He’s going to auction to protect the entrance to the ancient mysterious world. At least he needs billions of fairy stones. These hundreds of millions of fairy stones are really not big.

After hearing what Xia Qi said, several women did not continue to refuse to put away the fairy stone cleanly. They knew that if Xia Qi really needed it, they would definitely take it away directly.
"Well, now let’s take a look at the last bag! This is the treasure in the fairy king’s bag, which must be more than these golden fairies combined! "
Xia Qi took the mansion wide, and the mansion garden patriarch Xian Wang Jiangzhe’s bag smiled and this time even Xia Qi looked forward to it.
A fairy king accumulates treasures, and this fairy king is also a master of the clan. Surely the collection is much richer than the average fairy king?
In a few people’s expectation, the bag was hit by Xia Qi.
A few people can’t wait to sweep God’s knowledge into the bag in an instant.
"This … how can there be such a thing?"
"Isn’t he a fairy king and a patriarch? Why is he so shabby?"
"It’s a shame to be a patriarch!"
However, several people in Xia Qi swept God’s knowledge through the bag of jade bells, but several women in Xia Zi were greatly dissatisfied with the bag of disappointment.
In fact, the government’s wide bag is quite a lot, and the ordinary fairy king is not as dissatisfied as his jade bells, or his expectations are too high.
There are about 700 million bags in Fukuan Mansion, and the rest are mostly ordinary true immortals who need elixirs, magic weapons and so on. It is conceivable that this should be a treasure for the ancestors of Fukuan Mansion Garden to upgrade their strength.
In addition, the greatest value is the magic weapon of the government.
His magic weapon is quite strange. It is like a white cloud or a handkerchief. When it is unchanged, it is just the size of two palms. When you look at it carefully, you can find that the white mist on the surface of the handkerchief is slowly rolling like a mist.
This treasure is called’ Yunwupa’, which is of great value to Wang Xianqi.
"You have divided these fairy stones, but you don’t have low-order treasures. Then keep them and forget it. We won’t divide them in this cloud handkerchief. Let’s give them to the government."
Xia qi told jade bell several people spit and didn’t care about smile and said
"You said leave the cloud handkerchief to the government? Aren’t you going to kill him? " Xia Zi heard Xia Qi words suddenly slightly one leng some don’t respond to come over.
She didn’t believe that Fu Kuan, captured by Xia Qi, would honestly work for Xia Qi.
"Haha, Fukuan can’t kill the real Fukuan. At this time, our biggest gain this time is also the reason why I am so happy!"
Xia qi laughed and said
How can Xia Qi be so happy if he gets a few bags after such a crisis?
The reason why he is happy is that Fu Kuan, the fairy king, was caught alive. It may be nothing to others, but it is definitely the greatest treasure to Xia Qi!
Because Xia Qi controls the puppet art of thunder!
"You guys remember to protect me that no matter what happens, you can’t disturb me, otherwise I may not only lose my life!"
Xia qi in Xia Zi academia dignified said to several women.
"Don’t worry, no one can disturb you when you perform surgery!"
Gu Yue nodded solemnly.
The rest of the women also nodded and promised to look dignified, and successively laid several layers of bans to cover this small room without any breath flowing.
Even so, Xia Qi carefully summoned the blood dragon and Lei Long, and became smaller and guarded by him, and then this time he came out of the cave.
Looking at the mansion that is still in a coma, Xia Qi’s eyes are hot!
He’s going to use the thunder puppet technique to try to turn a fairy king into his own slave!
Although he is just a novice, Xia Qi has great confidence in controlling the width of the mansion because he has the soul of the blood phoenix demon emperor to help him!
Of course, it is not without cost to let the blood phoenix demon emperor help so hard.
The price of Xia Qi’s letting the blood phoenix demon emperor shoot is to let the blood phoenix demon emperor enter the world where Kirin is located in the future and realize the true fire of Kirin at any time.
It didn’t make any difference to Xia Qigen, so he promised to come without saying anything.
Ning Xin Jing Shen Xia Qi fell into a state of mind.
"Shout …"
If there is a breeze blowing over Xia Qi, Yuan Shen will be out of body experience at this moment!
He deified the villain and directly entered the mansion with a little phoenix/>
Just entering the wide sea of knowledge, the wide sea of knowledge in the government has set off a terrible wave. lang seems to want to annihilate the soul of Xia Qi and the blood phoenix demon emperor here.
"Ha, ha, ha, so arrogant that you dare to enter the old man’s knowledge of the sea. In the old man’s knowledge of the sea, the old man represents everything, and both of you will fall here!"
Fu Kuan Yuan deified a giant, who not only raised his hand and raised his foot in the sea, but also had a strong power to surge toward Xia Qi.
In his knowledge, Haifu Kuan is really like a god!
But since Xia Qi dares to enter the mansion, how can he be unprepared?
"It’s so arrogant to dare to be so arrogant in front of the emperor. If it weren’t for being controlled by others, I would cook you thoroughly today!"
Xia Qi didn’t outbursts. The blood phoenix demon emperor has outbursts.
A charming drink with anger, killing the phoenix, the real fire spewed out and a heavy fire broke out. lang knew everything about the sea and boiled it, which generally filled the giant of the house with fear.
"Phoenix is really hot! Damn it, this is a phoenix that can burn the soul! "
The government’s leniency is a little desperate and unwilling.
"Hoo …!"
At this time, Xia Qi also wanted to move, and the true fire of Kirin suddenly appeared. The true fire of Kirin in the sea was much less, and its power was no less than that of Phoenix.
"Ah …!"
The burning souls who know the sea seem to be dissipating the pain of the government, shouting that the giant of Yuan God is like a madman in knowing the sea.
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Chapter seven hundred and sixty Fairy stone vein
Chapter seven hundred and sixty Fairy stone vein