"I remember that a million-year-old soul beast should have four soul skills, right? There are four in Huo Gua. Why do I have two?" Although satisfied with these two powerful souls, Zhao still has some doubts

"Nonsense Huo Yuhao get four soul skill is spirit where there is ice? You’re not a spiritual soul teacher. ice silkworm’s main attribute soul skill, of course, you can’t inherit it. "I didn’t good the spirit when I heard Zhao’s words.
"But you don’t lose money. Although you inherit the spirit and soul skills of heavenly dreams, his spiritual practice is sealed in your body. As you grow, they will gradually unseal it to enhance your spirit. In fact, your puppet Wu Soul also needs strong spirit to support it. Now it’s okay. After you have improved your puppet, you can’t do it without strong spirit."
"That soul bone? The dream of heaven is a million-year-old soul beast. Why don’t I even see the soul bones? "
"Soul bone is the essence of soul force of soul beast, constantly tempering the body of soul beast and refining the special product, dream of dreams. ice silkworm is a great supplement, and they are constantly sucking the body source by Emperor Day. Where can this thing be produced? If there are words, let the emperor day they dig to eat. "
"Lying in the trough doesn’t even have a piece of soul bone, which really disgraces the soul beast in one million years." Zhao turned black when he heard the unified explanation.
But it’s also the emperor’s day to think about it. Their habits are sure to eat wherever there is nutrition, and there is no chance to nourish their souls and bones.
Having said that, he is satisfied that the harvest can be so great.
This far north trip not only won a new puppet, Tu Shan Yaya, but also possessed a million-year-old soul ring and two powerful soul skills.
After the strength has risen to level 1, according to Brigitte’s meaning, he can get another 570,000-year-old super fierce beast beater.
Although Brigitte is not a fighting fierce beast, it should still be no problem to repair the height and hammer a common title. More importantly, Brigitte is good at treating in the stars forest, but after healing these fierce beasts, Brigitte can cure any injury if it is not too serious.
Slowly, Zhao opened his eyes, and the surrounding temperature seemed to rise briefly, but then fell quickly.
"My Lord, have you succeeded?" See Zhao Chenggong absorbed the dream of heaven, and ice silkworm’s soul ring Brigitte hurriedly walked to come over. Just now, Zhao was black for a while, and the white sample almost scared her to death.
If anything happens to Zhao under her nose, let alone Gu Yuena, I’m afraid even she can forgive herself. Fortunately, Zhao has succeeded.
"You just keep here? There is no other spirit beast. "Zhao asked Brigitte, looking at a cut face.
Can get a fierce beast so cut zhao heart is not some history.
Although A Yin’s little dance is regarded as a spirit beast of 100,000 years, it has lost its former strength after reconstruction, but this is an absolute boss in front of it. Now, human beings have not explored the spirit beast to the core circle of the Stars Forest, and they are familiar with the powerful spirit beasts, including Titan, Ape, Python and Brigitte. It is estimated that only those bosses in the Soul Hall know it.
And such a fierce beast is naturally different from him.
"Back to the adult here is the northernmost periphery, and there is no powerful spirit beast" Brigitte respectfully replied.
"Well, you did a good job this time. What reward do you want?" Staring at Bridget Zhao and playing with the taste.
"This," Bridget said quickly, vaguely thinking of what Zhao wanted to do. "Adults share their worries in their duties. How can they be rewarded by adults?"
"Then I have to give it?" Zhao continued
"This?" Brigitte bowed her head and was at a loss.
"Forget it, I’ll go and find a soul beast to try my soul skills." Zhao shook his head and felt like crying. He is not even a drop younger now. Even if there is a delicate beauty in front of him, he can sigh at the ocean, but it’s good to see it. It’s less eye-catching. Many people have a chance to see it.
Perhaps there is some ice energy in his body. Zhao now seems to have some resistance to the far north environment.
Soon Zhao discovered a soul beast.
It was an ice wolf about one meter long, covered with thick white hair and green eyes with fierce light. When Zhao saw him, it also saw Zhao suddenly growling at Zhao and then pouncing on him.
At the moment it came, Zhao released the Wu soul, and a brilliant golden soul ring rose slowly over him.
Zhao immediately released his first soul skill.
