Farrug raised his head and looked at Dick in front of him. Dick didn’t know what to do at the moment.

"What kind of warlords do I need to hand in?" Farrug asked carefully.
"warlords? What the hell is that? "
Dick opened his eyes wide.
The least academic among the four attendants of Elus, this fellow, except for a commendable force, has achieved terrible results in other cultural classes.
"Dick, it’s your turn."
Dylan interrupted Dick and continued to make a fool of himself.
He glanced at his eyes. Ruger shivered at the blade-like gaze of farrug. Only then did he hear Dylan say, "We are not a pirate temple, and we don’t need a head to decorate his sofa. We should honestly offer your loyalty … that’s enough.
Loyalty is the only valuable thing for you. If you don’t even have this value, I don’t want to see this kind of thing. "
Cold language stuck to him like ice.
Wearing a pair of swimming trunks, farrug felt cold and his bones were freezing.
"Blue blue! !”
Just then, the worm sounded.
"The temple is Wolik’s adult." Fran came up with a bug.
Al uz picked up the receiver.
Before he could open his mouth to greet him, the worm made a loud deafening sound.
"hey! Al is grandpa! "
"….. grandpa this greeting you still play with sal, Aadilah! I am twenty years old, not a child! " Alves is very eager to make another application, although he knows that this kind of complaint is doomed. Nothing is doomed once.
"Ha ha ha! ! !”
The hearty laughter shocked Alves to stretch out his tail finger and scratch his ears.
"Al, when will you bring Sal and Adela to play on the red soil mainland? I haven’t hugged Aadilah for two years. She is four years old this year. If it weren’t for the world government’s mess here, I wouldn’t want to do it long ago. How nice it would be to go home and hug my granddaughter. "
Baba Baba complained endlessly, which was mixed with a lot of regrets that she could not witness the growth of her little granddaughter.
"All right, that’s enough for the family talk. Al has something to tell you."
"business? What business? "
Dizzy straight nap Al Usfran handed me a cold towel and wiped her face to cheer up and asked.
"Someone in the navy will investigate your information again."
"What kind of business is this?" It’s not unusual for a navy uncle to investigate a person’s intelligence root after he speaks Arabic, okay?
"It’s Vergo, director of the New World G5 branch base [Ghost Bamboo]. You said before that this guy is not a good person. I carefully checked and found that your information was from the private bank of Vergo. The admiralty there launched a routine intelligence for you, so I simply sent your information directly to Vergo to scare that guy."
Alves has a headache.
Since his abdication, his grandfather has a tendency to let himself go, and he always does some amazing things, such as marrying a new wife who is younger than Alves.
But is that guy Vergo Jker investigating himself?
"Grandpa, you won’t shake me, will you?"
"Your photo, phone number and height and weight two years ago have been sent. Speaking of which, have you grown up recently? I see the photos sent by Bertha. You seem to have grown taller again? Oh, no, that’s beside the point. What was I going to say? By the way, you’d better not mess with Franco when you go to Dresderosa this time. That guy turned out to be Celestial Dragons. "
At the end of the day, the old man hung Liang’s voice until Alves pricked up his ears.
"This is always the case. Be careful yourself! By the way, do you want to have a word with your grandmother … "
Alves hung up the receiver in lightning speed.
He is not ready to face the terrible fact that his grandmother is two years younger than himself.
"Blue Blue!"
Just hang up the phone for less than two seconds, and the bug barked again.
Sorry, I’m not interested.
The worm is barking.
I have never seen a strange number
"Strange number … what a surprise!" Elus blinked, and the worm is a biological waveguide medium, and each worm has its own unique wave, which means that each worm is unique.
And there is no developed network in this world to disclose and sell personal information. If there is no channel to start with accurate information base, it is impossible for a stranger to suddenly call in and say that someone has an idle egg pain or other pains and randomly dials the number to play. It is better to just ignore the small probability that he has accidentally drawn the number of Elus.
This is someone who wants to establish contact with him
"It can’t be ….."
Alves remembered what his grandfather said just now. Vergo … It should be said that jker was investigating his intelligence, and his grandfather cooperated with him to send some urgent information, including one of his many voice mail numbers.
He reached for the receiver.
"This is Socaci O ‘Elus. Who’s calling, please?" Al uz leaned against the sofa microphone near his mouth and asked in a very airy and casual tone.
"Moo moo moo! !”
A maverick laugh was caught by the worm.
Sure enough!
Elus rolled his eyes and it was really jker.
When the laughter ended, there was a normal tone to say, "King Elus, it’s jker!" Sitting by the swimming pool of the palace, Franco introduced himself straight to the point. This is very interesting to introduce himself.
Duo Franco has many titles. He is the king of Dresderosa and the king of Qiwuhai, but he didn’t say these two official identities. Instead, he took out the name of the intermediary in the dark world and greeted Erus.
This is worth pondering.
Elus smacked the name.
"What can I do for the agent of the dark world to find me a little king?" He always talks nonsense with his eyes open. Although he doesn’t know what Franco is, it is expected that he will have a dispute with Umit.
Sitting by the pool, Franco smiled happily.
"King Erus, I’m not going to talk about time and waves. I’ll contact you with a simple purpose. Umit has arrived in Dresderosa. I have information about Umit and his side. If you are interested, we can make a deal."
Franco is not slow at all. Although he is used to being an intermediary, he is also in control of the new world arms business. The dark giant has never let go of his ability to do business directly with people.
"Ubuntu intelligence? Jker, are you going to break with Umit? "