Dang dang dang.

The alarm at the gate of Xianmen was just when Situhao’s feet fell to the ground. The police had already been slammed and the Xianmen brother in front of the door had already rushed to hold the sword in his hand.
Situhao didn’t like Xianmen. He came here this time to make a scene. When the array of ten on-duty brothers was forming, his face was slightly more evil. The thunder blade was already lifted above his head. Suddenly, he split a reddish blood awn light wall and flew to cover Xianmen’s on-duty brother’s body.
The strength of Xianmendi in front of the door on duty is very weak, let alone a strong attack power, that is, the attack power cuts through the virtual sound, which has also made their ears ache and their faces show all the pain, but they dare not slack off and rush to wave their swords to meet the blood wall.
This blood-covered wall has a huge attack power and so on. Nine-order weapons dare not go straight to its front. What’s worse, some of them are weak and on duty.
Bang bang bang bang bang.
Brother on duty can’t damage the bloody light wall when he attacks the root with a sword. After the bloody light wall, the loud noise suddenly breaks, and ten Xianmen on duty brothers’ bodies are smashed to pieces, and blood and meat are scattered all over the floor.
Boom, boom, boom
The wall of blood and light continued to rush forward, and the Xianmen building came into being and connected to the Xianmen gate. A building was destroyed at this moment, and the dust was raised in front of the Xianmen gate. It was really overbearing
At this moment, dozens of figures flashed through the warm dust and flew out directly.
The evil thief dared to make trouble in our fairy gate. At this moment, the dust is flying, but those new fairy brothers didn’t see Stuart clearly.
Gaga Ga Situhao condensed the force, laughed long and silently, and the thunder rolled straight for nine nights and dozens of miles. The range was clear and audible. The garbage clan oppressed the good and the evil monster. Wu Tiangang, the patriarch of Xianmen, set up the Love and Passion Institute in South China City. These two old beasts are sucking the blood of the koo people and eating the flesh of the koo people. Since you Xianmen dare to harm the sky, the people dare to come and kill you. The younger brothers of Xianmen help you to die.
Situhao condensed his forces and roared down his right hand. The sky-cracked thunder blade swung fiercely again, and a reddish and bloody light swept the sky-cracked thunder blade forward, and the sound of breaking in the sky was more sharp than sharp and harsh. Dozens of new immortals were frightened to disgrace and flew up in succession.
The attack speed of Situhao was as fast as they flew up, and the noise kept ringing. Dozens of immortal brothers were killed by this, and no one escaped from Situhao’s attack. Chapter 41 Hell Slaughterhouse.
Wu Tiangang was called a sex maniac, who set up a love and passion institute in South China City to kill the koo people. Situ Hao had long been determined to kill him, and when his body was hit backwards, Situ Hao chased him with his feet slightly bent and fast.
Wu Tiangang’s big face became more urgent and shouted uncle Shi to save me.
Anyway, at this time, Situhao is in Xianmen, a white-haired and old woman in Xianmen. How can Situhao run to him in this murderous shape?
While pursuing Wu Tiangang, Situhao was also paying attention to other environments. Seeing Wu Tiangang chasing, Situhao suddenly cast a shadow and sneaked in the second realm with the wind. For the vast majority of Xianmendi present, his body was just disappearing, and they couldn’t help but be shocked.
This stealth display achievement method blink Stuart Hao figure has come to less than ten meters away from Wu Tiangang. With a wave of his hand, he cracked the thunder blade to form a bloody light wall, which suddenly came into being again and universal Wu Tiangang’s body flashed away.
Wu Tiangang’s force is also very strong, but compared with the white-haired old man, it is a far cry from Situhao’s shadow. The second realm of stealth posture is not that he can see with the naked eye when he sees Situhao’s figure, but the blood-covered wall has been violently attacked by his body.
At this time, Wu Tiangang’s body is less than 10 meters away from Situhao, that is, he wants to hide from the bloody light wall, but it is impossible. Although the bloody light wall cuts through the virtual sound, he is also white. It is not that he can easily resist this powerful attack, but at this time, he can’t let him bite his teeth and wave his sword to hit the bloody light wall.
Everything is done in an instant. The old white-haired force is very strong. He attacks the single-handle element weapon a little faster than the limit speed of Situhao, but the flying speed of other bodies can’t be used by Situhao. Compared with his desire to track down Situhao, it is also impossible.
Flint Wu Tiangang hand sword blood mans light wall hit together immediately made a terrible noise.
In the shrill scream, Wu Tiangang’s sword flew directly to one side, and his body quickly flew back with strong attack power, and his body even sprayed two blood on the way back.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Wu Tiangang’s body attack didn’t split Stuart’s powerful attack power to completely resolve the attack power. He continued to fly forward a few meters behind Wu Tiangang. Those weak immortal brothers didn’t react. What happened was that they were directly hit by the powerful attack power. More than 20 immortal brothers were violently crushed and died. More than 10 immortal brothers were severely traumatized in the aftermath of the powerful attack power, and they even screamed. Their bodies also made those bodies smashed and spilled flesh all over their bodies. It’s really weird to compare the scenes.
White-haired old man is still hurtling towards Stuart’s body, and Stuart has once again cast a stealth to fly back to the sky. Wu Tiangang pursued and went away. On the way, the figure was not hidden, the right hand was cracked, and the thunder blade was violently slashed again, and a bloody light wall was once again covered and flew back to Wu Tiangang.
The previous experience, those immortal disciples dare not be in Situhao’s powerful attack power again, fly up and flee on the spot in a hurry.
Wu Tiangang saw that Stuart’s powerful attack force attacked him again, and his face was dying. At this time, don’t say that he had no weapons in his hand. Even if he had weapons, he could not resist Stuart’s attack. At this time, he also flew in, and Stuart’s powerful attack force formed a very wide range. Facing him, this powerful horse attack, he was waiting to die.