Half-time two teams: going back to their dressing rooms to prepare for the half-time game is very chaotic for both teams, but the score is acceptable to both sides. It depends on which team can gain the advantage at half-time.

Many media have also begun to analyze the halftime.
"Both teams played very hard. This Champions League Italy game is like Mars hitting the earth, and it is more difficult than the Rome derby."
"This is an acceptable score for both sides."
"Both sides should restrain themselves. After all, it is not good for both sides. Even if they win the game, many players will have yellow cards and red cards, so it will be difficult for them to play in the semi-finals." To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three A gang fight to play!
In the locker room of the home team
Roman players kept their heads down and dared not look Deryl in the eye because they thought it was not good to do it at half-time, and everyone was a little impulsive.
Delhi, also looked at them.
The old man’s eyes were still dignified. Just when everyone was about to explode, the old man suddenly smiled and said, "We did well at half-time."
Everyone looked up strangely.
Deryl continued, "I did a lot of work before the game and I told you a lot that you didn’t finish it in the game, but it’s not your fault. None of you expected the other side to play so hard. If it was a league game, I would like you to show them a lot, just as the fans hoped."
"But this is the theory of the Champions League. If it is the most important thing, this is the first leg, and it is our home game. We must ensure that if we win the goal advantage."
"So … it’s better to defend at half-time, fight harder and attack more rationally. I hope you can do this."
"defense should provoke them and let the other side continue to play like this. That’s our chance!"
Deryl finished watching the players, and the players suddenly felt ridiculous … They would be furious when they came to Delhi. Although the little old man has a good temper on weekdays, he will still lose his temper if he doesn’t follow his tactical requirements. Now … he actually asked the backcourt defense to continue those fights and the frontcourt …
This old man is insidious enough!
Many people secretly believe that if they attack and play more rationally, and the other side loses his mind, it is naturally their opportunity. Playing like this may be more effective than good tactics.
But can it succeed?
Will those people at Inter Milan fall for it? God knows
Inter Milan dressing room is another scene. Every player is talking about the half-court game. They don’t feel bad, but they feel that the head coach has taken revenge.
But Mancini didn’t look well when he walked into the dressing room.
Actually, Mancini wants to take revenge, but it’s not about the game, it’s about Zhang Tiehan. It’s a success to be able to prevent Zhang Tiehan from watching him and win the game, not to fight in the game or something
He didn’t expect everyone to do this.
But the players obviously played so rudely because of themselves, and he couldn’t say anything, especially in the middle of the game, when both teams got angry, rudeness couldn’t stop it
When he walked into the dressing room, he still stressed that he should be rational.
"We have the strength advantage. If we keep an eye on the opponent’s number 13 and play together to attack, we will have a chance to score every game. Our minimum goal is to score a goal. It will be much easier to play a round with an away goal," Mancini said.
Inter Milan players also understand and nod.
They thought it was a little irrational at half-time. If they played half-time, there was no good chance. Then it was either a game or a confrontation. It was cool, but it was not good for the game. What’s more, they got three yellow cards. Even if they eliminated Rome, it would have an impact on the post-Champions League.
"We should play more rationally. If the other side continues to play like this, we should pay attention to creating the half of the frontcourt Italian ball …" Mancini glanced at the crowd and pointed to Mikhainovich. "Sinisa, you play!"
"good coach"
A tall player with long hair and leather hair came out and said that it was Mikhainovich. When others heard that Mikhainovich was going to play, they also understood Mancini’s tactics
The turmoil in the former Yugoslavia has, to a certain extent, created a group of football rangers, including Mikhainovic, who, like other excellent central defenders in the world, has excellent interception and confrontation ability and excellent prediction ability. Besides his defensive ability, Mikhainovic has also made a name for himself.
His excellent football talent and innate leadership made him occupy the core position of the Yugoslav national team and club defense for a long time and led Lazio club to win the Serie A championship in 1999/ season.
Many people can play Italian football, but Mikhainovic is the player who scores the most goals through direct Italian football in Serie A!
On January 13, 1998, Lazio scored three direct Italian goals in the 5 Sampdoria match and played a prehistoric Italian hat trick, and this record can be broken today.
In the national team of the former Yugoslavia, his Italian ball can often be finalized when the team can’t open the situation. For this reason, Mikhainovic is an irreplaceable important figure in the national team of the former Yugoslavia. However, due to the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia and his inability to show their talents in the World Cup, Mikhainovic also lost the opportunity to show his incomparable Italian skills in front of the world.
Mihajinovic’s Italian Kung Fu is a unique step in European football. It is the record of scoring a direct positioning ball in Apennine. The volley of the Italian ball on the outside of the left foot is Mihajinovic’s specialty. The direct Italian ball shot is 4 meters away from the goal.
In this respect, Zhang Tiehan can feel ashamed that he is not as good as 40 meters. His strength is enough, but Mikhainovich can kick the angle, kick the arc and spin. That kind of technology is absolutely top in the world.
However, since joining Inter Milan last summer, Mihajinovic has not played many games. After all, he is 35 years old. A 35-year-old veteran has slipped in physical fitness and state. However, Mihajinovic made 13 appearances last season and Inter Milan scored three goals, two of which were Italian goals, and his performance was acceptable.
Mancini’s purpose of letting Mihajinovic play is to make Roma foul and create more chances for Italian goals, and Mihajinovic is likely to score goals then.
Everyone in Rome knew what Mancini was going to do when Inter Milan changed for Mihajinovic at half-time.
Inter Milan should play rationally, and Drier also asks the players to be rational. The fierce backcourt is also more fierce. To anger Inter Milan, it is not enough to give them a chance to score goals.
Everyone knows how to fight.
After half-time, when Inter Milan attacked, Rome’s defense was still fierce. It was as if they had not gone through the intermission. Their feet were gnashing. If Inter Milan defended like this, it would be difficult for most players to remain rational.
However, their attacking players still want to create Italian ball opportunities.
However, the Roman players are not stupid. If the Italian ball is made in a sensitive position, it is said that they will not take the initiative to foul near the penalty area. However, it is too dangerous to eat cards and make free throws. However, in the periphery, such as near the midfield, the Roman players move more when defending, which makes Inter Milan want to be rational and not care about each other. The players are very wronged.
As the game went on slowly, they soon became irrational.
You have a kick, I have a kick, you have a small move, I have a small move, and the game soon returns to the half-court rhythm. The referee can relax himself, but soon with the game back to the original rhythm, his work is heavy again. In the period, Inter Milan also got two good Italian ball opportunities, but the Italian ball can not be scored if he wants to. Even the chances of Mikhainovich scoring are not small. He failed to grasp these two opportunities.
Inter Milan players didn’t notice that it was Rome’s attack that actually played rationally.