Attack to the wind and push the snow. The cold light is urgent and fast. The wind and push the snow to lift the sword. At the same time, the sword in Qingfeng’s hand has been blocked by the enemy’s door!

In this confrontation, Qingfeng saw the attack on them, and they were the leaders of the poisoned coma meteor Sect!
The meteor Sect leader missed another stroke, and at the same time, the two men flashed a sharp murderous look on Wednesday! The other three sect leaders marched together from the side of Ling Fei to attack Fengcuixue and Qingfeng! !
Snow Sword can’t show people the wind and push the snow. There is a dagger in his hand that barely forces one of the leaders to fight, but he doesn’t have the spiritual strength to rely on his fists and fists. At one time, he was forced to run around by the leader, and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was much more difficult. He dealt with three directions and came to the leader!
All the leaders are the strongest sects, and their strength should not be underestimated. On the one hand, the three sects have to fight against each other, and on the other hand, they have to hide Tianyan Sect’s swordsmanship, which is also difficult to cope with at the moment.
The wind urged the snow to see that the heads of these shops were not controlled by people, and said, "A few Taoist friends! We’re here to save you! You hit us! "
One of the heads said sharply, "You killed so many heads and didn’t pay for it!"
With that, the four heads of the company are holding hands in order to attack the two men! Reiki method is like thunder, but the goal is not Qingfeng, but-the wind urges snow!
A zither but light ring Xuan Ming metamorphoses, drawn!
Like a thunderous thunder, these four masters joined forces to form a method and turned back!
Majestic aura instantaneous Xuan Ming sword center blast will blow out the four owners qi qi! Hit the outer wall!
At the moment when the four heads joined forces to rush toward the wind and snow, Qingfeng had figured out that several kinds of fruits would happen.
When they came to hide their identity, they put Xuan Ming and Ming Xuejian in the carry-on dry Kun bag, and what they took was an ordinary long sword. If this sword is used to block the sword, it will inevitably break, while the aftereffects of spiritual force will hurt the wind and push the snow.
If you don’t block the sword by its own spiritual force, then he will inevitably suffer from itself, but at the moment, the situation is not dark, and I don’t know how many enemies he can’t get hurt.
All Xuan Ming swords must be drawn.
But as soon as the sword came out of its sheath, Qingfeng regretted it
A head half knelt on the ground and looked at the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture sword "Xuan Ming sword … you are-"
Several flashes suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and a flurry of footsteps instantly surrounded the courtyard.
Tang Yufei, Tang Xun, Huo Xian, and monks from various sects are all here.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture suddenly realized that they had fallen into a game.
A ….. He and the wind urged the snow two people set up please enter the urn bureau.
"You are Xie Chen!"
The first reaction of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was guilty. He turned his head and looked at the wind and snow with a little panic and tension in his eyes.
Chapter 115 Chapter 115
When this statement came out, it was full of people.
Tribes with eyes from all directions are in the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and the wind is driving the snow.
You don’t have to look at it, but you know that the crowds are coming from all directions, blocking all the escape routes of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and snow rush.
"Xie Chen! Even if you change your name, so what! I can tell at a glance that this Xuan Ming sword in your hand belongs to Xie Chen! " Previously, the head of Meteor Sect, who attacked them, spit out a mouthful of blood and was helped up by his brother. He pointed at Qingfeng with one hand. "You and this person killed several heads in succession. Fortunately, when I woke up with the other three heads, I stopped them, which made everyone lucky!"
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture didn’t see the superfluous expression from the face of the wind urging snow, but it was very changeable. At this moment, they were in the office and had to think more. The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture quickly withdrew its line of sight, stood in front of the wind urging snow, and quickly whispered, "Trust me."
"It’s ridiculous for a sword to know people. Do you want to give me the identity of the former owner when you pick up the sword?" Qingfeng coldly denied his identity. "The murderer didn’t come here until we heard the noise, but you deliberately ambushed here. I’m afraid it wasn’t a’ accidental bump’ but a premeditated one!"
"Bihaige owners, the dean of the cat house, and the owner of Cangshan Sect of the Chen family in Taiyuan were killed! !” The sound of grief and indignation penetrated the courtyard. "Yunya Jun left his handwriting at the scene! Revenge on the heads! " As all the monks know, five years ago, during the First World War in Kunlun, the Taoist Daoist Tian Yan sent the leader, followed by Qixingmen and Bihaige.
"The whole don’t garden guard brother was killed, there are four of you broke into don’t garden, the murderer is not who you are! !” Some monks stand out from the crowd and accuse them.
Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture heart suddenly sank.
"no! Misunderstanding! We knocked out the guards and didn’t kill them! We are here to-"Fang gradually Hong and Duan Jiesheng were pushed and taken over. Fang gradually Hong was about to explain that he saw Tang Yufei shaking his head slightly at him.
He can’t explain now that he’s here to rescue the bosses. If he opens his mouth to explain, he will be discovered by everyone. This is because they and Tang Yufei have been colluding with each other for a long time. Things are going badly on their side. If he opens his mouth and speaks frankly, Tang Jia will be dragged into the water.
"Cut the crap and catch them first!"
"The head of Meteor Sect witnessed the two of them killing four heads … Since this person is Xie Chen, isn’t the man in white beside him Yunya Jun!"
"I heard that Mrs. Xie Chenyun Ya Jun Gou didn’t believe me earlier, but now it seems that the so-called leader of the right path in the past is nothing more than a thief in cahoots!" Meteor clan owners slow eyes rested on the snow body.
Watching the monks fry the pot, even so, one dares to go forward.
The solemn atmosphere was suddenly broken by a faint smile.
"Nonsense! If you don’t have proof, opening your mouth is turning black and white! Then if I say that you are Yunyajun, and you killed four heads, do you have any evidence to refute it? !”
In the previous step, the wind urged the snow, and the eyes of the eyebrows were all sharp.
Meteor Sect Leader "How could I-"
"If he is really YunYa gentleman and Xie Chen now that we have killed four owners, you can live to this day with you this group of waste? !” Those beautiful phoenix eyes are cold, head-up but condescending
Although this sentence is extremely insulting, it is not unreasonable.
After all, when Yunya Jun defected from Tianyan Sect, all the elders in the sect were out of the way, and none of them could stop the elders of the Six Peaks Sect of Yunya Jun Tianyan Sect.
This is also the reason why Tianyan Sect was able to sit firmly as the first sect in the repair world.
Suddenly, the crowd was escorted by soldiers with Huo Xian, and it seemed to be a common thing to say, "I think your body repair was that Kunlun was stabbed by Xie Chen’s sword, but it hasn’t healed yet … well! ! !”
Tang condemned a gag spell to hit Huo Xianshen, and by the way, he kicked the other side impatiently. "What’s the muddy water?" Your own suspicion has not been washed clearly! "
Huo Xianshi suffered such humiliation and stared angrily at Tang task.
But it was too late, and everyone’s attention was focused on the snow. At first, everyone was too nervous, and Yunya Jun Yuwei was still there. No one thought about exploring the snow. As Huo Xian woke up today, everyone’s gods fell on the snow. Only then did he realize that this person was aura!
But this seems to be common sense. After all, it is obvious to all that Yunya Jun was killed in Kunlun by Xie Chen’s sword. It is natural that Yunya Jun was so seriously injured and damaged, whether it was suspended animation or some evil heretical means … but I didn’t expect Yunya Jun to be directly repaired! It really takes a lot of effort to protect the safety of a repairman if Xie Chen is besieged by such several owners.