You are lucky that the blood sacrifice master didn’t kill you, and the emperor poison bee also hid in the past. Yuan Ye laughed and finally got that terrible momentum up.

My Lord, the emperor poison bee has hunted for tens of thousands of people at the blood sacrifice gate. The five of us are not enough for them to eat. Then Wei Litian immediately smiled please.
Another middle-aged man ran forward and threw himself before Yuan Ye, and we understood the kindness of adults. I’m afraid we are ignorant of Taishan Mountain.
When they heard that Yuan Ye was a soul-fighting realm, they all disdained that disdain. No one can hide it. But Yuan Ye almost killed three war queens instantly. From the instantaneous explosion strength, Yuan Ye’s strength is no less than that of the intermediate Tiansheng Naitianshengfeng. Such a master can definitely rank in the top five in Gushan City. These five people are shocked and regret offending Yuan Ye.
It’s no big deal for Yuan Ye to wave his hand, but I still advise you to leave early.
It’s a middle-aged man who bends down
Wei litian also bowed down and said, take care of your honor. Let’s go, hehe
Four people have left only the last child named Ling, who is still silly.
Come on, middle-aged man, grab Linger.
Linger’s body shook, her eyes stared at Yuan Ye, and her heart was still in shock. It was this young man who made her despise and laugh all the time, but his strength turned out to be so earth.
Remembering her attitude towards her, Linger’s charming cheek showed a bit of ridicule for the first time. No wonder whether she ridiculed him or not is unheard of. Maybe she is just a clown performing alone in his heart.
My heart sighs lightly. The girl looks at Yuan Ye again. It seems very ordinary. The sunset is somewhat handsome. The face contains a warm smile. Those people are generally cold and arrogant.
Come on, Linger, Wei Litian, pull Linger’s sleeve.
Ling son smiled and looked at Wei Li, as in the heavenly heart, and suddenly felt that some worship of this white horse king seemed to have weakened a lot.
Let’s go, Linger. Swing the sleeves and walk in front of Wei Litian alone.
Does Yuan Ye shake his head? Turn around and walk to the other side. He must keep moving his position or he will be in danger.
But Yuan Yegang felt the unstable breath behind him after a few steps.
Adults help us! Wei Litian howled.
I have no idea. They left me. Yuan Ye was depressed and turned around.
Killed one of them, the senior brother of the Saint-level primary blood sacrifice gate, led a dozen brothers to hunt down the one who also fled Weilitian with a playful smile, while the remaining five people were dead, and the other three also fled crazily and were determined to kill.
A bloody sword slammed at the child named Ling.
Ling son screamed in horror.
The body was cut by a sharp weapon, and it was the blood sacrifice cousin who withdrew from the venue.
It was that guy who killed his holy junior brother. At the sight of Yuan Ye’s face, he became more ferocious and violently drank his several genera, and then he rushed to kill Yuan Ye with a full face of yoshimitsu.
At the same time, on that day, the junior brother’s body was light green, and his fighting body soared, while a pair of iron fists gradually turned into green trees, holding them tightly, and then thundering at Yuan Ye’s small legs and smashing them away.
Hum, as Yuan Ye’s heart rings, the golden energy of Yuan Ye’s sole suddenly emerges, and then on that day, the holy brother stepped on his chest and shot at the several longitudinal Ma Chong brothers.
Snow Yuan Ye’s feet produced energy and explosive force, which directly made him spray one mouthful blood, pale and shaking, got up and drew a white combating Dao from behind, gnashing his teeth at Yuan Ye’s attack.
Soaring shot body instantly through several younger brothers to defend Yuan Ye right palm holding the shoulder, and suddenly a huge gun body was smashed and several younger brothers vomited blood almost at the same time.
It was almost two or three rounds when Yuan Ye easily got rid of several brothers whose strength was in the realm of the emperor of war, and then slowly turned around and looked at the body with a light green quarrelling hand and a fierce fighting knife and rushed to the saint.
Right hand holding a night terrors gun Yuan Ye slightly silent feet once again slammed on the ground, and suddenly shot and blinked, and then the night terrors gun in his hand was slightly tight before the saint, and then he was mixed with fierce strength and angrily split at the saint.