But he indulged himself blindly …

Looking at her tears, he frowned impatiently. "Okay, okay, don’t cry. My baby allows heartless laughter and no crying …"
He tried to play a soft voice to comfort himself.
She looked at him with a look of "poof-poof" who wanted to comfort people but didn’t know how to comfort them at all. She smiled and scolded "idiot!"
He looked at her with evil eyes. "Who’s an idiot?"
"I am an idiot!" She smiled and admitted generously, and then the whole person curled up in his arms and his head was buried in his shoulder socket.
He stretched out his hand to hug her and didn’t talk, because her claw fish hung on himself to enjoy this rare moment of silence.
Sunset, sunset and sunset, the afterglow of the day covered the quiet maple valley with the last ray of light.
Fengyun light has fallen asleep in Xiao Lin Chu Huai, and he pushed her body before she woke up.
"Don’t sleep. It will be cold if you sleep in the middle of the night!" Xiao Linchu’s low magnetic voice with a hint of charm made her more lazy and rubbed into his arms.
He nai "hangs on me again and I will be rude to you!" "
She didn’t feel that he had looked up and that some part was tightly pressed against her lower abdomen.
Fengyun is dissatisfied with pouting and muttering about a beautiful scene. Why does he think about those initiatives?
He can’t hug her like a normal person and say something sweet, I love you and I can’t live without you anymore?
But think about it. If he does say it, she will think that he is crazy or has any bad intentions for her.
He seems to point to one goal in every word and everything, and that is to turn her to bed.
“ ` ` w w w 8
She quickly left him limping and looked at her wrinkled clothes aside. She frowned. "What if there is no clothes to change?"
He twisted his eyebrows. "Wait a minute-"
Dressed in her own clothes, Xiao Linchu strode towards the wooden house behind Fenglin, trembling with fear of being rushed into people, animals and animals, and saw her jade and body, so she pulled it thin and was wrapped in herself.
Why did she finally come out for nothing? He wanted to be wrapped in himself.
Lying in bed for several days, she didn’t know that it was late autumn and winter outside.
If she comes out in those clothes, she will be frozen to death.
She huddled in the quilt and waited for Xiao Linchu to have a cup of tea. Xiao Linchu has gone and returned.
He held a dress in his hand, pure and white as moonlight.
Fengyun light jaw-dropping "lying trough you even know that there are women’s clothes in the room? Should it be you before the owner of this place? You eloped here with your woman, and then found out that you had yang and flaccidity, and your woman couldn’t get hard on you, so you abandoned breaking up with you, and then you abandoned yourself and felt sorry for yourself and married me. By the way, you wanted to prove something in my body … "
Xiao Linchujun’s face sank in his eyes, and the cold light was biting, and his lips were tilted in a dangerous arc, and his hands were tight.
Fengyun light a look at this fellow is about to get angry and quickly grabbed the clothes and seven hands and feet to wear. "I’m just kidding. Of course I know that there can’t be a woman willing to break up with you. You hook your fingers and women are waiting in line for you …"
He looked at her with a dull look. Feng Yun smiled heartlessly. "I have always liked white clothes, but I dare not wear them because they are goddesses and I am a female ghost!"
When she was a former blue-faced Avatar, she stole the white dress of Fengxianglian, and she was so proud that she went out late to wear fruit, which frightened the three people in the mansion and made her eggs nervous for several days. There are really female ghosts in the mansion.
She gave up the idea of wearing white clothes after that.
Looking at her little blush and vivid expression, she just washed her hair and put it on it. He wiped it for her before he took the square towel.
She was moved to tears. "Xiao Linchu, you are so kind to me …"
He was too lazy to ignore her and picked her up and was ready to leave.
She struggled to jump out of his arms.
Fengyun walked limping with his arm in his hand. "Look, actually, I can walk and give me a chance to walk with you in the forest …"
He naturally knew that she was worried about his arm injury and looked at her with a smile. "Okay, but take seven steps!"
Sure enough, when she reached the seventh step, he stretched her up again.
She frowned. "Hey, hey, I didn’t take seven steps to break my heart. Why can I take seven steps?"
He walked with a straight face, and she was really worried that his arm would jump in his arms. "You’re holding me and it’s killing me. Let me do it-"
He couldn’t beat her to let her help her walk back step by step.
Although her white dress is a little big, it smells like dust when worn on her body.
Back to send a month clause Zhang Qianqian with chicken balls at the door waiting for two people Zhang Qianqian a look at the phoenix cloud intellectual man fit clothes suddenly looked a white with holding chicken balls hands shaking up Chapter 18 She wants to if not.
Chapter 18 She thinks it’s not like this
Back to send month clause Zhang Qianqian with chicken balls at the door waiting for two people Zhang Qianqian a look at the phoenix cloud intellectual man fit clothes suddenly was a white with holding chicken balls hands shaking up.
Fengyun took Xiao Linchu’s waist with one hand and skipped around with one leg. Xiao Linchu was holding her shoulder with both hands. From time to time, Fengyun also stretched out his hand to hit Xiao Linchu.
Xiao Linchu is not angry, but smiling. She is fooling around
Two people there phoenix cloud light stare at Zhang Qianqian suddenly have a strange hostility to Zhang Qianqian.
She frowned and looked at her holding the chicken balls. As soon as the chicken balls cheered, Zhang Qianqian’s hand came loose and looked up at Fengyun. "Mr. Niang said that I can take part in this year’s provincial examination and get a scholar!"
Fengyun light far-fetched smile eyes light still fell on Zhang Qianqian.
Zhang Qianqian is not instantaneous moment looked at Xiao Linchu looked at his clothes slightly absence.
He changed into ordinary clothes in the wooden house after bathing.
At the moment, he is dressed in a silver-gray muslin garment, and his hair is fluffy at the back of his head. Yu Qingsi hangs down at his waist.
Now he is very different from Xiao Linchu at ordinary times.
Without that arrogant temperament, Xiao Linchu Guanghua is simply dazzling.
That slightly messy long hair will divide the outline into handsome faces and slightly cover the deep phoenix eyes, and the frost and cold on weekdays will be more free and easy.
His lip corners are slightly curved, making no secret of his pleasure.
Zhang Qianqian’s pale face has always been self-sustaining. She looked at him dressed up and couldn’t say a word.
Chicken balls turned around and pulled Zhang Qianqian’s hand happily and came to Fengyun Light. There is a kind of pulling his daughter-in-law to see his in-laws shy.