Whether or not to respond to the drum beat is as strong as knocking on your heart. The sense of rhythm makes people excited.
"Thousands of glasses of wine have been drunk.
Are not drunk.
Autumn wind and autumn rain
How much is wrong is in your mouth.
But I don’t feel a word.
Tears have been dried.
Look back again
Cantonese, damn it. What else is there that suluo won’t keep smiling? The boss suddenly burst into tears.
It’s even hotter. suluo is ranting and impassioned.
"The mountain is no longer rugged.
But the back is accompanied by your fatigue.
Sand is not afraid of the wind.
Will be condensed one day.
If I can stay again
Heavy metal musical instruments give people a strong sense of rhythm. suluo’s deep voice is super explosive, powerful, free and unrestrained and infectious.
When things change, the only thing we can do is to keep going forward. It’s never too late to persevere. Nothing can stop you. The brave will be afraid of winning one day.
None of the people who were crazy at the scene could sit still and sway.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Encore Encore
The owner of the years bar was very prescient, and soon the door of the years bar was crowded with people.
It’s not surprising that there are many music lovers and enthusiasts in the bar street. It can be said that it is a big group. If you have it, you will come to the bar street and sit down. Every bar will have different singers singing different types of songs. Today, you can listen to whatever kind of songs you are in the mood. This is a good place.
A group of information is needed. suluo appeared in the amorous feelings bar street and sang in the years bar, and soon the whole bar street drinkers knew it.
After receiving the news, fans scattered in other bars came running, but they couldn’t get in.
"Sing a song. That guy said suluo, he’s really here."
"Really, you see my friend sent me the photos inside. Did you see that suluo and Brother Bao and the two younger sisters behind him are so beautiful?"
"Oh, I regret it. I shouldn’t have listened to folk songs tonight. I should have listened to Spring City rock and roll with Dalin and them in the years bar."
"Say what I sang again."
The door of the bar is tightly closed with the brand full of customers. The big brother has a juryman face and a scar, but he can’t stop the scene at all. It seems that there is another scream in the scene, and the crowd is surging.
"Hey, let us in."
"It’s full. If you really want to go in, line up. If someone comes out, you can go in."
The gatekeeper’s big brother is also very resistant to rolling the short sleeves a little further to show strong muscles and dazzling tattoos so as to make them more ferocious.
In the time bar, a time field is burning, screaming and screaming as if to lift the roof.
In the bar, drinkers and enthusiasts are now so happy that cheers can’t stop.
The fat boss of the bar was moved to tears at the moment. This is a bar song specially written for the years. I really want to buy it, and I am willing to pay any money.
Suluo is really a man of god. It took less than ten minutes before and after writing a song on his eyelids. It’s so Uber.
A group of people in DreamWorks are all like stunts, so I don’t want to talk about it. Those two beautiful girls are so breathtaking. I didn’t expect them to be so fierce. I was afraid to take a look at the spectrum and say it without ambiguity.
This strength can’t be believed without witnessing it. People who don’t know that the Internet has been black and suluo can’t do it. How will they feel if they experience such a thing once?
Sayuri Cheng excitedly tugged at his fist. Although he didn’t understand Cantonese, he still burned. Do you want to broadcast something live? I have long forgotten what to do.
Brother Gong Yu Xia Han, who was in the palm of his hand, went to the stage. The Xia Devil was so excited today that he blushed and sweated. As soon as he finished jumping off the stage, he ran to the wine table to find a beer to drink.
"How about now I ask if I can do it?" Brother Bao banged his chest again to force Xu Jingman.
"Come on, you keep blowing" knife is directly a middle finger.
Gong Yu also sat smiling, picked up the glass, took a sip of wine and frowned. The unique bitter taste of beer bloomed in the taste buds, which really didn’t suit him. Look at suluo still in Taiwan. It’s really handsome.