"Miss, rest assured that Fontaine will find him."

Fontaine knew the seriousness of the matter and turned to recover in the direction of false Fan Ran’s departure.
"Let’s go!"
Cloud make track for the moon looked behind three people turned and walked outside Anping Wangfu.
A man in black watched the clouds chasing the moon in the dark. They went out of Anping Wangfu and followed them out of the gate of Anping Wangfu before flying away in another direction.
Autumn rain hurried into Qinyang Gongmuqin pacing back and forth in the main hall with a scared face.
Mu Qin suddenly turned around and asked, "What’s going on at Yikun Palace?"
"There are a few guards left in Princess Yi Kun Palace. I have ordered people to inform the palace master that he will soon enter Yi Kun Palace. Now the princess is in Anping Wangfu. I just saw the report coming in the direction of Yi Kun Palace when the handmaiden passed through Chaoyang Palace. Now I have to find a way to stall the report."
"good! This is easy to handle! I’m going to the past "MuQin to quickly to tidy up your instrument with the autumn rain nasty walked in the direction of Chaoyang Palace, Chaoyang Palace must go through yikun palace just arrived at yikun palace and saw two shadows leap into yikun palace MuQin looked even more fearful.
The foot steps are getting faster and faster.
"Princess, what are you doing? How can you mess with yourself? The more you do this, the more suspicious you are. "
Autumn rain calms down and wakes up
Mu Qin immediately slowed down and kept his usual manners. Yes! The more anxious you are, the more exposed you will be.
"hey! Report for several days, report you also don’t go to my room and other sisters room report whether you don’t like us. "
Muqin had just arrived at the garden aisle behind Yi Kun Palace when she heard the delicate sound of Nian Fang Fei.
Muqin and Qiuyu stopped at once, and they quickly disappeared behind the tree, and their eyes met. It was better for the side princess to hold Ouyang Jianhua than Muqin to come forward.
"Wang didn’t stop going to your room recently, but Wang was a little busy these days. After this, Wang was the first to go to your room. You like it when Wang sent you a pearl." Ouyang Jianhua’s tone was light and provocative.
"Report you give such as son things which one is not a rare treasure! If you don’t like it then, but if you need it, you won’t go to the prince’s room and you can’t wait on you. Do you know how sad it is for you? The princess grounded my concubine in the palace, and you don’t care about the recent situation! Sisters are falling out. Today, if you risk being disposed of by the princess to see the prince, you know that it is not the way for the princess to keep her sisters grounded in the concubine’s palace! " There is a delicate reproach in the gentle voice, which makes people numb and numb.
MuQin mercilessly stare at years side princess "this year instrument as usual is so seduce report? What a real fox! It’s really hateful to dare to slander me in front of the report and let her escape. "
Muqin gnashed her teeth and said that she couldn’t wait to go out and crush the princess in the year.
"Princess, when can you put up the side princess for a while? Now, you can’t break the palace main event because of your impulse."
Autumn rain will know that MuQin mind is a serious warning MuQin.
"Hum!" Muqin glared at Qiuyu, and now everything is subject to her control, which makes her feel flustered, but she can’t be restrained by others.
Chu Linghan of Yi Kun Palace took his personal bodyguard Wu Bin to leap into Ouyang Tianyi’s room.
As soon as they entered the room, they looked everywhere for the military code.
After searching for a circle, I found nothing and turned the whole room upside down.
"Will the palace master be in Ouyang Tianyi without the military code?" Wu Bin found a circle and frowned and said thoughtfully.
"It’s impossible that this military code will never be hidden here by Ouyang Tianyi unless it is absolutely necessary. There must be a secret room or a secret compartment in this room. Look carefully."
Chu ling2 han2 refused to give up. He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and he will not give up so easily.
"It’s really a surprise to the king that the Lord of the Chu Palace is so interested in visiting the world room early in the morning!" The gloomy sound came to the whole room as calm as death, and Chu Lingling was dazed. How could Ouyang Tianyi …?
Suddenly turned around and saw Ouyang Tianyi and the cloud chasing the moon. "You …?"
