"But in fact, the king is true. If the king does that position, the king will definitely put them to death."

Even JianJi picked an eyebrow. "It can be said that it’s really a brother and sister who are fickle, but … Beidou is loyal now without Yuhengtian, but the report must have a knot in my heart. I think it’s better to secretly accept Yang concubine and let her continue to report your hard work."
You Yan Qimu snorted coldly. "How can you conclude that the king lacks her without seeing the twenty-four guards and Beidou?"
"God-fearing Tian Shu Tianji should have been left in Miao Di by the sovereign. There are too many twenty-four guards. I also plan not to come over and see anyone who has never seen anyone who knows the big things and looks for the small things in beginning of spring. It is enough to find a female guard, but it is really bad to collect Yang. So Yuheng is back now. The two sisters are too heavy to shine with the sovereign all day … male and female servants can’t tell her mind."
"Yaoguang is a man"
"Ah?" Even Jia Jian’s face changed greatly, and the shaking sound and face were different every time, but the only thing I knew was that he was wearing a dress.
You Yan Qimu looked at Lian Jian seriously and said, "Male, accurately, the king reserved the future eunuch manager, but it was not the king who gave him castration."
"If the report told me that he was practicing some devious kung fu, and he wanted to practice this skill, he had to go to the palace first, so I might laugh." Even Jia Ai picked an eyebrow, but she knew that it was impossible for you to understand the meaning.
"Even if so, what’s so funny? He is not for this reason, but he suddenly decided not to be prepared to guard like them every day, but to be able to follow Wang Ren safely with success or failure, "said Rufu Qimu, looking at Lianjia, which is quite meaningful, but he didn’t even notice it.
"Stupid and clever, but you can only be absolutely loyal and unique." Even I don’t know my own evaluation, but I have said in the past that it is more dangerous to shake the light and change my face than other Beidou, and it is feasible for one person to substitute for another.
But if you even know that it is because of your own words that you have the idea of dying, anyway, because he is interested in people and devoted himself to this martial arts and doing things, he is so ruthless.
Chapter 237 Witness at hand
The prince of a clean government is a man of his word. Although he still has doubts about this man, he even made it clear that she doesn’t want to affect her mother because of her own affairs. People can’t be so bad to the extreme. Although she has no filial piety to the elderly in Lianjia, she has seen that Lianjia is filial to her biological mother.
Even the roars are very heart-warming. After all, two people have been in love for half a generation, and he can’t hide his smile. After being glared at by the old man, he is still full of smiles.
The Prince of Integrity observed it silently for a while, and the two of them had to say that her old friend was as paranoid as ever, and even the old man could explain that she was angry at the moment and agreed with the Prince of Integrity, but with a very reluctant expression, it made the Prince of Integrity somewhat tolerable.
"By the way, the king heard someone from this prince. Do you have a slave named Aunt Qing?"
"Even the old house where the old minister is in charge is called Sunny." Even the old man thought of the possibility of even saying this, but if he doesn’t admit it, the prince of clean government should believe in himself more.
"Is she in my old house or Beijing now?"
"She is now helping to do things in Xiuniang Village in Beijing." Even the old man in the family is too magnanimous and the prince of integrity is not sure.
However, he will never easily determine because of the performance of others. Since even the old people in the family have so much dissatisfaction with a Guo Xiue who has been dragged out, it must be that even the love is right. He really made this kind of desire to draw a line with them and provoke Guo Xiue.
But no matter what, it’s best not to tell him now. It’s better to even look for evidence. Let’s see how much trouble these two grandchildren can make, and then we’ll see if he cares.
Of course, it is impossible for even the frost to do it. Although it is so told to the prince of integrity, you can’t leave any evidence in the future. You Yan Qimu also knows this matter and even the family has been transferred in the future. I have never seen a person to help heaven and shake the light.
Lian Jian looked at a four-foot-tall child in front of him and was slightly curious. "Is he a Beidou or a twenty-four guard?"
"Small call grace! Today, I am responsible for leading away those big fools! " The immature sound and some happy sayings made Lian Jian chuckle.
"Today, I will arrange for the king to reiterate that Tianxuan is responsible for attracting attention. I will take ten twenty-four guards to put out the smoke, and the rest will follow the light to clean up the traces for an hour and return without omission."
