WenZhengRen can’t just jie in the past "warm son how come so late? Didn’t your grandmother let Wu tell you last night? "

Warm smiled and then pointed to explain, "Wu told me, and I rushed here as soon as possible, but I didn’t expect to meet Dr. Lin in the hospital. He stopped me from saying a few more words and was delayed."
The words fell on the crowd and there was no sincerity. "I’m sorry to keep you waiting."
They barely squeeze out a smile.
Warm don’t care about they turned to Xiao Yulan Chen way "grandma why have to wait for me to have dinner together? You didn’t mean to make me feel guilty. "
Xiao Yulan loving way "who are you waiting for? It’s been so many days since you went out, but grandma can’t think of it. If you hadn’t come back too late last night, I would have given you a banquet early. What’s the point of making up for you this morning if you don’t come? "
"Yes, yes ….." Han Shuiyue echoed the sentence.
Jiang Yunxiu is like an old monk sitting in a meditation. He bowed his head and rolled the beads in his hand. Others kept silent, but it was embarrassing for Han Shuiyue.
Warm when you can’t see a person show charming smile to "what are you waiting for? Let people eat quickly. I’m hungry. "
"Well …" Xiao Yulan assigned the servant to fill a table soon, although it was breakfast, but it didn’t lose a sumptuous dinner.
When he saw it, he said, "Oh, grandma will gain weight if she eats so much early in the morning."
Xiao Yulan didn’t lift her eyelids. "Then you should eat less."
The warmth choked and turned to look at the warmth. "Grandma really hurts. You want to come. You are also eager to go to Beicheng to watch a game. You can be amazing again. Hehe, what secrets do you have that we don’t know?"
Warm good laughs "secret? You mean I know martial arts? It’s not a secret, it’s just that you don’t know, because we’ve never been close, and I need to tell you about me. "
Warm face a change "you will be amazing martial arts? Can you be afraid? "
"Why? I still understand that martial arts are not as good as brains, or I don’t even know how to die. "
"You …"
"Good grandpa here noisy what noisy? Are there any rules? " Gentle and complete reprimand angrily to the warm sentence.
Warm bite lips unwilling to hum.
Warm pulled pull lip Angle to see Wen Liang for a few days. It seems that Wen Liang has suddenly aged a lot, and his head has white hair, which shows how much Zhuang Qiao has hit him, so the deeper his hatred for her?
Would you like to have another small theater tonight?
Do, chapter sixty-three cross-examination.
Wen Liang looked at him with cold and terrible eyes, like an old well abandoned for many years with an unspeakable strange table. Fu Yunyi took her hand and took a sharp look at Wen Liang.
Gentle metamorphoses, wake up and squeeze out a smile "warm son martial arts but follow YunYi learn? We watched the live broadcast at home, and even your grandparents didn’t expect warm children to have such a good thing. "
Didn’t you say you weren’t close to Warm and didn’t tell her? Then you took your grandpa and grandma as outsiders? It’s the first time they know. How dare you say it’s not a secret?
He said this to wait for the warmth to face himself.
Xiao Yulan’s face was just about to warm up, or he said with a smile, "My second uncle was wrong. My brother and I learned a few tricks of self-defense in Beicheng. The trick was to learn magic in the tribe. I didn’t tell my grandparents because I didn’t take that seriously. Moreover, Huadu has many things to do once. Which one is less important than this? I must bother my grandparents with such trivial things again? "
"At the end of the micro? Hehe … So much martial arts have been described as trivial by Wen Er, so what is important? Warm son came back from beicheng this heart and vision is really big … "Gentle pointed.
Warm and not annoyed as a joke, "After seeing the magic, I really feel that my life is too modest and low-key, and I don’t think it’s okay to be small. Actually, it’s not that I have a high vision, but when I was studying, the magic told me that it was a property of keeping fit and playing Tai Ji Chuan and dancing square dance with the aunts in the park. You said it was not small? Is it worth my fuss to report to my grandparents? "
Wen Liang didn’t expect her to say that. It’s not good to narrow her eyes slightly and continue to pick up the words.
Warm unwilling also don’t believe "who are you kidding? Can uncles and aunts beat a martial arts master when they beat Tai Ji Chuan? Challenge you, but Qin Keqing won the second place in this year’s women’s competition, and you can beat her with two strokes? Are you naive or are you playing silly with us? "
Now there is nothing to hide from the warmth. The smell speech is very calm. "That’s because the magic gave me some of his strength. Since you watched the game, you should know that I have always been the defender. I have tried my best to parry Qin Keqing’s fierce attack. I learned those tricks and didn’t have any attack power. Is it just to keep fit? You also know martial arts, don’t you see it? "
Warm choking face became ugly "magic really give you strength? How could he … "
Warm smile interrupted "otherwise? If I don’t have the strength to play with Qin Keqing, I will be crippled. This is also a trivial matter, but the Wen family’s face will be stepped on the soles of their feet. It’s not my face to lose at that time. "
Warm and unyielding, "You can’t promise. Who told you to be brave?"
Warm and cynical, he asked, "If you don’t agree, you will admit that it is embarrassing."
Warm to argue what Wen Zhengren cold mouth "well, warm son said yes, I would rather die than be a coward to discredit the ancestors of the Wen family."
No one dares to talk back when he takes a bite.
WenZhengRen sharp eyes swept a few people finally fell on the warm body "but warm son that call Qin Keqing to challenge you? Do you know her? "
Warm and indifferent nodded. "Well, she broke into the tribe at the beginning, too. She had a little holiday, so she wanted to take this opportunity to find trouble for me."
Smell speech Xiao Yulan earnestly asked "warm son what is she doing in the tribe? How can I have a holiday with you? "
This is what Wen Zhengren wants to ask.
Others are also curious.
Warm casually explained, "She was instructed to break into the tribe or covet things in the tribe. She tried to join hands with me and I refused. Maybe that’s why she hates me?"
"So that’s it. It’s really narrow-minded," said Xiao Yulan angrily.
Wen Zhengren then asked, "What does she covet in the tribe?"
Warm and faint smile, "I think it’s a doctor of God’s family. She secretly stole it several times, but she didn’t succeed. Knowing that I live there, she wanted me to help. How could I promise?"
Wen Zhengren’s eyes flashed and smiled. "Warm son did a good job."
Warm and meaningful way: "It’s a point to protect the interests of the Wen family by caring for their grandchildren."
"Ha, ha, ha ….. said that the warm son knew that she was ordered by people?"
"I don’t know about this. Her whereabouts are mysterious. Grandpa can let people check it out. Since it is coveted by doctors, it’s just those families."
Wen Zhengren suddenly stared at Wen Liang. Wen Liang’s face did not change. He looked back at Fu Yunyi. "Yun Yi, have you ever had someone check the Qin Keqing background?"
Fu Yunyi said calmly, "Well, I checked. Since she dares to challenge Warm Son, will I let her go?"
"oh? What did you find out? "