"Long time no see, Lord of Chu Palace" Yun Zhuiyue smiled as beautiful and elegant as the lotus in the pool.
"Cloud chasing the moon …?" Chu ling2 han2 shouted in a low voice, I can’t believe that Cloud Chasing the Moon and Ouyang Tianyi will suddenly appear or that the plan has been seen through by them today.
"Chu Palace Master’s diversion plan today is not as wonderful as our catching turtles in a jar!"
Although the cloud chasing the moon said with a smile, her beautiful eyes were cold and shocking, with thunder and anger.
Chu ling2 han2 couldn’t help but lose heart. How can a woman have such courage? The momentum of that day is even more arrogant. It’s the first time he has seen the cloud chasing the moon and there is such a side.
"So you have long seen that this is a diversion."
Chu cold ling cold voice with anger.
"In my eyes, it’s just a trick to carve worms. It’s a trick to teach others how to swim. Sun’s thirty-six plans of art of war can’t be achieved if it’s clever. That’s valuable. Today, the Lord of the Chu Palace can be described as startling the snake and hitting seven inches, but the Lord of the Chu Palace didn’t even touch his tail today. It’s even more difficult to achieve anything."
Cloud chasing the moon is cold and sarcastic. Dare to touch her to find her son and see how she can tidy him up.
"You’re so angry. Are you insulting a woman?"
Chu ling2 han2 yelled at him. How much effort and thought did he put into his plan today? She said that he was teaching fish to swim. How could he not be angry? And what was Sun Yat-sen’s Thirty-six Tactics?
"If I were you, I would leave this opportunity until the tribute gathering day of the four countries next month to steal the military symbols and achieve great things. Those who should hold their breath and decide before they move, and the plan is flawed today. Anyone who knows how to plan can see it."
Cloud chasing the moon said rudely, it’s not bad that it’s been prepared for so many years. For a while, Chu Ling2 han2 was in a hurry to steal the military code. There must be something in it. She doesn’t know the plan. Chapter 131 Wipe your eyes.
"Policy legacy? Today’s plan is also a legacy. "
Chu Ling-cold roared with arrogance. He calculated the time and the activities in people’s hearts accurately, and assumed that he could accomplish something today.
"Did the Lord of the Chu Palace calculate that he would be defeated today?" Step by step, the sharp tone pressed Chu Ling2 han2′ s cold and beautiful eyes as if to put Chu Ling2 han2 to death.
Looking at the cloud chasing the moon and hating the beautiful eyes, Chu Lingling is angry in her eyes. Why does she hate herself so much and hate him for her?
Chu ling2 han2 instantly aroused the corners of the mouth with interest in pondering and said, "Miss Yun, you seem to hate the seat." Chuling looked at the cloud with a low smile and wanted to see from her eyes what she would hate him.
"Chu palace Lord investigated the moon chasing for so long that I don’t know the moon chasing temper! Chasing the moon is the most annoying thing for others to touch my family. "
Cloud chasing the moon, sharp eyes, cut the cold eyes of Chu Ling.
Ouyang Tianyi looked at Chu Ling2 han2 without talking behind the cloud chasing the moon.
"Yes! Miss Yun is awake, and there is still a chip in her hand, that is, your brother Yun Xun has heard that you are the most doting on his sister in the world, and she regards him as a treasure in her hand, so she can’t bear to say anything. "
"The Lord of the Chu Palace took the moon chasing as a treasure, and my brother robbed me in the middle of the night, and in this chilly night, let me find my son barefoot and wear thin clothes. If I find my son with the slightest damage, I will break all your wings and feathers in Nanzhao country and let your years of hard work go down the drain."
Cloud chasing the moon malicious crime said that she is not afraid of Chu ling2 han2 know her identity sometimes can play hide-and-seek with them, but sometimes it is not necessary.
"What did you say about chasing the moon?" Chu ling2 han2 was frightened, pointing to the cloud and chasing the moon. How did she know that he was in Nanzhao Kingdom?
"How are you, cloud chasing the moon? I’m in Monty Palace, and you can move if you want to."