"This guy is more acute than I thought, which is for the attention ability of the surrounding units," Super Dream said.

"What’s the matter with Xiaoyi?" Xiaoyong asked
"There were two people whispering in the corner on the left, and then one person ran away. When I looked over there, the other person also avoided my sight. Anyway, it was suspicious. Poké Ball, you all took it with you." Xiaoyi asked both of them, nodding.
"There are some ordinary travel wallets left there," Xiaoyong said.
"According to this thing, it says that we should arrest thieves before we have them." Aaron took out the booklet that Mr. Mi Keli gave to three people on his side, and he also roughly turned over a place to find photos.
"Come out of Gengar, go back to our room and put them down immediately if you see anything suspicious coming in." Xiaoyong directly called out Gengar Gengar and nodded immediately and then disappeared.
"The other side noticed" Aaron is said to get up.
"No stairs in our field of vision, even if we notice that he can’t go away to tip off the message … Xiaoyong" Xiaoyi called Xiaoyong Xiaoyong and called out Lei Jingling for nothing.
"Disturb the magnetic signal by releasing magnetic waves around." Xiaoyong said that Lei Jingling knowingly began to start work. Aaron took out his mobile phone and sure enough, the signal turned into a grid.
"If it weren’t for the kind of military walkie-talkie or military talk I heard in that operation before, it would never have happened, although I’m a little sorry for those who are usually talking."
"Well, I’ll collect the Internet cafe. I didn’t bring the ghost Poké mon, I didn’t bring the gas, and Poké mon didn’t take charge of the command. Anyway, I’ll give it a play." Aaron said, and then he walked towards the housing area.
50 Zhensha Town meets Professor Rowan?
At an airport that is not particularly big but also vast, a flying boat landed, and when the door opened, people with their hands tied behind their backs were urged. flying boat and the two adults, who were three years old and didn’t look young, tried many times to find a chance to escape, but the powerful roots of the three young Poké mon behind Nai made them even have no chance to escape. The most ironic thing is that it seems that the adults on their own side are just as good as they are and were pushed to the police station by three people.
"Thank you very much for your courage to help." In the police station, the green-haired female police officer thanked three people, but all three immediately waved their hands []
"No, although we don’t look the right age, I’m also a public official. It’s my job to catch thieves." The first teenager who looks the oldest said it was a little puzzled to hear this female police officer.
"After reading this, you can see it." The first teenager saw the female police officer and knew that it was difficult to make the other party white just by saying it, so he took out his own certificate and the words "Poké mon Special Action Team" caught the eye of the female police officer.
"This name is …" It seems that the female police officer doesn’t know what this special action team is, but when she sees the four seals of the Chengdu Alliance and the Fengyuan Alliance, she knows that this is by no means a casual thing, and there is the highest head of the Poké mon Alliance behind it-Charles Goodshow’s autographed female police officer immediately called a police officer aside to investigate what makes the brain speed fast. The police officer came back with a printed data and handed it to the female police officer.
"So that’s it. I’m really sorry. Then we did receive these two gangsters here," said the female police officer, and then they saluted the three men equally, and then they went out.
"In fact, it’s just the difference between being praised and not being praised. Why are you so serious?" After going out, the second youngest among the three people said it, but the person who looks the youngest but is the tallest shook his head. In fact, if this boy’s baby face is removed, maybe he will be recognized as the oldest. After all, the height advantage lies in.
"We are here to establish our prestige in the Shenao area, and naturally let people in the Shenao area know our ability to do things." Although we are the youngest, we seem to be the most mature.
"As Aaron said, but in fact, I’m not happy about this kind of deliberate show-off. Let’s take out the certificate this time." The first oldest boy said it directly without being shy.
"I was just about to say that you took the limelight and you got a bargain?" The second teenager helped the youngest teenager say this sentence together.
There is no doubt that these three people are Aaron Xiaoyi Xiaoyong.
"But it’s really a new area. I don’t know Poké mon walking around there." Xiaoyi looked around and said that the horse was despised by the other two.
"Pretend like someone else is okay. Do you want to say that you don’t know anything about Shenao Poké mon?" This time Xiaoyong stole in front of Aaron and vomited. Xiaoyi didn’t answer but smiled.
"In fact, it is not so much easier than telling the truth."
"I know it will be easier for me if you say less stupid things." Aaron shoulders the great task of spitting out three people …
"Forget it, forget it, but this is the real sand town. I heard that there is also a famous doctoral research institute here. Do you want to go and see it?" Xiao yiyi
"Please don’t forget that we are on duty." Aron woke up.
"Don’t say that. It’s good for Aaron to do things seriously, but it’s too serious to talk here. This doctor is really called Professor Rowan. It seems that Dr. Damu’s senior is going to meet him and then contact Dr. Damu by the way. Besides, in the end, we’re not going to the game room." Xiaoyong said at this time that it was very serious to persuade Aaron to think about it carefully.
"It seems that I have become a lot more serious since I accepted the job." I suddenly woke up and immediately agreed.
