Sakura ink smiled. "Thank you for coming to my rescue just now and waiting for the day when you admit that I am your brother."

Sue orange didn’t reply and turned to the floor to greet Qiuqiu, who helped her mother and sister walk from the floor to the outside.
Tal also wanted to strike up a conversation before being stopped by Sakura Ink, watching Sue Orange and Qiuqiu walk out of sight with two other people and disappear into the night.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Kidnapping
As soon as Su Orange came out of Zone D, she met Ziyue who was wandering anxiously outside the high wall.
At the sight of Ziyue holding her mother orange and Su Youqiu Qiuma, Ziyue frowned and finally stretched out. "Orange, you finally came out!"
"Why are you here?"
"Are you hurt?" Purple month nervously watching Sue orange covered in bloodstained clothes.
"Nothing has healed."
Purple moon hung her heart a little. "I came out as soon as you left. I came to Nancheng District to find someone to inquire about the way to Luoying. As a result, I met Sakura Mo. He said that letting me wait here would let you get out."
I see! If it hadn’t been blocked by Sakura Ink, I’m afraid it would have been killed in Zone D according to Ziyue’s personality!
It’s just that she’s taking risks herself. How can Purple Moon work hard with her?
"How are your mother and sister?" See two people in a coma purple month asked.
"They’re all right. They’re hypnotized by Qiuqiu."
"Oh …" Purple Moon helped Su Orange to help Meijia to the front of the car. "Let’s go to the martial arts school first!"
Su Orange mused, "Let’s go to the place where your grandparents lived in the suburbs!"
"Okay, I get it."
Purple moon knows that Su Orange definitely doesn’t want to cause trouble to her home, and it’s more appropriate to find a place where no one else will disturb her, except for them.
Five people got into the suburban house in front of Ziyue car.
Sue orange looked at a cherry ink and gave her a potion, saying that she would take two tablets out of a bottle and give them to her mother and sister respectively.
Tonight, they were frightened a lot, and it was better to have a good rest while being hypnotized, so Su Orange didn’t let Qiuqiu wake them up.
The car was galloping, and it was already early in the morning. Qiuqiu yawned several times, and she was exhausted today.
Sue orange let her go back to the warehouse to have a rest. This girl refused to be very clever and said that she would help daddy take care of grandma and aunt Sue orange without saying anything more.
Purple month ha ha a smile "QiuQiu is more and more sensible and considerate! It’s a long way, so if you have nothing else to do now, just sleep in the car! "
"Well!" Qiuqiu picked up a pillow, and soon her eyelids fought and she fell asleep in less than a quarter of an hour.
Purple month through the rearview mirror to see Sue orange look dignified and asked "worried about sakura ink? Why don’t you see him come out? "
"It’s okay without him, but we met a friend in D District and we came out first."
Su orange doesn’t want to talk more about specific things.
Because she doesn’t know much about Dracula family and Joachim Latour family, how can she talk casually about things with a grain of salt but no evidence?
"Oh, yes! I told you! According to the sakura ink skill how can there be a problem "purple month so easy way.
"He’s really good. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have come out so smoothly."
"It seems that he is very concerned about your sister! Don’t be so cold to him after all. Although he is a vampire and your half-brother, I feel that his heart is true to you. "
Sue orange nodded her head. Tonight, her views on Sakura Ink did have some changes.
"There is radiation in area D. Aunt Su pomelo have been here for so long. Should we go to the hospital for a check-up first?"
"No, Sakura ink gave me radiation-eliminating pills. I just gave them to my mother and Su pomelo. There should be no problem."
"So that’s it. No wonder you’re so calm and considerate!"
Seeing that Su Orange and Sakura Ink may ease Purple Moon, I took the opportunity to say a few more words for Sakura Ink.
For one thing, Sakura Ink and Sakura Ji are her friends, and for another, Ziyue doesn’t want Su Orange to do this, so she has bad feelings.
She knows Su Orange people and her mood is white.
Although their father did something to hurt Su Orange Su pomelo and their mother, it is still necessary to resolve it as much as possible.
Otherwise, this moat will cross your heart and everyone will not care.
In order to relieve the tension of Su Orange, Ziyue played the radio and listened to the night radio program.
After a soothing piece of music, a slightly cramped announcer’s voice suddenly turned around.
There was a kidnapping in the former World Trade Center in Nancheng District. The kidnapped person was Arisha, the famous Miss Meiyue Group!
At present, the gangsters have been surrounded by police for emergency rescue.
Arisha!’ Purple moon exclaimed.
"Purple Moon, you take my mother, sister and Qiuqiu first. I need to go back to the south of the city to have a look."
Is it true that Jeong kidnapped her mother, sister and Arisha? !
How can Su Orange turn a deaf ear to this sudden news break?
"It’s too dangerous for you to go by yourself. Why don’t we send them there first and then I’ll go with you!" Purple month don’t trust way
"No, now that the gangster has been surrounded by the police, there should be no problem." She must confirm whether the behind-the-scenes messenger is really true!
Purple month white ao however Sue orange stopped to "well! You must be careful that I will go to Nancheng District to find you after I send them there. "
"No, if there’s anything, I’ll contact you. It’s late now, so go back and have a good rest."
Sue orange finished talking and the cart door jumped out and disappeared into the night in the blink of an eye.
Purple moon lamented how fast it was!
I just found out that Su Orange Sakura Ink and Sakura Ji were vampires, and Ziyue was still a little nervous, but now she is completely relieved.
Sue orange returned to Nancheng District and ran straight to the original World Trade Center.
From a distance, I saw a lot of police and people surrounded by red and blue lights.
It used to be a bustling place, and many buildings were abandoned and destroyed, which made it look incomplete and dilapidated.
It used to be the downtown area of Nancheng District, which was quite lively, but now it is really more depressed.
If it weren’t for the emergency tonight, it would be a mess if the patrol police car was not finished at ordinary times.
Su orange mixed in the crowd and approached.
But when I saw the bright light hitting the top floor of the World Trade Center, I could see that the target was in that position.
A policeman with a loudspeaker shouted from time to time, and many reporters kept taking pictures.
I don’t know how much longer I have to wait here.