Jumping out, the little animals were looking around excitedly, but they didn’t see the one without arms and legs. Even the three heads of the python grew a few days ago.

Or hear them chattering.
"This is the person? How strange. "
"Hum people are much more interesting than Asgard. You’ll see."
"Mastiff, is it true that you say that human food is ten thousand times more delicious than fairy rice?"
Xiao Yanwen threw a sharp-eyed knife at a big dog.
The big dog proudly shook his glossy fur. "Of course I have eaten it many times!" "
"Hey," Xiao Yan said coldly, "You’re not looking for an excuse to come and play, are you?"
A touch of hongxia appeared in the body of the cloud whale. "How, how is it possible?"
Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Well, in that case, I’ll go now. You don’t have to stay here and go back to Asgard."
Say and Xiao Yan lifts his feet to go. A squirrel grabs his trouser leg.
"Murray is very unstable now!"
"Yes, like a bomb, dangerous!"
"You must be in danger if you go!"
They just stopped Xiao Yan from letting him go.
The cloud whale coughed lightly for two times, and it was suggested that he should come to Lingshan. The monster beast in the fairy palace was almost immortal by the side of the fairy statue, until it was enlightened at that moment.
In order to maintain the balance of the three realms, they can’t return to the demon world at will, but Lingshan is a special place where people, ghosts and demons can come here.
The cloud whale has lived in Fairy Palace for 3,000 years. There are 1,326 bricks in Fairy Palace, none of which are cracked. He has counted each one several times, and he is tired of it.
He softened his tone. "We are all monsters, and we are stronger than most of your employees. There is nothing wrong with us, right?"
It was an excuse to play! Xiao Yan didn’t fight. From their faces, the two rabbits would coquetry and immediately put their hind feet on the ground and their front paws together and made a pleading gesture.
"Won’t the immortal punish me if he finds out?" Xiao Yan asked
"Immortals don’t care about these things."
"It’s okay if we want to operate in Lingshan jurisdiction."
"He was too busy to talk to us."
After rest assured, Xiao Yan dragged his long voice and said, "Well, since you insist on staying in Lingshan, do you want to listen to my arrangement?"
The animals said "Good!"
"You can’t refuse anything I ask you to do, just listen to me like my employees or I’ll send you back to Xiangongbai?"
"But I have to find a way to control you. I can’t beat one of you if I start fighting," Xiao Yan said.
"This is easy!" The cloud whale flicks its tail. "You can see that the edge can be strengthened after practicing martial arts."
It was not until he woke Xiao Yan that he remembered his special function for so long that he almost forgot it.
He immediately took the "edge" of the wrist red line and caught his eye.
To Xiao Yan’s surprise, he has a deep relationship with these animals.
More than twenty pieces of red silk are connected to each other and fluctuate with their slight movements.
The monsters are chattering in a ball.
"How about it?"
"What is fate?"
"I don’t know"
"Can we stay?"
The cloud whale asked eagerly, "Are we predestined?"
Red silk with a width of one meter is wrapped around the fin of a cloud whale at one end and around Xiao Yan’s wrist at the other end. According to Xiao Yan’s experience, this is fate when he is with a master from birth to natural death.
Xiao Yan’s mouth was raised and quickly pressed to "generally neither too deep nor too shallow"
The cloud whale shook its tail a little unhappy. "If you want to hit the edge near you, we will drive you away!" "
"True or false?"
"Of course, this is actually called’ debt’. After we hit it, we will owe you debt, and we will follow your heart!"
Xiao Yan feels novel. It is not obvious to make two changes in succession. Only by careful observation can you find that the red at one end is lighter and the red at the other end is thicker and has a one-way feeling of giving.
Monsters say that this kind of fighting can be a temporary’ debt’ that won’t last long. Xiao Yan relieved to fight more than 20 times.
Temporary control, but he doesn’t want to become a creditor for no reason.
"All right," Xiao Yan said, "Now you all owe me. Be obedient."
"Go to Mephistopheles first. I have work to do. I’ll arrange for you later."
The animals jumped back to the fog whale body with howls, and there was a lot of discussion when they left.
"No, we agreed to come here for a holiday. How could he drive slaves?"
"We are not slaves. We owe him money."
"But we don’t owe him."
"I owe it now."
"Is he calculating how we feel trapped?"
"sly human!"
Xiao Yan … Nonsense.
You dug your own holes and jumped in.
Temporarily settled the animals, Xiao Yan continued to bury himself in designing the first draft of the winter field and handed it in once. The president also praised his creativity.
I heard that the other three people changed it five or six times, and Li Sangyin was still ill, and the progress was particularly slow, so the first draft has not been completed yet.
Putting on a heavy job, Xiao Yan feels that the pressure is much reduced, and the floating island on the other side is also in full swing, which will be completed in a short time.
Xiao Yan was at leisure and began to consider the placement of this batch of monster beasts.