The line of sight is closer, and several old figures can be seen faintly on some peaks around the huge cave. Their eyes are closed and the old monk is still in a state of concentration. However, only when they are all around the sea, the vast waves of force can let people know that this rock-like figure is holding such terrorist forces.

They are the guardians of the cave of the Scorpio mink family.
The wind roared in this mountain forest, and it was lifeless in this area. This is not a place where the Scorpio mink people can’t enter. Even some harmful birds were all cut off, which can ensure that the Tiandong people have an absolutely perfect closed environment. The Scorpio mink people are obviously isolated from hidden dangers.
make a din
However, this silence didn’t last long this time, and then suddenly a broken wind sounded in the distance, and a figure swept away like a flash, which made several figures near the cave suddenly open their eyes and look at that familiar figure with a slight frown.
It’s forbidden to get close to Ading Tiandong. Please leave before the elders find it. A mountain peak, an old man with a white eyebrow, looks at the present figure and sinks.
My father hasn’t seen me for a hundred years. I’m going in to find out what happened. The mink has a sharp eye and is staring at the bottomless cave.
A Diao has been closed for a hundred years, which is very common for us. Today, the old clan leader may be in critical cultivation. Once the bifurcation is unimaginable, don’t rush to the bridled old man’s way
But I feel something is wrong. Today, I have to go in. The mink looks cold. Soon, he stops talking about his body and moves and just turns a light into the cave.
Stop him bridled old man looked at was slightly angry immediately drink a way
As he drank several peaks and five figures around him, he suddenly plundered at the same time, and immediately the vast force rolled and the waves rolled and swept to the mink without hesitation
When the sable saw the fierce attack, his eyes sank slightly, and the purple and black light in his palm condensed into a thousand-foot meniscus. Soon the meniscus passed by, but it split the surging waves away.
When the five guardians saw that the offensive was broken, their eyes were slightly twisted. They were quite high in the clan and their physical strength reached the level of the runner’s territory. But I didn’t expect that all five of them joined hands and were still broken by the mink. Although this meant that they didn’t do their best, the mink’s performance was enough to impress them.
But praise, but their hands didn’t hesitate. The movement of five people’s figures is that now the mink is in front of the formation, and the vast force is surging. A light array directly envelops the mink.
Knock, knock, knock.
At this time, the sable is also a violent offensive, which will make the light array tremble, and the five guardian arms are also shaking slightly.
The violent force day diffuses to attract the gust of wind, which makes this quiet mountain range quite chaotic
This is small
The bridled old man looked at the sky, even though he was trapped in the light array, but he still tried his best to resist the mink. Nai shook his head and immediately moved his body. Now, the light array was rapidly shrinking before the light array, and then the Jewish prison gradually sealed the small and medium-sized mink.
Sable, stop it. When the Presbyterian Hospital knows about this, it will inevitably reprimand you. In their eyes, this kind of behavior will recognize you as too reckless and difficult to become a leader. The bridled old man saw the sable trapped.
Uncle Bai, my father really had some accidents. The sable kept his eyes on the bridled old man and low drink a way.
The bridled old man looked at the mink with an extremely serious look, and his heart was slightly shaken. But soon he shook his head and said, Heaven and Cave are not closed, the old clan is still old, and some other generations are very old. If you disturb them, it will be really troublesome. Now you calm down here and we won’t give it to the Presbyterian Church.
Saying that several of them are sitting on the ling pan, trying to trap the mink. When the mink sees it, it is also resistant to sitting on the plate, but it is a fine mans in its drooping eyes.
At the same time, none of the digital guardians noticed that a rune suddenly flashed on the edge of the cave that day, and a perfect light curtain appeared, and a ghostly figure swept into it in that instant.
Just when that figure was swept into the cave, it was trapped in the tight body of the sable in the array, and then it relaxed and rippled around the whole body, and the force was also gathered into the body
Seeing him like this, the bridled old man and others were also relieved, and then the law was solved with a wave of his sleeve robe.
Sable go home, bridled old man waved and said
The sable took a deep look at the dark cave, and said nothing more. He turned and swept away quickly and disappeared.
Looking at the sable leaving, the bridled old man turned to look at the hole that day and frowned slightly.
The patriarch’s closure was really something strange, and I didn’t know that A Diao said that a guardian next to him suddenly sighed.
Our guardian can’t break into the cave. How can the strength of the heads of the clan be easily unexpected now? The bridled old man shook his head and swept back to the mountain peak, and then sat down. However, his eyes gradually drooped with a worried look, and immediately he sighed and closed his eyes.
At this time, Lin looked around at the strange place with amazing color. He had previously created chaos with the help of mink. He found a flaw and slipped into the blocked cave, but after staying in, he was surprised by the strangeness here.
Now he is not surrounded by an imaginary cave, but by darkness, which makes people feel depressed and dead, as if there is no living thing
Lin moved around in the dark, looking around without directions, but vaguely he felt that the dark road seemed to spread from all sides of his feet
The complexity of this cave is beyond his imagination.
Lin moved a little, but it didn’t matter. When you hold the palm of your hand, a faint blood feather flashes. It’s the life blood feather of the sable father.
Lin holds the blood feather black eyes tight shut. After nearly ten minutes, he always opens his eyes. The line of sight is to look to the west. With this blood feather, he finally perceives a very subtle connection from that direction.