The institute is also very large. Three people found it as soon as they knocked on the door. Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong both took a step back. When they saw them, Aaron just thought of a most fundamental problem.
"What are we doing here?"
"Visit," replied Xiao Yi.
"It’s not that we just’ visit’ for no reason-but what if someone’s doctor is busy?"
"This is up to Aaron to deal with" Xiaoyong echoed.
"You want me to handle things when you turn me over?"
"Who is yelling at my door!" Not from the other side of the door, but from behind Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong. The source of this sound is a white-haired and bearded man dressed in a white work. Aaron recognized it at a glance, and Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong seemed to know each other.
"This dragon wants to see you."
"Xiao Yi, you betray people without mercy."
"The dragon? Are you the kid that Damu often sees? " Hearing this name, Professor Rowan thought for a while and seemed to think of it.
"You know me?"
"That’s for sure. Damu values you very much. I often think of you when chatting with me. So what can I do for you?" How should I put it? This old man always has a serious expression, which makes Aaron wonder whether he is serious or half-joking. To tell the truth, Aaron is a little at a loss and never knows what to say.
"In fact, it’s not a big deal, because the three of us want to work in the Shenao area for a while. I hope you can help the three of us to update the picture book information. Let’s introduce ourselves formally. I am the dragon and the two people here are Gao Qiao Yi and Yu Longyong." Aaron said that Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong finally didn’t tear down Aaron’s platform this time and bowed very well to say "hello."
"So it’s such a trivial matter. Then follow it up." Professor Rowan said, taking out the key to open the door before, and then gestured for three people to come in and three people to follow behind. Although there is no Dr. Damu’s house in this courtyard, it’s ridiculous that even the rock mountain is surrounded. The courtyard is big but it is also very big. Many poké mon are playing in the courtyard.
"Do you like Poké mon very much?" Professor Rowan saw that three people were all smiling when watching Poké mon play, so he asked. It should be said that the three people were still surprised when they were suddenly asked such a question, but the root of the answer to this question is that they can answer it without thinking, and the answer is not difficult at all.
"""of course" "Three people agreed and then laughed at each other.
"Well, I see that. From the three of you, I can see the strange temperament, the temperament close to the Four Kings. If I guess correctly, your strength must be very strong, strong enough for you to exude that temperament."
"It’s still a little embarrassing to take the initiative to ask us to admit that we are strong," Aaron said. It seems that Professor Rowan is not surprised at this answer, but seems to be satisfied?
"Well, you need the latest information about Poké mon in Shenao area. It will take about 5 minutes to put these information into your picture book." At the institute, three people took out their own picture books and gave them to Aaron in Professor Rowan, or did they receive the picture books from Dr. Damu in Zhenxin town, and Xiao Yi also got them from Dr. Mu eight years ago or the old model. Xiaoyong was also his original picture book, but the appearance was a little different from Xiao Yi’s. It seems that this picture book has evolved in, and Professor Rowan smiled after seeing these three old pictures. Then insert a picture book into the machine first, and the data should be one by one.
"I heard you say’ work’ before. Are you already working at a young age?" Because of the need of information, Professor Rowan was not prepared to do it sometimes, but he asked when he heard this Aaron nodded.
"Although I’m only 14 and 16, the three of us are actually at work, so we are members of the Poké mon Special Action Team."
"So that’s it. The three of you are the three and only three members of the special operations team." Did Professor Rowan say it directly? It’s only a few days ago that I was founded. Professor Rowan already knows. It should be said that it is normal not to know like a former female police officer, that is, Officer Jenny.
"Don’t look at me with this kind of recognition that I don’t know. It would be much easier if it were you. I should have received a notice from Mi Keli. He told me that the three of you will come to the Shenao area next and asked me to give each of you an illustration of the Shenao area Poké mon for illustration. I won’t give it to the newcomer as a trainer, but since Mi Keli came to tell me that it would sell Mi Keli’s face-I really didn’t think that the three of you were S. You all signed up just now," Professor Rowan said. Blame yourself for your memory. It should be said that Professor Rowan made such a mistake, which surprised the three people to meet. During these times, the image of Professor Rowan never making mistakes has been unconsciously established in the hearts of the three people.
"Wait, what is an S?" Xiaoyong suddenly felt doubt.
"hmm? Isn’t it the abbreviation of your’ Special Operations Team’ and’ Speialea’? "Professor Rowan said as he pulled out a picture book and inserted it into the second one. The shape is different, but it can be inserted into the same socket, which makes Aaron a little curious about the structure inside the machine.
"Come here, this is a new picture book for the three of you." Then Professor Rowan went to one side and brought three new pictures books for the Olympic area and gave them to three people here in Along.
"Mi Keli has paid for it. I know you like your old picture book, this new picture book, and send it back to your hometown as a collection." Professor Rowan said with a smile and then gave the picture book to three people.
Fifty-one Black Gold Road Pavilion! VS Hyouta!