"Well, I never lie to little girls!"

"All right!" Beibei swallowed the pills and soon closed her eyes again.
Jun Shao Yan’s face is dignified, but she hasn’t relaxed at all. Beibei has been in a coma for so many days, and her physique has been extremely weak. Although that pill just now has the effect of invigorating qi, it can also last for a short time. If she can’t complete the blood transfusion in a short time, I’m afraid her physical strength will be exhausted.
With a wave of his hand, someone has come in with a dead prisoner. Naturally, he has long been confused and doesn’t know anything.
Jun Shaoyan put them side by side and then stabbed Beibei with a silver needle.
Seeing black blood oozing from Beibei’s limbs, she quickly soaked her clothes, clothes and bedding.
After about a wick of incense, the blood flow slowed down. Jun Shaoyan quickly stabbed a silver needle again, and then stabbed the death row again. A needle like a thin thread of bright red blood emerged from the death row acupoint, but it was aimed at Beibei acupoint and slowly moved over, and the poisonous blood left in her body also turned into a silk thread and slowly immersed in the death row.
When it was another cup of tea, a little sweat appeared on Jun Shaoyan’s forehead, but when one of them was successful, Beibei’s toxic blood stopped.
And you can see that the speed slowly erodes your body.
God, the transfer of poisonous blood failed to bite itself!
Jun Shao Yan was frightened and quickly called people to death row again.
Highland barley wiped a sweat. Fortunately, they made preparations yesterday and went to another prison to imprison a death row prisoner. Otherwise, this situation is really dangerous today.
But this time, the exchange of blood was implemented, and the bright red blood flowed in the water, but it never entered Beibei’s body, while Beibei’s toxic blood spread.
This kind of situation is unheard of!
Jun Shao Yan froze in my mind, and Ma Benteng saw those medical classics emerge one by one
Suddenly, he secretly called it bad, and he was afraid that he would need the blood of his relatives to solve it. Now the only candidate is Lu Xiaoxi.
But it’s not what he wants to cure one person and hurt another. Call Ning Yichen for his advice.
Liu Xiaoxi has been kept at the door, anxious and uneasy. Seeing Ning Yichen being invited in now, we will know that things have changed.
Hence also quietly followed in.
The scene in front of him really startled Lu Xiaoxi. It took him a long time to run over and lie on Beibei’s couch.
Ning Yichen also corrected the question of whether to save Beibei or not. He asked faintly, "Is there no other way?"
"But Liu Xiaoxi he-"
A word haven’t say that finish two people heard "thud" rang small west lu face black blood actually fell to the ground.
But Beibei’s poisonous blood is gone, and her face is still pale, but her life has been hindered.
Jun Shaoyan looked at Liu Xiaoxi’s wrist wound and sighed, "Ah, this child probably wants to go to the grave with her sister. I didn’t expect to save Beibei by mistake."
Both of them are silent about this. No, they make a choice. Liu Xiaoxi has made his own choice.
He ordered Lu Xiaoxi and the condemned prisoners to be carried out, and Beibei was moved to another room. She injected some qi and waited for her to wake up.
When Shu Lele woke up, she saw that it was cold beside her. Ning Yichen didn’t come home for a night, so she raised her lips and asked Ziziphus jujuba, "Where did he go?"
Ziziphus jujuba naturally knows that today is Beibei’s detoxification day, but she dare not tell her to laugh. "The sovereign has gone out but didn’t say where he is going."
Well, it’s time for your majesty to go back to Beijing again!
Shu Lele was depressed for a while and stayed with him for a long time. At first, I couldn’t see the figure, but my heart was really falling.
After eating, they told Ziziphus jujuba and Ziziphus jujuba to walk around the house at will.
Only to find that I just walked to a rockery pool and saw a familiar shadow.
He hurried out of a small yard with a tired face.
Gee ~ ~ ~ That yard is very strange to her. What is Ning Yichen doing there?
Shu Lele was busy welcoming and cheerfully shouting "Little Dust, aren’t you out of the house?" How to get out of it? " She looked suspiciously at the yard and always felt that there was a faint blood gas in it.
NingYiChen micro leng fussed busy took her shoulder smiled "lele you wake up so early today? Have you eaten? I asked the kitchen to prepare pearl pills, which you like. "
"I’ve already eaten, but I feel a little hungry to walk around."
"I will accompany you!" Ningyichen then took her by the hand and took her to the other side.
Soon he left the yard and went to a small garden with beautiful scenery.
Several goldfish are playing at the bottom of the water, chasing lotus flowers, and several lotus blossoms are blowing in the breeze and emitting a faint fragrance.
Ningyichen picked a lotus to peel it carefully and fed it to Shulele’s lips.
Shu Lele put it in his mouth and chewed and praised "delicious!" Why didn’t I think there was such a good place here before? "
Alas, it’s also strange that Ning Wangfu is too big. She hasn’t visited her home yet. For example, she hasn’t been to that small courtyard just now.