Lian Jianjia shook his head. "It is not necessary to ask you to bring people back to Princess regularly, but if the situation is still limited during the merger, you can explore the consequences. I think you don’t want to know."
"It is a life!"
Tianxuan seems to be an acute saying that half of the people have run away. It seems that because of his small size and flexible machines, he is good at flying skills. Listening to him is also very playful. If it is bad, it is estimated that it is the best candidate to lure the enemy deep. No one can beat him.
It’s good to think about it for an hour, but it’s not the day to rest or the day to rest as soon as possible. It’s not the heart. What about him? He’s just afraid that something will happen here, and he’ll blame himself and make him work hard and get into trouble. I can’t tell you clearly when the time comes.
In fact, before Lian Jian entered the palace, you Yan Qimu often spent all night dealing with many things that he didn’t trust to give to others, but he never had a relationship with Lian Jian when he was in the daytime.
"They should still listen to Wang coming back in an hour, so they might as well take this opportunity to tell Wang about this thing."
"It’s important for the sovereign to go to court early. Now, the prince of clean government is in this court. Although he has never heard from the sovereign, many people have come out and tried to take this opportunity to bring down the sovereign. It’s better to rest early."
It’s like you didn’t even hear the words of Jianji. He has learned to recognize many words and many abbreviations, and he has also worked out the rules. In fact, there is no Jianji, and it’s nothing.
You Yan Qimu seems to be worried that Lian Jian ran away and held her in his arms. "Now things in the DPRK may find the answer from here."
"If you want to study hard in summer, can you move to the window table and study hard?"
"Wang doesn’t think it’s necessary and a beautiful woman can sit still in her arms. It’s showing Wang Haoxue to the princess."
Even with a sigh, it’s simply serious. I really told him something here. You Yan Qimu also listened very carefully. In less than an hour, Tianxuan really ran back before them.
"Small report princess inquire report you don’t know! It’s too hard for even the family to ambush for a whole hundred good people. They ran around this village for 30 or 40 times. These people are really well trained. Xiaodu … "Grace looked up and saw you holding the Qimu with a face of blue and black and looked at him.
Tianxuan gasped, "Xiao … is it the wrong time?"
"Is everything going well?" The cold road of Ruyan Qimu will hug you more tightly.
Heaven and shake the light and then press this sunny aunt came in with her head down. He just saw the scene. Naturally, there is no need to find yourself unhappy. You Yan Qimu looked at him with a crooked smile. "First throw this woman into another garden and strictly control it. When the king and princess are free, they will naturally go to find her and ask her to take it away."
Of course, you can see that you are in a disgusting day. "It’s not good to give up halfway in the last two paragraphs. You all go first."
"It’s good for the king to see for himself in the last two paragraphs. If the princess still doesn’t want to sleep, she can ask this fine aunt to provoke my Wangfu and Lianjia to live a few more lives or have a few more mouths than ordinary people."
Even Jia Jian nodded his head. Aunt Qing seems to be preparing for bite the tongue’s sample. "I really don’t want to say a word. I heard that her daughter-in-law was just two months pregnant in the same hospital, but I didn’t tell her. I was afraid that she would be larger foe. I’ll separate the woman from her first, and let her daughter-in-law be buried with her when she dies."
Aunt Qing’s mouth cloth was taken away. "Do you think Miss Da has misunderstood the handmaiden?"
"Misunderstanding? You’re ready to plead before I cross-examine? In fact, I just want you to give a mouth to the prince of clean government instead of confronting my grandfather. Whether you give it or not, I will kill you directly. It is enough for the princess not to like killing people. It is always not the best thing for you to cooperate with the princess to keep you safe. "
Aunt Sunny’s face changed greatly. She came to pretend that she didn’t know anything. It was an impostor. Aunt Sunny really has gone away. If she says so now, her family will go to born to die.
Chapter 23 is progressing smoothly
The next day, even the tiger roars early in the morning before leaving the house, and the old man of the family called him. The old man of the family was so angry that he immediately asked him to test the tone of the wood.
After the low tide, even the roars hesitated for a long time outside the palace gate, and finally waited until they were surrounded by all the ministers.