And the reason is known from.

Wait until the next day when Ye Yu told Leah about Elsa, but she was reprimanded by Leah.
"It’s right to help me find a family with artifacts, but never talk to people in the church. The other party is a nun and also has artifacts, so even in the angel camp, it must be very important for children to take her as a family base."
Leah silk is so serious, and her expression is more serious than every time. She has always impressed Ye Yu with some carelessness and nonsense. It is the first time I have seen her so serious.
At this time, Leah gave people a feeling that Sister Lucifer, the Four Devils, was worthy of the vicious title of killing Ji with red hair.
After such a warning to Ye Yu, Leah’s attitude has changed dramatically. She seems to be very curious. She leaned out from behind the table and asked Ye Yu.
"That … did you tell Cangna the news?"
"Did you arrive … after all, I was the president’s family on the day I found Elsa, and Cang’s family was already here, wasn’t it?"
"Well … it’s great that I didn’t hurt you for nothing!"
Listening to Ye Yu’s answer was particularly happy. Leah jumped out directly from behind the table and hugged Ye Yu’s body with a smile.
"I’m very glad that you’re concerned about finding a family member. Ann thinks it’s better not to contact the nun for the time being. Family members can continue to find it, but it’s not worth the loss to cause conflicts between the two camps."
Leah silk said Ye Yu is gently nodded, but don’t know what his mind will always emerge that girl some lonely smile.
She needs help … needs herself …
Chapter 16 Abnormal Father
There are no ups and downs and calmness. After several days of daily life, Yuzryha Royal is worried that it has never happened, and I don’t know whether it should be good luck or something else.
Today is still a day for Leah’s family. Because of the recent increase in entrustment, Ye Yu also has to act as an errand boy
Leah silk’s means of searching for dependents are all distributed by herself, accompanied by a small-scale send-off list, which flows in this small town in the name of realizing wishes.
Of course, most people think it’s just a joke, but there are still a few people who will try to summon the devil according to the simple statement and make some strange wishes.
Most of them are errands, and they will pay Ye Yu some after the small things are finished. It seems that they have completely regarded this so-called demon call as a new industry.
There are a lot of people with summoning array attached to the startup list, but none of them are qualified to become Leah’s household.
According to Leah’s words, Ye Yu should also go to exercise. By the way, help the wood yard and the kitten share a heavy workload. Although it has always been stupid to sneer at Leah as if she were a child playing house.
But a demon … walks through the door and rings the doorbell …
With a wry smile, I looked at the address recorded in the handbill, and immediately Ye Yu came to a house, and then he found an unusual situation.
The door is open at night and it’s already deep. It’s not scientific to think about it with the door open at this time.
It’s too dangerous in the middle of the night
No … Come out of the house with blood smell.
So thinking about Ye Yu went into the house with high vigilance.
There is no light in the corridor, and there is a staircase leading to the second floor, and it seems that there is no light.
There is a room deep on the first floor that seems to have a light but it is very dark.
As Ye Yu gradually entered the room, the smell of blood became stronger and stronger. The light in the room was not a light but a flickering candle.
Here is the living room with furniture such as sofa, TV and coffee table.
Quite ordinary living room layout, but the living room wall has a corpse, and the bloody smell of the corpse also comes from here.
The body can see that it is a man whose body has been chopped to pieces, and something should be dirty from the wound … It looks particularly miserable to die.
Such a terrible situation will not make Yuzryha feel the slightest discomfort. He is beginning to wonder who the person who did such a thing is.
Obviously, it’s not like human beings can do it. It’s not that such perverts and cruel murderers don’t, but that the fineness of men’s wounds is obviously not something that human beings can do.
Then people who can commit such crimes should also be in the three camps of demons, angels and degenerate angels.
Did the lost demon do it?
But … The lost devil should not have a bad taste, right?
Ye Yu once again looked at the male body sticking to the wall in an inverted cross shape, nailed and fixed.
Thick nails are nailed to the palms of men’s hands and the centers of their soles.
This kind of murder method, which is full of religious meaning and breath, doesn’t look like something that a lost demon can do.