Qiao Yun …

Liu xing.
Moment-by-moment rest
Strangely carrying a plate, his eyelids drooped slightly in Qiao Yun and put it on Liu Xing’s chest. He asked, "Am I bothering you?"
Qiao Yun "Yes!"
Liu Xing "No!"
Strangely but "…"
Liu Xing Zheng was forced to appear suddenly, of course, it was a savior, but for Qiao Yun, it was waking him up. Last night, he was carried to bed by the man in front of him!
It’s not a problem to hug him. The problem is that he is a man!
The man was carried to bed by the man!
Shame on me. I left it at grandma’s house
"Ok, I know." Mo Ran glanced at Qiao Yun with his eyes floating lightly and found another seat with his plate in his hand.
Who expected Liu Xing to grab him? "Dude, do you know where Qiao Yun slept last night?"
Xing-Fei Liu quickly pulled up the chair next to him and stuffed it into the stranger’s ass, indicating that he sat down and said
Qiao Yun wants to kick Liu Xing at the moment. "Hey, where did I sleep yesterday? What are we familiar with? You can arrest people and ask them."
On the surface, Qiao Yun said and grabbed Liu Xing’s shoulder and added, "Stay away from this person is not a good person."
Mo ran snorts lightly.
He is not going to step in and listen to what Qiao Yun said, but he sat down.
"Do we know each other?" He looked at Qiao Yun. "Really?"
Qiao Yun choked for two seconds without uttering a word.
Especially when Mo Ran’s line of sight was deliberately aimed, he was caught in the exposure event last night and formed an image to wake him up.
His heart is about to jump out of his throat.
Liu Xing is waiting for the stranger but Wen.
The other party paused and continued, "Not very well. Excuse me."
After Mo Ran put his eggs in Qiao Yun’s plate.
What does that mean?
"I have eggs." Qiao Yun’s cheeks were slightly hot, but she also tried her best to pretend to be indifferent.
Strangely, it’s too high to be backlit. He saw that Liu Xing was eating eggs.
"You said it was the egg in his mouth. He ate it and you ate it?"
The tone sounds unpleasant, but does Qiao Yun eat anything from him?
Qiao Yun and Liu Xing are thinking about this problem and left with a cold hum.
Coming out of the canteen, Qiao Yun was thinking about how strange this person is. If you want to say that he is cold, you will also take two sentences to say that the enthusiasm is true.
Normal people will refuse a stranger to sleep in his own bed. He might as well hug himself to his bed.
Qiao Yun is jammed with the thought of holding the word.
"Liu Xing" Qiao Yun stopped thoughtfully and asked, "What do you think if a person carries you to his bed? Either he didn’t do anything or … what would this person think? "
Just in the canteen, Liu Xing was choked by two eggs, so he drank a bottle of mineral water while walking. Qiao Yun almost gushed out this question.
"Who hugged you?" He answered questions consciously.
Qiao Yun also consciously answered "Mo Ran"
Liu Xing was suddenly frozen by this mineral water.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Qiao Yun immediately reacted to make up for it. "No, I mean the stranger. He … no, no, he didn’t know him very well and accidentally bumped into him."
The heartbeat is overloaded. Qiao Yun doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. His face is still trying to pull out a smile that doesn’t happen.
Liu Xing moved his stiff cheeks to help "wake up". You just asked if you were holding the bed instead of touching it.
"Shit!" Qiao Yun scolded 1.
I can’t edit it. He admits, "Yes! Last night, I went to 56 to borrow the bathroom and ran into Mo Ran. When I finished washing 56 locks, I couldn’t help it. I slept at their table for one night, but when I woke up, I found that I slept in the bed. "
My eyes flashed and then I said, "How did I get to bed? I don’t know when I woke up, but I’m no longer in the dormitory."
Ha ha! Liu Xing was shocked for a long time and didn’t come back during the meeting.
"There are no other students in their dormitory?"
"No," Qiao Yun shook his head. "Just him."
Liu Xing’s cheek gang patted him in pain and said, "Is it possible that he also came to borrow bathroom 56, so no one was there, and then you were both trapped there?"