Li Er, on the other hand, rowed slowly and sang folk songs in the beautiful scenery.

No one noticed the scene here, except Xiao Jinyu, and no one found that the phoenix cloud was light and changeable.
She threw the glass into the lake and the blood on the glass instantly penetrated. She looked up at Xiao Jinyu and said, "Do you understand? If he is so poisoned, he will never get hurt! "
Xiao Jinyu looked at her with a slightly open mouth and a half ring before slowly saying, "What are the disadvantages of this poison?"
Fengyun light bitter smile frowned "may be turned into a red monkey …"
Xiao Jinyu took a deep breath and remembered Xiao Qi’s eyebrow wringing. "Xiao Qi is not an enemy, he will get hurt!"
Fengyun gently put Xiao Linchu up. "Not everyone who has this poison can have an enemy’s body, just like the transition from the first generation of poison to the second generation of poison may change and cause different variations!"
"When did you start to find yourself like this?" Xiao Jinyu looked at her nervously.
Fengyun frowned and thought about when she didn’t know.
It may have been there from the beginning, but the toxicity is still in the incubation period
Xiao Jinyu saw that she didn’t talk and immediately skipped the topic "Is there any solution to this poison?"
It’s not that he hasn’t felt her pulse. He can’t see any traces of poisoning at the root of her pulse.
If that’s the case, then he’s also planning it.
Fengyun bowed his head and looked dim.
"Is there a solution? If you didn’t understand you, you wouldn’t have come to this place not far from Wan Li! " Xiao Jinyu hopes to look at her.
Fengyun shook her head lightly and said blankly, "I don’t know, but I always feel that things are developing as others expected!" "
Xiao Jinyu smiled and looked at her. "You mean someone is manipulating all this behind the scenes?"
Fengyun glanced at Xiao Linchu with a light lip, and saw that he had no signs of waking up, and then said sadly, "Do you think Bai Jin may be the mastermind behind the whole world?"
Xiao Jinyu shook her head. "It’s impossible for the empress dowager to live in the palace all the year round. It’s impossible to make so many things. Besides, she has everything she wants. What’s the plan?"
A picture of immortality, a picture of a thousand generations.
After all, these words are Xiao Linchu’s mother, and she should save some noodles for Xiao Linchu.
But she didn’t believe Xiao Linchu’s dialogue. Otherwise, why did she take a strange road all the way? Abandon white to decorate people instead of
Both of them are thinking that the ship has docked, and Li Er stretched himself and shouted "I’m back in Salt Lake Village, and I’m back in Li Er-"
Feng Yun bent down to help Xiao Linchu and Xia Yu looked back at Xiao Jinyu with a frown. "What are you talking about with Sister Yun Qing?"
Xiao Jinyu smiled. "I’m talking about marrying you after your dad!"
Xia Yu knew that their conversation was definitely not this topic, but his words succeeded in amusing her with a grin. "Who is going to marry you? You’d better pass me by first! "
After that, she was happy and the boat jumped on the shore.
Xiao Jinyu and Fengyun Light helped Xiao Linchu to Li Er. They are familiar with each other and have found a stretcher to lift Xiao Linchu.
This village is very exclusive. The villagers are hostile when they see a few outsiders entering the village. Just looking at a few people and simply having Li Er as a shield will temporarily fool them.
Li Er walked happily all the way and greeted everyone happily. A five-year-old child was walking by the corner of a peasant woman’s skirt. Before he owed his hand, he slapped the child’s ass. "The dog has not been so tall for many years!"
The child "wow" burst into tears, and the peasant woman angrily said, "two dog, do you want to die?"
Li Er two hurriedly jumped away and Fengyun breathed a sigh of relief, only to believe that Li Er two didn’t lie to her. He really stayed in this village before, but it didn’t look so good.
Li Er and several people came to his old house, which was old and the door was unlocked, but there were thick cobwebs everywhere.
Xia Yu was the first to push the old door and "thumped" and suddenly it was rolling.
Xia Yu choked back and frowned while covering her nose.
Even Xiao Jinyu frowned, but Feng Yun looked at Xiao Linchu lightly and didn’t pay attention to the movement here.
Li Er shouted, "Hey, be gentle. As the saying goes, it’s disrespectful to my parents to break the family!"
Xia Yubai gave him a cold hum. "It’s against your will to leave your parents in your house like this!"
Li Er gave a white look twice. "What do you know?"
He pulled open the door board and let the mud paste into a room to shine a little night light.
Fengyun followed and took a look. It seems impossible for them to live in the house tonight. They’d better sleep overnight and then clean the house before making do with it.
Several people together by Li Er two to take the silver to buy something to eat in a neighbor’s house.
However, Li Er really didn’t meet for a long time, and several of them were coaxed out. For him, a traitor in Salt Lake Village, it is not welcome here.
But it happened that Salt Lake Village was the only fortress leading to Lighthouse Village.
Looking at Li Er coming two depressed Xia Yu speak sarcastically "with silver can’t buy anything? It seems that your popularity is not generally poor! "
Li Er two cold hum "what do you know? Silver is not at all in Yanhu Village! "
Xia Yu wondered, "What?"
Li Er Road "Salt Lake Village is very poor, but everyone here is content with the status quo, otherwise the salt lake salt will be dried and sold out!"
Xiao Jinyu asked curiously, "Is there anyone willing to be poor?"
Li Er shook his head and sighed. "I didn’t understand at first. I organized several mature men in the village to leave together. On that day, we specially bathed and burned incense and fasted for three days, but we went to the salt lake …"
Li Er’s face was very dim when he didn’t say that finish.
Xiao Jinyu has guessed that "those people died later, and you lived alone?"
Li Er nodded. "I don’t know what happened, but the old man in the village said that I was born dead, and my parents didn’t even bother to accept me!"
Feng Yun listened to Li Er’s two complaints and suddenly sympathized with Li Er’s loneliness. Everyone around him was contemptuous. You feel that she has a deep understanding.
Get up and go to Li Er’s two sides. She reached out and patted him on the shoulder. "As the saying goes, everything pays off. Now think about whether you are the richest and most decent one in your village?"
Li Er two grateful looking at phoenix cloud light wry smile "rich? In this village, it is not who is rich but who is highly respected. Even if I am rich and decent, I will still be a local ruffian in their eyes! "