Kong Jie listened to Zhang Ting’s words and the horse nodded, "Well, just do as Zhang Imperial Doctor said."

Zhang Ting took back the pieces of paper in his hand and told Kong Jie several important treatment plans in detail.
Although it is just a few treatment schemes.
However, it took Zhang Ting nearly half an hour to explain everything to Kong Jie.
"Well, this general plan is just like that." Zhang Ting touched her throat and talked for half an hour. Her throat was on fire.
Kong Jie’s eyes are full of hope at this time.
After listening to the doctor Zhang’s words, he had a hunch that his wife was ill and the doctor Zhang would be able to cure her.
"Good doctor Zhang, although I don’t know how to treat, I believe you. You can treat us as you say." Kong Jie looked at Zhang Ting with a face of letters.
"Well, I’ll treat Mrs. Kong according to my treatment plan. First of all, we must make up for Mrs. Kong’s lack of nutrition, and then we will slowly treat her heart problems."
"Yes, no problem, we all listen to you." Kong Jie’s eyes showed more and more feelings towards Zhang Tingxin.
Look at that letter reveal in people’s eyes, Zhang Ting feels a little stressed.
I coughed a little. Zhang Ting interrupted me with a happy face. Kong Jie "Let’s find a way to solve the problem of Master Kong’s eating. Does Master Kong know a chef with better cooking skills?"
Kong Jieli nodded. "Is there a chef in Dongyue Restaurant?"
Zhang Ting, who just drank tea, almost choked himself to death when he heard his words.
After coughing for several times, Zhang Ting looked at Kong Jie’s side. "Master Kong, you are not the owner of Dongyue Restaurant, are you?"
Kong Jie looked at Zhang Ting with a modest face and said, "Yes, Kong is the post-Zhang imperial doctor. If he went to Dongyue Restaurant to eat everything."
Zhang Ting corners of the mouth sobbed Kong Jie looked at his eyes.
I thought to myself that this master Kong is too low-key. He is actually the boss behind the most expensive restaurant in Beijing.
Zhang Ting recovered quickly after being surprised.
A serious look at Kong Jie said, "This is just the case. The food cooked by the chef of Dongyue Restaurant is really good. My" xianggong "and I have a friend who went there for a meal yesterday. I still drool when I think about it."
Kong Jie smiled and said to Zhang Ting, "Doctor Zhang can go there to eat without paying for it every day if he likes it."
Zhang Ting chuckled and didn’t take this sentence to heart.
Anyway, it won’t be long before things are finished here in Confucius’ house, and their family will leave Beijing, and sometimes they will visit that restaurant again.
"Since I’m a chef in Dongyue Restaurant, it would be better. Later, I’ll write a square hole, master, grab some medicinal meals according to the noodles, and then cook them for Mrs. Kong. Two days later, I’ll go to your house to check on Mrs. Kong’s condition." Zhang Ting told Kong Jie carefully.
Kong Jie naturally thanked Zhang Ting for saving his life.
Kong Jie suddenly stopped walking out of the room when he left.
See somebody else from his own pocket.
Then see somebody else took out a piece of white Yu Pei from the inside and sent it to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting looked at the white Yu Pei in front of his eyes with a face of wait for a while expression.
"Doctor Zhang Kongmou has nothing to repay for saving my wife’s life. Kong Mou thought for a moment and decided to give me Yu Pei, who represents the owner of Dongyue Restaurant, to you. Please accept it."
Zhang Ting a listen to hurriedly handed him the Yu Pei to send back.
"How can this be I can’t accept the master? You also said that this Yu Pei is a symbol of your Dongyue Restaurant owner’s identity. How can I accept it? No, hurry up and take it back, "said Zhang Tingbian, pushing this piece of Yu Pei back.
Chapter 777 Yu Pei origin!
Kong Jie pushed it several times and let Zhang Ting give it a clever push back
Kong Jie’s face was unhappy when he saw it.