In the Fu family, a person can also have scruples about beating Fu Chen, that is, she is superior to others.

Rao is Xiao You’s unrestrained personality. That embarrassing thing happened just now is also a point for her.
Xiao You is a girl after all, and the little girl’s character is revealed at this time.
A blush on the face reflects the perfect face.
The charming expression of sunshine makes the male animals present feel overwhelmed at once.
At this time, Xiao You also knows that Fu Chen did this contemptuous thing because the horse wanted to break through, but is this a reason why the great light can shirk into the wrong toilet?
If you want to break through and get promoted, how can you practice in the toilet? I’m afraid Wan Empire can’t find a second person like this.
No matter what you did, Fu Chen committed an unforgivable and heinous crime.
Fu Chen is a bastard scum. Xiao You really wants to kill Fu Chen at the moment, and it is not enough to vent his anger.
Xiao You growled and angrily resisted in his heart, but more importantly.
In fact, Fu Haotian and Fu Junzhan have already guessed that the people in the toilet are Xiaoyou, and she can beat and scold Fu Chen at will in the Fu family.
The bottom of my heart also secretly Fu Chen pinched a cold sweat.
They can imagine how angry Xiao You was when Fu Chen entered the ladies’ room.
Say it’s from anger.
You know, Xiao You is really hard. She punched the stone with one punch.
And Fu Chen at this time to repair the sixth-order Qi Xiaoyou gap is not a general difference of four levels.
If Fu Chen really has a problem, what can they do to Xiaoyou? The background of Xiaoyou is even more frightening.
Besides, it’s all about yourself, this precious grandson. Can you blame the victims?
Fu Chen is lucky to be alive now that he can attack Xiao You with anger to the extreme.
However, Fu Haotian and Fu Junzhan won’t feel bad for Fu Chen. This is his blame and destruction. The bottom of their hearts is also unfair for Xiao You.
We must teach this little rabbit a good lesson after he breaks through.
That’s Xiao You, Xiao You. Don’t you dare to provoke you? Are you tired of your long life?
Fu Chen, do you know that your grandfather and your father are afraid to offend this goddess at a distance? They are all coaxing and petting, but you are good. You have not offended this goddess, and you have completely upset her. At this time, there is no room for negotiation.
Do you know what you are about to face?
It’s not that I don’t want to intercede for you as an elder, but can we pull this old face to intercede for you?
Maybe it’s all Chen Er’s fault. He broke in while you were in the bathroom.
Can you say that?
Do you know what it is to offend the goddess field? It’s light and serious, but it’s short of arms and broken legs.
And I, your father, can turn a blind eye
Chen Er, don’t blame your grandfather for being cruel. Everything is caused by you. In fact, you are a grandfather. I hope you are here, and I don’t want you to suffer, but it’s also a hardship for you to want Grandpa Bai.
If you were any other woman, don’t say that you broke into her toilet or into her bed. I will also protect you and keep you safe throughout the journey.
But only Xiao You can’t.