"Why do you ask?" Liang Yannian smiled and nodded "I’m fine".

She got up and took Liang Zhaoxin’s hand and added, "sister has almost rested. Let’s go to the fourth floor. There are so many on the third floor. You must have many on the fourth floor."
Although Liang Zhaoxin felt that she had just reacted abnormally, she didn’t ask her if she didn’t want to talk about it. Would it make her feel unhappy to go out together or not?
Two people went to the fourth floor.
Liang Zhaoxin remembered to buy her eyes and began to choose carefully. She wanted to buy a home. Liang Yannian thought about the man she saw just now, although she seemed to be choosing in front of the frame.
That’s Zhong Ruiyao
When she was in Yaowanggu, she often talked with her uncle Ling Xiliu. She usually nodded and then made a few responses from her voice. The only person she talked to was her uncle.
And if I remember correctly, she is my uncle’s confidant maid, who is responsible for taking care of him who is inconvenient in his legs and feet. She should not leave him too far. How can this good end appear in Kyoto? And you’re going to turn over this Wanzhai building in broad daylight? Aren’t you afraid of being seen with that big box on your back?
Liang Zhaoxin gradually walked away from the two shelves, but Liang Yannian was still thinking and slightly lost in thought at the edge of the original shelf.
Until someone held her shoulder.
Liang Yan read one leng consciousness is Liang Zhaoxin blurted out a "sister" fruit turned his head and found that behind him is not Liang Zhaoxin but she was just thinking about Zhong Ruiyao.
Liang Yannian suddenly froze his eyes and couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Some other words haven’t come yet. Zhong Rui Yao put his hand over her mouth and dragged her to the dark corner next to the frame. Then he gestured to her not to yell.
Liang Yannian frowned "?"
"What a coincidence to meet you here, Miss Nian." Zhong Rui Yao expressed his face.
Liang Yannian’s eyes are puzzled and a little surprised. Can she say such a long sentence at once?
Liang Yannian was about to ask her if she would be here. Ruiyao grabbed ahead of her again and said, "Since it’s such a coincidence to meet Nian girl here, why don’t you do me a favor?"
"…" Liang Yannian was even more puzzled, and then raised her hand and pulled her hand over her mouth to lower her voice and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Zhong Ruiyao pointed to the trunk on his back. "There is a male doll in it, about two years old. Please help me look after him."
"What …" Zhong Ruiyao immediately covered her mouth and was shocked but she had not finished speaking and forcibly pushed back.
"I’m being hunted down and it’s inconvenient to take him with me." Zhong Ruiyao looked at her firmly. "And he’s the target. I have to be responsible for his safety."
“? !” Liang Yannian frowned and was even more confused.
What the hell? Chasing? Target? A boy doll? !
What is all this and what? !
Liang Yannian once again pulled Zhong Rui Yao tightly over his mouth and gently asked, "Miss Zhong, aren’t you supposed to take care of him beside my uncle? What did you just say? How can you be hunted? You were still in the valley when I left Yaowang Valley. Where did this two-year-old male doll come from? "
"It’s a long story." Zhong Ruiyao also played bass as much as possible
"But I just thought about it. If there is a safe place in Kyoto that won’t be searched, it must be your side."
"Are you sure?" Liang Yannian doesn’t even believe that she is safe around her? ! Why didn’t she know …
"Well," Zhong Ruiyao nodded firmly. "Because you are a fiancee of Bailu Tiao."
Liang Yannian still doesn’t understand, "What are the two?"
"Send someone to kill me. It’s Bai Qi."
Liang Yannian one leng and then shocked "who are you talking about? !”
"Bai Lu Tiao’s sister Bai Qi"
“! !”
Zhong Ruiyao saw Liang Yannian’s face puzzled and shocked, and she can probably guess that she must be confused at the moment, but now she really doesn’t have time to explain Liang Yannian one by one, and she doesn’t know about some things.
Zhong Ruiyao held Liang Yannian’s hand and sincerely asked, "It’s a long story and extremely complicated to miss the girl. I’m in a hurry now. I can’t ask you to take care of this child for me in detail. I’ll come back and explain it to you after I get rid of those annoying guys in a few days."
"But …"
"I will put this box directly in the carriage of Su Wangfu, so please take him back."
"But I …"
"It’s really thirsty to say so many words at once. I won’t tell you first. I’ll go first. Those people will be here soon. See you later."
Zhong Ruiyao did not hesitate to turn around and turn over the window again after he finished speaking.
Liang Yannian was full of doubts, but she didn’t get any answers. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, but she still felt at a loss … Is it not suitable for going out today?
There are footsteps.
Liang Yannian leng blinked hard and raised my hand and patted his face to restore his trance expression as usual.
Then Liang Zhaoxin appeared in Liang Yannian’s sight and saw her in the corner rather than on the edge of the frame. Liang Zhaoxin was a little confused and his head was slightly tilted, and then he went to her.
Liang Yannian smiled at her. "Have you chosen sister?"
Liang Zhaoxin nodded and gestured. I just thought I heard someone talking. Is that you? Has anyone been here?
Liang Yannian shook his head. "No, I’m just blowing here."
Next to the window is the wind blowing into the house from the outside
You can barely make sense if you have to talk like this
Liang Zhaoxin, shall we go back now?
Liang Yannian nodded "Good Go Back"
Liang Zhaoxin gestured again, but you didn’t pick anything, didn’t you see it?