Seeing that the arrow left the bow and flew in the direction of the target, it hit the red heart but failed to pierce the target and fell again.

YanRe looked at the arrow slightly disappointed.
That’s what she’s thinking. It’s good that this body system can do this.
Jin Yanyan doesn’t have much strength to hit the target, so it’s not easy, let alone make the arrow stick firmly in the target.
Although YanRe is disappointed, watching ChuYao is a little surprised.
Sure enough, she still brought him a surprise
When he was just watching, he felt that Yan Re didn’t look like a sample. Now it seems that he should be lacking in strength.
See YanRe face collapsed ChuYao smiled slightly "ok already very good"
Yan Re went to the arrow target and picked up the arrow. After hearing Chu Yao’s words, she walked back to Chu Yao and sighed, "Don’t comfort me, I still know it very well."
See some unhappy YanRe ChuYao comfort her with a smile, "it doesn’t matter whether you are strong or not because I can protect you."
Yan if because of their poor performance in the mind some not happy to hear ChuYao so she hurriedly looked up and saw ChuYao with a smile.
It’s fascinating like a spring breeze.
"What you said is true?" Yanre looked at ChuYao eyes blinked and asked seriously.
"Nature is true"
Chu Yao put his hands on Yan Re’s shoulders so that Yan Re could look at him face to face. He solemnly said, "I will try my best to protect Jin Yanyan and will never let you get any harm."
Yanre looked at him and solemnly replied "good"
Good is good, but she is not Jin Yanyan and he is not Ye Xiao.
After tonight, she and Ye Xiao will never have anything to do again.
After almost a rest, ChuYao went back to deal with other things.
He sent Yan Re back to rest and then returned to the camp to prepare for the discussion.
Unexpectedly, at this time, the lieutenant rushed to the "Duke" there.
Chu Yao saw him act in a hurry and saw his letter, so he asked, "Yes?"
He vaguely felt it was not a good thing …
"This is the brothers cut here today … the duke still have a look."
See lieutenant that awkward appearance ChuYao heart is a little nervous.
He opened the letter and saw that the envelope had been opened, presumably others should have read it.
Looking at ChuYao will open the envelope that lieutenant will explain "this is from the emperor’s side dark who hand cut …"
Dark guard beside the emperor?
Chu Yao opened the letter and saw that it said that he had got the news from General Ye Xiaoxin and sent it back.
Chapter 159 Chapter 159
Early the next day, ChuYao slowly opened his eyes in the camp.
I felt something on my face, and he stretched out his hand and touched it, and pulled out a silver needle from my face.
ChuYao "…"
Pulled out all the silver needles, and Chu Yao almost wore armor and walked out of the camp.
It happened that YanRe wanted to go to breakfast, and just after ChuYao camp, he opened the curtain.
And ChuYao eyes but three seconds YanRe looking at ChuYao face those needle wound suddenly some guiltily to speed up the pace.
"What are you running for?"
ChuYao walked beside YanRe expressionally, it is natural to take YanRe hand holding her to get breakfast.
Be ChuYao holding hands at that moment, YanRe heart suddenly a surprised she looked at the side ChuYao but feel don’t see a turn to tell her.
Oh, my God, is this Chu Yao or the Duke?
If Chu Yao regains his memory, what will hold his hand?
If it’s that duke, why didn’t he ask her about last night?
ChuYao don’t talk YanRe didn’t ask two people, just like that, they went to the place where they got breakfast.
To all Ye Gujun see ChuYao will take a look, now he and YanRe hands clenched that’s really not too obvious.
Ye Qi and Chen sat together in the distance, and when they saw ChuYao and Yan Re coming, they waved to them.
When they approached Ye Qi and Chen, they didn’t notice the two men’s hands. They just stopped for a moment but didn’t say anything.
"Breakfast is ready for you, big brother."
ChuYao and YanRe sit Ye Qicai pushed the extra steamed bread on the table in the direction of ChuYao and YanRe.
Looking at the steamed bread ChuYao’ well’ then picked up a steamed bread conveniently give YanRe pass.
YanRe took the steamed bread is thinking about ChuYao will loosen your hand, who knows that she tried to put her hand away ChuYao is not put.
Then came the sound of Chu Yao in her ear: "Yan Yan will move to my camp, so please accompany her to tidy up."
When he said this, it was obvious that several people at the table were suddenly one leng.
YanRe eyes wide open "I what …"
As soon as she said a few words, she felt ChuYao pinch her hand, so she was quiet and turned to "trouble her sister in law"