The soul ring lights up in black and white, and two beams directly shoot at the ice wolf.
The energy beam enters the ice wolf body, and its action comes to an abrupt end. It flutters in the middle of a stalemate and quickly falls to the ground. It can’t die any more. Two different properties of energy, ice and fire, have already destroyed its body.
After the death of the ice wolf, a white yellowish soul ring rose out. Obviously, this soul beast has been close to a hundred years.
Zhao guessed that even the ordinary century-old soul beast might be able to resist this attack. This soul skill should be able to do great harm to the weaker Millennium soul beast.
There is probably a bottom to this soul skill damage. Zhao directly released the puppet Wu Soul. When he acquired Tu Shan Yaya Puppet, his soul strength was not enough to reach level 20.
Now the strength has broken through level 20, and this puppet has also been directly attached to the second soul ring of Zhao.
After the release of Wu Soul, two orange soul rings appeared in Zhao.
As the second soul ring lights up, Tu Shan Yaya appears in front of Zhao.
Yaya is wearing a blue robe with a wine gourd hanging from her waist. She is barefoot on the ice and snow ground, but she doesn’t feel cold at all.
Dark brown long hair hangs freely around the waist, a pair of black eyes exude a chill, and a delicate face reveals a cold temperament.
It’s cold and windy!
"Master" walked slowly to the front of Zhao. Although Tu Shan Yaya Daoyin came over, his lips did not move at all. Tu Shan Yaya spoke without moving his mouth. This is a bit like ventriloquism in martial arts novels, but it is called phonology in their Tu Shan.
"Don’t make the sound technique remember without my permission?"
"Yes," said Tu Shan Yaya when he heard Zhao.
That’s right!
It’s not so cold when you talk!
Zhao smiled and looked at Tu Shan Yaya. He couldn’t help but think of Hu Liena, Hu Liena, Wu Soul and a fox, but he was far from Tu Shan Yaya, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu.
You can let Yaya deal with her directly if you see her again!
Chapter 5 Yaya Strength
Soul hall
Pope hall
A well-dressed woman is sitting in the seat of the Pope’s Palace. She is dressed in a black gold-inlaid robe, wearing nine purple and gold crowns and holding a staff about two meters long with several precious stones. Her white skin is almost perfect, which makes her look so different, especially when her body reveals that kind of nobility and sacredness, which makes people unable to help but feel prostrate.
When a woman looks like she is in her thirties, her age doesn’t seem to leave a mark on her face. On the contrary, it makes her body fuller, moist and mature.
In this way, wherever a woman goes, she will be noticed, but no one dares to disrespect her because she is the contemporary Pope Bibidon in the Hall of the Soul.
No one dares to desecrate the Pope in the Hall of the Soul.
Fang Hu Liena suddenly sneezed in a golden Xuan dress.
What’s going on? Why do I feel that someone is speaking ill of me behind my back?
Is it that guy?
Since she came back from the starry forest, the scene of that day has appeared in her mind from time to time, and even if it is realized, it still makes her feel ashamed and angry in retrospect.
"Nana, what are you thinking? I find that something has been wrong with you these days? " Bibidong looked at Hu Liena and asked some questions.
"ah? Teacher, I’m fine. I was just thinking about teaching some cultivation problems in Wu Soul College in the afternoon. "I heard Bibiton calling Hu Liena and hurriedly replied in a panic.
"Well, I know what young girls at your age are thinking, but if you really like someone, you must let me know. You must know that some people are people on the surface, but they know each other, but they don’t know each other." It seems that something came to mind, said Bidong bitterly.
"Teacher, I don’t like anyone. I’m still young." Hu Liena shook his head, but how can these words satisfy Bidong? She is also experienced and knows what is going on in Hu Liena.
However, after thinking about it, I didn’t say anything more. The person Hu Liena is in contact with now may also be from the Hall of the Soul. She is the Pope of the Hall of the Soul. Even if she loves someone she shouldn’t love, she can put out this love flame.
"My Lord, is this Kyubi no Youko tian hu?" Brigitte has been in shock since Zhao released Tu Shan Yaya.
The strong blood across the street has a faint feeling of suppressing her. She feels that she is Brigitte, but the jade swan clan can suppress her. There are not many soul beasts, and the smell of that person seems to be fox clan.