergate power has been at the peak of the world since its inception. With the enhancement of power and understanding, Watergate quickly broke through the world and entered the sacred land. After entering the sacred land, Watergate quickly stabilized and just broke through the realm, but it was far more than that.
Seeing that Watergate had just stabilized, the power of the divine realm began to soar again. Finally, when Watergate entered the middle of the divine realm, the Watergate realm was not promoted again, and the following rules began to be incomprehensible.
Although these theories and knowledge can’t be understood by Watergate for the time being, these things are still deeply left in Watergate’s mind, and when he can understand them, it will naturally turn him into power.
I don’t know how long it will take when the light on the top of Watergate is getting darker and darker until it disappears, and Watergate is still immersed in theory.