Chakra cross-country broke out directly, and the speed was amazing after getting rid of the load. Akai had excellent results in race running.

Then in the dark part of the pig’s face, the cross-country figure went straight to the front of the dark part of the pig’s face, holding a bitter hand and gently falling on the neck of the dark part of the pig’s face, staring at the dark part of the pig’s face mask, unwilling to look at the cross-country face, and the smile became more and more rich, and then laughed
"No matter who sent you to farce, right?"
Don’t look at cross-country and say this sentence with a smile, but when this sentence enters the ears of the three dark parts, they feel cold behind them!
Because when the cross-country voice just fell, the shadow of the rabbit mask’s dark part scar mask’s dark part foot obviously climbed up their body.
Obviously that’s cross-country shadow neck-binding!
The subtext of that off-road remark is that if the farce doesn’t work, you’ll see it!
However, when the cross-country bitter shadow neck-binding technique threatened the lives of three dark places and hoped for farce, cross-country did not expect that just because his means were a little extreme, the spectators’ evaluation of him rose a few points!
"At the age of four, I had the strength to win in 20 seconds by fighting alone."
"Watergate, you really have the right person."
"Especially the final performance of cross-country is perfect. You are going to carry out that plan from the day!"
Chapter 3 Temporary Workers
"Thank you for your support!"
"These cross-country children are the future of our village. I hope I can take good care of them!"
There are many people in Muye Village who can call the four generations of Huoying by their names, such as off-road uncle Nara Shikaku Akimichi Chōza and other four generations of Huoying friends. In private, they all call the four generations of Huoying "Watergate"
But there is one in the whole village of Muye who can call the four generations of Huoying by their names and be honored by them.
That is to cultivate three generations of Huo Ying who enjoy the title of "Professor of Endurance" in the world of forbearance!
It takes three generations of Huo Ying to carry out a plan after four generations of Huo Ying succeeded to the throne, so let’s talk about the distribution of Muye village benefits in the three generations.
During World War II, the second generation of Huoying died in battle, and the third generation of Huoying succeeded to the throne. The profit of Huoying in Muye Village is the lowest point in history.
The Uchihiro clan, who founded the giants of Muye Village, was in control of half the profits of Muye Village when the three generations of Huoying just succeeded to the throne. If the three generations of Huoying had not cultivated three forbearance, and the three forbearance were all very successful, even with the help of friends such as those who are interested in the village, it is estimated that the three generations of Huoying would have taken the original from the giants’ families.
The situation became more complicated when the four generations of Huo Ying succeeded to the throne.
Thousand-handed clan disappeared in the historical stage, but didn’t Sanren also disappear in Muye Village?
Once upon a time, Uchihiro clan, a giant, had to guard against the struggle behind the clan. Later, it was necessary to help the three generations of Huoying to fight for their own interests, which was equivalent to weakening the four generations of Huoying in Muye Village. The four generations of Huoying had great prestige in Muye Village, but no matter what plan they wanted to implement, they needed the approval of the three generations of Huoying before they could successfully implement it.
Then I got ready to carry out the plan in front of my eyes, and looked at it with joy. Four generations of Huo Ying and three generations of Huo Ying sighed deeply.
At this time, only the three generations of Huo Ying knew what the price of the four generations of Huo Ying was.
However, when the eyes of the three generations of Huo Ying fell on the cross-country body again, when you were sad, the three generations of Huo Ying finally emerged with a faint smile.
"Watergate says it’s right to plant new germinated fruits, so it’s worth paying any price."
"Nara Cross-country Hope Watergate is not wrong about you!"
"After all, the Watergate Project is your center!"
Secretly heart way one or three generations of hokage four generations of hokage figure has disappeared in there.
On the other hand, cross-country is naturally unable to perceive the three generations of Huoying and the four generations of Huoying. After all, people are famous in the forbearance world, and cross-country is at best an elite forbearance!
Slightly harsh eyes rested on the dark part of the pig face mask.
Cross-country in the three generations of hokage, four generations of hokage all feel the perfect means to force the three secret parts in front of them to stop farce, and when they are defeated in cross-country hands, the three secret parts surrender without any complaint.
Who wants to cross-country fight? Three secret parts surrendered, but Akai’s fight with the secret parts has gone too far!
It’s like racing.
Almost in the cross-country victory over three secret parts, the secret part of Akai became serious, and the trick was inseparable from Akai’s vital body. It didn’t look like a test but a real fight!
And cross-country saw Kay’s situation in some crisis, and his eyebrows could not help but knit together, and the seal would stop the crazy dark part.
But let cross-country never thought that when he was ready to help Akai, Akai found cross-country movement and yelled directly.
"Don’t help me off-road!"
"This is my Kakashi contest. Stay out of it!"
Listen, Ah Kai roared off-road. Obviously, he didn’t expect these raids, and there were even famous plot characters in the dark.
Then loosen the hand tied several secret department didn’t pay attention to them in a hurry disappeared in front of your face off-road attention on the akakakashi confrontation while watching secretly sigh "Hatake Kakashi is really bad! Akai’s body skills have long been able to crush the same level, but now Kakashi’s body skills have not fallen in the wind. It seems that he has not completely fallen into sharingan! "
"Ah Kay, what a pity!"
Secretly commenting on Kakashi’s strength off-road, but I didn’t think Akai eventually lost a little bit and finally lost in Kakashi’s hands.
But in the face of failure, Ah Kai is always optimistic.
Then he stretched out his right hand to Kakashi. Akai Xian wanted to make a reconciliation with Kakashi after the defeat.
However, it made cross-country feel a little angry. Kakashi not only ignored Akai’s friendliness, but also glanced at cross-country with a very smelly fart.
In particular, after discovering that the dark department had left after being defeated by cross-country hands, Kakashi even snorted indifferently and said, "It’s really a bunch of losers who know that they have no courage to face failure when they fail."
With his face hidden behind the mask, Kakashi’s cold eyes fell on the cross-country body and asked directly, "Are you Nara Cross-country?"
"It’s me!"
"How do you want to challenge me?"
But everyone has three points of anger, and even worse, his personality is very direct and cross-country!
Genius can be proud, but pride also needs to be divided!
At this time, Kakashi’s pride is simply a group ridicule trick. It’s not only his excellent personality, but Akai is embarrassed and touching his nose. Even cross-country is not a little angry.
It’s a pity that cross-country is obviously not cultivated at home in angering others.
Look at Kakashi again. If you ignore the cross-country words, you still look at the cross-country with cold eyes full of anger. Your eyes are selfish and say, "You are the Watergate teacher’s brother, so just call me your predecessor. You and Akai will report to the training ground as soon as the test is passed."
"I have other thing to deal with. I have to go now!"
"Remember don’t be late! Even if you are an intern in the dark, you must abide by the rules of the dark, but you will face punishment if you make a mistake! "
The words sound just fell off-road that is even no chance to ask questions kakashi figure instantly disappeared in situ.
However, Akai didn’t care about Kakashi’s bad attitude. I heard that I had the qualification to practice in the dark. That’s why I’m so excited that I won’t give up with cross-country